i loved this scene tbh ok


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oh my venus or she was pretty

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HEY! I saw that you did a thing about what Bex said about KLANCE but can you do one for Jeremy too?

fam trust me ok my favorite thing to do is to drag jeremy shada about klance

i feel like you want me to do the one of afterbuzz [link] (tbh i think i can do his other interviews too lol i am a trashcan), but i got kind of… too annoyed at the hosts to finish that episode…….. for reasons……….. BUT i tried for you anon i briefly skimmed it again

warning: this is gonna be long because despite what most people are saying on tumblr jeremy does not explicitly state that klance has a slow burn relationship lol and i need to explain context gdi

  • at 19:26 the hosts say that the commenters are crying over how lance and keith weren’t reunited in the first two eps and how people are concerned for their relationship and jeremy is grinning like an idiot tbh THIS BOY I LOVE HIM
  • he goes “Love that! Love that.” and he adds that there’s plenty of more lance and keith scenes in the rest of the season and tells us “Do not fear.” lol
  • ok klance is mentioned by one of the hosts at around 39:14 (they were talking about how jeremy isn’t a writer of the show and can’t make ships canon even if he wanted to)
  • then they drop the topic of klance completely and side comment about “the age discourse” (lol) and about how shippers are literally insane and tbh its true
  • then ok the hosts mention how the creators once said they’re willing to explore sexualities on the show and jeremy shada gives his two cents about it
  • he basically says that yeah they’re pretty open about stuff in every capacity
  • then about ships his exact words are this lol (complete with stammers sorry jeremy)
  • “But I think, uh, they’re planning a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff. Uh, and so… yeah, I mean as far as where we’re at there’s not even been- I mean, they’re- they- yeah. They always put like little things and we’re like this will probably pay off later? Odds are? But yeah we don’t, I mean, nothing like for sure as of yet. Uhm, but I - I imagine throughout the course of the series they’ll probably definitely have something. I don’t know. I don’t know- they could - you can’t tease, like, certain things so much but yeah.”

bonus: he says lance is the space version of sokka from avatar, (who was jeremy’s fave character) i feel alive


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What Clexa fics are you reading lately that you really love?

so many! i sound like a broken record but this fandom is rlly so talented. i’ve reread a lot of my favs (find them here or more in my fic rec page). a warning, i love angsty fics but they’re all beautiful and are art in my eyes.

but some fics that i’ve been loving recently/rereading again are:

red by theregalist - i just finished this and i am so in love! the story has the perfect balance of angst and fluff and it shows how beautiful wlw relationships are tbh :’)

love on the ground by hedaswolf - seriously everyone needs to read this. it’s probably in my top 3 favourite canon fics and i’ve reread this so many times. the characterization of clarke and lexa especially, are spot on. i deadass cry every time

larke by r_d - ok ok so if you want to read a fic where it has plot and some amazing smut…this is the fic to read. the smut scenes are well written and very hot. 

within me an invincible summer by thrace - again, one of my favourite canon fics! i consider this fic, art. there’s that one part which broke me, i was so shocked and how the author has written this fic is just too beautiful. 

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence - if you haven’t read this, you are missing out honestly. i want a tv show of this. the story is just so. good.

living on a fault line by anddirtyrain - y’all. clexa has a seven year old daughter together but they’re no longer together. the angst is real here but its so well written and organized i just want to drown in the story. every update is the highlight of my day, please do yourself a favour and go read this ;__;

and lastly…

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by chrmdpoet - so i know that everyone and their mothers have read this fic but let me tell you! rereading it after a period of time makes the story even more impactful. i appreciate new details and nuances everytime. this is canon clexa but my heart still aches for this story for them on screen.

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what kind of headcanons do you have? if you want I could help/offer some :)

All of the headcanons in my asks right now:

Fluffy clony headcanons?

Headcanons for how Tony asks clay to prom and how they do, actually go to prom???

What would a clony “”“"study”“”“ session look like?

Clony smut headcanons? like what each of their kinks are and what turns them on?

Listen, hey, listen…… not 2 be gay but do you have any jealous jalex hcs…. bc mine are weak….

Pre relationship protective!Tony head canons?

What about Tony being not confident with his sexuality first? I would love to know how he got so confident. Any ideas or a headacon?

What about a young Tony who is in struggle with his sexuality?

Ok so relating to that last post about the clony scene in the garage (also one of my fav clony scenes), could you make a headcanon of what was going through each of their minds while it was all happening?

