i loved this scene tbh ok


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oh my venus or she was pretty


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Hey, I absolutely adore your writing and I have read all of your fics multiple times. I would just love if you could tell me what are some of your favourite Malec fanfics? So basically if you could do a rec list of sorts. Thank you and once again you are very talented hope to see more from your Malec wedding planner au fic.

ok but this is so nice tho?? also i’m working on the au i promise, i promise. i finally posted the lightwood family dinner scene i’ve been futzing around with for way too long and the next part is where the malec starts to pick up so i can’t wait tbh!!

but more importantly, recs! so i read an enormous amount of malec fic and i always mean to do a rec post but then i.. don’t. i’m sure i’m leaving out some that i’m going to kick myself for later but this has already taken way too long, so here are some of my faves (these are my own thoughts/non-official descriptions for these fics, so if any author wants me to remove theirs, just let me know!):

  • Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (WIP - Part 21/30) - single dad!alec meets teacher!magnus au set in the shadow world. this is one that gets rec’d a lot, but there is a reason for that because it is fantastic. single dad!alec is such a weak spot for me and insomiak writes him so well
  • Strange Love - fake dating mundane au. mutual pining kills me and this fic does it really well. super cute and frustrating to no end
  • Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - canon!alec meets alt!alec au. i am such a sucker for this trope, and oncethrown’s characterizations are always the best. you will love every character you already love a little bit more after reading this fic
  • Blue (WIP - Part 8/?) - dom/sub au set in the shadow world. aaaaand yet another trope i’m hopeless against, but this story starts off really strong and well-written so i’m excited for it to be continued
  • Five Times Alexander Lightwood Almost Lost His Virginity (and One Time He Learned Virginity Was Imaginary and Stupid) - this is a slightly different take on alec than i’ve typically seen (one where he’s been in love before), but such a great look at his character through the lens of different relationships (and non-relationships) he’s had over the years. really, really great
  • A Fighting Chance - mundane mma fighter!alec meets dance instructor!magnus au. oh my godddddd. this might be my favorite fic in this fandom. it’s so so good, and the payoff at the end is fantastic
  • morning’s come, you watch the red sunrise - single dad!alec meets neighbor!magnus mundane au. just super cute and fluffy with great characterizations
  • Counting Lies - heroes/villains au? i don’t even know how to describe this fic except to say that you should give it a shot. it’s a wild ride from start to finish and leaves you with a ton of questions about the world you just stepped into (in a good way)
  • We Face the World - future canon!verse. despite the fact that this 5+1 style fic deals heavily with homophobia, it’s also a really sweet look into the lightwood-bane family
  • Guide Me (To You) - blind!magnus meets cursed mute!alec au set in the shadow world. this is such a cute story? the premise of alec’s situation is a little odd, but it has a great payoff at the end of the story
  • spend the days dreaming and the nights awake - canon!verse magnus and simon roommate shenanigans. this one is kind of more gen with a heavy focus on simon but it is soooo perfect (and there’s background malec and simon/alec interaction that’s golden tbh)
  • White Wine and Lamp Posts - canon!verse. this one’s very gen but i still want to include it bc it’s just some really cute alec and clary friendship in a way that feels like it fits with their canon relationship so far

+ some smut:

  • can’t take my eyes off of you - kinks: masturbation, voyeurism. alec gets bored and impatient waiting for magnus and starts without him and then magnus watches him finish, a++
  • coax the coals - kinks: figging. oh man… did not know what figging was and did not think I would enjoy this from the description, but boy was I wrong. wow
  • Everything Golden - kinks: sex pollen. this fic deals with issues of consent since it’s a drugged, ‘fuck or die’ scenario, but if you’re a fan of the sex pollen trope, this fic does it really well and in a way that definitely has angst but with a generally happy ending to balance it out
  • don’t take it easy - kinks: edging. !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite malec smut ever. there are no words

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Hi! I hope you're doing ok^^ I just wanted to ask, because I'm also completely in love with makoto, what was the moment where you like, fell for him? Was it from the first second he appeared in season 1 or at a different moment? :D You don't have to share of course, but as he's your fav I thought I might ask you ^^ hope you have a good day ~

Hello :D ahhhhhh it was actually in few “steps”!!! <33

When I watched ep01 for the first time, I had no idea what kind of character he would be. But after few mns, this happened:

