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MOM MOM MOM PLEASE PLEASE SMALL AU FOR DOYOUNG !!!! i really love your blog, everytime i open tumblr the first thing i do is to search for your blog. your scenarios make my days!

waaaa you’re so cute!! thank you ~~ (also omg i love doyoung,,,,)

  • baker!doyoung 
  • opened up a bakery with his brother,,,,except his brother handles finances and doyoung does all the baking LOL
  • which doesn’t bother him because doyoung l o v e s to bake,,,,especially cookies in different shapes and ,,,, sometimes when he has the time he’ll make his own chocolate from scratch to use as filling or icing
  • and he has an apprentice, mark lee, who he’s always got running around doing errands and delivering orders for customers
  • and the elderly women who come in to buy cookies for their grandchildren or something aDORE doyoung and they’re always like “i want to introduce my grandchild to you,,,,,,,,you’d be such a good husband!!!!”
  • and doyoung is flattered, but all he can do is embarrassingly laugh and be like!!!!!!!! im not,,,,,im not charming whatsoever 
  • but what a LIE,,,,when he’s baking he has his shirt sleeves rolled up and his bangs in his eyes and he looks so cute and concentrated,,,,,,
  • anyone who walks by the window while he’s working has to look in because what a handsome baker????
  • and you don’t even know about the bakery??? you’re on your way when you suddenly run into someone and everything you’re holding goes flying in the air
  • and mark appears in front of you with his bike and he’s like oH NO!!! your papers are everywhere!!!! im so sorry!!! and you’re like it’s fine it’s not like they’re ripp-
  • but then someone comes running by, stepping over your papers and tearing them in half and you’re like,,,,,,wha
  • and mark is trying to gather whats leftover and he hands the messy pile to you and he’s like “im sorry, come with me ill make it up to you!!!”
  • and you let him drag you somewhere, still thinking about how your papers got shredded in two
  • and you only look up to notice you’re infront of a ??? bakery
  • and mark tugs you along inside and he’s like “doyoung!!!!! i messed up this persons whole day im gonna give them cookies to make up for it ok??”
  • and you’re like ? doyoung? cookies? where am i?
  • and you suddenly hear another boys voice go “mark, you can’t compensate for everything with cookies.”
  • and you look over to see,,,,,,,a handsome lean boy with striking features, especially his eyes who you presume is this ‘doyoung’
  • and he’s like “im sorry about mark, he never looks where he’s going. here, i just made this batch.”
  • and suddenly your arms are full off sweets instead of papers and you try one and your eyes go wide and you’re like THIS IS SO YUMMY !!!!!!
  • and doyoung gives a proud grin and he’s like “first batch of the day is always the best!” and you’re like omg i could eat this forEVER
  • and mark is like “that’s what i tell doyoung!!!!!!! his baking is the best”
  • and doyoung chuckles and is like flattery will get you nowhere
  • but you’re eating another cookie and you’re like seriously !!!! this is so good!!!!! your hands are blessed
  • and doyoung notices the cute way you’re staring at all the sweets in awe and he’s like “is,,,is there anything you want to try? we’re not open yet,,,,,so you can have a free sample”
  • and doyoung watches as you walk around, looking at everything in the displays curiously 
  • and when mark ends up packing you a bag full of sweets to try you’re like !!!!!!!!! i never knew about this bakery but ill only come here from now on!!!!!!!!!!
  • and doyoung can feel his heart race but he keeps it at bay and he’s like “you’re very sweet, thank you!” and as you walk out of the bakery, waving at mark and doyoung
  • mark elbows doyoung in the side and he’s like I CAUGHT YOU LOOKING ALL LOVEY DOVEY
  • and doyoung is like “mark lee do you want to me take all those cookies they ate out of your paycheck?”
  • mark: omg no im sorry 
  • doyoung: exactly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but um whats their name again i just,,,i just wanna know,,,,,,,,,coughs
Dear New Simblrs....

