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It Wasn’t Real (part one)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.


A/N: So literally i was overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I got for this story. Once again THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I’m actually so excited to start this series and I have so many ideas bubbling around in my head, so please enjoy.

There’s something’s i need to make clear before we get started. The rest of the story (except for the first part) will happen four years after the events in IT Chapter One. I know that sounds weird but it will get better I promise! This is also sort of an AU mainly because IT will come back sooner than twenty-seven years, which doesn’t happen in the book. So it’s like based off the original story but isn’t at the same time?? It will all make sense! And there will be an Character x Reader ending, but i’ve closed down the poll as of now until we get further into the story! Right now, Richie is leading!

Anyways… I hope you all enjoy this story! Oh! And Henry hasn’t die in my story, as well as his father. Everything else is the same.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see)

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones.

Tag’s List: @chalatea
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It wasn’t real.

It seemed that maybe it was. When time passes, friends tend to forget each other. It was an unsaid thing. No friendships last forever, no matter hard you tried to make them. But something in you had always told you that when it came to the Loser’s Club that wasn’t true.

You’d been wrong.

Separated from those you called your family, everyone started drifting apart. Some of them still talked, like Eddie and Richie or Bill and Beverly, but in the end, no one really was as close as they use to.

It was almost as if they’d forgotten, stopped believing in what you all experienced. And you couldn’t understand why. Because while everyone was off moving on, forgetting, you only seemed to remember. You tried. Tried and fought and screamed and yelled for them, but it was like you were standing in the back, watching as their back turns. Watching Richie look away, watching Eddie follow or Bill turn and Beverly distance herself. You saw less and less of Mike, Ben never left the library and Stan… Stan wouldn’t even look at you.

Soon it was just you, just like IT had teased, and you were alone.

So, no, Bill, it was real.

Three Years Later…

You let out a breath of relief as the school bell rung, signalling the end of class. English class today in particular had been boring and repetitive, some idiot decided to back talk the teacher so the majority of the class was spent with Ms. Green lecturing you all. It would’ve been fine, had that not meant that your pile of homework had grown significantly larger in size.

Gathering your binder and books, you quickly stuffed them into your bag. Though when you looked up, you noticed that most of the students were already out and sighed. It meant the hallways were going to be cramped with people, and it was the end of the day.

Knowing it was inevitable either way, you slipped your backpack over your shoulders calmly and pulled the straps. “Have a nice weekend, Ms. Green.” You waved at your teacher. She may have just spent an hour yelling at you all and then the last half talking about what you had to catch up on, but she was nice when she wanted to be.

“You as well, Y/N.” She shortly replied, not sparring you a glance. You hesitated a moment, watching the way her eyes didn’t even move to say goodbye before sighing and making her way out the door. The hallway wasn’t as bad as you expected, which was a breath of relief. Quickly, you made your way down the hall, turned a right and low and behold there stood your locker.

Putting in the combination, you begin organizing what you’d need over the weekend and what you wouldn’t. Though, your moment of peace was quickly interrupted when the door of your locker was slammed to the side. You jumped, letting out a bewildered shock and turned to see who had so rudely disturbed you only to find a face you hadn’t wanted to see.

“Hey, babe.” Henry greeted, smiling down at you. Henry Bowers, the same Henry Bowers who use to bully you and your friends back in middle school. Of course, Henry confessed he doesn’t ever remember doing such a thing. I’d remember a pretty face like yours

Refusing the urge to shiver, you sent a short smile at him; “Jesus, Henry. You nearly gave me a heart attack.” He only shrugged, as if he didn’t care. Smiling through the discomfort, you grabbed your locker door, moving it off of the next one and Henry wasted no time leaning against it.

Henry Bowers had been sent back two years, making him in the exact same grade as you, of course he was eighteen already. Though, that didn’t mean he acted any more mature. 

“So, you coming with us to the pit tonight?” Henry asked, looking lazily over at you. Setting your final textbook in your locker, you shut the door with a soft thud; “us?”