Please do headcanons or a fic for Tony x Clay x Jeff (Taffy? XD)!!!! You’re blog is the only reason I come on tumblr rn tbh though. XD :)

Anyone, feel free to send some in haha!

ok honestly??? did not have high hopes for riverdale but… its so good???? like the plot is so good the soundtrack is great and im loving the callbacks to the comics?

(and also betty and veronica are lesbians and if they didnt want me to think that they shouldn’t have fucking played boyfriend by tegan and sara for that one scene)


written by francis, edit by sur

“Hey, you’re that exy player aren’t you?”

The question comes from behind him, and Neil freezes. He cut through the baseball field on campus to get to his next lecture easier, a route that isolated him and one he wouldn’t have taken a couple of months ago, but Neil let his guard down.

He let his guard down.

He can tell by the tone of voice that he made a mistake.

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Hey, I absolutely adore your writing and I have read all of your fics multiple times. I would just love if you could tell me what are some of your favourite Malec fanfics? So basically if you could do a rec list of sorts. Thank you and once again you are very talented hope to see more from your Malec wedding planner au fic.

ok but this is so nice tho?? also i’m working on the au i promise, i promise. i finally posted the lightwood family dinner scene i’ve been futzing around with for way too long and the next part is where the malec starts to pick up so i can’t wait tbh!!

but more importantly, recs! so i read an enormous amount of malec fic and i always mean to do a rec post but then i.. don’t. i’m sure i’m leaving out some that i’m going to kick myself for later but this has already taken way too long, so here are some of my faves (these are my own thoughts/non-official descriptions for these fics, so if any author wants me to remove theirs, just let me know!):

  • Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (WIP - Part 21/30) - single dad!alec meets teacher!magnus au set in the shadow world. this is one that gets rec’d a lot, but there is a reason for that because it is fantastic. single dad!alec is such a weak spot for me and insomiak writes him so well
  • Strange Love - fake dating mundane au. mutual pining kills me and this fic does it really well. super cute and frustrating to no end
  • Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - canon!alec meets alt!alec au. i am such a sucker for this trope, and oncethrown’s characterizations are always the best. you will love every character you already love a little bit more after reading this fic
  • Blue (WIP - Part 8/?) - dom/sub au set in the shadow world. aaaaand yet another trope i’m hopeless against, but this story starts off really strong and well-written so i’m excited for it to be continued
  • Five Times Alexander Lightwood Almost Lost His Virginity (and One Time He Learned Virginity Was Imaginary and Stupid) - this is a slightly different take on alec than i’ve typically seen (one where he’s been in love before), but such a great look at his character through the lens of different relationships (and non-relationships) he’s had over the years. really, really great
  • A Fighting Chance - mundane mma fighter!alec meets dance instructor!magnus au. oh my godddddd. this might be my favorite fic in this fandom. it’s so so good, and the payoff at the end is fantastic
  • morning’s come, you watch the red sunrise - single dad!alec meets neighbor!magnus mundane au. just super cute and fluffy with great characterizations
  • Counting Lies - heroes/villains au? i don’t even know how to describe this fic except to say that you should give it a shot. it’s a wild ride from start to finish and leaves you with a ton of questions about the world you just stepped into (in a good way)
  • We Face the World - future canon!verse. despite the fact that this 5+1 style fic deals heavily with homophobia, it’s also a really sweet look into the lightwood-bane family
  • Guide Me (To You) - blind!magnus meets cursed mute!alec au set in the shadow world. this is such a cute story? the premise of alec’s situation is a little odd, but it has a great payoff at the end of the story
  • spend the days dreaming and the nights awake - canon!verse magnus and simon roommate shenanigans. this one is kind of more gen with a heavy focus on simon but it is soooo perfect (and there’s background malec and simon/alec interaction that’s golden tbh)
  • White Wine and Lamp Posts - canon!verse. this one’s very gen but i still want to include it bc it’s just some really cute alec and clary friendship in a way that feels like it fits with their canon relationship so far

+ some smut:

  • can’t take my eyes off of you - kinks: masturbation, voyeurism. alec gets bored and impatient waiting for magnus and starts without him and then magnus watches him finish, a++
  • coax the coals - kinks: figging. oh man… did not know what figging was and did not think I would enjoy this from the description, but boy was I wrong. wow
  • Everything Golden - kinks: sex pollen. this fic deals with issues of consent since it’s a drugged, ‘fuck or die’ scenario, but if you’re a fan of the sex pollen trope, this fic does it really well and in a way that definitely has angst but with a generally happy ending to balance it out
  • don’t take it easy - kinks: edging. !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite malec smut ever. there are no words
Throw it at me! Go on!