The simblr community can be a scary place and with a lot drama and negativity. I have seen people post about not feeling included and having difficulty fitting in and it upsets me as there is a large part of this community that are awesome. But joining here is like switching highschool halfway through the semester. You are the obvious newbie and that’s super difficult. So here are some tips:

What To Do

  1. Start building up your simblr! We want to know who you are, what your style is! Post pictures of your sims :)
  2. Start commenting! Liking posts is cool, but comments are what makes people notice you. Just say something nice, make other simmers recognize your name as someone who leaves sweet messages.
  3. Find simblrs you like and follow them! I find it better to follow less people but give those more attention. Trying to be everyone’s best friend is difficult.
  4. Send those simblrs a message! Most people have open IMs and just saying “hey I love your sims!” is a great way to start a conversation
  5. Be personal! It means a lot more if you tell people you love a certain sim by name, or mention something about them you saw in a post. It shows others you actually really look at their stuff ;)
  6. Join in! There are so many RP groups out there, groupme chats you can join in to meet new people.
  7. Pixel Buddies! This page will find you another simblr who will look after you and pull you into the community!
  8. Collab! People often love to collab. Just ask someone in IM but try to be humble about it and maybe get to know them a bit more before you ask.
  9. Use the search tool! add “/search/*” at the end of any tumblr to search for stuff. Maybe search “collab” if you want to know who they collab with. Or just read their answered asks to find out what that simmer is like.
  10. Don’t be afraid! We actually don’t bite ;) We love meeting new people! And asking for help is always okay!

What NOT To Do

  1. Endlessly reblog other people’s posts. This takes away from your own simblr and makes you look more like you are trying to get friends.
  2. Count your followers. Sure it is awesome to have a lot of them, but they come naturally while you develop your page. Really important are those people you become friends with.
  3. Sit in the corner and do nothing. If we don’t know you are have never heard of your simblr, it’s going to be hard for us to integrate you. So just keep posting and commenting so we know who you are!
  4. Complain publically ;) We might have a lot of drama here, but most of us don’t like it. Posts bringing up issues, saying the community isn’t nice etc makes people back away.
  5. Want. Getting asks like “can I have your sim” etc is a bit too forward when you don’ know someone. Just talk to someone first or maybe start your ask off telling them how much you like their simblr and that you have seen they share sims and you were wondering if maybe they might share with you. How you say it is everything!
  6. Get caught up in Drama. First impressions do count. So try to keep a profile as someone who just sims and is friendly.
  7. Do take simblr too seriously. There is no prize to be won and in the end, real-life is still more important!

It really is like highschool a bit here, so keep that in mind. I started out here with very little friends but just by IMing people, leaving nice comments and helping where I can I have met so many awesome new people. The first instinct is either to hide in the corner and hope someone will find you, are to try and suck up to simblrs you think are well-known. Neither really work. Some things take time and require some effort. This advice is my personal advice, that I have taken from my own experiences and those from newer simblrs I have seen thrive over the last months. I hope this can help some!


“babe.” you look up into the eyes of your boyfriend. “yes?” “what do you love about me?” you smiled before positioning yourself so that you were sitting on your knees. “do you really wanna get me started?” you asked rhetorically arching a eyebrow. “okay, i love your strong arms and how they feel when they wrap around me and always make me feel secure…” you slowly trailed your fingertips down his bronze arms. “i love how that you’re not just a open book and like to keep yourself reserved not wanting the whole world to know every single thing about you.” he sat up and pulled you down on top him so that you two were face-to-face. “i love- God, i love your naturally curly hair. how it just forms these lovely swirls after you work out, come from band practice or even shower. i love imagining that our children’s hair will have super curly hair thanks to you and me.” you winked at him causing him to let out a deep chuckle. “i know that some people think that brown eyes are boring and i won’t lie because i was one of them… until i saw yours. i don’t know what it is about those dark chocolate swirls but Jesus they make me want to stare at them forever.” you could see a faint pink paint over his cheek before you continue on. “most importantly, i love your smile. the way your eyes crinkle tells me that you’re actually and genuinely happy and it warms up my heart every time and i love being the reason why you smile or laugh.” not even a second after your lips were pressed against his. “just needed another reason as to why i’m in love with you.”

