i loved this part i mean gray was like is that natsu

Fairy Tail Chapter 537 Review

Wow this chapter…

Okay the cover is edolas which is honestly an arc I enjoy, but here’s my only problem, where the hell is Mystogan? I know that’s the joke but come on!

We open on the defeated Zeref. Mavis talks about what the guild is founded on and Zeref admits defeat.

Mavis brings up that she is going to do to Zeref what he did to her using her contradiction curse, put him into an eternal sleep. Which is honestly an incredibly easy answer to a problem that people have been speculating for years on how it be solved.

And now we get what I think is the best part of the chapter. The idea and struggle of contradiction that affects how Mavis feels about Zeref.

Now as much as I like this there is a one major problem with this and I’ll get into it soon.

I’ll just let these scenes speak for themselves. Honestly this is really effective. I mean writing the contradiction is very interesting given the already confused emotions you probably are going through, given fighting a war against this person who you do care about.

And this causes the beginning of their death. Also Zeref is now going to kill Natsu because he’s going to die too. Yeah I’m sure that’ll be solved next chapter.

So by both giving each other love at the same time they kill each other. I’m guessing they kissed again

Okay the one magic being love was already introduced and honestly, I don’t have a problem with that. Like if all magic originated from the one magic and that magic itself is something effected by emotions and Mard geer stated END discovered curse by basing it off negative emotions, it actually makes sense that love could be the origin of it. Love makes you do stupid things, love can make you act like an idiot, love can also compel you to do wrong like become obsessed, but love can also be used to better yourself, love can be used to make you motivated. So the idea that magic and curse all spawning from the power of “love” kinda make sense. It’s still hammy, I mean, the power of love is goofy, but it actually make sense in the context of the series.

But now time for the crap. We cut to the FT guild members and…

Yup. Makarov’s back! Bullshit. Complete bullshit. Can this war have at least some SOME consequence for Fairy Tail! Like I had problems with how forced Makarov’s death was and I’ve believed he should’ve died a while ago but even so, you STILL can’t have him actually die? The hell!

And It looks like Zeref and Mavis can live happily ever after… Okay.now before I get into my post chapter follow up, I need to address the biggest problem with this chapter and that’s everything that came before this. I believe that this chapter could’ve been amazing if it weren’t for the fact Hiro had given us no reason to route for Zervis. Yes, he made them canon but the arc has never focused on said relationship in a way that makes it seem like they should get together at the end of this. In fact, just before this we had Zeref screwing over Mavis and her feelings for his own and stealing fairy heart, and while you could make the argument he’s doing this while having her future in mind he’s still disregarding her feelings about wanting to be with him. Moments that you could claim as subtle love like him not wanting to watch Irene take Fairy Heart doesn’t work because he’s still making her suffer. This would’ve been effective more with pre Alvarez Zeref but as it stands, you’ve not presented us with a reason to route for this relationship.

This feels like the opposite of the usual Hiro Mashima problems this arc, the build up for this was poorly handled but this pay off is amazing, whereas it’s been more common Hiro gives really good build up but poor pay off. Well we’ll see where this goes next chapter.

Post chapter follow up: Wow. This could’ve been, in my opinion, a terrific chapter. Like lets hit the positives first, this focuses mainly on Zeref and Mavis and by god it’s good to have a meaningful conversation. This talk about contradiction vs actual love is very engaging, and really feels like a good conclusion for the character of Zeref.

Another thing that I like, is this isn’t full redemption. Like, he still gets a happy ending but he’s not really “turned” but then again Zeref has walked that gray area for a long time (till Alvarez) so this feels more natural then say Minerva and her magical heel turn.

Also points for freaking remembering that this curse can do this Hiro. Though I still don’t understand why Mavis got insppired from the fight with Jacob to do this, oh wait let me guess, is it Natsu and Lucy are in love? Yeah, even if that was the case, that still doesn’t equate to how she came out with this answer.

Now the negatives, the build up is very bad. It doesn’t make me want them to get together so it weighs down what could honestly be a very good.

Another con is that Makarov is back, cheating death for a 5th time now. God damnit, look Rave revived characters who died that last arc, but they were main characters who’ve been constantly doing stuff. While Makarov has been here since the beginning, he hasn’t done much in years along with the fact that now there is no consequence for fairy tail. This war meant nothing. And even though Makarov’s death was rushed and flawed, there’s still no reason to bring him back other than “everyone has to have a happy ending”.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • This on it’s own was very good
  • It in context however is weighed down
  • Another consequence undone
  • Really effective payoff.
More Fairy Tail Positivity

The response I got from the last positive fairy tail stuff was incredible, so here’s part two!

  • The exceeds are all still alive!
  • Asuka is alive and every bit as adorable as she’s always been
  • Did you guys see that part where Lucy hecking rewrote the book of END and healed Natsu? I did! When did our ball of sunshine become so cool?
  • Gray and Lucy hanging out and being best buds while they worry about Natsu. Brot3
  • Jellal is fighting hecking Acnologia! And he’s not dead!
  • Did you guys see little baby August? That was adorable!
  • The artists and the writers of the fandom as well as those that color other’s art (they count as artists imo I could never figure out how to color things as good as they do) they are all making beautiful pieces of work that just bring tears to my eyes and water to my memes.
  • Can we talk about Irene (Eileen?)’s outfit? Okay because it’s hecking gorgeous. Also her hair.
  • Natsu talking about Makarov and being all good with his words and stuff
  • Bisca and Alzack have a beautiful marriage and they love each other!
  • Erza getting worried about Jellal
  • Wendy being all cute and stuff
  • Anna Heartfilia is like mom number 2 for the dragon slayers
  • Mavis not wanting Zeref to reset the world because she wants to know him
  • Fanservice for both guys and girls
  • Hey guess what? Sting and Rogue and Yukino and Minerva are all still alive!
  • The soundtrack for Fairy Tail is the most beautiful thing in the world
  • Cosplayers are doing so hecking good and looking so hecking good and just every single cosplayer is perfect and should keep doing it
  • Elfman is still alive!
  • Natsu and Zeref are gonna fight round 2!
  • The Strauss siblings all actually care about one another
  • Natsu stopped Gray from using iced-shell! (Again) Yay for Gray not being dead!

It’s looking like Fairy Tail is going to have a happy ending, and even though there’s plenty of stuff on tumblr about people being upset that it’s not going exactly as they wanted it, it’s still Hiro’s story to tell. If you don’t want Fairy Tail to get a happy ending, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. If you hate the Alvarez arc, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. If you love the Alvarez arc, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. But please don’t be mean to each other because of what everyone thinks! It really takes away from all the positive stuff going on, and some people want to have pleasant memories of this show for when it ends!


After reading and analyzing the chapter correctly, I must say that it was not a bad ending. I know that we all expected (and I include myself) that at least the famous ships known as the “Big 4” had their romantic moments with a kiss, confession, marriage or even children.

First we have to remember that Fairy Tail is not an romance anime/manga, it will be cliché my comment but it is a shonnen, it is true. FT focuses a lot on friendship, trust, union, laughter, etc. Mashima himself has made it clear. Even so I will explain ship by ship and part by part:

Gray and Juvia: yes, I’m a big fan of this couple and of course I also expected as everyone the Gray’s long-awaited “answer”. Unfortunately we could not witness it but, it is a fact that it was a positive one. Why? Well, to start, a year has passed since the end of the war. I agree that obviously Gray does not wait a year to tell her. Then, as Gray takes Juvia out of the party to talk alone, it’s something new, Juvia was the one who pulled him in the past and now, he is the one doing so and it’s telling her to not strip, means that he cares if they see her just like Gildarts did (lol) but the most important thing here and what I loved was that they mentioned the scars. At the beginning of the manga, Lucy asks Gray about a scar on his forehead, which replies that “It does not bother me to have scars as long as you can see them because it means something important for happened for me.” Gray tells Juvia to ask Wendy for help so that she no longer has the scar, again worrying about her. Juvia tells him that she doesn’t mind having it, because Gray has an equal one. I’m sure Mashima wants to imply that those scars attach great importance to their relationship. The memory that both decided to hurt themselves at the point of dying for each other, is confirming again that importance they have for each other. Then we see that Gray is in his usual “tsundere” mode, he still admits that the body of Juvia (or Juvia itself) belongs to him. Recalling that Juvia told Gray that “her life will always belong to him” and of course, also remember that Gray emphasize that “he would take her feelings seriously from now on.” Then, I liked that the personalities didn’t change, Gray is a character who has always struggled to open and it’s easily for him to turn red but come on, he admit it. This scene plus the previous chapters of how Gray acts with Juvia is a great development. Also, Wendy manages to hear Gray say “now you’re mine” thing after seeing Juvia who had a pretty face meanwhile she was in her knees making it something compromising to Gray… yes, Wendy’s red face along with Lucy’s comment from “You Re-imagined Things” says it all. I do not think Gray would say that to Juvia without being anything. If this is not cannon then I do not know what it is. LOL

Gajeel and Levy. The whisper of Levy next to that red face of Gajeel like saying “HOLY SHIT!” was gorgeous! But again the faces of Lucy and Wendy confirming that they heard “baby” can only mean one thing. Levy is pregnant and those twin babies that are shown in the imagination of Levy in the chapter that Gajeel is sucked by the hole of the underworld confirms it even more. Gajevy cannon.

Zeref and Mavis. I know that we had an end with them when they went together to the afterlife but it was nice to see them again because it is clear that it is a reincarnation, same look, different names and personalities but the feelings remain. Meaning that, no matter what they do, Mavis and Zeref were and always will be meant to be.

