i loved this part of the song!

Songs that probably describes Sweet Pea and his girlfriend:

Him & I - Halsey ft. G-Eazy

Bad Things - MGK ft. Camila Cabello

Complicated - MikexAngel

Hold You Down - DJ Khaled

Into It - Chase Atlantic

While We’re Young - Jhene Aiko

Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. H. E. R

I Like Me Better - LAUV

Run Me Dry - Bryson Tiller

3AM - Honne

Down For You - Kehlani

Escape - Kehlani

Let’s Get Lost - G-Eazy

Into You - Ariana Grande

Your Song - Rita Ora

Lovin So Hard - Becky G

Gangsta - Kehlani

Drugs & Money - Chase Atlantic

Down - Fifth Harmony

Lights On - H. E. R

Die For You - The Weeknd

PillowTalk - ZAYN

Tattooed Heart- Ariana Grande

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Only Angel - Harry Styles

My Everything- Ariana Grande

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

Electric Love - BORNS

Talking Body - Tove Lo

If I Could Fly - One Direction (seriously this is a good ass song)

There’s alot but hey feel free to add more!

Rewritten Newsies Song Names

[I know this has been done before, but I had some ideas of my own]

Overture: Smooth Jazz™

Santa Fe (Prologue): Cowboy wants to go West with Best Friend

Carrying the Banner: Our job sucks but we’re gonna dance around anyway

Bottom Line: Joeseph Pulitzer is a Bitch

That’s Rich: We love our mom

I Never Planned On You: “I’ve seen you once but I’m going to creepily draw you so you fall in love with me”

The World Will Know: Teen Angst: The Song

Watch What Happens: Procrastinate like there is a tomorrow

Seize The Day: P E E R P R E S S U R E 

Santa Fe: Screaming, with style

King of New York: You know that feeling when you are so sad that you just overcompensate with happiness, yeah that.

What What Happens (Reprise): that’s a cool snake fact, Davey

The Bottom Line (Reprise): Joeseph Pulitzer is a Bitch: Part 2

Brooklyn Here: We knew you were in trouble before, but we love being fashionably late.

Something to Believe In: I’ve known you like 4 days, but I L O V E you.

Once and Forever: You dumb motherfuckers want a key change?

Finale: Flips for Fun™

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every time i think about how pretty keiths eyes are or see them in pictures i have the gayest heart attack of my life icb dreamworks made his eyes that dreamy

keith’s eyes are so fucking out-of-this-world like in hindsight it really should’ve been our first guess in regards to him being part-alien. he’s got the type of eyes people write poetry and love songs for (as dumb and cliche as it sounds) ? ??? bitch they’re Stunning ??? 100% without a doubt his best features. 


pairing: Jungkook x reader

genre: angst/fluff

summary: You and Jungkook had a mutual agreement to end your relationship over four months ago, but you would never tell him how much it really hurt. You still remained good acquaintances sharing a few texts every now and then. It’s not until you unexpectedly bump into one another until the truth begins to spill out.

Inspired by the song Hoodie by HeyViolet!!!!

Originally posted by jjeonguk

The smell of his cologne still lingered on the jacket. Part of me was comforted by it, but the other half of me couldn’t help but mourn over the “could have beens” of mine and Jungkook’s relationship. I never can figure out why I still have this hoodie after four months, nor understand why I still wear it around almost everywhere. Of course the normal thoughts of me still loving him are there, but I wish they weren’t as true as they are.

Whenever I catch a glimpse of myself with it on my mind travels back to when I met him at that photoshoot. I was an intern at the time for the photo company and I was shadowing the director of the shoot. It took me a whole thirty minutes into our awkward conversation to realize that Jungkook was trying to flirt with me, and I spent the rest of the day flustered. Even throughout the whole awkward ordeal I still gave him my number.

* * *

Sighing, I step out of my car and out into the chilly parking lot of the grocery mart. Of course I would only realize I’ve run out of coffee an hour before the store closes and of course I’ve thrown on that damn hoodie instead of a normal shirt.

I run into the store to escape the cold. It’s already almost dead inside, what with it being almost 11:00PM. A clerk at one of the registers looks at me boredly and I give them a tight lipped smile, sort of apologizing for coming in twenty minutes before closing. The only other person in here is some guy in a black ball cap pulled down so low I can’t even see his eyes.

Wow, that’s not shady at all.