Oh wow hello

- lemme ramble for a minute, skip further down if you’re not interested in what happened and why I went awol -

A little while ago (I’m actually not sure when it was now), I logged off tumblr and most of my social media linked to this, deleting friends left and right just because.

Well, the reason was my deteriorating mental health, but I didn’t realise that until I went to see a doctor.

It wasn’t even exam season and I was so overwhelmed with people and attention and expectations that I felt that friends I had made here hated me, didn’t need me despite anything they said and I lied to make them feel that I was the bitch who was going to leave for no reason. Well, I mean I was and I guess I still am, but the no reason was a lie.

I didn’t want pity or people offering help. I’m independent and I like taking care of myself in the way that I don’t need others to help me. I decided that was what would be best for me.

I’m sure you’re familiar with my pack.

I am the heartless piece of shit who just up and left without a goodbye, who decided that I needed a break and didn’t consult with anyone.

On top of that, my phone also broke so even if I wanted to I couldn’t come back on here or anything.

I love every single person I just left, I just couldn’t understand what was going on with me and fight or flight kicked in and flight it was. I’m so sorry to everyone. Especially the pack.

- real talk, stuff you need to read -

I disappeared because of mental health issues but I am back on a part time basis.

I am going to be answering questions and stuff, all asks in my inbox, and I will try to reconnect with you all as possible.

I apologise for disappearing without a word. However, I will not be as active as I once was, I am going to finish my last year of school and then gonna start all over again. I will finish the Halsey series finally, BUT


I will post a full list of all requests I will e abandoning this week sometime.

I am going to university in September, and I am going to start another blog, which will be multi-fandom. I will leave this blog up with a link to my master list and to my new blog.

I just need to start this cluttered mess again tbh.

Once again, I apologise for leaving, I don’t care what I get in my inbox tbh, but I will be restarting things to clear my plate. I’ll keep you updated.

Halsey series will hopefully be finished by May, but I cannot say for sure. I have so many deadlines I’m quite dead rn tbh, I just missed having you all here tbh.

I love you all, thank you for sticking with me, there are things coming soon I promise.

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Well Lindsey did say ruby understands her relationships with her teammates (vol3 DVD extra) so I don't think any romance is planned for her with her team. Maybe down the line she could meet someone. Kara says if Weiss were to date someone it'd be someone we haven't seen yet someone more her pace & style pre vol2 interview. I agree with her they joked & laughed about Weiss being a useless lesbian. Also joked about her watching yuri on ice the fact they joked about her being LGBT speaks volumes.

I’ll say that while I love the voice cast, on the Always Open they all admitted that they don’t really know anything beyond the BIG stuff (like Yang and her arm) when it comes to the direction of the show/characters so I kinda take what they say about it with a grain of salt. Also anything before V3′s big shift is not viable because that changed so much. Even the relationships RWBY had with one another. 

Again though I don’t need White Rose to be romantically canon to still love it. Especially not if they become close and they already love each other - in whatever way you want to define it. If it becomes canon someday, I will pop the BIGGEST bottle. 

I will admit though, Yang and Weiss in particular are two characters that I really struggle to see dating guys. Like in fanfictions and stuff. Weiss because I just think she’s, as you said, a useless lesbian (in the most endearing way possible) and honestly with Yang…I haven’t seen anyone in the show not named Blake Belladonna (or Weiss Schnee if we’re naming names) that is good enough for her. Not one other person has come close.

Plus I think introducing a character late in a series to then be the main love interest of one of your originals falls flat. They don’t have the history.

It’s all just chatter though - romance isn’t a priority in the series yet. 