Jella and Erza I confess that I’m disappointed like many people because, how we can’t even see a talk of both???!? it’s very striking that Lucy thinks them both and says “Erza straightens her hair every day” showing Erza In a happy panel with casual clothes (not armor) plus Lucy’s face of that little smile while thinking about this and looks at Erza… I think a certain red hair girl sees Jellyberry very often;) and that’s why she dedicate so much to her looks! Don’t you think? Mashima left it open this along with those hints;)

And now, Natsu and Lucy. Many say they are in the “friendzone” but this is similar to Jerza’s: leave the situation open with hints. Let’s analyze … Lucy makes it clear in the chapter that she is a little jealous of the other couples plus some of the things she did when she was drunk saying “oh, I will never be a good wife”, her memories of Natsu, her tears and of course the Cute hug of a full page, implies that Lucy has illusions in love and more evident than by Natsu. Instead, Natsu is one of those characters who are clueless about love, he has the personality that can relate love with food really. A romantic Natsu would be very out of character. Natsu does the usual thing since the beginning of the story: Go to Lucy’s house along with Happy, make her smile, invite her to a job, implying that trust will always be there. Natsu in some translations says “We will always be together from now on” and in others “We will do what you want from now on” that comment is key, again: open situation with hints. You must understand Mashima’s game here: tell you things indirectly.

Leaving the ships aside for a moment, I was very nostalgic to see the team Natsu ready for an adventure and more because, Lucy returned to her main hairstyle with her first outfit, Gray in his white coat, Wendy in her red outfit when she entered the Guild and of course, could not miss: Erza with her suitcases. 

Also, some will say “If Gruvia is cannon … why is not Juvia out there with them?” For two reasons: 1) Because is the main team and 2) Juvia is shown in a panel chatting at ease with other members, implying that a couple does not always have to be together, meaning the trust in each other.. and bye to the “Love rivals” lol

To conclude, a couple to be cannon does not necessarily need a kiss, a wedding, a cofension or kids. What matters is to confirm that both characters have mutual feelings and there’s so many ways to do it. Let me tell that in the couples I mention, I do see it! Mutual feelings.

Do not get carried away by not seeing romantic moments and say that it was a “bad ending”. Yeah, I confess, at first when i saw spoilers I made a mistake by my impatience and got a lil influenced by others:c but after reading it and analyze it I come to this.

In other comments, I really liked Lucy fulfilling her dream of being a writer! Although, honestly, I would have liked to see Laxus as a guild master come on!!!

Anyways, different ending, but never leaving aside the theme of friendship, values and feelings.

I yes expect some more but I’m also not disgusted at all. At last, Fairy Tail is Fairy Tail and I love it and respect Mashima’s decisions! 



The Valentine's Day Community Relationship and Bonding Soirée

Chapter 1:  The Set-Up

Fanfiction ~ Main Pairing: Jerza (but many others involved!)
RATING:  Chapter 1~Teen+  💕  Chapter 2 ~ Mature (verrrrry sexy!)  😉 💋

Words ~ 7600
Total Chapters: 2  Total Words ~ 15,000  COMPLETE


Read on FF.net HERE

Summary:   None of the Fairy Tail guild members would think of Valentine’s Day in the same way again… A night of frolic, dancing and minor (for Fairy Tail) explosions.  Also, canal boats.  Mirajane and Cana plot to ease Erza’s surly attitude, roping Gray and Wendy into the action as well as stirring their spoons in several other pots.  The older members of Crime Sorcière are only too happy to help out, as they’re tired of Jellal’s moping. 

A fabulous collaboration between @nalufever​ and @impracticaldemon​ – We hope you’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day present to you! 💗💗💗  If we receive enough encouragement, we will definitely try this again, although we still haven’t quite recovered from our current state of giggles!  😂 😂 😂

Chapter 1:  Set-Up

[I] The Planning

Mira sat on top of the freshly polished bar and employed her brightest smile at Erza.  “The Master gave me the go-ahead for the Valentine’s Day Community Relationship and Bonding Soiree.”

“Valentine’s Day is an archaic idea.” The red haired swordswoman crossed her arms and frowned.  “The Master only wants to ogle more women.”

“Of course.”  Mira’s smile never lost any wattage.  “There’s nothing wrong with that.”  She cast her eyes over to a sullen Laxus and Freed dancing attendance.  “We could use some fresh meat here.  Don’t you get tired of the same guys?”  She giggled—Laxus could hear everything (dragon slayer senses doncha know) but she had a thick skin when it came to certain things; if he knew what was good for him and her and Freed—he’d ignore Mira’s small verbal faux pas.

“Ugh.”  Grimacing, Erza looked away and let her lips pinch together in a most unflattering expression.  “Not everyone is looking to sate their base desires at a moment’s notice.”

Cana took this opportunity to spin around on her bar stool.  “More’s the pity.”

“Yes, Cana knows what Valentine’s Day should be about,” agreed Mira.

It took all Erza had not to growl. Instead she grumbled:  “Why would any sane person take the advice of a demented match-maker or an inveterate lush?”

“Tch.”  Mira ignored the tone and content of Erza’s words.  “You really need something to take that wicked edge off.”

“I am fine.”

Cana drained her mug and shook her head; Mira looked at the red-head and giggled.  “The cards never lie, Erza.  You need some help.”

“I am fine.”  Repeating her words didn’t make her believe them any better either. The endless scuffling between Gray and Natsu, behind her, burned her last nerve.  Turning, Erza glared at the ice and fire mages.  “I will rip off your arms and beat you to death with them if you don’t stop right this instant!”

Natsu pulled his punch, turning his haymaker into a friendly arm around Gray’s neck.  For his part, Gray grimaced but allowed the contact.  

“We’re the best of pals over here!”

“The very best!”

Lucy sighed and joined Erza, Cana and Mira.  “Did I hear someone asking for help?”

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the love and support :) every like, reblog, comment, and tag means so much to me. It’s how I know if you like the material I’m writing. So, a lovely anon requested my first nalu fic. It’s taken a while cause I did a ton of research (lol go read that fic too) to make sure I got the characters and relationship right. Anon, I’d love to hear what you think of this! Branching out is great, and one day I’d love to be able to write any ship :) Anyways, so here’s a little fluffy fic I thought would be fun. My friend @miss-zei pointed out after she got a sneak peek (she helped me understand their relationship a lot and I was very nervous about writing a new ship correctly) and saw the spoilers that there are a number of parallels between this and the final chapter. Maybe I’m a wizard like I keep saying, and I guess it means I got the characters down alright :) Anyways, I hope you all enjoy. Even though the door may be closing on the manga, us fic writers will open many more. All you have to do is ask and be patient.

Pairing: Nalu
Prompt: I said I love you
Length: 2.3k


It was all Lucy could do to keep her hiccups under control. A few times a minute they would just spring from her lips and the rest of the girls at the table would burst into giggles. Hiccups were Lucy’s tell, though it didn’t take her hiccuping fits to tell she was well passed tipsy. Lucy was a very handsy drunk, and true to her nature, she laid draped over Juvia’s lap as the alcohol pulled yet more laughter out of their group.

Cana had orchestrated quite the night. The entire evening was a blur of drinking, dancing, emotional conversations, and more drinking. The girls had desperately needed to blow off some steam from a crappy week, and Cana had been more than happy to facilitate. Lucy absentmindedly curled Juvia’s hair around her finger as her friends joked and jeered.

“Hey, Levy! You two should get a room!” Cana yelled from her seat at the table. “Or better yet don’t, you’re putting on quite the show.” Across the room, tucked into a corner, a beet red Levy hid behind a hulking, metal-studded man. Gajeel had decided to get a drink, supposedly on a whim, at the exact same bar where they were hanging out, barreling through the door not half an hour after the girls had settled in. Lucy figured it was the work of a certain pearl haired barmaid, who appeared to be enjoying the show as much as Cana. Gajeel turned around to lock eyes with Cana and flashed a wolfish grin before grabbing Levy, carrying her off to a more secluded part of the bar. Lucy knew Gajeel hadn’t actually slung Levy over his shoulder and slapped her ass as he ran away, but in her rum fueled haze that’s what she saw.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 527 Review

This Chapter my god.

Our cover page is… eh. I mean it’s not bad but it’s just kinda standard Natsu, Lucy, and Happy. Not much to say.

So we open on a crying Larcade. Oh man ever sense you showed up again it’s been really pathetic. Please someone put an end to this.

ouch. Brutal Zeref, very brutal. Also Natsu I think friends stop mattering after a hole has been blown in.

That. Was pretty badass.

We cut away to the fight with Gildarts and August.

August’s speech is really odd here. When he says born with a mighty power, is he talking about what he’s going to do now, because he says he’s neglected it. Also this barrier all living things meet, I guess he means death because he took Crash head on with no like defense or anything like that. Also, were going to see this magic that has the power to kill everyone right now, why didn’t you lead of with it? You called this ragnorak, the norse term for the end of the world, what took you so long?

Oh shit he’s going Vegeta, you know he means business.

Even when your trying to help, you are a pain to read Mavis. Seriously, defense mode, I didn’t know magic ran on a yugioh mechanics. Also yes this was kinda referenced that someone could shut them off, but it doesn’t really give who in the chapter did it. I guess it tries to imply it’s August but it’s not clear.

Okay Gildarts I don’t think you can stop the oxygen from leaving her body and now we get to the toughest thing about this chapter. (Okay first there seems to be a translation issue as August is talking down to Jellal and it seems like he’s saying that Jellal has a ruler who will have a child of light, but it’s just an error) and this is the reference of how the only one who can beat August is his mom.

He just gives up. Like what? Okay, first things first this does make more sense then Irene’s bullshit “I always loved you” but this doesn’t make sense as “only his mother could beat him”. Mavis did nothing. I want to assume that he meant he never felt love from his father so his mother finally showing it would cause him to stop but Mavis does nothing.

Well Gray and Lucy reunite with Mavis. Even though it makes no sense to leave him because you seem to be back there at the end of the chapter, oh forget it, here’s the big thing with this chapter.