“Belch and me.” He clarified. You hated Belch, all he did was well… belch. And it disgusted you, but it seemed no matter what him and Henry stayed friends. At least some things were the same. “Oh, and I believe Amy will be joining us.” 

“Oh,” you mumbled. “I don’t think I wi-”

“Why not?” Henry interrupted, cutting whatever you’d been about to say off.

You shifted uncomfortably, taking a tentative step back when Henry straightened out. You should probably just go, Henry would back off if you did. But you really did not want to spend the night in some dingy corner of the town with belching Belch and bitchy Amy. “My mom… she wants me home tonight.”

“Your mom?” Henry laughed, as if that was the craziest thing you’d ever said. Leaning down, he didn’t ask when he grabbed your wrist; “your mom never wants you home. Come on, it’ll be fun.” Fun for you, you wanted to say, but knew better. Knowing nothing you could say would allow you to stay home, you let Henry drag you off into the direction of the school doors.

You zoned out whatever he’d been saying, loosing yourself in your mind. At least it was the weekend, you told yourself, after tonight you wouldn’t have to speak to anyone, let alone see anyone. Of course, two days only lasted so long… Weekends use to be filled with adventure back in middle school… of course you were a child then and so was everyone else… but, it had been an adventure.


Turning your head, you were pulled from your thoughts as a familiar head walked by. You could almost swear… Time seemed to freeze, as the person’s head floated before you, but then suddenly it was gone. Looking down, you heard the thud as their body smacked against the ground. 

“Watch where you’re going, freak.” Henry laughed, shoving his hand into Belch’s stomach in excitement. You hadn’t even noticed Belch join you…

Looking over at the body, you didn’t move as they slowly moved to their hands and knees. You of course, felt bad, put no part of you wanted to help them. You only stared with a lazy eye, your wrist still in Henry’s grasp. It was only when their head turned up to glare at your boyfriend did you feel an reaction flood through you.

“Eddie…” You whispered, gaining a strange reaction from Henry and Belch. Seeing their gaze, you moved to look away before your eye caught Eddie’s. There laid Eddie, the same Eddie you used to constantly worry over and mother, on his knees, blood pooling from his chin where he’d smacked it against the ground.

His eye met you, but you didn’t do anything. 

Soon he groaned in pain, Henry had kicked him. Henry leaned forward, towering over the boy; “stay down.” And before you knew it, the grasp on your wrist tugged and you were off.

You gripped your jacket sleeves with force, watching as your breath formed before you in the cool evening air. You hated walking home alone, especially at night. It was when you saw things, things that shouldn’t be there but were. But of course, Henry hadn’t wanted to walk you home, so that left only one other option.

You laughed out into the bitter air, when did Henry ever wanna walk you home?

It’d caused many fights before, back when you first started dating. You didn’t want to stay out that later (or go out at all) but of course Henry wanted to, so you did. You’d stay out all night, doing whatever dumb thing him and his friends could think off until the sun had set and you could no longer see past you clearly. You’d beg him to walk you home, but he’d only shove you away and continue hanging with his friends.

Though, you guessed the moment of peace gave you time to think. Think about whatever. It never really was the same.

You let your eyes wander above you, to the night sky, viewing the many stars as you walked the streets of your neighbourhood. You were close, thankfully. It was January, meaning a new year and christmas had just passed. That also meant many houses still had there christmas lights up, too lazy to take them down and you could view the bright colourful lights in peace.

It wasn’t often you saw so much colour in your life nowadays.

Your feet made a crunching noise as you stepped into the snow, a sound you loved very much. There was nothing but colourful lights, empty streets and mindful thoughts.


You could see your house now, just before you and that gave you motivation to quicken your step. 

“Y/N.” Gasping, you turned around at the voice. You weren’t sure what you’d expected, but you had expected something. Instead, all you found was nothing. Just the street you’d already walked on a million times and the darkened houses except for the bright christmas lights. Shaking your head, you turned back around. You must’ve been imagining it.

