i loved this part so much i wanted to make gifs

Imagine having play fights with Chris.

A/N: Thought of this after seeing Chris bantering with Octavia Spencer (who is just an amazing actress that I love so much) Enjoy!

You tried not to giggle as you stood behind your husband in the kitchen; you were wearing the Atlanta Falcons jersey Octavia Spencer- a close friend of Chris’ and yours- had sent over as an attempt to mess with him after their banter on Twitter about whose team was going to win at the Super Bowl. She had texted you about it the day before, and of course you were more than happy to mess with your husband; it was payback considering he made fun of your favorite TV show ‘Arrow’ because it was DC.

Now everyone knew what Chris was like when it came to football, Tom Brady, and The Patriots; passionate was an understatement, that boy was obsessed. His inner fan girl was so well known that every interview you had leading up to the Super Bowl involved that particular topic. You knew nothing about sports, but you knew a lot about how adorable your husband got when it came to his team. He was about as adorable as you were when you met your favorite superhero, Captain America at the Vanity Fair after party four years ago.

You tapped your socked foot on the hardwood floor as you waited for Chris- who was clearly too busy stocking the fridge with beer- to turn around. You sighed quietly then cleared your throat to catch his attention because at the rate he was going, he wasn’t going to notice you for another ten minutes and you had other things to attend to.

“Do you think I bought too-” He began as he turned around, cutting himself off when he saw what you were wearing. You pressed your lips together to suppress your smile which was forming at the sight of his facials. “How dare you?” He tried not to smile himself as he pretended to scold you, closing the fridge door behind him. “And in my house, Y/N?” He quizzed, trying to hide his amusement.

“Oh,” you scoffed and chuckled simultaneously; his lips quirked into a more visible smile. “All of a sudden this is your house?” You crossed your arms over your chest as he leaned back against the kitchen counter. “Didn’t you say what’s yours is mine, Evans?”

“Yeah, yours as in- Y/N Evans,” he retorted playfully. “I um-” he pointed at you then crossed his arms again, “I don’t know who you are 'cause my beautiful wife whose best quality is her loyalty would never betray me and my team like that.” You giggled and he bit back his smile, “that’s just disrespectful, really.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you shrugged with an innocent smile on your lips. “I’m just standing here doing nothing.” Chris scoffed as he lowered his gaze onto your jersey. “Oh, you’re talking about my shirt?” You looked down and pulled at the material. “I just put the first thing I saw in my closet, no biggie.”

“First of all,” he laughed as he pushed himself off the counter so he could make his way over to you. “That is a jersey. Secondly,” he gently pinched your chin between his fingers, “we have never, nor will we ever- have a Falcon jersey in this house.” You pressed your lips together, suppressing laughter. “Take it off before I do it for you, okay?” He released your chin and booped your nose before turning his back on you to return to the fridge.

“No,” you bit playfully; Chris stopped and smiled while his back was turned to you.

“I’m sorry,” he turned around, raising an eyebrow; the amusement in his tone audible. “What was that?” He challenged in a playful tone with his hands on his hips. You smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Take it off, that jersey has no place in this household.” He told you, trying not to laugh. “I mean it, Y/N.” He warned when you shook your head.

“What are you going to do, hm?” You challenged and he smirked, taking a step closer to you. “How are you going to make me take off the jersey of the most amazing team ever?” You said and his lips parted, feigning shock whilst hiding his amusement. “Yup, I said it. The Patriots suck compared to The Falcons,” you egged him on.

“You take that back,” he tried not to laugh as he pointed at you. As much as he loved his team, he loved you a lot more so you could say anything you wanted and nothing bad would happen; it also helped that he knew you were just joking. “Take it back and take that jersey off, or I’m going to throw you into the pool.”

“Yeah, right,” you laughed then immediately regretted it when you saw the playful gleam in your husband’s pretty blue eyes. “Chris, don’t you- No!” You shrieked with laughter and ran when he started for you. “Oh my God, no!” You ran for the stairs so you could hide in the safety of your bedroom but Chris caught you before you hit the first step. “Chris, no!” You laughed as he wrapped his arms around you from behind, lifting you off the ground.