Okay first Mavis has the book of END, you think zeref who loves his brother would want to keep an eye on his life force. Then, HOW THE FUCK DOES MAVIS KNOW ABOUT END? I don’t ever recall her knwing, let alone natsu is END. And then We have Mavis saying Natsu will beat Zeref which okay fine we know END is suppose to beat Zeref but then she goes on to say she’ll erase him, I want to assume that she got the idea of erasing from Jacob’s magic because later she will say something really stupid that almost makes it seem like there was no point to Jacob. Finally, Why the hell would you call away Gray and Lucy to save Natsu’s life if you are basically saying he’ll need them at his side, you inconsistent bitch.

We cut away to the Natsu vs Zeref fight.

Y’know Natsu is on point this chapter of putting Zeref in his place. However, this does fel lessened as this and the last 4 chapters have been really laying on the family message.

Again, thank you Natsu.

So after the both go super saiyan we get the part of the chapter that probably made me the angriest. And it’s Mavis saying she’s found a way to beat Zeref. Okay, Mavis you said the reason that you wanted out of the lumen histoire is because after the Jacob fight you said you found a way to beat Zeref, but you then go on to say that Natsu will definitely win but by the way this is written is implying that you only now have put all the pieces together to form a plan and for the rest of the time you’ve been bull shiting your way through this plan. That’s not a strategist that’s a not thought out gambler. But I’m not surprised as Mavis’s strategies are like this, no actual plan just have faith and see how it turns out, fuck you Mavis, fuck you.

And then we get our next chapter titled “Dragon Demon” Oh god i’ll mention this in the post chapter follow up.

Post chapter follow up: I genuinely wanted to like this chapter but god there is some problems. I’ve said everything about Mavis that I needed to and if your curious why I hate her so much this chapter is because it’s the typical Mavis shit. Mavis is an idiot, all of her plans don’t have actual strategy just hedging her bet that FT will somehow figure it out. Why this makes me so mad is look at Natsu, he is an idiot. But imagine he has a moment when he’s fighting villain with a tricky power and says he’s found a way around all of his attacks and I planned this whole thing out and just results in him punching hard. That sounds horrible and makes no sense as a strategy. That is Mavis. Someone built as this grand genius but always comes through because of not actual planning or tricking the opponent into a false sense of Security no she bull shits her way through and claims it’s smart. Another thing is this “she’s a mother”. She’s done nothing motherly, you Mavis haven’t raised or taught or stood beside these kids. In fact Makarov, who actually acts like a parent, mentions how she only saw them as soldiers not children. And in this moment with August where she needs to be a mom, she does nothing.

Another thing, I don’t know how to feel for this ending of the August fight. We know Mavis would be why he goes down but it doesn’t seem to add up as they don’t even exchange any dialogue whatsoever. But I guess saying Gildarts beat him with Absolute Heaven was okay, I wish it went longer but I’ll take it.

Dragon Demon. SO much for building “I’m human” because now it seems like it’s just going to be “yeah I need those powers to win” oh, I so hope he doesn’t turn into a demon dragon because that would make that big moment he had in his heart pointless.

On to the good stuff, Natsu is amazing this chapter. I’m serious he is handling this better than I thought it be, I expected standard “were fairy tail” or “I have friends” but bringing in the family thing is just great.

Zeref again is crazy but again it’s really entertaining  to see him lose it.

Also, THANK GOD, END is back. I’m so happy because if that thing did not make an appearance again I was going to groan in pain.

I also acknowledge a lot of my dislike is stemmed from Mavis and that some do like her  but I just can’t. I really wanted to like this chapter because ever since the “I choose human” thing, Hiro hasn’t put out a below average chapter or at worst average, it’s honestly great because he’s the end of the ending should be good.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • It has some problems
  • It has quite questionable moments
  • Natsu is the best thing this chapter and carries the good quality
5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Title: 5 Reasons He Would Never Let Her Go

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: He decided this was the girl he would never let go. [College!AU]

Note: Written for @stardresss for Valentine’s exchange fic. I initially plan to put Gajevy as side pairing, but I got carried away and I ended up writing way too long that I can’t afford to put side pairings anymore. In fact, I can write longer for this fic just for NaLu but let’s not get there LOL. I had so much fun writing this. So here’s your NaLu college AU! Hope you enjoy. Happy Valentine, from your viva valentine! :D

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anonymous asked:

Senpai ;-; I got so happy thinking finally we were gonna get a reunion sense all the other couples got to have one but Nooo Gruvia didn't get one ;-; so I'm sad and crying and don't know what to think. Even tho we will have a new chapter out tomorrow meaning Monday but I Bet we won't get a Reunion either ;-;

Im so so so sorry for my late reply…. and thank you for your message

Originally posted by mariaslittlestuff

Well …

Originally posted by sawdustonchips

we are used to the fact that Mashima puts aside Juvia, and that Gray forgets Juvia for this concentrate on his objective

But there, Juvia was not just wounded, she was dead …

Originally posted by ykchahine

I think only one “window/pannel” would enough to see Gray, before leaving,
saying a word, or a look, or just asked to Ever or Porlyussica : take care of her

  A little “consideration” from him, just that…

It is not so and I’m getting used to it

Since the Avatar arc, Mashima despairs me with the management of Juvia’s character

I mean: WHY !?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I even came to the conclusion that he don’t like this character …
So much I’m desperate… (i knw it’s not true but it’s just that.. sometimes I don’t understand why Mashima-sensei…)

I don’t understand him, and indeed I don’t even want to try to understand,

Since the end of Tartaros arc, Mashima has lost all logic,
Avatar is one of the worst arcs, but I must admit that Alvarez arc dethrone it,

I knw that Juvia is a secondary character, I have understood since the first day I liked this character, and I knew that I must have enjoyed each of these events, because they will be precious

But there … seriously Mashima?
set aside Juvia…again… again? With so much ease?

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

My heart is divided btw anger and tiredness by the ease with which Mashima do that

So I tried to ask myself: it’s because I love this character so much then I’m not trully objective?
So I tried to understand and analyze that…

But my conclusion is always the same: Mashima doesn’t do justice to this character

I cannot really blame him because I knw he does his best to give importance to each of these characters but…

Even though I’m sad that there were no scenes of gruvia and
Beyond the situation with Gray, Juvia is a character in her own right, she possesses her personality,

Originally posted by lawlu

her fragility, her shyness

Originally posted by ogkillua

But above all she possesses an incredible power: water

Originally posted by okami-fr

One of the 4 elements on earth,

I have never seen any manga with such enormous power and as badly exploited with Juvia

She could lift the oceans,

Originally posted by oldestguitar

unleash the sea, create a tsunami,

Originally posted by juuviias

a tidal wave, tranform her water to ice,

Originally posted by clairedelunes24

there is so much incredible possibility

When I see Laxus (lightning elements),

Originally posted by stellar-queen-lucy

Natsu (fire element )

Originally posted by im-satan-and-what-blog

and wendy (air element )

Originally posted by yakkionigirizoro

I wonder but : Where is the water in all this?

Why doesn’t Juvia deserve a real fight too?
It is the only character whose power is not seen to evolve

They’re all got power up, but not Juvia, why?

I knw she’s a Gray support character, but she’s also a full-fledged character, she’s also part of the guild, and she‘s the only major character we don’t really know the past,

I find it so unfair,

I would have liked Juvia slapping Gray, on his return from Avatar, and doesn’t forgive him so easily

Originally posted by ftanimae

But I would have liked even more a slap to stop Gray during his ice-shied

But once again Natsu stops him…

Originally posted by fullmetal-dragneel

I don’t try to insert Gruvia everywhere, because it takes a logic to use Juvia, but here Natsu’s intervention was a scriptwriting ease, no surprise , is too easy!

Juvia could not find him for 6 months during Avatar arc, but when she felt him in danger against Briaya, she appeared magically cared for,

But here, she didn’t feel that the man she loves, above all , was about to commit suicide?

That doesn’t make sense… No… Mashima  prefers to let her sleep…

Meanwhile Natsu :
-  died twice,
-  fought Zeref,
- fought Jacob,
- survived August attack,
- fought Gray
- fight again Zeref …

When Wendy :
- fought Dimaria,
- Torafusa,
- Random,
- Eileen,
- Cared of Juvia of death,
- Cures Erza,
- Wounded to death by Eileen,
- She used countless times her dragon force

but she manages to get up… while in Oracion seis arc , she was hardly if she managed to cure the poison in the Erza arm

Speaking about Erza, seriously?
- Fought kyoka, and the other two, + - random Eileen’s Power
- Fought Ajeel + Jupiter
- Fought Eileen (+ dragon form), explodes a meteor, breaks the bones,

But she remains standing …

Originally posted by kissmyphan

It reminds me of her fight against Kyoka where she has removed these 5 senses,

BUT JUVIA, she stayed K.O ( The character of Phantom Lord and pretender to the S . Mage )

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Not …seriously, I sometimes understand the scriptwriting ease and found pretexts to put the secondary characters in the background to make the main team shine, but here, this is really ridiculous!

Gray leaves… without a word for Juvia, without a look…

Just look at the behavior of Lucy who stayed at the bedside of Natsu the two times he was sick, and once again even though she is back, she is next to Natsu during his fight against Zeref, I find it very beautiful , And that means a lot

I knw Gray to these goals, but dont uses the character of Juvia just when Mashima needs her

- Tartaros Arc : Juvia set aside,
- Avatar Arc : Juvia set aside for a fever, (seriously? )
She forgives Gray at the speed of light
Without a word, without explanation,

- Alvarez Arc : COMBO !!! Mashima set aside her ,
again again and again….

Originally posted by i-am-a-lucky-artefact

It tires me, and I don’t want any more excuses for Mashima because there are none…

Ps : I’m sorry to answer like this, and if my answer may be disappointing… :s
But i love gruvia, i love Juvia and i love Gray ,
I love Mashima more but for now I don’t understand him

Originally posted by memoli123stuff

The shounen tropes of protection and a future, plus Juvia’s promise to Silver in the Gruvia relationship

Not long ago, I wrote a meta of Juvia’s character up until Tenrou Island. From someone who was so lonely and isolated, Juvia fell in love with Gray, with Fairy Tail, and used “the power of love” in her fight with Meredy, and how that’s incredibly motivating.