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Yay! I'm glad your ask box is open again!!!! Love your head cannons!!! Heres my question! What games/activities would the Starish members teach with their future children? (With Gifs please)


STARISH with their children:

Natsuki Shinomiya

Otoya Ittoki

Masato Hijirikawa

Cecil Aijima

Tokiya Ichinose

Syo Kurusu

Ren Jinguji

**BONUS: Ranmaru Kurosaki**

alone time

Originally posted by moonyutae

word count: 804 


character(s): nakamoto yuta, nct 127

three years ago you met your best friend, yuta. he’s been your rock and safety blanket the whole time. you just happened to be shy and clingy, you clung onto the people you were close with. most of your friends found this annoying, they thought you were too clingy. they also wanted you to grow out of your shell, but it’s a challenge. yuta understood this which quickly made him your best friend. he always protected you, and for that you’ll be eternally grateful.

“aww y/n” he cooed, you clung onto his arm as he approached the dorm

“what if they don’t like me” you whined quietly, he stopped in front of the door and captured your face in his hands

“they will love you just as much as i do” he said before opening the door and greeting his members

“guys this is y/n. y/n that’s johnny. mark, taeil, taeyong, hae chan, do young, winwin, and jae hyun” he said as i tried to remember all of their faces and names

“she’s kind of shy” he said, smiling a bit before sitting with you on the couch and talking with his members

*time skip*

now that interaction was roughly six months ago. within that short period of time you’ve become close with all of them. since their comeback is coming up there hasn’t been much time to hang out. yuta though, yuta will always make time. if it’s taking a nap together, getting coffee, or getting lunch

recently he’s been under a lot of stress, with each day their comeback becomes that much closer. they were all stressed and worried about what their fans would think of their new concept and sound. you’ve tried your best to assure them that no matter what, their true fans will love it and maybe it’ll attract more fans.

“y/n” winwin called, you had the official, unofficial job of being their caretaker

“coming” you said back, rushing to his dorm

“why are you in yuta’s dorm? where is he?” you asked, looking around the room and under the covers until you found him

“he’s been in here all afternoon” he said quietly before leaving

“you alright?” you asked, turning to see he moved to sit in the corner of the room, he stayed silent

“yuta?” you said, approaching him as he looked up at you

“what?” he said angrily as you flinched

“are you ok?” you asked, he rolled his eyes and stood up

“why are you always in my business?” he asked harshly as you looked at the floor

“it was just a question” you explained as he scoffed

“you’re so clingy! it’s so irritating, but i pretend to like it because i don’t want to hurt your feelings. you need to learn to come out of your shell. god you’re so dependent and it gets on my nerves. sometimes i wish you never came into my life, so i don’t have to worry about leaving you alone for more than five minutes. stop getting in all of my business and leave me alone” he yelled as you felt tears prick your eyes

“the truth comes out” you said before turning on your heels and walking out, you finally let the tears fall

“y/n” jae hyun called, catching the attention of all the members as they comforted you

“he’s just talking a bunch of shit” johnny yelled, getting angry at yuta for hurting you, he was like your older brother

“jonhnny, stop” do young said, making him sit down

“we’ll go talk to him” do young said, johnny and jae hyun leaving with him

you sat there, his words repeated themselves through your head. winwin and mark were the only ones left in the dorm so they sat there and comforted you. you placed your head in your hands and tried to shut out the thoughts.

“y/n?” mark asked, you lifted your head up and saw yuta, you cowered into the two boys a little more and hurt flashed through his eyes

“y/n…i-i’m sorry. i can’t put into words how sorry i am. i was just stressed, and i took it out on you. you didn’t deserve it and i’m so sorry. please forgive me. i didn’t mean any of the words i said, it just came out and it was just bullshit. i’m sorry” he said as i looked up

“please i don’t want to lose you over this, please” he begged, starting to get on his knees

“i forgive you” you said, lifting him up

“have i ever told you how much i love you?” he sighed, bringing you in his arms

“no, you better start telling me everyday” you retorted, he looked down at you and kissed the top of your head

“i’ll start tomorrow”

Sirius moved through the packed halls at Hogwarts with an amazing fluidity and ease, shifting between bodies and quickening his pace as he made his way to the Great Hall to reunite himself with his best mates. The closer he got to the Hall, however, the more densely the students’ bodies were packed and the harder it was for him to get through.

