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Here's a fun imagines (or at least I think so, rip) But imagine the band in a campy - horror movie, friday the 13th style/zombie fic. Like what their tropes would be, and who would come out alive at the end of the movie.

I want to write a fic based on this now because I love the concept.
(Also, sorry if the format is a bit wonky, I’m posting this through my phone so I can’t bullet, italicize, bold, or otherwise edit my text ☹️)

2D is the one who’s always fucking someone.
-His best friends are being hunted down and killed and he’s off fucking someone in some random abandoned cabin in the woods.
-2D and his s/o die later on in the movie bc they’re the fan service. They screw like four times in the kinkiest ways possible without the movie being considered porn before both him and s/o are found by the slasher and killed while they’re doing it.

Noodle: the survivor but also the woman that can’t run without falling down.
-She narrowly escapes death on multiple occasions.
-She’s the person nobody watching the movie expects to survive until she unleashes some pretty rad fighting moves and strategies.

Russel:(through much sweat and tears and a great deal of laughter I had to restrain myself from using the “black person always dies” trope)
-He’s the person who tries to start the car when he’s being hunted down but it just doesn’t start. He get out to quickly check under the hood of the car (because all people in horror movies are morons who don’t understand that you can’t do that while there’s a killer on the loose) when the slasher just pops up behind him holding an axe. The slasher brings the axe down to hit Russel in his neck (the slasher always aims towards the major arteries for major cliche blood squirtage.). But directly before it hits, Del’s spirit suddenly appears and protects Russel, somehow forcing Russel into the car and locking the doors, Del possesses the car and they drive off.

Murdoc: the fucking satanic moron that somehow revived and evil spirit/killer/something that awakened the thing trying to kill everyone.
-The first to die or get possessed.

Victor Nikiforov as Howl~

I was watching Howl’s moving castle for the hundredth time again this weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about Victor when I saw Howl >w< so this happened when I realized how much I wanted to draw Vitya with long hair as well ♥ ゜・。。・