“Do you want to take it back?” He whispered into your ear, his beard tickling your neck.

“Take your Patriots jersey back to the store because it’s a sucky team?” You quipped, giggling.

“You did not just say that,” he tickled your sides and you squirmed, laughing. “You’re so dead, Y/N. I hope you don’t have your phone in your pocket because I am tossing you into the pool.” Your laughter grew louder as he threw you over his shoulder. “You have about thirty seconds to take it back, unless you want to end up in the pool, of course.”

“I know you, Evans.” You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “You wouldn’t, so no- I’m not taking it back.” He shrugged and continued walking towards the pool in the backyard. “You’re all bark and no bite,” you poked his side and he chuckled.

“If you say so, Y/N.”

You giggled because you were so sure your husband was just joking, after all- it wasn’t the first time a play fight had ended with him threatening to throw you into the pool. He had never done it before and you doubt he’d start now. He usually walked out to the pool with you over his shoulder or in his arms bridal style, threaten to toss you in, almost toss/push you in only to pull you back into his arms to kiss you. It was the same every time, so you were sure you were safe this time too.

“Last chance,” he warned as he stopped at the edge of the pool with his back towards the water and you over the blue surface. “All you have to say is 'I’m sorry, Chris. The Patriots is the best team ever.’ And you’ll be free to go. After you take of the jersey, of course.”

“I’m sorry, Chris,” you began, biting back your smile as you continued, “I’m sorry I married a man with such poor judg- Chris, no!” You screamed when he pretended to drop you. “Don’t do that,” you smacked his butt, giggling. “You nearly gave me a heart attack. Put me down,” you poked his side.

“Say the words,” he sang song.

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry, Chris. The Patriots is the best team ever,” you recited monotonously. “Now can you put me down? All my blood is rushing to my head.” You told him as he pulled you back over his shoulder and lowered you onto your feet in front of him.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He teased.

“Nope,” you smiled and pressed your palm to his chest. “Do you want to know what else isn’t hard?” You whispered as you leaned in, your lips inches away from his. “Tricking my big dumb dumb of a husband.” You giggled then pushed him into the pool before he could comprehend the situation. He fell into the water, cussing, and left you laughing on the sidelines. “You got a bit of water on-” you gestured to his cheek when he rose to the surface, drenched from head to toe. “Yeah,” you giggled when he wiped his cheek, “I think you got it.”

“You’re going to regret that, Y/N.”

“Perhaps,” you shrugged, smiling.

“Want to know what else isn’t hard?”

“You, 'cause it’s freezing in the water?” You teased.

“Yes, but-” he chuckled, swimming to the edge. “I was thinking more along the lines of, pulling my mischievous wife into the water because she’s not fast enough to out run Captain America!” He pushed himself off the edge and launched himself out of the pool, grabbing you before you could run back into the house. “Gotcha!”

“Chris!” You shrieked with laughter as the two of you fell into the water together. “I hate you,” you splashed him when you rose to the surface after him. “It’s f-f-fucking freezing.” You felt your teeth chatter when your body actually realized the temperature of the water.

“Don’t be such a baby.” He chuckled, swimming closer to you. “C'mere, baby.” He grabbed your hand, pulling you close and wrapping an arm around you. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed you. “Just so you know,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, “I’ve got a very dry and very warm Patriots sweatshirt waiting inside for you.”

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Sometimes, I still can’t believe that we got to see this scene played out, for several important reasons:

— I’m so glad that including this flashback was a massive improvement of the ambiguity that they left us with in 2x07, because we know that this couple deserved so much more. We’ve seen their connection grow so strongly and their trust and love for each other being affirmed with each challenge. That’s why I personally believed it was so important to show this level of intimacy because it shows how deep that trust for each other goes, especially for Alec who has never experienced a relationship before (let alone one like this with someone who shows affection so deeply)

— The way this scene was depicted, with the flitting excitement between innocence and desire is so damn beautiful, I can hardly take it. It is so evident how much they’ve wanted this part of each other, but it is also so clear that they’re taking this step with great care for the other person. For Magnus, it is about loving and appreciating the part of him being unlocked. For Alec, its about cherishing and appreciating the thing he always wanted but thought he couldn’t have.