Being that he was Sirius and he wasn’t about to wait, practice patience, or be nice to a bunch of people he didn’t care about, he made a fuss, speaking loudly and shoving through.


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i just thought of a prompt where bucky goes on a rampage after seeing steve got hurt in front of his eyes and went into a coma. he won't rest until everyone responsible pays but even then, he still breaks down bc his baby doll won't wake up

“Stevie,” he sobbed brokenly into Steve’s neck, “please wake up for me darlin’. I got ‘em all. It’s safe now, sweetheart. Please just come back to me.” 

Steve had been in a coma for over a week. In that time, Bucky had been there every step of the way; he had taken down the fuckers who dared to hurt him and sat by Steve’s bed, reading to him, kissing his soft cheeks, in the hopes he’d open his eyes. 

He hadn’t. 

“I love you Stevie,” he whispered, kissing Steve’s downy hair, “I love you so much baby doll.” 

Steve didn’t wake up then, but he squeezed the hand in his. It was something. 

sup my dudes!! so I’ve made JUNKO YUKIMURA here FANDOMLESS. Formerly a Haikyuu!! OC as setter at Niiyama Joshi, which is now a side-verse, she’s now set in college and plays for a pro volleyball team. She’s 6′0′’, muscular af with thick thighs to crush watermelons with, is a bit an asshole but she’s Trying Her Best and she’s actually pretty awkward sometimes. And she loves girls a lot. Girls are very cute. I’m open to most fandoms and really want to branch out, but unfortunately I don’t have a real life faceclaim yet. Could you please REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW if you’re interested in interacting? Thank you!!

Highlights from camp
  • Sharing a cabin with @limerentt @agnescecile and @aelinsassryvergalathynius and legit just taking via tumblr and not in real life
  • Hitting myself in the face on the giant swing, leaving a weird bruise on the bridge of my nose
  • Starting a rave at like 11:00 with @agnescecile
  • explaining panic! at the disco’s history, and reciting the fall out boy drunk history to my canoeing supervisors, and one of them saying that he knew p!atd. 
  • @limerentt and my rendition of love is an open door after we traded meals (i ate her salad and she ate my lasagne)
  • the mosquito bites that were legit everywhere
  • The endless amount of melted skittles on our cabin.
  • Skyping our friends from Marist and legit talking around random shit
  • “Goddamn it Sophie put some pants” “No fuck the patriarchy” *jumps off the top bunk onto floor like savage Spongebob*
  • When the smoke alarm went off at 1 am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and we spent a good 30 minutes trying to shut it off ith the help from a teacher
  • Getting competitive as shit on this amazing race like challenge that we did today
  • When @limerentt face planted on the low ropes, and like bruised her shoulder
  • eating pretzel sticks on the top of the rock climbing wall, then jumping off, falling straight into the wood chips
  • doing school work at like 12 at night and then not being very productive in doing so
  • legit just a shit ton of beef happening
  • “fuck boys at camp toukley”
  • “Felicia, you can’t eat your tater tots, it’s cannibalism”
  • “Jada you have an aoli fetish”
  • Burst blood vessles on my sholdours from my heavy suitcase/bag (and emotional baggage)

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if you still want fic prompts, can you do a flower shop/tattoo artist AU with zoe and alana? (i know you already wrote a fic with them, but we barely have content with the deh girls)

there is never gonna be a day when i don’t wanna write this pairing! my inbox is still open, and i love the deh girls so much! thank you so much for the submission! by @neglectedrainbow

Alana is finishing up an order when the tinkling bells of another customer ring overhead. She glances up, her entire body halting as she catches sight of the new customer. It’s a girl, around her age, perhaps a little bit younger, with long, wavy locks of light brown hair. She’s wearing light blue jeans, and her entire upper body is covered in colorful, vibrant, detailed tattoos.

