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bts has been having recent schedules in US with their upcoming US debut performance at the AMAs on the 19th and of course who wouldn’t be pumped for that? ( i cant even catch up with all the schedules tbh ) all the armys are really stoked to hear this with at least most of the tickets ( around 4000 or so out of 7000 ) being bought by armys. thats how much love bts has earned through their music.

honestly, i feel that its great that they’re getting more recognition in US, then again they recently started getting more exposure with their win at the Billboard Music Awards, more light has been shone to the kpop industry as whole. the number of youtube reactors popping up reacting to bts definitely says something. moreover, the fact that they are swamped with schedules in US is amazing. however as you can tell, theres a significant difference between the interviews done during billboard and now. the interviews at billboard were mainly on the surface type of questions, little research done, basically asking for their thoughts to be in US for the awards show etc. however now, finally some research has been done, and interviews are moving away from the shallow questions yet nobody has asked about the UNICEF campaign at all and honestly, I’m surprised that no one has brought it up? in all honesty, isn’t UNICEF a big thing? its a huge campaign and with interviewers bringing this up, i think it could benefit the campaign as whole too. I’m wondering why it hasn’t been brought up at all

but what ticks me off is that a fan asked during a radio show about bts considering a full album in english and asked why is there a japanese one. first of all, you’re supporting a Korean group ( Korean Pop ), bts is a Korean group. they are not entitled to do a full album in english. the reason why they ascended so much and are still continuing to do so is their music ( which 95% is in korean ). honestly, i like bts because of their music regardless the fact that I’m not a native speaker of korean. i dont see why they should do a full english album. no offence but their songs are more powerful in korean either way because of the nuances that they have, some things that even when translated to english cant explicitly get the message across. honestly, how can you even want them to do an english album? the japanese are different, they debuted there and are more comfortable. actually, japanese and korean are actually quite similar too in terms of language and grammar structure, its easier for them too. 

also, allkpop decided to release an article to claim that bts would be releasing english tracks of their title songs which isn’t true. nobody said that they were and namjoon mentioned in an interview that they’ll consider. ( then again, it won’t be kpop if its in english ) and the recent forbes article well, I’m disappointed again. when i finally thought that people would stop looking down at the Kpop industry, I’ve been proven wrong once again. why cant people just acknowledge the talent that kpop groups have? is it so wrong for someone or a group to gain recognition without being linked politically? 

now with the AMAs rolling around, its great that bts gets to perform there and have front row seats. but now with the AMAs releasing patches ( bts x AMAs ) patches for around $50 USD ( a set of 3 ) wow. i dont mind them releasing merchandise but isn’t it strange that AMAs doesn’t do this for the other artists? then again $50 USD for 3 patches? 

idk about you, but the recent schedules this time round have got me ticked off. i support bts no matter what but these recent events that only showed some interest in bts because of their rising popularity etc. i just want them to be recognised for their music and for everyone to actually see kpop as a serious industry that could dominate the world without mocking it.

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No it’s not a joke- just realised I never spoke about this concert/project my friends from “Piano Lab” and “Mr Chocolate” made…

So basically the case of this piano is made completely out of chocolat! Over 70kg!
The pianist Pierre-Yves Plat performed on it and the chocolatier (who created the piano) broke it apart AS HE PLAYED and was distributing pieces to the audience ….

Now doesn’t that sound like the most perfect concert ever ?!? It was 😍😍😍 and there was so much chocolate left over that I was able to take two bags of chocolat back with me! It was so amazing, the audience loved it, I was making a livestream on my Instagram account and on Piano lab’s account :)

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Do you think Jonghyun will sing new songs or even the title track at his upcoming concert ?? Or do you think it's not possible because SM hasn't say anything about his comeback ? I can't wait until his next solo so I really really hope we will hear some songs on December ! I love your blog by the way :)

thank you! and i think it’s likely that he will. jonghyun has had an album connected to all of the concerts that he’s done so far (the story by jonghyun = story op. 1, x inspiration = she is, the letter = story op. 2), and he’s pretty much performed all of his songs live at this point so it really wouldn’t make sense for him to do two solo concerts in the same year if he didn’t have new solo material to showcase to fans. him having a comeback before the concerts take place is unrealistic due to how rapidly the dates are approach (less than three week now), and both exo / taeyeon are scheduled to release holiday albums in december so i feel it’s safe to assume that he’ll be teasing a new album / comeback with inspired. it’ll likely end up being similar to what happened with shinee world v / 1of1 where they teased a handful of new tracks at the concert and then released the album a few weeks afterward.

the fact that sm hasn’t said anything yet doesn’t really matter at this point - they can still say something either during the week of the concert or the week after it.