Juvia’s story doesn’t end after Tenrou, obviously. I tried to leave out Gray in her character analysis but honestly, Juvia being more involved with Gray was foreshadowed, then we were given the full story in Tartarus. The Gruvia ladies have mentioned fairly often in their podcasts that Juvia’s character and backstory is done, that her story became much more entwined with Gray’s in Tartarus from her battle with Keith.

Not counting that the foundation of her character is “maid” for Gray (that pun is totally intentional, you’re welcome), there have been quite a few instances where we were given hints that Juvia will be more involved with Gray’s story. Please note, I may be looking too deep into some of these, so feel free to disagree with me ^^

1) Juvia said she will protect him in their first meeting.

2) She protected him from Simon once,

2b) and a second time.

Both occasions left Gray either confused or irritated because why would a girl he just met say/do something like that, and because “she made Simon get away”.

3) She has been referred to as the “future” for Gray, by Ultear.

Protection and future are two very important, if not absolute necessary ingredients, for two characters romantically intended for each other in a shounen.

You see it in Bleach, in Naruto, and in Inuyasha (throwback there sorry, lol).

I never read the manga for the former two, but from manga caps and posts I’ve seen on my dash, it seems like protection and a future with someone are also running themes in both series.

I can only speak about Inuyasha, and specifically Miroku. Sango, and having a future with her was his motivation in the final arcs of the story, and convinced him to live for her (and their future) when and if in any other circumstances or in his life prior to meeting Inuyasha and co., he didn’t value his life as much, and would’ve easily thrown his life away because of his Kazaana.

I see Gruvia following a very similar storyline/development because while I have shown Juvia here protecting Gray, they have both [from @frozenrain22] been actively protecting each other [from @thatsvicchan] throughout the manga.

Protection and future are two closely linked themes in shounen because it is often what drives the male characters [very often, but it could be the ladies’ too] to fight on, to win, to live to see the end of a very big, often final, battle.

I say final battle because it is usually not until then that “future” becomes all the characters’ sources of hope and drive to win and live. Not just those romantically developed together.

Do we need a reminder of the Alvarez prologue? Aka chapter 453? Aka Gray’s “I’m grateful you’re always by my side”?

It wasn’t just Gruvia in 453 though. In the same chapter, we also had Nalu and Zervis.

I mentioned in an earlier Juvia meta that a happy ending in shounen is two characters having kids as the epilogue. The “future” in this case, basically means happily ever after, married, and with kids.

What was the ending for Bleach? In Naruto? In Inuyasha?


It’s why even if Mashima keeps stalling, it’s obvious what the ending is. You have two characters actively protecting each other and mention a future together. There’s no doubt that Gray’s answer will be affirmative, it’s going to happen.

Reason I’m confident? These are all typical shounen tropes. If you read enough manga and watch enough anime, then it’s even easier to tell with Gruvia and other FT ships. Mashima doesn’t make things complicated for his characters and ships (probably for the sake of his own sanity too).

One thing that I think is significant with Gruvia, compared to the other animes I listed, is the role of the parent in Gruvia’s story.

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Poker & Dragons

commission for @gytech! Thank you so much for the commission–I highly appreciate it!

pairing: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy. mentions of cana, mira, and happy.

word count: 1209


Natsu and Lucy had watched people play poker before, but nothing like this. Tensions were high in the middle of the guild where everyone crowded around Cana and Mira, who played against each other in a game that was fit exactly for the competitive queens that they were.

“C'mon Mira, you’ve got this! Show Cana who’s boss!” Lucy cheered, and Cana threw a glare at her former teammate for the Grand Magic Games. Shrinking down slightly, Lucy tossed up her arms with a little less enthusiasm this time.

Natsu, however, was not to be deterred by such looks from scary women.

“Whoop ‘er ass, Cana!” Natsu shouted, and now it was Mira’s turn to toss a satanic glower his way. Slinking over to Lucy, he let out an exaggerated sigh.

“Did Mira stare daggers at you just like Cana did to me?” Lucy asked, tone slightly dejected. Cana was her friend, and she had thought that cheering on one of her guildmates would have made the card mage happy. But when it came to poker, Cana was not one to mess with.

“Yeah,” Natsu said, throwing his arm around the back of the chair where Lucy sat. A slight flush dusted Lucy’s cheeks, and she turned to take a drink of her long island iced tea to calm herself down. This was a time to be part of the guild, not spend time crushing over some guy who would never like her back!

“Who’s up next?” Cana whooped after Mira shook her hand and returned to the bar. The barmaid definitely didn’t go down without a fight like always but was quite civil about losing.

“I think it’s Natsu’s turn!” Lucy yelled from where she and Natsu sat. The guild turned around and stared at Natsu, waiting to gauge his reaction.

“C'mon, fire breath! You’ve gotta show off for your girl!” Cana shouted, and Natsu’s eyes widened.

“S-Shut up!” he bellowed, launching himself off of his seat and across the room to where Cana sat. “You’re on!”

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FT Chapter 535 Reaction

Let’s start with Jellal, Acnologia and Erza’s group…

I’m loving what Mashima is doing with Acnologia. He is making him look scary, creepy and the ever (not) lovable villain. Acnologia looks bad ass and I’m looking forward to seeing how FT will take him out. It’s looking like it’ll have to be curse power since it’s not magic and it should be able to be even with him. (Imagine a unison raid between both Zeref and Natsu?!).

Although it was small but intense, the Jerza feels hit me super hard. It made me think about when they were kids and he risked everything to save her from being killed and in return she started a revolt! (What these two could accomplish…) As I’ve mentioned before I don’t want Jellal to die, and between this chapter and last chapter, I’m getting a little nervous. My brain is not comprehending theories for Jellal to get out of this with all the other shit that’s going down…

Exhibit A (through …!) LOL

ANYONE ELSE NOTICE HOW IT’S PURE WHITE?!? Almost like it’s glowing?!? (Or maybe I’ve finally lost it? :p) I want to know if I’m looking to much into this but it honestly looks like it’s glowing!

Now onto the major controversy people will have with this chapter…

The “Nakama Power Up” (Short version)

One: Friendship is a form of love.

Two: Love is the one true magic (aka One Magic)

Three: The One Magic is the base of all magic, and magic can become infinite is given the right motivation.

(Anyone interested in a longer version with examples…it’ll be up on my Tumblr a bit later) 

Moving on to the main freak out of this chapter… (For me at least)

“No…someone rewrote it?! I can’t believe that a human was able to handle the demonic letters!!!”

Confession? When I saw Zeref freaking out about the book, I literally muttered to myself and said “You mad bro?” …

I wonder what made Zeref so surprised that END’s book could be rewritten…maybe it has something to do with the Heartfilia line? 

But then Zeref had to go and make things complicated and then Mashima never brings it up again!

“There’s no life for the changed ones…” (Damn you Zeref! Finish and tell us exactly you mean!) 

Is Lucy going to die because she messed/rewrote the book? Is her magic being slowly sucked out?

Is she getting pumped full of demon blood like Mira and Minerva in Hell’s Core?!?! That last question hit me as I saw the opening panel…it could be. Something is coming inside of her and is changing her…

I HAVE TO KNOW! (Insert picture of Mest eating flowers… LOL)

The Graylu bromance was great to see! I hope that if Lucy is turning into a demon, the last thing we need is a demon slayer…(Gray learned his lesson I’m sure! And Juvia’s ‘death’ hasn’t pushed him over the edge like last time).

I really loved this chapter! I always love a good complete tangled mess to crawl out of!

I didn’t bother talking about the panels with Natsu thanking Lucy and the others because it’s pretty self explanatory…that and the fan girl part of me is still squealing about the Nalu :P

Final note…

Chapter 536: Roaring Dragon Flame - NATSU’S FLAMES OF EMOTION?!?!! HYPE!

(Sorry for the delay for those who actually like my reactions…it means a lot!)

anonymous asked:

Nalu 19?? (I don't know if you're doing it, but I saw the reblog so...)

19. Take one article of someone’s clothing off with your mouth NALU (Dirty Jenga)

Rated M because it’s NSFW.

Natsu grinned as he jumped up to Lucy’s window. He gave it a little tug, seeing she left it unlocked. If she wasn’t living on the second floor, he would have told her she should lock it, but her neighborhood seemed pretty safe for the most part.

Besides, the only one breaking into her apartment was him, even though she gave him a spare key months ago. He preferred this method.

He hopped into her apartment, taking a deep breath to see if she was home. His eyes slid shut as her scent surrounded him, the comforting smell relaxing him. No matter how many times he smelled her, it was always welcomed.

“Lucy!” he called out, heading to the kitchen to see if she was there. He looked around, frowning when he didn’t see her. ‘I can smell her… So she has to be here.’

Natsu’s eyes fell down to a piece of paper on her coffee table when he went to her living room, frown deepening when he saw it was addressed to him. She must have just left.

Natsu, I went to buy some supplies for tonight. Figured you’d stop by. I can’t wait for tonight! It’s going to be a special day! Love, Lucy.

His brows furrowed as he tried to figure out why tonight was going to be special. It wasn’t their anniversary. That wasn’t for a few more months. It wasn’t either of their birthdays. ‘What does she mean by special?’ To his knowledge, they hadn’t even planned for a date tonight.

He quickly scribbled a reply, saying he would be at the guild when she got back. He didn’t want to wait around in her apartment all day by himself when he could be at Fairy Tail. His fists were itching for a fight. He could figure out Lucy’s weird message later.

Lucy hummed as she headed to the guild. It took her a moment to walk normally, her hips swaying a bit more to compensate for the odd feeling around her core. She had read something interesting in one of her erotic books and thought it would be fun to try with Natsu. Fortunately for her, Magnolia had a sex shop hidden in town, filled with all sorts of goodies.