“Y/N.” Okay, that time you hadn’t. You were sure of it.

“Henry?” You called, turning around once again. “Henry is that you?” Of course, nothing. People didn’t really like to reply to you much these days. “Henry, I-I swear to god if this is a prank…” There was nothing there, but you were so sure you’d heard a voice.

“Y/N.” You spun, the voice now much closer behind you. Except when you turned around, there wasn’t anything there.

“Time to play.” You spun again, back around and for a moment you saw what you never thought you’d see again. IT. IT. It’s red fire-y hair and sinister smile. But the next time you blinked, it was gone. “Time to play, Y/N.” You instinctively took a step back as maniacal laughter filled your ears.

Bolting around, you took quick and loud steps to your house, not daring to peer back behind you. You scrambled for your keys, fumbling to get them out of your back but the minute you did, you unlocked your door and swung it open. You wasted no time slamming it behind you, falling to the ground before it as you let out a shaky breaths.

Holding your hand against your chest, you tried to even your breathing. You were never afraid, at least you hadn’t been. Your friends made you stronger and now where were they?

Panting, you let out a little whimper. The second you closed your eyes, IT appeared and you wasted no time in opening your eyes again. Taking a look around your dark and vacant house, you were pulled away from the events that had happened outside and back into reality. “Mom?” You called, “you home?”

You wandered into the kitchen, finding nothing. No note, nothing. She obviously wasn’t home, but it’d be nice if she could at least let you know. Sighing, you dropped your bag on the dining table, taking a seat on one of the chairs. You let your head lean on your hand, staring at the darkened room around you.

“What happened…?”

Part 2?

Let me know what you thought! I hope you all enjoyed!

so i met mark waid today and he’s so fucking cool omg i love him. i told him how much i love cyclops and how i loved how he wrote him in the last champions and he said “he’s my favorite” and I told him I loved his sharon and he said “i LOVE sharon carter and her no nonsense attitude” and he said she’s gonna be in the book a bit down the line and i’m so excited. he told me for his cap run he started writing it way back when in like February so certain current events won’t show up right away but he will have cap actively punch nazis and fight white supremacy like he should. he specifically made a point to say that and i’m so excited.

oh god do i really only like season 1 of SU??? theres episodes i love in future seasons but im pretty sure they abandoned the season structure and just make a series of consecutive, vaguely connected events.

but, i dont think any eps after season 1 work well as a standalone? SU is very much a slow burner. you have to appreciate the moment. part of it is how designed around the bombs the show has become. the show isn’t seasons or episodes so much as  a series of bombs.

i don’t think it was a good idea to abandon the season structure. yeah, bombs are okay, but they tend to not have enough content to fuel hype by themselves. you have to be building up to something special! and SU doesn’t do that… it builds towards its endgame, yes, but that’s like how many seasons from now?

Day 633 - @cyarindraws is hosting a drawing event on her instagram stories and asked us to draw some fanart using this pose. Of course my mind went straight to these two, so here’s Alistair telling the Warden some crazy story. The reason I love Dragon Age and their characters so much is that you decide how you interact with them, and therefore everyone has a different connection, a different view of them. Alistair is my fave because throughout the game he learns to choose himself, to take control over his own life, and you can encourage him in that while also letting him be vulnerable. It was very powerful to me the first time I played Origins and he hasn’t let me, or my Warden, go since 😘

Alright, so we all know that klance is going to be end game in voltron, that much is obvious with events leading up to now and the fourth season.

Here’s the thing though. Remember that this is a children’s show on Netflix, aimed towards little children. Taking that in mind, I doubt we’re going to see Lance and Keith kiss more than once, if ever.

As much as I would love to see Keith and Lance being very affectionate towards each other and kissing each other whenever, its not the way the show is going to go.

My guess is that we’re going to start out slow, Lance putting his arm around Keith’s shoulder like its nothing while talking to people, Keith stepping back instantly to Lance when he knows he’ll get snappy, when they sit down on the couch their legs will touch slightly. Stuff like that.