— Another important layer of this scene I can’t forget is that not long before, Alec talked with Izzy about taking this step and “if it’s what you want, if it makes you happy then go for it.” And then we see him in this scene with Magnus, embracing the one thing in his life that lets him feel like this. Honestly, up until this point in the show, have we ever seen Alec look so carefree and happy? (Think also to the bed scene the next morning)

— To think that the show creators actually listened to how upset fans were about the fade to black bs in that scene, especially for their healthiest and most developed couple, and THEY FIXED IT. They not only fixed it, they created an amazing moment for these two men who love each other. AND THEN they include the moment where Magnus shows Alec his cat eyes, just between them and makes the whole scene even more beautiful and meaningful. I wasn’t expecting that at all and to think that they’re showing fans what they want, but still managing to surprise us a lot is incredible.

I’ve watched this scene a million times and I will proceed to watch it a million more as part of my Shadowhunters hiatus survival kit, in addition to the amazing scenes from the finale. What a long way we’ve come in this beautiful relationship and how many poignant moments we’ve gotten to see that expresses their love so purely and honestly.


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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 2

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Let me just say how fucking amazed I am that so many of you enjoyed/loved part one of soul mate! I honestly did not expect that many of you to, let alone, want another part/mini series! Thank you so much for the support (?) and I truly hope you enjoy this part. I thought to make things a bit slow here since I may just make this into a mini series kind of fic! Let me know what you think! BTW, the temperature is considered to be in fahrenheit (sorry if you use celsius!) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: Cursing…that’s about it? Kylo nearly punches a whole in a table, but I think we’re good.


“You are mine.” His last words plagued your thoughts, echoing throughout your mind and sending shivers down your spine. “You are mine.” The force he had put on the word ‘mine’ terrified you, as if you had been some sort of…object? As if you were something that he could keep on display in his room for the galaxy–or just him–to see. “Mine.” You gulped at the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the amount of possession being enforced. Those three words haunted you, your heart now in your throat as the amount of pressure from its pounding vibrated through your ears. I am no ones, but my own.

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So–I know I say this a lot but you know…it bears repeating sometimes. I just really, truly, deeply, profoundly appreciate all of you! I stepped out into this fandom with trepidation because I’d never written about real people before and I was really worried about the reception. I’ve received nothing but warmth and love from that day until now!

My four month anniversary since posting my very first Jump related fic (it was the first chapter of Exam Room 5!) will be on the 14th but I can’t even wait those few days to say this to you all. 


If you don’t want to read the longer love note then just know I LOVE YOU and I am so thankful for you and appreciate each and every one of you with all my heart!

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Fell From Heaven - Sirius Black x Reader

Warnings: English is not my mother tongue so I apologise in advance for any mistakes.

Words: I have no idea I just started writing down everything and got carried away.

Y/N Y/L/N and Sirius Black have a very strong relationship. No, you are mistaken. They are not a couple that are completely and perfectly in love with each other. Their relationship is based on hate. At least that’s what they say and what they want it to be. But everytime one of them talks with another boy or girl everyone in the room can’t help but notice the glares that are burning on each others backs. Everyone except of these two.

Every single day when they meet, mostly in the corridors, Sirius would bump into her on purpose and tell her with his signature smirk on his face “Watch where you’re going Y/L/N” only because it annoys her. And then, it begins. A series of screams, yells and objects thrown everywhere between them that always leaves the place in a horrible state like it’s been hit by a tornado. Which is true, because Y/N is a real life tornado always ready to destroy everything and everyone, especially someone who answers to the name Sirius Black. In fact, when someone met her for the first time she gave the impression of a very sensible and mature girl, always writing her essays, never causing any trouble and never acting foulish. This picture of her, though, disappeared when the infamous grey eyed boy gave her the attention she never craved. That’s when it started. He stumbled upon her in the corridor and when she lifted her gaze on his face she was met with his grey eyes that screamed mischief and his flirtatious smirk and right then, right there in that corridor she knew she will never get rid of him.