When Lucy stepped into the guild, she had no troubles finding her rambunctious boyfriend. He was grappling with Gray, neither giving up the fight. She stepped past them, her scent carrying in the air towards Natsu’s nose.

One sniff was enough for him to let go of Gray and jump up, leaving a confused ice mage behind in favor of finding Lucy. She was standing at the bar, ordering a drink.

“Hey ya Luce!” Natsu started, wrapping an arm around her shoulders before pulling her in for a hug. He pressed his nose against the crook of her neck, her scent flooding him.

When he leaned back, a lazy grin was forming on his face. “Did'ju get my message?”

She nodded, turning away from him for a moment to accept her drink from Mira before looking back. “Yup. I was wondering if you wanted to go back to my place? I have a surprise.”

Natsu’s features lit up. “A surprise? What is it?”

She shook her head, giggling. “I’m not going to tell you! You have to come over to see.”

“Can you give me a hint?” he asked, using his powerful nose to sniff the air around her. If she touched the surprise earlier, there was a chance he could figure it out now by smelling it on her.

“Nope. I told you, you have to- What are you doing?” Lucy asked, watching as he grabbed both of her hands to sniff.

“You smell like candy,” he mumbled, moving to sniff at her arms before he started going lower.

Lucy’s eyes widened as she jerked away, but it was too late. That sharp look in his eyes told her he knew something was up, though the furrow in his brows suggested he didn’t know exactly what.

“Lucy,” he started, standing up to step closer to her. “Why does your crotch smell like candy?”

Lucy flushed, eyes darting back and forth to make sure no one heard him. Her breath hitched when she saw Mira smiling behind the bar, her shoulders shaking from a suppressed giggle. ‘Damn it! Stupid dragon slayer nose!’

She grabbed his hand, pulling him around the corner so they could have some privacy in the hall. She didn’t want others knowing what was going on. It was bad enough the she-devil caught what he said.


“I,” she paused, not knowing what to say. “I was going to try to surprise you tonight.”

She looked both ways, making sure the coast was clear before lifting part of her skirt, revealing a string of rainbow candies going around her hip.

“What is that?” Natsu asked, kneeling down so he could get a better look. “Is that the candy I smelled?”

She nodded, letting go of the end of her skirt so it would fall, only to raise a brow when Natsu flipped it back up. “Why do you have candy on your-” he stopped, lifting more of her skirt to find out it covered her private area, just like-

“Is this edible underwear?” Natsu asked, a grin coming to his face. He looked up at Lucy, seeing her nod, cheeks burning with a blush. “For me?”

She nodded again, teeth catching her bottom lip before abusing the flesh. “I… I thought it would be a nice surprise. You like food, so I thought we could have some fun with it.”

Natsu’s heart warmed. “That’s really cool of you,” he said, turning back to her candy underwear. “That looks like the candy necklaces I used to eat when I was younger.”

Lucy nodded, her blush spreading as she admitted, “It tastes the same, too…”

Natsu’s green eyes brightened, not thinking twice as he leaned in, dragging his hot tongue against the panties. His tongue brushed the candy against her clit. It was engorged after having it rub against the panties for the better part of an hour.

A soft sigh fell from her lips, sending a wave of heat through Natsu’s body. If she reacted like that to a simple lick, what would she do if-

Lucy moaned when Natsu pressed his mouth against the panties, over her sensitive bundle of nerves. He licked at the same spot, tasting candy and hearing Lucy trying to hold back her whimpers. He hoped she was keeping an eye out to make sure no one could see them, because his attention was elsewhere.

“Tastes pretty good,” Natsu mumbled, his hot tongue traveling from the bottom to top, lingering on the waistband for a few seconds before breaking away. “But not as good as you taste.”

Natsu’s teeth caught the waistband as he started jerking it down, wanting to sample her arousal. The more he tugged, the more that sweet scent filled the air around him. He wanted to taste, to suck, to eat all of her. He knew Lucy loved when he devoured her.

Lucy was ready to let him do just that, but unfortunately for them, Natsu’s teeth were sharp and the string holding the candy panties together wasn’t that strong. One small nick to the string was all it took for the thing to start unraveling, small pieces of candy falling around them as the strings fell off her body.

Lucy didn’t think she could flush anymore, but she was wrong. Natsu jerked away, the sound bringing him out of his daze as he looked at the mess he made. He was just about to ask Lucy if that was his fault, but his voice caught in his throat when he heard Mira say, “What was that?”

Before either of them could say anything, Natsu was grabbing Lucy, throwing her over his shoulder to get the fuck out of there. He didn’t care that Lucy was now going commando or that he had a boner in his shorts. They needed to leave before the guild’s gossip queen caught wind of what they were doing.

“Great surprise,” Natsu laughed as he burst through the back doors, hand quickly moving to cover Lucy’s skirt so her ass wouldn’t be on display, not that anyone would see. People usually didn’t hang out behind the guild.

“Where are you taking me?” Lucy asked, voice a mix of concern and laughter, happy they didn’t get caught back there. She felt bad someone would have to clean up the mess, but it wasn’t worth going back and letting everyone know what happened.

Hopefully, no one would try to eat the candy. Lucy’s face scrunched up from the thought alone. It fell on the floor, so she figured it was too dirty to put in someone’s mouth anyway.

“Back to my house!” Natsu finally answered her, running towards the forest. Before she could ask why, he yelled, “Gotta finish what I started!”

Lucy giggled, hands clutching at his back to hold on, not that she thought he might drop her. His strong arms never let her down. She wished the panties would have lasted longer, but she guessed things worked out pretty well in the end.

Though, she would have liked to eat a few more pieces of candy too. She could always go back to the sex shop for more… after Natsu finished the job, of course.

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Master List of My Stories (In case you want to read more?)

My top 25 NaLu moments! (Part 2)

Okay, let’s continue this! Here’s part two for my favorite NaLu moments. Part 1 can be found here, if you’re interested in seeing the numbers 25 through 16. Now let’s move on to 15 through 6 (yes, I decided to extend it, it’d just get too big). Thanks a lot to everyone who read this, I love y’all. Also, once again, there are spoilers here for the current arc. If you haven’t caught up to it yet, it’s best if you don’t read this. Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Part 3 is here.

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Ice Ice Baby chapter 3: A Not So Lonely Path

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything?

Ice Ice Baby will post every Sunday

NOTE: Gray will be a little OOC for a few chapters. But this is an AU, so yeah, he’s not going to be his moody self. But that part will come, I’m already there in my writing so I promise. This won’t last long! – Also! In this universe, the song Ice Ice Baby does not exist.

Previous Chapters: All | 1 | 2

Apparently, Gray’s father had used the same speech on Gray’s friends as they grew up, especially girls, to embarrass Gray. Natsu was in on it from the beginning, and still did it to this day.

“You’re horrible,” Lucy mumbled as she gave Natsu the burger patties that were ready for the grill.

“Oh, come on. I just got beat up,” he did, his right eye was starting to turn purple, “you should make me feel better.”

She glared at him, “You deserved it.”

Natsu pouted, he went out to the backyard where his grill was smoking with his head hung low, trying to make her pity him.

“Not going to work,” Lucy went to organize the condiments on the kitchen island, completely ignoring his whine as he slammed the back door.

On the other side of the kitchen, Juvia was putting plates on the table when Gray walked into the room. He smiled at Juvia before telling Lucy, “Thanks again for letting me stay.”

“No problem,” Lucy was placing the fresh tomato slices in a neat pile on her watermelon plate, “We’re happy to have you. And sorry again for-”

“No. Don’t apologize,” he shook his head, his hair swooshing from side to side, “I’m honestly too used to it to care and should have seen it coming.”

“OK, good,” she nodded, walking around to put the fixings on the table, “go on and sit down while we wait. You too, Juvia.”

“Let Juvia help,” the blue haired woman puffed out her cheeks. Lucy wouldn’t let her do anything.

“No. You’re our guest too, sit!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey Bonney, how are you? I just wanted your thoughts on the last chapter, i didn't really love it to be honest. I feel like nothing got really 'confirmed' and like really canon, i mean we don't even know if Gruvia and GaLe is dating, Nalu isn't even dating. I expected more like a 10 years later married and all kinda thing and i also expected more of Gray's answer. I was a bit dissapointed, so what do you think?

As I explained in [this], I thought the ending was something else entirely and that made me feel good with the real end – better than the alternative I thought! I wasn’t going to say anything more about it because my opinions sometimes aren’t that well received but hey, I was asked so I’m gonna break down the finale with my opinions.

You see, when we look at it with no shipping goggles at all, it was actually a very nice ending for the story. 

Fairy Tail always were about strong friendship bonds, about how the family you choose to have can be just as wonderful and fulfilling as the one you were born into.

We saw that with the finale. We saw the bonds, we saw 545 chapters of friendship bonds in one. 

That was all Fairy Tail. That part was beautiful.

And then we put the shipping goggles on and things aren’t as good.

Originally posted by rainbowsinwinter-blog

You see, to Gajevy shippers it was amazing. Babies on the way, yay! I’m happy for them (and a little jealous 😁).

Gruvians, though, we got it better than some other couples but not as good as Gajevy in my opinion.

Sure, we got a couple of pages, but with just a few panels, Gajevy established a relationship: apparently Levy was pregnant so we are safe to assume they have been together for a while. Gray and Juvia are a bit hazier on that.

By the way they acted around each other, I think they hadn’t been in a relationship yet or if they are, it’s recent, which is weird, honestly, since it’s been a year since the war and Gray promised Juvia he would give her an answer when the war was over and then later on he promised to take her feelings more seriously. Unless his answer was “maybe” after the war, this was a bit off.

Gray showed to be even more possessive than when Lyon started to flirt with Juvia and jealous men were looking at her, so he sees her as his even more than before. Okay, I can see that improvement.