THIS made me melt for the guy immediately, that was one of the sweetest smile I saw for an anime charac///////// and I remember my cheeks got warmer at this sight ahahah >////<  but I wasn’t seeing him yet like my crush charac, it was only the beginning :)
After some episodes, I could see how kind he was, he became quickly my fav in the anime <333 but it’s definitely the episodes 5 & 6 that made me realize how much I loved him///// With ep5, we could discover his insecurities, so it made me get even more attached to him. But the episode ended like this :

We learnt just before that Makoto was scared of water but at in this scene, he doesn’t even think twice, he reacts right away and just run to save his friend. 
It was so intense!!!  I didn’t expect him AT ALL to react this way, I thought he would freeze tbh. It’s the scene I remember clearly how I was feeling. When the credits appear, I was really shocked, but when I saw the trailer for the next episode…..”shocking no breathing”………it’s so unfair for Rei, but I was terrified for Makoto. Really, TERRIFIED. And the worst, when this episode came, we had to wait TWO WEEKS for the next one :’((  I kept playing this scene again and again to reassure me, that he would be fine//////
I think it’s really at this point I realized how Makoto was important for me. To be that concerned about a anime character……the last time I felt this way was for Fai from TRC, one of my biggest fav charac.

Then, episode 6 finally came.

Do I really need to explain why I was moved at this moment :’) 
I guess it’s because I am someone very unconfident and I struggle to surpass my fears. So seeing Makoto who is trying his best all the time, and moves forward because he knows he isn’t alone and will take the strength and the love of the persons he cares about for this………….*leave to cry for a moment*
This was the moment for me, the moment I knew Makoto was the character I will love all my life and that I would cherish every smiles of him <333

And I fell more and more in love with his character during the rest of the season, and next season, and cd drama and novels ect…

I think it’s really when a character makes you smile or cry, touches you deeply, when your emotions are guided by them, that you begin to say 
“yes, that’s the one”


written by francis, edit by sur

“Hey, you’re that exy player aren’t you?”

The question comes from behind him, and Neil freezes. He cut through the baseball field on campus to get to his next lecture easier, a route that isolated him and one he wouldn’t have taken a couple of months ago, but Neil let his guard down.

He let his guard down.

He can tell by the tone of voice that he made a mistake.

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What do you make of the new malec scene where Magnus calls Alec out on his self-destruction tendencies?

Anonymous said: Ok but the accuracy of “you blow up the very ground you stand on to make things right” is really making me emo bc it’s so so true, they met each other a few days or weeks ago and Magnus already gets how Alec works

I LOVE IT TBH. Magnus has always been pretty perceptive in general, so i think it makes sense he understands Alec so well. I’ve talked about Alec’s self-destructive behavior in the past, and i knew it was going to come up again in the show but i wasn’t sure in what way or how? so i’m really glad someone’s calling him out on it. It’s super interesting it’s happening between Magnus and Alec, too, because of their polar experiences in life. Here you have:

  • Magnus, who has been told his entire life he’s lesser and worthless due to his race but has taught himself to value his life and his individual worth
  • Alec, who has been told his entire life he’s a superior race but has never been taught to value his life and his individual worth

Alec doesn’t understand yet that while he values his life so little, there are people who give a shit about him to whom he’s super goddamn important and that he isn’t the only one affected when he throws his life away. Magnus, who has always stood back and looked at the bigger picture, works well to temper Alec until he learns that yeah, he is important both to himself and to those around him, and treating his life so carelessly rarely helps the situation.

ok honestly??? did not have high hopes for riverdale but… its so good???? like the plot is so good the soundtrack is great and im loving the callbacks to the comics?

(and also betty and veronica are lesbians and if they didnt want me to think that they shouldn’t have fucking played boyfriend by tegan and sara for that one scene)

Throw it at me! Go on!

Thanks to @spaceoperetta​ who just reminded me of this, but I forgot one more TomCav COH2 anecdote:

Grant and Carlos LOVE it when Tom throws things at them!
Tom decided he wanted to throw pens and board erasers and anything to hand at them in scene, and being All About Consent and precious as he is, he asked if it was ok, and would they mind if he did that, could he do that, were they sure.