Sirius on the other hand is a whole different person. Every student, even every professon, at Hogwarts knows that he will do and get what he wants at the end of the day, even if that means that he will have to do something against the rules which is his favourite thing. He knows he’s got the power of persuasion and he likes it, he loves it actually. He could persuade everyone. Everyone except himself. He had tried several times to stop bothering poor Y/N, but he couldn’t help himself and that’s what annoyed him the most. He could do everything he wanted, damn it, but that specific person drove him crazy. He couldn’t control his mind. He couldn’t control his heart either. He didn’t like to torment the girl, but that was the only way to interact with her in a daily basis. It wasn’t the right way to get somebody’s attention, he knew that, but he was desperate, he was a puppet she liked to play with.

Half the school year passed this way. Sirius kept getting in Y/N’s nerves and she kept getting in Sirius’. She was ready to explode at any minute. Sirius teased her constantly and she couldn’t take it anymore. Athough she thought that she could kill him whenever she felt like doing so, she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t do it because she was used to it. She was used to him. He was a part of her everyday routine and she couldn’t let him go.

Today was different, though. Y/N went to her classes as usual and when she was ready to head back to the common room she used the corridor she used every other day and prepared herself for her little meeting with Sirius. But that never happened. Sirius wasn’t in the corridor. She thought that he was pulling a prank on someone with the rest of the Marauders but that thought disappeared from her mind the moment she saw Remus and James passing right next to her and walking in the opposite direction. That, set her heart on fire. She didn’t know why and she didn’t care at that moment. All she cared about was to find out why Sirius didn’t bump into her as he did everyday.

‘How could he ignore me like that? We have a thing. He does it every day. Oh my God is he alright? Maybe he’s got himself into a fight. What if he’s hurt? And why do I even care about him?’ With all these thoughts occupying her mind she found herself standing outside the entrance of the Gryffindor common room. With quick steps she burst inside and found Sirius sitting on the couch with a blanket placed on his long legs gazing at the fire in front of him. When he heard that someone entered the common room he turned around to see who it was. The moment their eyes met Y/N sighed feeling relieved as the worry washed off of her and approached Sirius.

“Hey” she whispered reluctant, like they didn’t even know each other.

“Hi” he said in the same tone.

“Are you okay?”


“Alright. Umm I have to go now have a nice eveni-”

“Wait!” he cut her off.
“I’m sorry of cutting you off I didn’t have that intention but I couldn’t help but wonder why you asked if I was okay” he asked so nicely she thought he was just messing with her.

“I-I just saw you sitting here and I thought it would be nice to ask how you are doing”

“Why do I feel like this isn’t the reason you came to talk to me?” he said with a smirk and a tone of sarcasm in his voice.

“Wh-why would you say that?” she started getting nervous.

“Because you always stammer when you lie” he laughed.

“And how do you even know that? Why would you notice such thing? We only yell at each other! WE HATE EACH OTHER!” she started to lose her temper.

He chuckled.
‘Is he mocking me?’ she thought.

“What the hell, Black!” she fired at him.
'Seriously if he is really mocking me he won’t live to do that again!’

“Just answer me, love!”
'That bloody bastard. And that stupid smirk of his! I want to wipe it off of his face! And who does he think he is to call me 'love’? Enough with this. I’VE HAD ENOUGH!’ She was furious. She had to get everything out of her and that’s exactly what she did.

“You didn’t bump into me today and you always do it, it’s a part of my life now and it’s important to me because we never talk to each other and then you come and bump into me which makes me feel special because you never gave so much attention to a girl and at first I hated it and I hated you but now I’m used to it and I like it and I like you and I need you to bump into me everyday because my life depends on it and-”

“Easy now, love.” He laughed. “Breathe”
She obeyed and took a deep breath, the oxygen relaxing her aching lungs from her fast monologue-confession.

“I said too much didn’t I?” she asked sheepishly. He nodded.

“Shit” she cursed under her breath. Sirius chuckled and she glared at him.