I can also see his worries about Juvia’s scar: it’s a constant reminder of when he thought she had died and the world fell around him. Alright, that part was okay.

What it hurt to see was how little things changed in one year. If the chapter had happened a month after the war it would’ve made sense and would’ve been great, but a year and they’re like that still? I know they are a particular couple, Gray is all troubled and talking about how she is his is a big step (I know Gray is no bard, but the thing about her body being his made me laugh. LOL Come on, dude. But it’s Gray and he’s an awkward fella so he gets a pass and Juvia seemed to be happy with it.😂) but things are still on the “maybe in a relationship” side.

As far as I’ve always seen, they had been in a relationship for a loooooong time but without the touches and kisses and with Gray still on the fence, but in a relationship.

Gruvia was always about being insanely open and yet everything kinda hidden away, you know? We’d see how freaking obvious they were and then things got hushed.

I think what I really didn’t like was the uncertainty. They could be together for the past year, they could start dating that moment. Is it really canon? It’s going to be soon? I mean, we know it will be, we’ve known for like 400 chapters so this was really light to calm our hearts.

It could be an interpretation thing, could be a translation thing but the truth is some people will think they are together, others that they will be.

Uncertainty, see?

Like you, I wanted the “standard” ending: ten, fifteen years time skip, established couples with a bunch of kids running around so we could hate their names for like, a day or two and then start to like it and then no other name would do, different clothes, hairstyles, couples saying things like “honey” or “darling”.

It was refreshing to see Fairy Tail going in a different way when we look at the plot in a whole, no ships involved. Like I said earlier, ship wise even though we had ‘some’ confirmation, was still lacking.

At least we got more than NaLu shippers :/ It was very light but it seems Lucy is a bit in love with Natsu, but he’s still clueless. Well, he is Natsu.

In the end, we know where Gruvia is headed: being together forever. So, either open for interpretation or not, we are canon and that’s what matters.

Originally posted by goldenfluffy

Well, again, those are just my personal thoughts and opinions. :)


“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Rated M. See chapter 1 for list of warnings. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

Read Chapter: 12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Read on FF.net or AO3

Warning: Chapter contains violence

Chapter Three: Hostile

(October 4th, 2017, Wednesday Noon)


Natsu gave the girl an uneasy wave, hoping it would calm her down. He was wrong. It only made her flinch hard before pressing herself against the wall to get away from him. Her feet scraped against the concrete floor, causing more blood to coat the ground and the stray nails near her.

“You probably shouldn’t do that,” Natsu warned, wondering if her feet were responsible for her tears. His eyes raked over her form again, this time taking in more details since she hadn’t responded.

He noticed cuts along her neck and shoulders, some fresh, some healed. They blended in with the dark and light bruises adorning her skin. Her body was dirty, as well as her hair. He saw a few twigs threaded in with her grimy, dark blonde locks. It looked like she hadn’t brushed it in weeks.

Shaking in place, he realized she was probably cold. Her clothes barely covered her. She wore a black tank top, rips in multiple places. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, seeing a pink nipple peeking out between a large rip over her right breast.

Natsu’s eyes shot back to her feet, not wanting to see anymore of her private parts. It wasn’t his fault there was a rip over that area, exposing her nipple to him, but that didn’t mean he wanted to keep staring.

Natsu noted the short shorts she wore. He assumed they were supposed to be white. They were covered in dirt and mud, a few spots of dingy white peeking out from the filth.

It took him a moment to realize it, but her skin damage didn’t look normal, even for post-outbreak. Her bottom lip was busted, there was dried blood on her arms, shoulders and legs, and she had a nasty bruise on her left eye. It looked exactly like a black eye, which he would recognize considering him and his friend Gray gave them to each other all the time when they fought.

“Are you okay?” Natsu blurted out, causing the girl to flinch hard. He guessed she got used to the silence, startled when he spoke. “Hey, I won’t hurt you. I just wanna help.”

Natsu tried to play the tough guy, but deep down he had a compassionate heart. It was why he wanted to stay instead of empty the house and leave right away. He didn’t know if it was from seeing Max’s dead body or not, but he wanted to save this girl. She didn’t look like she could save herself.

“Will you let me help you?” Natsu took a step forward, only to have her shake her head. “It’s okay… I’m not gonna bite.” He realized that wasn’t the best thing to say. Currently getting bit was the easiest way to die.

The girl slowly pressed one hand to the ground to push herself up. Natsu’s attention went to the cuts on her leg. They shook badly when she stood, and Natsu finally had a good look at her body.

Or what was left of it.

He didn’t realize how skinny she was until now. Her wrists, ankles, neck, shoulders… everything looked too small. He could see her collarbone clearly, and that disturbed him. He wouldn’t be surprised if he could see each rib on her torso.

Natsu thought she was finally coming around, but that idea was trashed when the girl threw a handful of bloody nails at his face before bolting. Natsu barely managed to block the nails from hitting his eyes and mouth with his arm.

“What the hell?!” he yelled, dropping his arm and turning to see her running up the stairs.

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Where Lucy is the only one Sane

Dedicated to the weirdness of the Fairy Tail and the Fan Fiction Community

In a world where only Lucy is sane.

Please read this as comedy.

Based on Proud to be a Ginger’s answer to an anon question.



Walking into the guild hall hand in hand, Lucy and Natsu smiled joyfully. “Seven months now Natsu!” Lucy squealed in delight, hugging her boyfriend close to her.
“Seven months since when?” Natsu smirked down at the blonde.

Lucy scowled at the pinkette male. “Since you asked me out you dummy.” She lightly smacked his arm playfully as they walked closer to the guild bar.

Lisanna sprawled around the corner of the bar, her sly eyes on Natsu and Lucy. A mass of distaste for the blonde; Lucy. Smiling widely, a plan formulated in her mind. She began to leave the pillar she was looking out from and began to walk towards the couple.

“Natsu, come here and kiss me.” Lisanna purred as she came closer to the couple.
Natsu turned and stared at Lisanna before looking down at Lucy. His face changed and his eye brows were raised as he then turned to Lisanna.“I told you not to say things like that near Lucy.” He spoke. 

“Huh!?” Lucy exclaimed.“What is going on here!?”

Natsu quickly pushed Lucy out of the way before he approached Lisanna’s side and leant down giving Lisanna a quick peck on the lips. In turn Lisanna smiled and turned to speak to Lucy.

“Natsu loves me more, we were childhood sweethearts, he promised me that we would be married. This is also a petty excuse.” Lisanna turned to Natsu, who seemed to change character (due to bad writing, Natsu is now Majorly OC).

“Lucy it is true, I love Lisanna and as a bonus of me breaking up with you.” Natsu spoke, then clicked his fingers.
Suddenly Erza, and Gray were beside his side. “We are kicking you off the team because for some universal reason among Fairy Tail fanfictions you are too weak and Lisanna is better and stronger.” Gray and Erza spoke together.

Lucy stood in shock of the scenario. “What do you mean!?” Lucy shrieked. Everyone had gone insane, was she the only normal one anymore?

“Huh? What do you mean Lucy? I thought you would understand.” Natsu once again changed his character and his emotions within seconds, represented as dumb and immature.

“Whaa-?” Lucy couldn’t finish her sentence. All of a sudden people walked past her and ignored the blonde. Confused and baffled at the sudden change of the guilds behavior, Lucy attempted to talk to Mira, who completely ignored the Blonde’s attempts.

Sadly Lucy found her-self sitting with the only people in the guild who were closest to her excluding Natsu, Erza and Gray (brace yourself for a long list of characters whom FF authors seems to favor most) Wendy, Gajeel,  Levy, Happy, Carla, Pantherlily, Romeo, etc (insert minor characters in here).

“I don’t get it.” Lucy rubbed her temples, this whole scenario was so–out of this world and completely not the behavior of what the guild would act like, let alone Natsu.
“It’s okay Lu-chan. I know people will remember you soon.” Levy comforted the Blonde. “What people have forgotten about me now?” Lucy shrieked.


Lucy’s eyes widened  in awe as people turned to face her and started throwing beer jugs, plates, and food at the blonde. Stumbling to get up, Lucy raced outof the guild hall, running straight to her cosy home on Strawberry Street.

“I’m so confused.” Lucy puffed as she slid down her bedroom door. “That all happened so fast…”
Moving over to her bedside table, she looked at the picture of Natsu and her just taken a month ago. Confused, Lucy sat on her bed. “This has to be a funny joke.”
A tapping at her window awoke the blonde from her thoughts. There on the window sill was Natsu, dark, broad and a bit menacing. “I hope you have come to apologize.” Lucy puffed, hands on hips.

Natsu licked his lips, eyes narrowing in on her.“It’s dragon mating season and your my mate.”
Lucy raised an eyebrow and opened the window.“What did you say?" 

Natsu pounced on top of the blonde. "I’m now a feral character who is now going to – (explicit) – to you.”

Lucy in shock laid her eyes wide open, she then shook her head to wake herself up. "I don’t think so mister! First you go and cheat on me, dump me, kick me off the team, ignore me, bash me and then come crawling back for some –(explicit)–, I don’t think so mister!”

Natsu snarled at the blonde, “That’s not a good idea.” Just as he was about to –(explicit)– on the blonde, a majestic glowing woman released a dramatic “Noo!” from her lips.

“Stay where you are!” The woman spoke, arm raised.
Lucy’s jaw dropped, as she looked between Natsu and the woman.“Who are you!? How did you get in my house!?”

Lucy pointed to Natsu, then gestured to the woman. “Do you know her?”
Natsu shrugged and relaxed a bit, nothing like how he was a second ago. He climbed off the blonde. “Never seen her in my life.”

“I have sensed your heart ache, from what has happened to you.” The woman spoke before Lucy interrupted her.

“Who me?” Lucy pointed to herself.

“Yes, yes shh now.” The woman hushed her quickly before dramatizing her next sentence.“Your heart ache has called me here. You are also of age now. Your mother was the Queen of dragons and asked me to protect you, you are now going to be the Queen of dragons yourself, after an odd number of six years of training.”