And they were both like:




ok tbh like what i love most about whump isn’t the exact moment the character gets hurt, but, while this is all great and everything, i much more appreciate the scenes afterwards

like them staggering to a safe place, shaking and shattered, maybe scared, with weak knees and bloody hands and their last bit of strength

or hiding from the people who are important to them that they’re hurting, because they don’t want them to worry, until they eventually have to give in

oh dear


Talk About You - a Patty Tolan/Jillian Holtzmann playlist

art by droosy

Hit & Run - Hayley Kiyoko | Talk About You - MIKA | Closer - Tegan & Sara | Ion Square - Bloc Party | Can’t Feel My Face - the Weeknd | Make a Scene - Shamir | BWU - Tegan & Sara | Love Is Easy - McFly | What You Don’t Do - Lianne La Havas | Perfect - Doria Roberts | If I Die Before You - Ludwig Gorrason | Where I Sleep - Emeli Sande | Emergency Contact - Andrea Gibson ||

my tiny gay son scorpius deserves all the love ok. yeh i gave up and started reading hp+cursed child. what a beautiful disaster it is. tbh i absolutely believe they should make a comic out of it tbh it would be so nice visually. cant wait to go and see it tbh.

its a bit like a trainwreck. just gayer. also im so surprised drarry is so strong with this play too. that kitchen scene blew me away lmao /drawing it too


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.


Tbh I should probs add those as false subtitles but I am far to lazy for that.

Also the movie is Far and Away, odd odd movie that seems to be only shown in my schools history classes


I have been saving this photo set for a while, it has been difficult not to post since I had a lot of fun drawing them! It was nice to kind of focus on scenes and interactions more too! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit in the laxus x mira requests because I wanted to get some non-fairy tail couples in too! I will try to in the future but tbh I’ve been so into gajeel x levy lately that I’m probably going to draw them again first;;;

Anyways, I tried to fit in as many of the requests together as I could so I hope the love-triangle pairings are ok!


 the anons,

interlacedtailspsyshawolfiluvfairytail mcgxrden king–eucliffe

…and myself haha;;


♥ forever raindrops on lyon’s head

♥ iron block on gajeel’s head because levy is too shy to confess

♥ nap time after playing with roses? 

♥ Natsu’s like oh roses must be the trick and dresses up like one and sting’s all cool and like ay man you’re doing it wrong 

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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For the meme ask, King ^^

Why I like them Ohh he’s the precious sweet cinnamon roll. My cute fairy boi. But honestly I just like his personality so much. He’s so caring, he would die for his friends any time. And also that he’s a emotional “crybaby”. I love that Nakaba isn’t afraid to show that it’s absolutely OK for boys to be tender and soft.

Favorite episode (scene if movie) Tbh I love every scene with King (bonus point if he’s with Diane). And I especially love those scenes where he goes beyond his level to protect his friends and loved ones.

Favorite line When he says that he loves Diane the way she is, no matter if she’s big or small. That was just too sweet.

Favorite outfit He practically wears the same clothes all the time. But I love it - his outfit is too cute (and I totally loved that Pokekishi modern au outfit) 

OTP Kiane (Is this even a question??)

Brotp KingXGlox the fairy kings combo. I hope we get to see them together more often they will make an awesome duo

Head Canon Ohh there are so many… But I have one particularly cute headcanon about him and Elaine. When Elaine was younger she used to be really troubled by the fact that she doesn’t have wings like other fairies. King wanted to cheer her up so he made that ribbon thing on her back which looks a bit like wings.

Unpopular opinion I don’t want him to grow wings. I like him the way he is. Not having wings makes him really special, especially considering the fact that he’s the fairy king. If he had wings he would look like any other fairy. Or if he’s supposed to grow wings I want them to be like those demon wings - he wouldn’t have them all the time only during some “transformation”. (Oh we’ve just discussed this today Marti heh)

A wish That he can finally get together with Diane. It’s his biggest wish probably. And also that they would stay together and live in the fairy king’s forest. And also that Elaine comes back to life and they can meet again.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen That he won’t get Diane…. OMG pls no Nakaba

5 words to best describe them cinnamon roll, caring, protective, observant, courageous

My nickname for them Kingu-chan, Kingy, kinky Kingy XD