i loved this season for her so much

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Y don't u shop stydia

Because I think they work better as friends. 

Because I like Lydia when she’s not defined by a boyfriend. 

Because I think Stiles was a dick to her in early seasons, and I don’t like that the show has reinforced that bullshit narrative where the “Nice Guy” gets the girl if he just never gives up. You know, despite the fact she didn’t want his attention in the first place. 

And yes, I acknowledge that Stiles has grown up a lot since then, but I still think it would have been a better choice for them to remain friends, instead of in a romantic relationship. Because the underlying message in so much media seems to be that romantic love has to be the endgame for every single character, and that’s eye-rollingly trite. 

I don’t like what the show did to Lydia’s character, taking her from a very strong female character into The Girl Who Needs Rescuing All The Time. And I think this push to have her paired off with someone reinforces that. 

I like Stiles and I like Lydia. I just don’t like them as a couple. 

I’ve talked more about the Nice Guy entitlement in regards to Stydia here

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I just love how even after Zuko saw Mai save him and be captured by Azula and be tortured for all he knows, he doesn't give a single fuck about her, not once does he talk about her or look worried, instead he puts all his focus and attention on this one girl... her name is Katara! And I just love this so much, he cares so much about Katara and respects and understands her I love them so much!

Honestly? It just makes me sad.

Because they just didn’t care.

They didn’t care to make it even remotely believable. They didn’t care about Zuko. They didn’t care about Mai. They didn’t care about Katara. They didn’t care about seeing through the narrative they set up. They didn’t care to maintain the themes that they introduced and put so much emphasis on during the first two seasons.

They just cared for their self-insert to get his trophy girl.

And you know what the saddest part of it all is?

From a writing, and character development, and story standpoint, the character that suffers the most because of these decisions is Aang.

So, yeah, it just makes me sad.

Matheo/Maleo is quite possibly the second most disgusting ship on Teen Wolf. Second to Stydia obviously.

Malia is apparently getting a new love interest in 6B. And if it’s Theo then Teen Wolf and MTV obviously support abusive relationships and you best believe I will be calling them out on it every chance I get :) if it’s not Froy’s irrelevant character, much like himself, then it’ll most likely be Scott… and I’m very conflicted about Scalia.

On one side he’ll treat her so much better than how fuck boy Ratlinski did and wouldn’t use her like he did. But on the other side I don’t want her to be a snake like Lydia and go after her friends ex (though Arden will apparently be in the final episode so Scira could hopefully remain strong).

So that’s 3 characters for Malia’s new love interest… 1) Theo; which is insanely abusive and if it happens then TW supports abuse. 2) Froy’s irrelevant character - Froy who pulled a Holland and pandered to Stydias to become irrelevant and treated Stalias like shit. 3) or Scott…

BUT Shelley did say something along the lines of a Parrish and Malia pairing. And even though I still do ship Marrish I would be 100% behind Malarrish. Two characters treated like complete shit - one the show and by the Fandom. Who both deserve endless happiness.

The ending relationships could very well be Scira, Malarrish, Sterek (because remember Derek does come back the same time Stiles does (yeah I’m hanging into the Sterek dream; leave me alone), and hopefully Leath (Lydia and death). And personally that lineup would be Grade A!


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


Michaela Pratt, a known badass [requested by anon]


how long are you going to keep punishing people for what happened then? […] you know, the more brutal you are, the more enemies you’ll create!