i loved this finale

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

How to Flirt with a Dog Demon by TouchofPixieDust

I’m so excited for more of this!!!


Before, when you all confessed your feelings to me… I took advantage of your kindness and made all of you wait for my answer. But… I finally realize what it is. To think it took all of this for me to get it… I hate how clueless I was, but… I finally know now. I love Mutsumi-senpai.

everyone is posting their pieces for the beautiful inuyasha zine from last summer, so i guess it’s finally ok to post mine! i loved working on this so much and everyone did such a great job on their pieces… looking through my copy makes me feel so proud o(^∀^*)o

  • Me: I can't wait for Cheyenne's wedding
  • Also me: okay, but Yousra, be ready because Thursday, Jonah might tell Amy how he feels, like how he REALLY feels about her, you know what I'm saying??? This episode could change the odds for Amy & Jonah because we know that in the finale, he will be struggling with the consequences of an admission he made to Amy right?? AND someone tweeted that a tragedy would bring them close together so???
  • Still me, trying to collect my thoughts : yeah, no, I'm not ready, I'm gonna die but it's okay because season 4 will revive me...

Fall Out Boy Creations Challenge  |  s0fthearts
Theme: Favorite Song

B o y c o t t   l o v e
Detox just to retox

Dear all, if you are worried about whether you should go to a concert alone, don’t be. Just go for it. What’s important is that you don’t leave any regrets and enjoy yourself to the fullest.