“This isn’t funny” she said with a pout and sat beside him on the couch while crossing her arms on her chest like a little girl.

An idea passed through Sirius’ mind and he couldn’t help but ask with a grin splattered across his face.

“Tell me, love. Did it hurt?” he wondered, the grin still on his face. The girl chuckled as she tried to prevent herself from laughing.

“What? When I fell from heaven?” she laughed no more able to hold herself, thinking he had just used a cheesy pick-up line, but no, Sirius Black had other things in his mind. He dropped his blanket and scooted closer to her. She could smell his scent. It was intoxicating and it drove her crazy. He kept getting closer and closer until there was no space between them. Their noses were touching and their lips were inches apart. She didn’t know what to do. She only stared at his stormy eyes and held her breath. She couldn’t possibly know what will his next move be and it made her think she will go insane. He finally moved and closed the space between them. The kiss was short but tender. Their lips were moving in sync like they were made for each other. When they parted she held her eyes closed trying to comprehend what just happened. When she opened them they were met with a pair of grey ones. She looked at his face and she finally realized that she didn’t hate him, she hated the fact that she loved him so damn much. Sirius licked his lips and then his smirk appeared on his precious face. He leaned in and placed his lips close to her ear, whispering his reply to her previous question that he left hanging.

“No. When you fell for me.”

Professor Pride Week 18

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 18

Characters: Professor!Pride x Reader, Gibbs

Word Count: 1,239

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Happy Tuesday my lovely followers! I hope you enjoy this next part! <3 I love you all so much!

Series Masterlist

You were getting ready for work after Pride left. It was an early morning for him and you wanted to make sure that you would see him off.  As you were getting dressed you heard your phone ring.  It was odd for Gibbs to call you this early in the morning.

“Hey boss,” you greeted into the phone.  “Did you need something before I came in?”

“Actually [Y/N], I called to give you the day off,” Gibbs informed you.  “My dad is in town and there’s something he wants to do.  I’m sure it’ll take all day.  We’ll be open tomorrow, okay?”

“Did you want me to take care of Tony,” you questioned, sitting down on the already made bed.

“No I’ve got it,” Gibbs answered.  “See you tomorrow [Y/N].”

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Ayooooo! Hope you all are having an amazing day! And I just wanna thank all of you for the constant support on the story,I’m so happy :D <3 Love you all so much <3

And also I put a little bit happier mood in this chapter,so I hope you all enjoy haha :D

Read previous parts here:
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19

“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 20

“Wake up” Jungkook said standing in front of your bed
“Why would I?” you asked trying to fall asleep again
“We are going to the beach,but first we gotta clean up everything from last night” Jungkook explains looking at you
“I don’t want to get up” you whine
“I’ll make you get up” Jungkook smiled
“No,I am not and you will not” you said turning to other side
“Okay,as you wish” Jungkook raised his shoulders and went over to you..

His hands wrap around your waist and he lifts you.
“JUNGKOOK!” you shout
“I said I’ll get you out of the bed” Jungkook said and carries you downstairs
”BUT YOUR HAND IS STILL BROKEN” you shout looking at him
”It’s fine,don’t worry” he rolls his eyes

You just look at him and hold on to him as he carried you down,because you know even if you say he’s not okay and that he needs to let you down,he just wouldn’t do it.Jungkook never listens.
When Jungkook let’s go of you,you turn around and slap his arm..
“Don’t do that ever again,plus with that broken arm” you look at him
“I am fine” Jungkook said

You just sigh and go to the kitchen.
“You woke up” Suga smiled
“Barelly” you laugh
“You’re in a good mood” J-Hope smiled
“I guess I am” you laughed again

Even when you think about that Jungkook and you are back together,you guys don’t act like that at all.
It just looks like you guys ae back to being friends.

“Maya camed yesterday” Jimin looked at you
“I know” you nodded your head
“She..She was hot” Jimin said scratching back of his neck
“I know” you laughed and push Jimin
“Did something happen?” you added
“Oh,no..Pftt..Yes..We made out” Jimin laughed
“Yeah man!! Good for you” you tapped his shoulder and smiled

While you were eating Jungkook was leaning against the wall and watched you.
The way you were laughing and smiling again made him so happy inside.
When you look at him too he would have a small smile on his face and look away.