Shrugging off the weird guy, I head over to the coffee aisle.

I’m busy digging through the numerous brands to find my favorite when I hear footsteps. Turning around I see that the same shady guy from earlier is now on the same aisle as me, and is standing a few feet away. My mind starts to travel to the worst case scenario, making my hands shake and palms sweaty as I begin to move some packages around to find the right one. When a cell phone goes off I jump, and glance over at the guy who’s busy answering the phone.

“Hey hyung. No, I can’t find it.”

His voice makes me drop the bag of coffee grounds I’m holding, and I stand there with my mouth hanging open as he turns around.

Jungkook looks back at me wide eyed, obviously not paying attention to who I’m guessing can only be another member of BTS.

I crouch down to pick up the bag and look away. Embarrassment floods my face.

“Yeah, I’ll check there as a last resort. I’ll be back soon Jimin. Okay, bye.” Jungkook ends his call and I can hear him walking up to stand next to me. He clears his throat, and I only glance at him from the side of my eye.

“Y/N, what are you doing out so late?”

“Buying coffee, obviously.” I look over at him fully now. His eyes are wide and doe like, still sparkling like always. “What about you?”

He sighs. “Jin-hyung was complaining about not having some type of cider, and since I’m the youngest I was voted to go out in the cold. But I had to borrow Jimin’s coat and now can’t even find what Jin needs and- Wait is that my hoodie?”

I keep my eyes trained on the ingredient label I’ve been pretending to read. “Huh?”

“That’s definitely my hoodie. Oh my god!”

The amusement in his voice causes me to nervously tear my eyes away from the bag and look at him. He’s very obviously fighting back a smile, but I can’t tell if it’s from actual happiness or some kind of bitterness.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I found this in the bottom of my closet.” I try to keep my face blank and I grab a random bag of coffee.

Jungkook’s bright face almost deflates. When he looks down at my hands he noticed the coffee and looks back over to shelf. With his long arms he reaches upwards and grabs my favorite brand and hands it to me.

“Thanks.” I mumble, my face turning pink.

“Help me find this cider and we’ll call it even.” He smiles softly, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

A twinge of guilt runs through me and hits me in the heart. Was he actually upset that I’m denying that this is his old jacket?

“Sure. What’s it called?”

He pulls out his phone to show me a picture of the label, and after I scan the shelf for a moment I find the exact product. I smirk slightly as Jungkook groans at how quickly I found it.

“Attention shoppers, we will be closing in five minutes. Please bring all final purchases to the registers. Thank you.” The intercom crackles overhead.

“Well,” I sigh, “it’s been real. But I have work in the morning and really need this coffee.” I let out a strangled laugh.

“Oh, yeah. Right.”he nods along and then adjusts his ball cap. “I should get back to the dorm before they think I’ve gone clubbing or something.”

We walk back up to the front in an oddly comfortable silence. When we finally reach the only open register, Jungkook takes the coffee from my hand and pays for it before I can take it back from him. I don’t tell him off until we get outside

“Thanks, but that really wasn’t necessary Koo-“

“That’s my hoodie.” He interrupts me and stares at me so intently I feel like I might explode.

My shoulders droop as I let out a shaky breathe. “Yes, Jungkook. This is your hoodie. I still wear your stupid, dumb hoodie.” My voice cracks.

“Why did you lie?” He pauses, licking his bottom lip. “Y/N I’m still in love with you.”

I roll my eyes, turning away from him. My eyes have started watering without me even noticing, and I sniffle to keep the tears from falling down. There’s no way I’m letting him see me cry over this stupid jacket.

“I’m being honest.” He grabs my hand, pulling me around to face him again. “Y/N I never stop thinking about you. When you texted me on my birthday I cried for at least an hour because I thought to myself that I might have just lost the only person I’ve only cared about in this special way. Call me crazy, but as soon as I saw you in that jacket a part of me hoped that you still felt the same.”

I bite my lip as the tears fall down my face. “Why are you only telling me this now, Kookie?” I pull my hand away, running it through my hair. “I mean, it’s been four months. Four months! I figured at least one of us would have moved on by now.”

“I thought you wouldn’t want me to say anything. I know I hurt you by being absent in our relationship and I know you never deserved any of that. Isn’t that why you wanted to break up?” His brow furrows.