Alana stares for perhaps a bit too long (definitely much too long) before catching herself. She returns to her work, hastily tying up the last bundle of flowers–a rather unusual bouquet of sunflowers, requested by a haphazard-looking women yesterday evening–and setting them aside. 

The stranger approaches her countertop. She’s wearing a soft black shirt, one that hangs off her shoulders just slightly, revealing columns and swirls and rows of patterns, colors, designs. Alana stares again. There’s a large tattoo of an indigo flower running up her forearm, the vibrant purple color capturing her attention.

Surrounding the indigo are swarths of other tattoos, similar in style and technique, of seemingly everything imaginable. A quote runs up the side of her arm, in a small, cursive script, and a few numbers are scrawled across her wrist. Each tattoo is unique, different, full of color and personality, something that, one anyone else, would seem haphazard or random, but, on her, seems like a quilt, a quilt of life. Alana blinks a few more times, wondering when she became so existential.

The stranger clears her throat. Alana jumps violently, blinking rapidly, “Um, hi!”

“Hello,” the other replies slowly, but she’s smiling, her eyes bright.

“How may I help you today?” Alana tries to focus on what she is saying, rather than this new, beautiful woman. My Lord, she thinks wearily, I really am so gay.

The woman chuckles slightly, “I have a friend who’s graduating from college this weekend, and I wanted to get him something.”

“A friend?” Alana asks, without thinking.

The tattooed girl’s eyes crinkle knowingly. “Yeah. But, just a friend.”

“Right.” Alana’s cheeks begin heating up. “So. Um. Well, roses are very common in celebratory situations, but I guess it really depends on the person? Do you know what he likes?”

The other shrugs, “He likes the color blue?”

“Um…well, we don’t normally use blue flowers, because they tend to… People say that they can look artificial in bouquets and such, but, um… Oh!” Alana springs to action, rushing around her work space to grab a few example flowers. “We could do a mix? Some Asiatic lilies, white roses, white carnations, cream roses, and a few blue statices. Oh, and of course some greens, to even things out, and…” She shows Zoe the small combination of flowers, a beautiful array of colors, calming and airy.

The girl smiles, fully, and Alana’s heart may melt just a little, not that she’ll admit it. “Perfect,” she whispers.

Alana smiles back, fidgeting with her glasses a little. “Great, I’ll just… What’s your name?” She pauses. “For, um, for ordering purposes, you know, um?”

“It’s Zoe. Zoe Murphy.”

“Oh, great, I’m-I’m Alana…Beck.”

“Nice to meet you, Alana Beck,” Zoe says, and her voice flows like summer wind.

Alana nods, not wanting to end the moment of serene calm that brushes over them both as they meet eyes. “You too.” Alana clears her throat, “Do you work in the area, Zoe?”

“Yeah, actually. I’m a tattoo artist down on Lexington.” Zoe brushes a hand through her hair. “So, I’ll come pick up the full bouquet tomorrow, yeah?”

And they’re both smiling. “Perfect.” Alana wonders how it got so warm in this shop.

“And, if I were to, maybe, also, I don’t know, ask you out, for non-order-related purposes… Would that be okay?”

Alana’s head shoots up, as she blinks rapidly, trying to stop her heart from beating so rapidly. “That would-that would be more than okay, I-yes. Yes.” She nods, and then they’re both smiling again, even wider this time.

“I have an appointment in just a moment, so I gotta go, but I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Alana nods again, and there’s the emerging feeling of butterflies in her stomach. “Yes, yeah, I’ll-I’ll see you tomorrow.” Zoe walks out of the store with the promise of returning at 4 the next afternoon to pick up her flowers…and her new date.