It was time for the beach..
“Can I talk to you for a moment?” Jungkook looked at you
“Yeah” you smiled
“You guys going or?” Jimin asked lookng at you two
“We’ll be there in a minute” You said and Jimin just nodded his head

You look back at Jungkook and wait him to tell you what he needs.
“Um,I think this will sound stupid,but I think for a little while that we keep a secret about our relationship” he looks at you
At first it was weird to you,why would he keep that a secret.
“Why do you want it to be a secret?” you look at him
“Please just let’s hide it for a while” 
“Okay..Fine” you said
“Okay..Now we hit the beach” Jungkook smiled

Jungkook and you walked beside each other..It felt different to be so close to him after a long time.
He didn’t act the way he did when you guys first got together,all happy and smiling all the time..He was just chill.Not over excited or anything.
You feel the same way as he,because of course it’s a little bit awkward after everything you guys been trough and now you guys are together.But it bothered you that he isn’t happy,he is,but he’s not showing it.
“Can we at least when we’re alone act like we’re together?” you asked feeling like a rock fell of your heart,because you really wanna do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff
Jungkook looks at you with a suprise look.
“Was that on your mind all of the time?” he asked raising his eyebrow
“What do you mean?” you look at him
“See,I know you like I know when something is on your mind..Like you always put your head on your palms and look at me” he explains
“How? Like..What?” you laugh because it was weird that Jungkook notices those kinds of things
“Y/N..Let me tell you something” Jungkook stops to walk and turns towards you and takes your hand in his.
“I know that this “secret relationship” is bothering you,but trust me nothing will change…Of course we’ll be together and have fun when we’re alone..And I don’t mean by “have fun” like sex or something,I mean kissing,cuddling and other” he looks right into your eyes
You smiled when he finished to talk.
“Okay?” Jungkook raised his eyebrow smiling
“Okay” you smiled 
“Come here” he said and put your hand around his waist and pull you in a hug,kissing your head.

From the distance Jimin and V watched you two talking.
“They..” V started  pointing at you two
“Are back together” Jimin looked at you two in shock
“What are you guys staring at? Is there a hot chick or?” Suga comes in the middle and puts his arms around their shoulders..Suga looks at Jimin then at V and then at the direction they are looking at..
“Hey that is Y/N and…Woooow” Suga’s jaw drops
“They finally got together!” he added 
“This is so weird” V said
“Guys,I think we should be happy or them…But I think still that they don’t need to know that we saw them” Suga explains
“Yeah,I think the same…” Jimin looked at Suga
“Oh they are coming!” V said
“Quickly in the to sea!” Suga pushes Jimin and they run into the sea

Jungkook and you walked to J-Hope and Rap Monster who were getting a tan.
“Where are the rest of the boys?” Jungkook asks
“They are..There!” J-Hope points at them
“Ohh…Okay,I’ll go join them too” Jungkook smiled and ran into the sea too

You sit down between J-Hope and Rap Monster..
“It is really pretty here..” you said 
“Yeah this summer was the best summer ever” J-Hope smiled
“I agree with both of you” Rap Monster said

When Jungkook got out of the sea,he wanted ice cream so he asked you to come with him.While he was waiting for ice cream,Luke again camed towards you.
“Hi Y/N” he smiled hugging you
“Hey,how are you?” you smiled at Luke

While you guys were taalking Jungkook was watching you guys talking to each other.He first looks at you then at Luke and sigh.He felt like he wasn’t even there with you,that you don’t even know him.

Luke left and Jungkook was quiet and ate his ice cream
“What are mad about now?” you asked
“Right there,you acted like I don’t even stand there while you two were talking” 
“I am your boyfriend!” he added
“First,you don’t have to worry about it…Second do you see now how is it to be in a secret relationship?” you laugh and push him a little
“Well..Still I am your boyfriend” Jungkook rolled his eyes 

As you all were walking home after the beach…Jimin looks at his phone to check something..When he looks at the date,he remembers your birthday is tomorrow
“Oh shit” Jimin said
“What’s up?” Suga asked
“Y/N’s birthday is tomorrow” he wispers
“You say what?!” Suga shouts in shock

Jimin didn’t know what to do.He was so disappointed in himself,because he forgot your birthday.

