i loved this part of the song!

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Hi, I'm kinda wondering what is the series that have hamilton characters you alway draw? It looks interesting :D I tried to search about it on gg but all came out is Hamilton watch :P (And are you animation student? xD )

oh my artstyle? hmmm some inspiration from nanbaka and balckbutler in this musical…

*red alert someone if interest in Hamilton*

OH YES DARLIN! it is a musical! ^^ a theater musical ;D

(but i guess some users on youtube will upload some parts from atc1-2)

 (rrreeaallyy catchy songs you will loved it! but hey~ theres still animatics out there if theres none vids )

anyways your last question is~

nope i’m still a highschool student ;D

(not sure if youre asking about this)

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Sorry to add to this, but Dallon's contributions to Panic are WAY more than bass lines and a couple lyrics. GGB is Dallon's song. He has stated so before. He wrote ALL the lyrics for Gospel (except the first verse which was Brendon) He also did the majority of the lyrics for Too Weird. (Namely Vegas lights, girl that you love, and Nicotine.) also 'Far to Young to Die is a Dallon's song (words/music). This has all been confirmed by ASCAP and by press and from Dallon & Breezy over the years.

Yup, I know. People just really do not get it apparently. He really was a major part of the band after v&v. It’s just not fair that he gets put down that much.

Hey, imagine in a HumanAU or something where the Voltron crew are just your everyday normal humans, Lance is this guy who is a part time singer in a bar or cafe or somewhere along those lines and then one time he started singing ‘Don’t’ by Ed Sheeran because he just break up from his girlfriend that day (*cough*Nyma*cough*) and the song perfectly described his failed love life?
And then I will just leave it to your imagination on what will happen next. I just happened to listen to the song and thought 'hey, this can be a langst prompt.’


throwback when acapella used to be a bigger part of kpop lol 
tabi’s beatboxing check
rap line’s adlibs check
vocal line’s voices check

motion and sound are not sync but who cares i fucking love this song. their japanese songs are stellar 

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hi, i don't have spotify but i love!!! your taste in music; what sort of songs/albums/artists have you been listening to recently?


So urm, it depends on my mood, I guess! These are some:

The Weeknd: Heaven or Las Vegas, Secrets, Love To Lay, False Alarm, Real Life, House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls, Rolling Stone, Wicked Games.

Frank Ocean: Chanel, Slide, Nights, Pyramids, Monks, Skyline To, Solo, Solo Reprise, Futura Free, Novacane, Super Rich Kids.

Big Sean: Bounce Back, Halfway Off The Balcony, Sunday Morning Jetpack.

Kendrick Lamar: The Heart Part 4, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, Alright, King Kunta, The Blacker The Berry, Complexion, Institutionalized.

Drake: Passionfruit, Mabida Riddim, Jorja Interlude, Free Smoke, Blem, 6pm In New York, Feel No Ways.

Calvin Harris: Slide, but he has a new song coming out soon with Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams and Young Thug called Heatstroke that I can’t wait to hear when he drops it soon!, Summer, I Need Your Love.

Ariana Grande: Be My Baby, Love Me Harder, Hands On Me, Greedy, Let Me Love You, Everyday.

Childish Gambino: Crawl, Sober, Heartbeat, Me and Your Mama, 3005, Shadows, California, Sweatpants, Heartbeat, Boogieman.

Rihanna: Desperado, Needed Me, Pose, Disturbia, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Consideration, Cheers (Drink To That).

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For all the people saying he's not in the band so he doesn't need to be in the videos and pictures. Yes he's not in the band ANYMORE. But he was once in the band. You love GGB so much? That's Dallon playing the bass on that song; on the whole TWTLTRTD album. You love the line "These words are knives that often leave scars"? Dallon wrote that line. Dallon played a significant part in Panic. Even though he's not in the band anymore, he's deserves some more recognition.

Dallon even wrote part of G/G/B as well. Him and Brendon did and no one else. Dallon’s been in the band for 8 years now. Besides Brendon on Spencer’s been there longer. I’m not even saying he should get more “screen time” than the others bc they all have the same status now but at least an equal amount isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

So yeah, thank you for this.

With this ring, I de-wed. I promise to enter a new year with you in January, hold your hands to warm them in February, kiss you under the willow tree in March, take you to Amsterdam in April, watch the sunset with you in May, go to the beach with you in June, prank everyone we know with you in July, watch all your favorite movies in August, dance with you in September, sing you your favorite songs in October, keep you warm in November, and I’ll still love you in December. All year ‘round, all day, and all our lives, I will love, cherish and take care of you. Til death do us part.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #70

I dunno if you can, but you know that song that ALWAYS plays when Spike and Buffy have a tender moment? 

Look at “Fool for Love,” last scene. When he’s sitting on the porch with her and it overlays the part from when he pats her back to the end.

That song.

What. is. it. 

I need to know because it’s so Spuffy. I’m sure it was just for the show, but still. HELP.

One of the three year olds I take care of is honestly falling in love with Beyoncé I’m dying!! I played her a video one day and she asks for them every day now, her favorite being “the breaking one,” aka Hold Up. Which is such a sophisticated choice? And she loves the part with the poems and her talking underwater lmao. She always asks me “is she swimmin in her house?” I’m like I guess so!! Every time I play her a new video she asks for the song title and always needs to know which person in the video is Beyonce, which took her like a week to figure out how to pronounce. And she’s like amazed that different hair and makeup make her look so different from video to video she’s always like (New York voice) that’s BeyONcé?!?! Anyways. I’m having fun with this

laplace's demon (sfc) final boss theme

*rips just bassline and drum channels*

i joke about not having any idea how to use drums and just plopping things down there but sometimes listening to a real vgm shows me an example of what appears to be similar just THROW WHATEVER PERCUSSION IN THERE

this is pretty generic at first ….

and then you get to the wonderful situation at 30 seconds

im the part where they just start spamming snares on literally every 16th and it sounds like they arent sure what they’re doing

i love this song tho


Part 3 of Yuri!!! on Ice but with text-to-speech voices and pretty awful writing.

Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger


start thinkin’ bee