You need to take in mind the characters for who they are, Keith shuts people out, and even though it seems like he wouldn’t want anyone touching him, he has never really pushed away when being touched.

Lance is flirty, witty, charismatic, and we still see that he doesn’t think of himself as the brave person he needs to be. He’s insecure. As much as the bedroom scene was amazing, when you think in depth Keith’s response was not the best, if anything it most likely made it worse, or maybe I’m wrong.

Both characters are their own, they have so much potential. And even though they act differently towards different kinds of people, I have my doubts that they will suddenly start acting very PDA and such suddenly.

We also need to take into account that this show isn’t about klance. Its about these kids who were taken from their lives on earth, and expected to be heroes. You have Pidge as she searches the galaxy for her brother and father, you have Hunk who is there for everyone but still has his moments of weakness, you have Lance who had to leave his entire family back on earth when that’s who he really needed the most, you have Keith who dispite being galra still fights along side his companions while taking heat from possible allies, and you have Shiro who was lost in space for an entire year and yet the minute he gets back to earth he’s blasted right back.

They are fighting a war, every decision could make a big change.

This show isn’t going to suddenly switch to just being about Keith’s and Lance’s relationship. The show as a whole is too in depth for that.

I expect that they will start bonding more than ever, and have a relationship that fits together with their personalities.

Anyways! I can’t wait for season four! This is just a thought and I’m not in any way trying to be disrespectful. I love this show too!


“Change! change! change!?” story event, 100DP, Byron’s/Xeno’s story

@kseifert @passengersaraht @spyrothetimelord @acrispyapple translated first part of the story.  I so love this story  。.:☆*:・’(*⌒―⌒*))) Byron is so wonderful, love him so much  ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )

Part 1 (loose translation)


After we heard the story about the candy, Nico and I went to Byron. He was staying in Wysteria to participate in a joint meeting between the two countries.

Nico: “King Byron…!”
Dee: “Excuse me”

Byron, who was reading documents in the room, raised his face and turned towards us.

Byron: “What is it?”

Dee: “King Byron, I think Louis gave you some candy.. did you ate it?”

Byron: “Yes… it had a strange flavor.”

(…oh, we were late…)

Nico: “Are you feeling okay?”

Byron: “I’m fine… was there a problem with the candy?”

Dee: “Actually…”

When I told Byron that the candy he received changes the personality, Byron opened slightly his eyes.

Byron: “In Wysteria the strange candy is popular.”

Nico: “But, King Byron is the same as usual.”

Byron: “Yes. I don’t feel that my personality has changed.” (pic 2)

His reactions did not change from his usual self, I’m relieved. (He seems alright… If Byron is fine, I think I should leave before I get in the way of his official duties)

Dee: “I want to apologize for disturbing you so sudden. Well then, we’ll…”

Byron: “Dee, wait” 

Dee: “Yes, what is it?”

Byron walks over to me, and lifts the ribbon that was decorating the front of my dress.

Byron: “It was loosened.”

Dee: “Ah, I can do it myself…”

Byron: “It’s okay, I’ll do it.”

Before waiting for my response, Byron fixed neatly the ribbon.

Dee: “Thank you.”

Byron: “It’s nothing.” (pic 3)

Byron smiled, and at that time a small sound was heard….(ah…) My tummy made a faint sound. (by the way, I forgot to eat lunch..) I felt embarrassed that Byron heard it. I dropped my gaze, Byron gently stroke my hair.

Byron: “If you wish, let’s prepare snacks for you.”

Dee: “What…?”

Byron: “Since I wanted to take a break anyway.”

(Just now… it seemed that Byron said he wants to prepare snacks…) I thought I was mistaken, but it wasn’t just me, Nico looked surprised too.

Nico: “King Byron, you want to prepare snacks? If you ask the chef, he will prepare them immediately.”

Nico looked at me surprised, Byron had a gentle expression.