When you guys got back,you went upstairs to take a shower and Jimin gathered guys in the living room..
“I have good and bad news” Jimin looks at all of them
“Good one first” V smiled
“It’s Y/N’s birthday” he smiled
“What can be a bad news?” Jungkook looked at him
“It’s tomorrow” Jimin looks at him

Everyone’s jaw drops,especially Jungkook was worried..
“TOMORROW!?” Jungkook shouts
“Yeah..We need to think quick” Jimin said 
“If you guys have money we should buy her a gift” J-Hope said
“Everyone buy her a gift okay?” Jimin asked
“Yeah sure…” everyone nodded their heads
“I’ll bake a cake” Jin smiled
“Okay,Suga you get drinks and snacks” V points at Suga and he nodded his head
“We won’t call anyone,it will be just us and I will call Maya,her best friend and that’ it” Jimin explains
“How we suprise her tomorrow?” Rap Monster asked
“Ummm…First we act like we forgot about her birthday and then we go to the kitchen,I mean I take her hand and tell  need to talk to her and then we shout happy birthday and we have a cake…..” Jimin explains again
“Okay,okay….Sounds like a plan” Rap Monster nodded his head
“Okay,let’s go!” J-Hope said

All the boys went to the mall to get you a present and buy everything for the party you will be having.
When you camed out of the shower and camed downstairs no one was there..
“Guys?” you shout and no respond
Then you find a small note on the coffee table.
“Y/N we went to shopping to buy some food,we’ll be back soon…Umm and I love you x -Jungkook” 
You smiled looking at the note,that “I love you” made you so happy..
“Well guess I will have fun on my own!” you msiled and turn on the music and speakers and start to dance around the house

Meanwhile at the mall…Jungkook went alone to jewelry shop..He was looking what can he buy you as a gift,but also that you can remember it.
“Sir,do you need some help? What are you looking for?” a guy that worked at the shop smiled at him
“I need like a necklace for my girlfriend” he looks at him
“Oh…Then let me show you what we have” the guy leads him to another side of the shop

The guy showed him a lot of necklace’s..They were all so pretty..Jungkook was looking around and he spotted one necklace that was just perfect.
“This one” Jungkook points at it smiling
“Nice choice” the guy looks at him

Jungkook bought you a necklace and he was so happy about it.
After that he went to find the rest of the boys.And as expected they were at McDonalds eating.
“AYYY where have you been?” V smiled eating his hamburger
“I went to buy Y/N a present” Jungkook laughs
“Like all of you should” he added and looks at them
“Well,first we eat and then go shopping” Suga smiled 
“Okay,okay” Jungkook said

After some time boys looked trough a lot of shops to buy you something..After they did,only thing that left to do was to buy food and other stuff for tomorrow.

“COME GET ME HIGH SO I WON’T BE LOW…..IF I GO WILL YOU FOLLOW ME HOMEEEEE….!!!”  you shout singing the one of your favorite songs

While you were singing boys walked inside and heard you singing..
They stopped just to listen to you.
“YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE LOOOOOW TONIGHT….IF I GO WILL YOU FOLLOW ME!!” you start to dance when the drop hits

Guys were smiling and looking at you being so happy
“WOOOOO” J-Hope and V join in and start to dance with you,you stop but then continue
“My name on your lips,sweat on your skin..I wanna love you again and again” you sang along again
“You have a nice vouce” Rap Monster smiled
“Thank youuu” you laugh and turn down the music

You felt shy,because they were looking at you..Jungkook was smiling and being happy because he saw and heard you singing and being so happy.