Thanks to @spaceoperetta​ who just reminded me of this, but I forgot one more TomCav COH2 anecdote:

Grant and Carlos LOVE it when Tom throws things at them!
Tom decided he wanted to throw pens and board erasers and anything to hand at them in scene, and being All About Consent and precious as he is, he asked if it was ok, and would they mind if he did that, could he do that, were they sure.

And they were both like:





…tfw you really ship burrayette and burrjeffs

hahahahah //sweating

I wanted to sketch something for “A Casual Affair” by @alexangery (it’s really fucking good go read it it’s on Ao3 ok) because it made me fall in love with this rarepair

Same with “What’s In a Name?“ from @hubris-but-no-writing (the scene is from chapter 2, my fave part- I love these two tbh)

I…don’t even ship Allena (at least not romatically because qpp Allena is 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌) but one scene that popped into my mind and refuses to go away is… After the Ark, while they are recovering, Lena starts to train- rather, tries to train. She can barely walk until her Innocence is taken away by Hevlaska and then she starts to train without them. (Just like she decided in the Ark.) And like, just one of the nights Allen manages to escape the medical wing in order to get a night snack (and possibly after a nightmare) he is walking around and ends in a fighting dojo. Normally, he would expect to find Kanda there, it wasn’t rare for him to get up and do some training when he was pissed at something more than usual or simply restless, but he is surprised to find Lena in there. He would ask her why she is up at such an hour and Lena would say that she was just couldn’t sleep and training.

And it just… I just somehow feel like, it would end up with Lenalee admiting that she feels like Allen is stronger now and she should be too and it goes to her admitting that she felt scared and frustrated at being able to do nothing at the Ark. It would just be… nice to see Allen admit that he was afraid too, that he lost his friends. That they wouldn’t all make it to the home. That it was too late for Krory. Too late for Kanda. That it was his fault that Lavi and Chaoji fell. That he was going to die at Tyki Mikk’s hands. Of course, he wouldn’t say that all but just say enough to reassure her that it wasn’t wrong for her to feel that way and would probably talk a bit about how he felt at Asian Branch when he couldn’t fight against a level 3, until he gained Crown Clown back.

I just… imagine them sitting there for a little while longer, against a wall because Lena was probably pushing herself too hard and was tired. There would be a tender silence and maybe Lena would fall asleep while leaning to his shoulder, while she was just planning to rest her eyes for a second and would probably apologize later if she did not wake up when/if Allen ends up carrying her back to her room.

It is… kind of nice, to think Allen opening up some more to others and Lena would feel a lot better if he were to share a bit of his experience too, I imagine. Also, Allen would probably ask her to not push herself too far while training since it hasn’t been that long after they returned. Which Lena would reply with a look saying “Are you one to talk”. Idk I just love this idea okay.

It wasn’t especially shippy either so idk if calling this Allena would be correct.

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Top five Jared Padalecki shirtless pics

oh man oh man oh man

(i did 7 cause um how dare you limit me)

1. idk what it is about this…. it used to be my phone lock screen background for a while…. just reminds me of how much i love seeing pics and hearing stories about what a party boy jared was in his pre-genevieve days (not like meeting her and getting married was bad or like ruined him or whatever!!!!! just ya know he was different at different ages and i tbh i love him more as a mature dilf <3)

2. this whole scene like how is it legal this is porn

3. this pic cause i’m in it

4. how i met your mother: padalecki edition

5. that little pec flex lmao i cried i HATE boys who do that i HATE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH

this whole scene i’m like please drop that towel please……..god please make an earthquake happen so he is forced to drop the towel……. or give me an aerial view……or better yet just let me fuck him ok PLEASE

6. tbh i dont mind a little hair i mean it’s natural right, like it’s probably pin if he has to get waxed for scenes and stuff… anyway i just love his facial expression and how fucking huge his hands are *winks* and how he’s in his 30s now but he’s still a hot piece of ass dilf amiright


7. so this is from a deleted scene in 5x03 where he has sex with that girl from the bar (wHY DID THEY DELETE IT WHY) and from what i’ve seen of it it’s really sweet and i love knowing that while jared was probably wearing something on his lower half during filming, SAM ON THE OTHERHAND IS NAKED SO

ok there ya go now i’m rly horny fuck you anon why are you doing this to me