So I had a project on the Muslim religion for school and I thought it would be cool to go one step beyond and actually get my info from someone professing the religion. I reached a Facebook page of the Muslim community in my city and in less than a week I met with Noman and his wife and had a great interview with him and then a lovely chat with her, they thought me and my boyfriend very quickly a lot about their religion, traditions and the place they had made here for other muslims and whoever wanted to learn about the religion, culture or Arabic language.
I’m not converted or anything, I still have strongly atheists beliefs (or disbeliefs?) but I was so amazed by the whole thing and how they were so friendly and so open about everything, I loved their teaching 100x times more than whatever catholic people has been trying to inculcate me for years 👌🏻
Here are pretty pictures of the Quran that they let me take for my presentation

Do you know if polyamory applies to queerplatonic relationships? I have multiple queerplatonic partners and am trying to find a romantic one. Does this count as polyamory?

I have an FAQ page about this!

I’ve never been in a poly relationship but I’ve been thinking. There’s a girl I like, and I also like her boyfriend. I can imagine being with them, makes me happy to think about and the girl suggested we get together. How do I know poly is for me?

I also have an FAQ for this!

I recently discovered I’m polyam and I live in the south (a very slightly more liberal area, but still pretty conservative.) How do I find other poly people? 

And I have an FAQ page about this!

I’m dating this person whom I love very much but at the same time I love this other person I also love the same amount. I don’t thing person #1 is open to a poly relationship. How do I approach this?

Here’s my FAQ about this!


Screenshots from Robin! :)  

Okay raise your hand if thought this video was going to be about pixlpit just because of the title of this video? ROBINCEPTION! xD 

In all seriousness though I like when Seán plays games like this that talk about disorders and mental illnesses because it opens up interesting discussions and thoughts from him. I love that he opens up these kind of discussions and that he’s more open minded about these things and is interested into being to listening and learning about what people go through when they have certain kind of disorders and mental illnesses. It’s nice because there’s so many people who act like mental illness doesn’t exist or that people just use them as excuses to be lazy but for most people that’s not the case at all far from it and when people try to talk to those people they won’t listen because they think they know exactly what you’re going through and they really don’t and it’s extremely frustrating to talk about how you’re feeling when people think it’s not real. 
A lot of the people I’m around on daily basis have disorders and mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, OCD and many many more. Let’s just say that I’m lucky that the only things that I have are Asperger’s Syndrome and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But this game reminded me of my Mom. Not that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome specifically but she does have a Chronic Illness that’s extremely painful to go through and because it’s a newer illness recently founded and that’s hard to get diagnosed with and get evidence for not that many people take her seriously with it and think that it’s all in her head. She has fibromyalgia, I see how much pain she’s in on a daily basis and I’d never wish anyone to go through that while also dealing with the frustration of proving you actually have it too. Sometimes I extremely admire my Mom for doing as much as she can’t despite having it, she can be a very strong woman. :) 

I don’t have Chronic Fatigue Sydrome either but I can understand the feeling of being tried super easily and not being able to get that many things because you just don’t have the energy. I’m around a lot of pessimistic people and that can be extremely draining for me to be around because for some reason I take in how people around me feel and sometimes I’ll feel stressed or upset for literally no reason at all. Plus I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and when you get extremely stressed out and anxious over something you are just exhausted afterwards. I’m anxious very often so it’s hard for me to get things done for myself because I can get overwhelmed with something super easily and also because I have Asperger’s Syndrome too I’ll hyper focus and obsess on something and only think about that. So I have a hard time getting the urge to take care of myself sometimes and that can REALLY suck. The combination of both these things is what keeps me from moving forward with my life and even just getting the little things done for myself too on a very bad day with my Anxiety. Whenever I try to think of what I want to do in the future my brain just freezes and I just shut down and avoid it and freak myself because I’m so afraid of never being happy with my life. It’s a viscous cycle that I’ve been going through these last couple of years and it can be extremely hard to explain to people about that because they think I’m just being lazy and mooching off my parents when that’s not true at all. If I felt like I could go out and get a job I would have one by now! But my anxiety is so bad that it gets in the way of that and I find something wrong with every job I come across. 
I’ve gotten better with my anxiety in recent years but I still have a long way to go but I have a lot of faith in myself that I’ll get to where I want to go and be eventually it’s just going to be harder for me then it is for most people my age. I know that one day I’ll be living the happy life that I want for myself. :)