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It's not even a question if Louis was there in the behind the scenes shots. It's a fact.

Don’t you just love it, that for every major thing that involves Louis and Harry getting filmed, you will always hear one of their voices in the background? On Jimmy’s snapchat, on Steve’s episode with Louis, and now in Harry’s performance special. Almost like…

gotta be there to support his mans and encourage his silly antics much to the dismay of mitch

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Hey❤️ my bias is our cute Chimchim❤️❤️ I started to love him (but the kind of fan lovexD) when I first watched a Bts performance on YouTube like he had such an cute face but he could be sexy at the same time?O.o and Like that I started to admire him then I watched bangtanbombs and he was just so cute and fluffy and I LOVE HIM💔😭 and here comes your daily reminder: you’re perfect and wonderful❤️

Ahhh!!! I also fell in love with chimchim and everything about him. bangtan bombs, random Jimin videos, they made me admire him so much especially because I realised we have a lot in common .  YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING ILY <3

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Can you give a summary of yesterdays men and ladies event? I've seen javi make a comeback, Brians presence is really important for TCC. If he takes gold, would he make it to finals? And i hope yuna does well today!

A summary? 

Ladies: Yuna Shiraiwa was the only one with a clean SP. Lovely, good jumps and spins, needs to work on quality to get better GOE. Osmond was quite off, not much to say. I don’t see how Sotskova got those PCS with her performance yesterday, to be honest. Mai and Zagi both had costly mistakes. Although I must say, I don’t get the call for Mai’s combo. It wasn’t 3Lz3T<<, it was a 3Lz2T with a turn. That kind of call affected her GOE; it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, but still ???

Men: Javi apparently had food poisoning in China, so while Brian’s presence certainly helped, I would say being healthy made more of a difference lol. That said, giving +3s to his 3A…no thanks. Shoma was helped by a generous tech panel, as his 4F was << and not <, and by extremely generous PCS. 43 PCS would have been more than enough for what he did, if he gets 46 for that well…rip. Samarin getting 40 PCS is lol. Not much more to say?


171115 Bang Shi Hyuk PD’s Twitter
“Talk with @BTS_twt about first US TV show @JKCorden #LateLateShow”

Chatroom: Bangtan+Pdogg

Jimin James Corden
Jimin Was
Jimin So warmhearted
Jimin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jimin It’s amazing, it’s like I’m watching TV

Bang PD ㅋㅋ Did he understand it? Your performance?

Hoseok ㅋㅋㅋㅋHe completely
Hoseok Loves it ㅋㅋ

Bang PD [Ebichu emoji]
Bang PD Oh~ Good!
Bang PD Did many fans come too?

Hoseok ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hoseok So many
Hoseok Of them came ㅋㅋㅋ
Hoseok Half of the audience were our fans
Hoseok No
Hoseok More than half 
Hoseok ㅋㅋㅋ

Bang PD It must be heated there ㅋ

Jimin Yes they welcomed us so much

Hoseok ㅋㅋYeah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hoseok ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m curious about America’s reaction
Hoseok Hope it can be revealed soon
Hoseok The staff here seem to enjoy it as well ㅋ 