“Why I wanted to break up? I never wanted to call it quits, Jungkook. I thought I was bothering you with your schedule. I didn’t want to hold you back, so I agreed because I thought it would have been best.” I wipe under my nose with the sleeve of his hoodie.

There’s a moment of silence that passes between us as we stare at one another in the dim light of the parking lamps. Suddenly, his face breaks into that big bunny grin he always has. He starts laughing, a few tears falling from his face.

“What are you laughing at?” I glare at him.

He shakes head, wiping under his eyes. “You just look so cute standing there in my hoodie. I could almost kiss you.”

“Then do it.” The words come out before I even process them. Jungkook stares at me confused for a second, cocking his head to the side.


I clear my throat. “If you really mean what you said, and you want to go back to us, then get over here and-“

I’m cut off by Jungkook grabbing my face pressing his lips to my own forcefully. I melt into the kiss just like I’ve done a thousand times over and he immediately softens. After a few seconds we break apart, and he rests his forehead against mine.

“Stay at mine tonight and call into work in the morning?”

I bit my lip as I smile. “Can I keep the hoodie though?”

“Always, baby.”

bye this this is so soFt im cryin

Final episode of Volume 5 had me pretty much screaming the entire time

Originally posted by sonido-bestial

• Raven, Raven, I love your daughter and now I love you

• Yang just standing there looking all macho with the relic


• Sun being your all around great guy

• I sort of feel bad for Emerald

• Really hoping Lionheart is gone, that bad?

• I just love all the girls and the group hug killed me.

• Taiyang doesn’t look very happy that Raven was near

• That credit song? From Shadows Part II? Amazing


In their song “I’m the One”, which gives a little insight into their pasts, one of Emerald’s parts describes her as being “loved by no one”. Obviously this is part of why she was so attached to Cinder. We see her trying to get physical affection from her at least once. She was likely so starved for love that the second Cinder showed even shallow interest in her Emerald latched on and refused to let go. But Cinder didn’t actually care about her, only wanted her semblance. 

Looking into Mercury’s part of the song, it’s a little more up to interpretation, but he seems to be equally lacking in love, talking of hate and beatings from his murderer father, of being “overrun” by it. Make me, personally, think he may be fueled more by anger than a desire for affection.

Imagine these two unloved children finding what they need in each other. Doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic or anything. Just becoming the caring family neither of them had.


Deep Blue Song - Uchida Aya (Translation)

Uchida Aya (VA of Minami Kotori from Love Live!) plays a voice and singing role in a series of musical animated shorts called “iMarine Project”. This song is featured in the last part, which you can watch here. The first part of this series features the song 「Deep Blue Townへおいでよ」 (Come to the Deep Blue Town) which Uchida also sings in, and you can watch it here

Let me hear your voice
I’m going to see you
Please tell me
If you won’t then I can’t come
If you shut those words away
Shaking in fear
The sun will dawn
And smile down on you

Real life is never what you expect
It’s not a like a novel
Is what they say, isn’t it?
When a pain comes too suddenly
And you can’t move your body
Your hand that froze
And your trembling feelings
What should you do with them? Think about it
Dive down and search
Deep within your heart
For the true gentleness

Let me hear your song
I’ll be close by
Can you feel it?
If you don’t then I can’t be by your side
Even a sad song is fine
I want you to tell me
Those strong feelings only you have
Then what we are now will change

Light will shine on a guidepost
(To help you overcome fate)
So fast that you can shake off
(The whirlpool of noise)
No one would be able to catch up
Once you’ve swam up ahead
The waters and atmosphere disappear

Your song rings out
Reaching the sky and stars
I can hear it
I feel it, thank you
The things you hesitated on
Are just small
Now I think you understand
So I’ll say it again

Let me hear your voice
I’m going to see you
Please tell me
If you won’t then I can’t come
If you shut those words away
Shaking in fear
You won’t be able to do anything, start anything
You have to choose

Leliana’s accent is pretty bad, Aimihl thinks. She swallows whole syllables and elongates the wrong parts of the words, and it’s still the most wonderful way anyone has ever sung this song. It sounds like the tinkling of Marethari’s magic, except fuller, like stroking a halla’s white fur but silkier, and alive like the babble of a brook deep in the woods. Since she’s left her clan nothing has been able to calm her so, make her forget all that’s supposed to be important quite like the sound of Leliana’s voice. Can a person alone be home to someone else?