“What? Queen of dragons? You knew my mother?” Lucy exclaimed, slightly suspicious.

“Of course I know your mother, Ashliegh.”


“Yes yes that’s what I said.”

Lucy’s eyebrows furrowed as she turned to look at Natsu sitting next to her whom seemed, interested in the conversation. He in turn looked back at Lucy and shrugged his shoulders. “What do you mean six years of training?”

“You will train to become a elemental or celestial dragon slayer, depending on what the reader wants.” The woman spoke dramatically.

“Readers? Wha–”

“Shh shh doesn’t matter, you must come with me now so you may train.” The strange woman spoke, and she leaned and grabbed Lucy’s wrist.

“I’m not going anywhere with you! You nut job for all I know you could be the city’s current serial killer!” Lucy protested, hitting the woman’s hand at the same time.

The woman, hovered in a pause before releasing the blondes hand. “Actually I have another appointment else where.” She moved to the door before looking back at Lucy and Natsu. “You never saw me.”

Staring at the door, Lucy shook her head before turning to Natsu. “Can you go? It’s been a messed up  day today.”

“Uh, no. I hate you still for no reason and I am now going to attack you in a terrible manner.” Natsu sneared at the blonde

Lucy awoke in her room, it was dark, and the only light was the moonlight that fled through her slightly parted curtains. The moonlight shone down on the picture of herself with Natsu on the bedside table.

 Looking around the room, Lucy smiled in relief to know that this was reality.

It was just a dream.

A weird messed up completely out of character dream.

Rolling over in her bed to face the window, Lucy was greeted by a sleepy Nastu.

“Are you okay Luce?” He mumbled in a tired state.

Lucy nodded in reply, snuggling herself into his chest. “Just a dream.”

“Just a mixture of weirdness and my vivid imagination.”

Lucy felt Natsu smile against her forehead. Her kissed her there, before ensuring the arms snaked around Lucy’s waist was tight, and protective.

“Tell me about it in the morning, for now I’m–Natsu yawned– tired…” Natsu dozed off again as he cuddled her close to his body.

Lucy smiled and drifted off herself, comfortable, safe and warm in his loyal arms.

So, we don’t know if Fairy Tail is coming to an end or not - sure seems that way, with Zeref and Acnologia seemingly the last huge hurdles to overcome. But who knows? Maybe Mashima will throw us a curveball and there’ll be another arc with Ankhseram or something completely different.

Setting aside that possibility, FT is quite likely reaching its end. It’s been quite a ride with lots of bumps in the road; no series is perfect. Speaking for me personally, I only started tuning in for the better part of half a year now. You can tell me all your gripes about the series, and I’ll still tell you more than a few things I like about it. Even arcs like GMG.

Buuut this post isn’t about that. With the series coming to a close and shippers clamoring to support their ships, I figured I’d post a little something for Natza shippers who might be feeling down about Nalu and Jerza shippers POSSIBLY  'getting their way’. Just consider this a little reminder of some of the reasons you supported Natza in the first place. Out of respect to other shippers, I’ll try and tone down ‘anti-nalu’ and 'anti-jerza’ talk, but it might still come up in a few places. Kinda unavoidable…

First up, these two have history. And I don’t mean 'slaves trapped constructing a cultist tower’, I simply mean prior to the first chapter/episode, these two had seven years together, working and living together at Fairy Tail. That might not seem like much, since Erza became S-Class in X780 and kinda left Natsu and Gray in the dust, but they most certainly associated with one another. Igneel provided a base for Natsu’s education, but Erza built up on that. Natsu couldn’t read the job request flier he picked out on his own, and Erza made sure he could… Admittedly traumatizing him in the process. You want more than reluctant student and teacher? In a manga chapter we got not too long ago, we got flashbacks of Natsu, Gray, and Erza (as kids) doing stuff together; Erza breaking up fights, Erza teaching them hunting… and yes, even the times they bathed together. You might say, “Well… wait. That’s not Natza!” And I’ll agree. I’m simply pointing out that Natsu and Erza have history - seven years of it. It’s not a case of Natsu being 'scared’ of Erza for all that time; yes, he has those times where Erza intimidates him into behaving, but you know that little Pyro. He’s just gotta challenge Erza and catch up to her. Erza’s not someone unbeatable; she just really… really… strong. And of course Natsu admires that.

So now we’re to current events as the series officially begins. Admittedly, it takes a few episodes before Erza gets her debut, but she shows up, and we get our first impressions of the scarlet knight. She’s a tough disciplinarian, but she knows Natsu and Gray well enough to know they’re capable in their own right. Moreover, Natsu really shows determination here as he makes Erza promise to have a rematch with him after the mission. And that’s how they, Lucy, and Happy wind up going on their first conquest of a Dark Guild. Ah, but Erza comes with her own quirks, just like Natsu and Gray. She totes around a HUGE pile of luggage, and to make the train ride easier on Natsu, she… knocks… him… out. Still by far one of my favorite moments of the series. I can see why some might label Natza as a brotp with this kind of scene, but our time will come.

So they beat Eisenwald and Lullaby, and Natsu and Erza get their rematch. Whoo hoo. But their rematch gets broken up as the Council comes to arrest Erza for the destruction of the Guild Conference meeting hall in Clover Town (at least officially…).Of course Natsu won’t let that stand, and he makes quite a scene in the courtroom as he tries to save the redhead. … Well, instead of that slap on the wrist like they’d initially attended, the Council locks the two Fairy Tail mages in a cell for the night. Understandably, Erza is quite frustrated with Natsu’s lack of perception, but nonetheless, she thanks him for standing up for her.

As we’ll discover throughout the series, there are lots of instances where Natsu and Erza are concerned for one another; but moreover, there are plenty of instances where they strongly believe in one another as well. And it’s not just misplaced trust - they DO get the job done, such as when Natsu beats Gajeel and saves Lucy, and when Erza withstood a blast from the Jupiter Cannon for her Guild and still had the energy to take down Aria a short while later. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a basis for a healthy relationship right there. Worry and trust come in fair shares; as time goes on, these two become less and less worried for one another even in the face of overwhelming odds. They know the other can handle the situation and come out on top; the worry never goes away fully, just decreases in the face of mutual respect and trust.

And then we reach the epitome of our Natza ship… Nalu’s worst nightmare…The Tower of Heaven Arc. I am going to try and sidestep the icky love triangle that Mashima tries to make here - I’ll make it as simple as possible. This arc is where we learn about Erza’s past. Why she is the way she is, why she doesn’t get along with Councilman Siegrain, why she can find it hard to open up to people. Erza tries to keep her Fairy Tail family out of it, but they get dragged into it anyway. She mends bridges with her old friends, thanks to Simon; but on the flipside, Erza acts very much unlike herself here (at least from what we’ve seen up to this point). In this conflict, Erza is ready to throw her life away to protect both of her families. Despite being a seasoned warrior by this point, she can’t summon the same strength that she did when she tried to fight Jose Porla! And she’s in better shape than she was at that time! Perhaps some will argue that this is simply who Erza is - strip away her armor, and she’s a traumatized little girl with a *tragic* past. Ugh. Nope, nope, nope. By no means am I arguing that Erza can’t have her tender side; it’d be hard to like her character if she didn’t have such a side. What I am saying is that when Erza left the Tower of Heaven, she was alone and lost when she wandered to Fairy Tail. But in that time there, she acquired a new family, recovered the strength she once had when Grandpa Rob died and she inspired the slaves to keep on fighting. In fact, you could say she surpassed that strength - she became S-Class, didn’t she? Yet the moment her past comes back to haunt her, Erza horribly reverts; she goes into that fight with Jellal with a defeatist’s mindset. Thankfully, Natsu is up to the task of helping Erza bury her past. He fights Jellal, who is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, who took over the management of the Tower of Heaven, and who killed the mutual friend he and Erza once shared - the guy who made it possible for Erza to reconnect with her old family, Simon. He fights Jellal knowing most if not all of this, even when Erza desperately pleads with him to abandon the fight. Natsu can’t and won’t abandon her, though. In the end, Natsu makes a gutsy move of eating Etherion, and that gives him the strength to beat down Mr. Wizard Saint. Say what you will about that, how the fight 'should’ have gone, but I think it worked very well symbolically. Erza’s past warred with her present and future, and guess which came out on top? The scarlet knight picked herself up yet again and moved on with her life, despite lingering thoughts on Jellal and Simon. We can probably agree that Natsu had similar moments of getting worked up over villains hurting other friends - Lucy (present and Future), Yukino, etc. - but for me personally, I feel like there’s something fundamentally different in how those moments feel compared to the Tower of Heaven. For Lucy, Natsu saving her happens a little too often without Lucy doing the same as much for my tastes (in other words, those hero moments don’t feel as deep and meaningful to me). And for Yukino… well. I think anyone would get worked up over Yukino’s treatment by her Guild (especially her Master). I feel like Erza and the Tower of Heaven is different because Natsu connected with her more deeply than he ever had prior to this; he saw her pain, and wished for nothing more than to end her tears. He panicked after she sacrificed herself to stop the Tower from exploding. And in that dreamlike vision of the future brought about by Etherion, Natsu didn’t believe that Erza had died. Everyone else had given up, but not him. And whose arms does she wake up in, after realizing someone had saved her from being fully absorbed by Etherion? Natsu’s. He even makes her promise not to do such a suicidal move again. On Erza’s side, she recognizes his growth the moment he took down Jellal, and she tried to get him out of the Tower before it exploded. After seeing how affected Natsu would have been with her death, Erza cites that, “You don’t die for your friends. You live for them.” It was a pretty good shippy moment right there, but then the rest of their friends find them and rejoice that they’re all alive.