  • Hoseok expressed how BTS love Korean food that’s why for catering there is always Korean food.
  • He agreed to do a Vlive and wanted to keep his promise. He said “to be honest I’m not doing anything special, but I haven’t done it in a while contrary to the members. I just wanted to talk”
  • He commented on the shows they appeared in and how unbelievable it still feels “I watch youtube a lot and v app [laughs] and it was shocking that I was able to go on shows I always watch online and able to do performances. we were on James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel and it was such a new experience”
  • A fan asked him if he lost weight and he stated how well he eats lately he thought he gained weight.
  • When asked about his mixtape, it showed how still nervous he feels about it “I feel like I'm going to get indigestion if I talk about my mixtape while eating. I’m still working on it. to be honest, I can’t for sure say when it’s going to come out. it will when the results are good”. He is treating his mixtape with care like an album “my tracks haven’t been organized yet. it’s hard. I don’t know what songs to add and what kind of style to make the mixtape. you create a mixtape like you’re an album. I want to count this as an album. it’s hard to select as the quality has to be good” he will add later “I do worry about my mixtape. I didn’t know what kind of message to show. I’ve decided now it’s just selecting the tracks now that’s difficult. I’m working hard preparing the mixtape so please anticipate.”
  • He watched his MAMA live in Brazil and loved how the fans were so supportive so he thanked them
  • When asked to dance, he commented on how big the room and started dancing and moving “the hotel room is so big I can do hope on the street”
  • He spoke about the Mic Drop Remix Teaser that came out today and compliments Steve Aoki on his acting. They are going to meet him soon and they plan to gift him stew to show their appreciation. 
  • He was proud and happy about their recent outfits and expressed how clothes can affect your mood and actions. And the dancing needs to match the clothes. 
  • He promised the European ARMY that BTS will come soon to Europe and to wait for them. 
  • He died his hair red for AMA because it matches him well. Fans were worried in case his and BTS’ scalp were damaged and he answered “We dye our hairs a lot it’s true. but it’s for the concept, we take care of our hair a lot and use hair treatment”
  • A WISE ARMY PROPOSED THE FOLLOWING: “We want all BTS with black hair” to which Jhope showed big interest “WOW! OT7 with black hair? we’ve never done that before right?” (let’s pray for this death sentence to come soon) 
  • He can’t believe what is happening right now and believes that all that is happening is thanks to the ARMY “it’s still hard to believe that this is real. it’s all thanks to our fans cheering us on so much that we’re able to perform at an American award show. I think I’m living a happy life. being able to work with such great people and receiving lots of support”
  • He shared with us the book he is reading recently and it’s about self-love “speaking of loving yourself I’m reading a book [korean] “as you live your love and learn” and it talks about loving yourself as well. when I read books I get so sleepy, so it’s amazing that I even read this much. I really want to finish this book through”
  • He wants to do Hope On The streets and invite talented dancers. He is still so in love with dancing and wants to learn more if he has time.
  • About the Wings Tour Finale, he expressed how amazing it will be and described it as “different” when asked to give a spoiler. 
  • ARMY told him to keep his promise. In the past, he said he will show his abs if they gain 10 million followers on VAPP. He was so startled ““abs” ABS?! we don’t have 10 million followers on v app yet, wow don’t scare me like that when I’m eating” (That means this promise is still going)
  • He danced to ‘Gucci Gang’. It is his recent favorite song. 
  • He didn’t know his passion for music will grow so big and it turned this way thanks to both RM and Suga 
  • He was happy to share the fact that Jungkook is making beats lately (they always brag about the maknae whenever they go)
  • He called Namjoon 'Rap Monster’ then realized that he can’t call him this way anymore “[called Nnamjoon rap monster] [in eng] OH SORRY RM. [in korean] our Namjoonie changed his name to RM so please call him RM. rm backward is Mr. because I was beside him, I saw how much he worried and thought this through. he has affection towards this name”
  • He was enjoying the live stream as all ARMYs were showering him with love “I didn’t know a livestream was this fun” and promised he will do them more often from now on. 
  • He wants to study languages so he can communicate better with the fans
  • He can’t drink alcohol because his face turns very red (that’s why he drinks soda)
  • “Sprite or Coke?” for him it’s all the same
  • He said goodbye a lot and felt bad finishing the live stream and saying bye ARMY (he was very sweet)

Find the Vlive HERE

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minjoon moment….ft. hobi^^