I commissioned the incredible @bloodwrit for this gorgeous pic of my Warden Mahariel and her lovely Leliana in a moment of peace ❤️❤️❤️

It’s Lonely Here Without You

Author’s Note: New imagine! There will be a part to it(if you want it). Send me your feedback! Enjoy loves! xxx M




I quickly took deep breaths before continuing to finish the song.


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hey so i have a request,, so like college!au and richie and eddie are going to different schools and it’s moving day and eddie tells richie that he love him

hello anon! i hope you like this, i really loved your prompt and wrote a little blurb instead of he’s, i hope you really enjoy this, i LOVED writing it!

some songs i listened to while writing

  • slow it down - the lumineers
  • maps - keaton henson
  • first day of my life - bright eyes
  • banana pancakes - jack johnson
  • lung - vancouver sleep clinic
  • alps - novo amor (this is the main song i listened to, starting at the part with them swinging together in the backyard, it’s like so beautiful)

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Hc that after being showed so many Disney movies Cas quotes them whenever he can.

Saaame.  I like to imagine him and Jack singing the songs to old Disney films when they’re walking around too. I knooow you, I walked with you once upon a dream

And I do mean Jack and Cas not Dean and Sam, because another part of the headcanon is that Castiel actually does love to sing but lies about it because Dean makes fun of him, i.e. the harp and stuff

But little does he know what he missing out on

Originally posted by cartoonature

Of course here Cas would be the Great Prince of the Forest watching over everyone and Jack is the graceful Bambi

Originally posted by gif87a-com

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Hey, I miss your musical reviews! Can you bring us your opinion on harry's new song for the movie? What are the influences? I remembered some songs from One Direction like Clouds and No Control, they are lively songs and happy lyrics


Don’t forget that there are three songwriters on the song, Jack Antonoff, Ilsey Juber and Harry. Juber has a long list of credits. It’s hard to attribute distinct parts to Harry, but there are similarities to songs he has taken part in (whether as writer or performer).

On first listen, I think Not So Typical Love Song sounds much more like an Antonoff/ Bleachers song than a Harry Styles song. Jack Antonoff is executive producer on the soundtrack, and this song is the one we hear on one of the movie’s trailers (for “Love, Simon). It is upbeat and uptempo, in a major key, very pop. It doesn’t veer into much introspection but is rather daydreamy. 

For example, the song has similar tempo, downbeat/ anthemic emphasis, and background chorus compared to Wild Heart or Don’t Take the Money. The production and general feel is very pop and very different from HS1.

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10 blogs I’m obsessed with and 10 of my favorite songs~!

Tagged by @yeukvm!

  1. BTSTU by Jai Paul - Seriously?? this song is WILD as FUCCKKKK. It’s kinda eerie and doesn’t sound like any other song I’ve ever heard before. The heavy beat and loud chorus contrasting with the super high-pitched, soft verses literally gives me chills and makes me hella hyped to play in on repeat for a week
  2. Polarize by Twenty-One Pilots - Well this one’s a more recent obsession, mostly because I wanna do a PTW animatic/mv using the audio from the ‘domingo en fuego’ part lmao
  3. Get out by DAGames - Mostly used to think up stuff for my original story haha ; v ; it’s kinda a deeply-resonating theme song for the main antagonist,,,I just love how it sounds too though!
  5. Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz - another song I use to inspire ptw stuff jhgdasljkbvg its another ptw song lmao
  6. Meet Me In the Woods by Lord Huron - ANOTHER ptw song RIP,,,,I’ve liked this song for years, actually. Ever since that one warrior cats MAP came out on youtube haha ; v ;
  7. The Mute by Radical Face - this one actually resonates with me personally. Well, it reminds me a lot of my childhood, save for the last verse. I haven’t run away from home yet, but I’ll be moving out soon, haha ; v ;
  8. Comics by Caravan Palace - I saw this used in a bnha edit on Instagram and I was fuckin h o o k e d. I love the odd sounds and the beat!
  9. Oblivion by Dirty Palm - jhgdfshjgvhs I saw this in a wings of fire animatic and I immediately loved it hhhHHH
  10. Eet (cityboy remix) by Regina Spektor - *whispers* homestuck

hhhhh I won’t exactly tag the blogs I stan that I’m afraid of, but here’s 10 blogs I can’t get enough of ; v ;