Byron: “When it concerns Dee, I want to do it myself. Now, for some reason, I think so.” (pic 4)

(..ah…though I’m feeling very happy… Byron seems somehow different than usual…) I exchanged glances with Nico, not knowing what to say, Byron headed for the door.

Byron: “Dee, what do you want to eat?” (pic 5)
――…after a few minutes

(Byron…wow…) The sandwiches brought in front of me were just as good as the ones the chef makes.

Dee: “King Byron, you really made these…?”

Byron: “Yes. I made them while listening to Nico’s advices.”

Nico: “I tasted them, I was amazed how delicious they are.”

Byron: “It should suit your taste.”

Dee: “…thank you.”

Even without eating, I know it’s delicious. Still…Nico poured the tea with experienced movements, Byron skillfully cut the sandwiches with the knife, I was feeling nervous somehow.

Dee: “Um.. is there anything I can help with?”

(Although, earlier, they didn’t let me help with preparing the snacks. I can’t just stand there, not doing anything) As I was standing up from the chair, Byron placed a hand on my shoulder.

Byron: “You should take it easy.”

Nico: “That’s right Dee, Since King Byron is saying that, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Dee: “But, I feel bad…”

Byron: “This is what I want to do. No need to worry about it.”

When speaking so… I can’t say anything more. Byron took the hand off my shoulder, and with a fork carried to my mouth a bite size slice of sandwich.

Dee: “King Byron…?”

Byron: “You don’t want it?” (pic 6)

(Maybe I should eat it as it is..?) As the slice of sandwich touched my lips I opened my mouth.

Dee: “… itadakimasu.”

Embarrassed, feeling my cheeks getting hot, I opened slightly my mouth, and the taste of bacon and melted cheese spread softly on my tongue.

Dee: “…ohh… it’s delicious.”

Byron: “Is that so.”

I gave a big smile, and Byron’s expression softened.

Nico: “Dee, have some tea.”

Dee: “Thank you.”

Byron: “Dee, how about another bite.” (pic 7)

A tea cup was placed before me,  and once more, a slice of sandwich is offered, but, again I have a shacking feeling, I’m not used to this.  With Nico yes,… but with Byron I feel uneasy, since he is not himself..) While feeling confused, another piece of sandwich was offered, and at that time..

Albert: “What are the three of you doing?” (pic 8)

Dee: “…!”

Albert suddenly appeared in the doorway, looking surprised. That we made snacks… absolutely we can’t tell Albert about it.

Nico: “Albert can’t you see?”

Albert: “What?”

Nico: “Since it’s a lovers’ moment, don’t ask unnecessary things.”

Albert: “You brat, why did you joined the lovers’ moment?” (pic 9)

Nico: “For various reasons.”

(Nico, are you maybe trying to deceit Albert?) I showed my gratitude to Nico, who was nonchalantly winking at me.) 

Nico: “Albert, it is unusual for you to come to the dining hall at this time.”

Albert: “I asked the maids and they told me His Majesty is here.”

Byron: “You have business with me?”

Albert: “Yes, King Byron, you need to check this urgent documents…”

Byron: “All right. I am sorry, will be away for a few moments..“

Byron left us and headed towards Albert. During that time, Nico whispered in a small voice only I could hear.

Nico: “Without a doubt, King Byron was affected by the candy.”

Dee: “That’s right… it seems so.”

Nico; “Yes.  King Byron’s personality has changed, his Majesty wants to pamper Dee more than usual.”

Dee: “If that’s so… what shall we do? We cannot let King Byron do this anymore.” (if other will see  him, they will surely react the same way as Albert…)

Dee: “I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to stay away from him until the effect of the candy is over.”

Nico: “But, Dee, you have a date with King Byron tomorrow, right?”

Dee: “Yes..”

Tomorrow, after a long time, we both have a free day, and promised to go out in town.

Nico: “I heard from Al, that King Byron is also looking forward to it.”

Nico: “There’s no need to stay away.”

Dee: “But.. if King Byron will be with me, he will act different than usual, won’t the people around think that’s strange…?”