“Soo what did you guys buy?” you asked
“Food” Suga raised his hands in the air
“I am starving!” you said putting your hand on your stomach
“Let’s eat then” Jimin smiled

All of you gathered around the table and eat some good chicken and salad.
“And the BOOM!” Jin shouts
“A creepy girl appears” he finished talking about the small movie he watched

J-Hope and Jimin looked so scared.They weren’t blinking.
“Like i am so scared right now” J-Hope said and Jin starts to laugh 
Then you start to laugh because Jin laugh is so funny to you.
Rest of the boys were just looking at you two smiling thinking how crazy you are.
“Don’t ever talk about horror movies again” Jimin points at Jin
“Are you scared” you joked with Jimin
“Well..No,maybe” he continued to eat his chicken

Later when everyone went to sleep,you get a text from Jungkook.
“Come to my room” he texted you
You stood up and quietly walked outside and went to Jungkook’s room..
As you turn around Jungkook was laying in his bed smiling at you.
“Why are you smiling that much?” you ask and walk over to him
“You look funny when you try to sneak” he laughs
“No I look like a ninja,who is awesome” you wink and smile

Jungkook pulls you close to him,you lay on pillow and look at his face.You feel his arms slowly wraping around your waist,pulling you even closer to him.
Now your head was against his chest.
“Can i ask you something?” you sit up and look at him
“Yeah” Jungkook looks at you and puts one arm behind his head,his muscles were showing..You actually didn’t know he’s that strong.
“Did you ever..Umm had..You know” you laugh because you felt embarrassed 
“You mean did I had sex before?” Jungkook raised his eyebrows,you slowly nod your head
“I did..Why do you ask that?” he sits up too
“Well I was just thinking what you said today at the beach…” you were looking down
Jungkook smiled at you because you looked really cute when you’re nervous.He lifted your chin up.
“You don’t have to be so shy..” he giggled 
You just laugh and cover your face
“Well I am,and I feel stupid for asking you about that” you laugh
“Don’t feel that way” Jungkook laughed and pull you in a hug

When you felt comfortable again,you look at Jungkook.
“Can I ask you to promise me something?” 
“Of course” 
“Can you promise me that you will not fight with anyone anymore? Because you get hurt a lot” you explain how you felt about the fight thing and how you think that is not okay to do and that you are worried about him.
“I’ll promise you that” Jungkook smiled and pulled you in a kiss.

When midnight camed,Jungkook looked at you and stood up and pick up a bag.
“Jimin told methat your birthday is today” Jungkook started
“So happy birthday..I wanted to be the first person to tell you that and also hand you a gift” Jungkook laughs
“Oh my God…Thank youu” you smiled and kiss his lips

When you open the bag,there was a box so you take it out.
When you open it,there was a beautiful necklace.
“Oh my God,Jungkook” you said taking the necklace out
“Happy birthday” he smiled

You give the necklace to Jungkook so he puts it around your neck.
“It is beautiful” you smiled
“I know..I mean I picked it out” Jungkook laughs
“Thank you” you kiss him again

A Call For Help

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Title: A Call For Help

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: pew pew, angst, fluff

A/N: This is part two to the fic earlier ( Think Again )! This was a request from @flufy07! I thought it would make a great part two! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3

A year later, you were on your way back home to your place after a hard day at work.  You moved out of your old apartment and into a small house.  After an incident involving your stalking and abusive ex, you decided that you didn’t want to live in your apartment anymore.  LaSalle helped you find a place you were comfortable with.  Thankfully, LaSalle found you one only a few days after it happened.  Even though the two of you were still dating, you didn’t want to burden LaSalle.

You heard your phone ring, but you let it go to voicemail.  You would listen to it when you got home.  You were sure that it was only your mom calling to check up on you.  Ever since the incident, she checked on you a few times a week.

As you pulled your car into the driveway, you unlocked your phone.  You took the keys out of your ignition, getting out of the car as you listened to the voicemail.  It wasn’t a number you recognized.  You stopped dead in your tracks as a familiar voice came through the speaker.  It was your ex, Mike Bowlan.  He was out of jail and hell bent on making you pay for putting him there.

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Bangalore Days warm fuzzies 2/∞

Gatecrashing the first night for one last picture

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