@dominaecaede / shukketsu-hai @iaistrying @solabeend (SORRY IF I ALREADY TAGGED YOU GUYS TODAY JHGVSL I KNOW IM PROBABLY BEING ANNOYING,,,,) @/ikimaru @/pitviperofdoom @/taichichuwhat @shiewolf @catsplosionxd @ace–in-space @/crispykrimi

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so my crush is this girl I’m friends with. our first interaction online was her and I agreeing not to tell anyone about our ~queerness~ bc people are idiots at my school. I realised I was utterly in love with her during a The xx concert where they played the song angels and it was beautiful and it was raining and I was drunk and she’s perfect. Absolutely and utterly imperfectly perfect and the best part is that we’re trying to make it work and god I am so head over heals

That’s so sweet, I’m glad you’re going to give it a try, you sound like a lovely couple, and I hope ignorant people don’t get you down too much 💖

2018 fandom projects

I was tagged by @layersofsilences, @tetrodotoxinb, and @incognegro2017

Rules: list all the projects you want to work on this year, then tag 10 however many people to do the same.

1. Of Whom I Am Born: multichapter, no idea of word count, no idea when tf this will be finished.

2. Part 2 of A Home Game. Maybe more parts after that. I intended this to be a one-shot, but people *glares at @praximeter* put ideas in my head and then I listened to a bunch of sad love songs and felt a lot of feelings and, welp.

3. Cap Reverse Big Bang - I’ve signed up. It remains to be seen if anything comes from it. Mainly I am Concerned About Deadlines, and whether I should be voluntarily imposing one upon myself. Also I’ve never written anything from a prompt before so [screams] what do I do???

Tagging: I can’t keep track of who’s done this already and who hasn’t. If you haven’t and you want to, I tag you!

ACOTAR characters as orchestral instruments

Feyre: Cello. Likes the melody played by the violins but she loves the sounds of cello. Started out playing the violin though. Also loves Pachelbel’s Canon in D and somehow finds it beautiful even though she repeats the same 8 notes throughout the whole song. Tears up every time she or someone else plays it.

Rhys: French Horn. Get’s a lot of solos. And attention. Is still very humble about it. “It was just a High F but I messed it up”. Sounds very nice. Everyone in the orch probably crushed on him once. “I mean he plays so well and he looks quite fine too”. Is very loyal to Feyre.

Cassian: Percussion. Does all perc parts because the orch is lacking percussion players. Really wild. Can drink anytime. Rubs it in wind/brass players faces.

Azriel: Double Bass. No one really notices him. Very important to the orch though. Tries to hide behind his instrument.

Mor: Flute. Loves the attention and solos she gets. 

Nesta: Oboe. Everyone just calls her a duck. Is so much more 440Hz but no one really cares. Tries.

Amren: Trombone. Is done with the whole brass section. “They’re like 5 year old kids but worse” Definitely not Vodka in her water bottle. It’s also a red bottle, not a bottle filled with wine. 

Elain: Harp. Very beautiful melodies. Pure. Isn’t always needed so she watches from the backstage. Can see everything in the orch from her position if performing. Very nice hairstyle. 

Lucien: Viola. Thought it was a nice instrument but “Woah you play the violin??” “No it’s a viola” is a conversation he has frequently. Gets overshadowed by probably everyone. Thought he could play the violin but his teachers told him to try the viola instead. 

Tamlin: Piccolo. No one wants him there. Instrument is too high pitched and everyone just covers their ears when he plays and talks. 

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better!

Thank you for tagging me @embracinglarry !!!

Relationship status: single

Favourite colour: blue but I love certain shades of all colors I just like most shades of blue

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick I guess?

Three favourite foods: god I don’t even know. Hmmm, spaghetti, chili verde, and cake. fckin love cake

Last song I listened to: swimming in the moonlight, bad suns 👌🏼👌🏼

Last movie I watched: I think it might have been breaking dawn part 1 lmfaofndjd

Top three shows: new girl, the 100, friends (a classIC)

Top three favourite bands: one direction (who knew?) and idk I’m still trying to figure out my music taste so I’m listening to like a hundred different people

Top three favourite artists: same thing as above but im listening to a lot of Lauv currently. I dunno

Book I’m currently reading: Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer (only read it if you’re into psychology and are willing to suffer through a terribly written het relationship), The Book Thief for class, and I’m about to start rereading a series called Breathe by Sarah Crossan

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