We can whine about it all we want, but when the Oracion Seis arc hit, that’s when the Jerza ship began to get a little more wind in its sail. After all, the man that brought Erza pain in the past returned, but he had… amnesia. You gotta be sympathetic to a guy like that, right? They had such a tragic past, and now Jellal can’t remember it. What a pity. … Okay, enough bashing. But it is a bit annoying for us Natza shippers; after the high that we got from ToH, we’re suddenly smashed back to earth with Jellal’s return. You can say that Natsu came to forgive Jellal in this arc, but that isn’t the case when you inspect the arc carefully. After all, what’s the first thing Natsu does when he first hears that Wendy revived Jellal? He’s intent on making sure Erza never has to see him again. Not out of jealousy - but out of sympathy for his friend. Natsu doesn’t want to see her cry again, but despite this, Erza finds the blue-haired mage anyway and comes to the dissatisfying conclusion that Jellal really can’t remember all of his past atrocities. Later, Jellal goes off to help Natsu fight Zero, and the Pyro tries to fight him off as well. Sure, Jellal ended up helping Natsu in the end, giving him something equally as potent as Etherion so that he may attain Dragon Force again, but that anger that Natsu holds hasn’t vanished. They’re tentative allies against a greater threat. And when the Rune Knights come to take Jellal and Oracion Seis away, Natsu doesn’t fight for Jellal’s freedom because he’s a swell guy that helped take down Zero; he does it for Erza, because the redhead is conflicted about resisting the Council’s authority. Despite his personal feelings about the blue-haired mage, he tries to resist for Erza’s sake so that the two can resolve their past. Of course, Erza tells him and the others to stand down in the end, and the Dragon Slayer grudgingly complies. Erza goes back to angsting about her past.  

I’m not gonna say my interpretation of events is the one, true way to look at the series. I AM saying this is how we Natza fans see the relationships between Natsu, Erza, Jellal, and Lucy. Some of you naysayers will argue Natsu and Erza are siblings; Jellal and Erza have such a tragic and *amazing* past together; Natsu brought Lucy to Fairy Tail and totally fell in love; you’re perfectly fine with believing in any of that. Just don’t shove your theories down our throats. From a Natza fan’s perspective, such as mine, Natsu brings out the best in Erza; he doesn’t make her think about her past every five minutes or force her to be the ever-shining beacon in their relationship. On the flipside, Erza doesn’t require saving all the time; she stands alongside Natsu, and is a pillar for him when he is sad or has doubts. Natza is mutual, and I think there’s something deeper there than sibling love. Heck, there are still Natza moments floating throughout the series, it’s just that whenever Jellal gets involved… yeah. You can tell what Mashima is likely pushing for, just not very convincingly. It’s fine if Erza becomes Jellal’s redemption, but it’s such a shame that a mutual, passionate relationship like Natza goes out the window in favor of giving Jellal a relationship to go with his redemption. Just look at all the various moments they have together…

So yeah! Criticize the Natza ship all you want, but you’ll never stomp us out completely. Even if Mashima cedes to you Nalu and Jerza fans, we’ll still have all these moments and more to look back on - canon, filler, omake, you name it. I think we have reason to be proud of our ship to the very end. We’re not a brotp or a fanon couple - if Nalu can be argued to be semi-canon, when it wasn’t in Mashima’s original plan, then I don’t see why we can’t make a case for it being at least semi-canon. I’ve certainly reflected long and hard on it over the past half year I’ve been into FT. I’m still going to be bummed if Mashima follows the crowd and forces Nalu and Jerza to happen, but I won’t falter in my love for this ship. I encourage other 'unpopular’ ships to do the same. I certainly don’t mind other ships with Natsu involved; Natza is just my OTP.

Fairy Tail Chapter 521 Review

Let’s not waste time and dive right into FT chapter 521: The Strongest Mage

Oh god damn that’s cute. Hiro stop teasing the shippers, its going to end bad.

So we opened up with the newly restored Magnolia but the battle isn’t over-Wait What? Freed and Bickslow?! Where were you two during all this? Does Hiro just hate the Thunder God Tribe? Why aren’t you guys doing more stuff?

Um anyway another question I have, though this just may be a lot of nitpicking, why are all of them in Magnolia? Universe One was used to move Zeref to Fairy Heart. But it resulted in every one else getting moved around, so if Universe One is canceled shouldn’t everybody go back to where they were before hand, we see Lucy and Natsu get moved to her house which granted they weren’t there when universe one was activated but you see what I mean.

Mavis, shut up. You’ve proven you don’t have the right to act like the strategist a long time ago, stop trying to act like one now

Yes Laxus please keep coating on the message. But food for thought, why don’t you help fight instead of carrying the corpse? I mean you are heavily injured and recovered from cancer, Wahl’s fight, and the historia Hades fight. But clearly you have enough in you to walk and carry Makarov so maybe you should, I don’t know punch a fodder soldier.

MIRJANE BEAT JACOB!! yeah that’s not a surprise. Seriously, Mira is the second strongest woman in Fairy Tail and Jacob… Well Jacob is just awfuls so this fight wasn’t one I wanted to see.

Hiro are you self aware how stupid that quirk is? I mean just cause you acknowledge something is stupid or unfunny doesn’t automatically make it not stupid or unfunny.

Also “Strong”? Look Jacob’s magic, Stealth is transparency and that can be used in many cool ways. But Jacob didn’t use it to his fullest extent, I mean if you want to see someone use transparency to it’s fullest, check out Absalom from One Piece or if you want a Mashima character…

Ltangle from Rave used transparency amazingly against Musica. (Actually side trivia Ltangle is still the hardest character Mashima ever had to draw)

Umm where was I oh yeah Mira and Jacob are finished, next scene.

And Elfman and Lisanna beat Ajeel. OH COME ON, I WOULD’VE LOVED TO SEE THAT! I love Elfman and while I’m not the biggest fan of Lisanna, I totally could believe they could beat Ajeel. He’s even one of the more grounded in terms of magic, this would’ve been good.

Yajeel, when did you get here? No seriously when and actually how did you get here. Also Elfman thank you for having common sense.

And here’s also why I would’ve loved to see the Strauss siblings vs Ajeel because I get what this ending is trying to do, show both sides have families in this war, but this moment comes out of nowhere. We know Ajeel is the only spriggan with a shown family member that’s also on Alvarez’s side so have not only this fight be between Ajeel and the Strauss’s but also dive into Ajeel’s backstory, why is he fighting this war aside from being a Spriggan? He’s got family maybe he feels the need to prove himself. We never see Ajeel’s parents, maybe he lost them like Mira and Elfman lost Lisanna, Create some parallels between the Strauss and Ramal families that makes sense and earns this moment.

Again thanks for pointing out how selective this universe one thing is. I guess maybe they restoration just moved them outside the house. Also Brandish, Points for being smart enough to neutralize a potential threat. (Another side bar but is the outfit Lucy’s wearing looks just like the one she wore in the eclipse part of the GMG, I mean guys like Natsu and Laxus usually have the same outfit but Lucy’s clothing horse. It’s odd seeing her wear the same outfit)

No lie, this got a laugh out of me.

No ally? Brandish at this point I’m surprised you don’t have a fairy tail mark.

Wait Gray is still injured? Did you not heal him Porylusica? I ean you could say she has not magic and didn’t have the proper materials to perform healing but still you found blankets and bandages. Actually Lucy and Natsu are still prett banged up, were you going to fight Zeref in this condition?

Okay. Not going to lie but the imagery of standing atop Kardia cathedral with all this magic energy just shaking is pretty badass.

This just reminding why August is best Spriggan. His speech, his blood knight personality, and level of dread. It’s all so good.

He’s attacking with a meteor, well lets get Erza in on this right away

OR we go the route that makes sense and have Gildarts take it.

Oh don’t feel bad Laxus and Natsu broke that thing way before you did. Granted they didn’t utterly demolish it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gildarts vs August

Originally posted by achingtentacles

No lie my reaction.

So with Gildarts handling this Natsu runs off to search for Gray.

Um Zeref I could kinda understand you knowing Jellal, kinda, but Laxus? You’ve never met him or heard of him. Do you just know every member of FT who was on Tenrou Island. As for Jellal he’s somewhere in a ditch right now, away from the plot.

And it’s Gray. So our next chapter will be “Gray’s Trump Card”. Which knowing Zeref it really seems the best option would be Iced Shell and lock up Zeref away from everyone.

Also before I get into the post chapter follow up, there’s an announcement for next week having a color front page, okay. AN article on the “Dragon Cry” Movie, I don’t really care I just hope it’s a good movie. And it’s a double chapter, oh no. Look Hiro Mashima is an amazing artist and puts out material at an amazing rate, but that’s not a good thing for the story. Remember the Avatar arc and it’s constant double chapters? He was trying to zoom past it much as we wanted to. But this right Here is big, Zeref and Gray, Gildarts vs August, this is stuff you want to slow down for and give the proper time to.

Post Chapter Follow up: I want to like this chapter. It has a lot in it that I liked but also disliked.

Pros first, The set up with this is keeping me on the edge of my seat, it’s been awhile since I’ve been so eager to see some action, and unlike Erza and Irene where my standards for Erza fights were low, I have nothing but excitement for this.

GIldarts vs August, thank you Mashima for making a match up that makes total sense. Now this is going to sound odd but Honestly I’d be happy if they don’t show us the fight. What I mean is if they just cut to the fight ever now and then but no one’s winning or losing and have Zeref’s defeat or Acnologia arrival stop the fight because these two are so strong I don’t know if there is a way to make this truly satisfying.

Cons time now, for a build up chapter It really doesn’t do that till the ending pages. So in the beginning, were in this stretched out bit of recapping, that really nothing is going on.

But, it reaches this loss of momentum when we do the Strauss and Ajeel thing that makes everything stop for a moment that really doesn’t have enough foreshadowing and effort to make it as big as Hiro intended it to.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Just breaks even
  • Slow first half followed up by an impressive second half
  • Nothing terribly stupid but nothing of that much worth