Nico: “It will be alright. Since Dee is King Byron’s sweetheart. If King Byron will take care of you more than usual, people will think that’s natural.”

Dee: “Is that so…?”

Nico: “Yes.

(for sure, Nico has plenty to say about it…)

Nico: “It is a rare opportunity, why don’t you take advantage of it?”

(to take advantage of it..) Before I could say I can’t do that, Nico clapped his hands.

Nico: “… Great, I thought of something good.”

Dee: “Something good?”

Nico: “That is a secret!”

As Nico gave a mischievous smile, Byron came back.

Nico: “King Byron, can I tell you something?”

Byron: “…? yes” (pic 10)


Byron is so sweet, always!!  (≧◡≦) ♡ (want to pamper him too  (//ω//)) *forever in Byron’s arms* (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

We spent 3 hours at The Taylor Swift Experience…it was absolutely everything and we spent as much time as we needed to examine everything, wipe tears of nostalgia, take some silly videos and photos, and document everything. My heart is so full it could burst. We ended it as you usually do at Taylor-related events: with a dance party! Thanks for bringing us so much joy, @taylorswift I had SO much fun yesterday!!

PS: Watch till the end for a surprise that I am immensely proud of, as it was not planned at all and just due to our extreme and undying love for you 😂


((Well, I guess we’ve just learned two new things about Freddy; 

1. He loves his friends so much and sees them as family.

2. He will do a complete 180 and go from talking about what he and his friends do in their past-time, to venting about how his murderer is a grumpy old man who apparently wants them to have no joy whatsoever.

This info may or may not be a revelation, but enjoy knowing it anyway))

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HighSpecs Week Day 1-Moving In/Drinking Together: One More For The Night

I am sooooo sorry this is late for the first day of my FF XV OTP week! I had work and a family event going that day so I had no time to write! But now I’ve got three days off so I’m gonna be writing up a storm. Ignis and Aranea are my top OTP besides Noctis and Luna, and Cindy and Prompto. They just fit so well together and I can’t get enough of them! A special thank you and shoutout goes to my dear HighSpecs Capitan, Eszter! You inspired me with your love of Ignis and Aranea, and I can’t wait to write all about them! Well, here’s the first story, so enjoy!

           The last box was placed on the ground with a heavy thud and Ignis soon rose to stretch his aching back. Rubbing his practiced hands against his protesting muscles, he sighed as he realized the moving in was finally done. How could a girl have so much stuff in this dire time? The world was in the middle of an apocalypse, with the skies blotted out by the Starscourge, and yet Aranea had enough clothing to clothe a small battalion it seemed.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get a pronoun validation? My name is Alexis and my preferred pronouns are he/him or she/her. Could you center it around writing or history as well? I hope this isn't too much to ask for or hard.

Alexis loved writing and his favorite topic was historical fiction. He enjoyed writing about historical figures and events in a way that engaged people more than a history textbook (although to him they weren’t that bad). He hoped to become an decently well known author in historical fiction, so that his profession would be combining his two passions. If only he could finish a project before getting excited about a different one…oh well.

Alexis loved writing and her favorite topic was historical fiction. She enjoyed writing about historical figures and events in a way that engaged people more than a history textbook (although to her they weren’t that bad). She hoped to become a decently well known author in historical fiction, so that her profession would be combining her two passions. If only she could finish a project before getting excited about a different one…oh well.

Favourite female characters in ten different fandoms

I was tagged by the wonderful @lglorien! Thank you so much! 

Rules: list ten of your favourite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. 

In no particular order: 

1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

2. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)

3. Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)

4. Harley Quinn (DC)

5. Rey (Star Wars)

6. Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney fandom, I guess?))

7. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

8. Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

9. Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) (But I also love Azula.)

10.  Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes)

I tag @goodqueenalys, @elinorx@jessicallange, @whatwouldflorencedo, @manbunjon, @bericdondarrion and absolutely anyone else that wants to do this! Feel free to say I tagged you, please!

some unlucky kiddos :’)