i loved this era so much


We’ve been to 13 Taylor Swift concerts together. From the Fearless Tour to Super Saturday Night, we’ve been there through it all. You have brought us closer together and we have made so many incredible memories because of you and I cannot ever thank you enough for that! We love you so much and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you through the Reputation era and beyond! See you on December 2nd at Poptopia!! Xoxo Maya and Linda 💕

This is the second era she’s doing this, but I really am in awe that Taylor invites fans over to her own house and spends a lot of hours with them. She really has so much love in her to share with a hundred people in one day and make them feel special. I love her. Her heart is golden. No person would do this for publicity, I wish people would stop talking trash about her, she sincerely loves her fans. I stan the right person.

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Shay I'm NEVER someone who thinks that Tay is pregnant but.. it's so weird that she's constantly wearing baggy clothes nowadays. She's never done that before and she's never hidden so much from paparazzi. Also.. the people at the SS are so secretive.. I don't know...

This whole era is about being comfortable and relaxed and in love. She’s wearing oversized clothing bc she can, it’s more comfortable. Wouldn’t you rather wear that than crop tops everyday. Also, her hiding from the media is for obvious reasons, if she isn’t seen before the album drops, people can’t make up stories about her and hence will all focus on the music which is the most important. She is not pregnant. Relax

Okay @ everyone saying they miss the old taylor, she’s still our taylor guys. She’s still the same woman who baked cookies for us and invited us into her homes and posts videos of her cats and interacts with us like we’re her best friends on a daily basis. Don’t mistake her cutting herself off from the media outlets who continue to bash her every year for cutting herself off from us, because that’s the complete opposite of what’s happening. If anything our relationship with her has grown so much closer, I mean she’s not on any other social media except for Tumblr where she can see us supporting her and loving her and making things fun again. This new era isn’t the start of a new taylor who is cold and cuts herself off from anyone and hates her fans, this is the era of her standing up for herself and fighting back harder than she ever has before against the people who have constantly tried to take her down. Please know the difference.

  • Sirius : Come on Remus just a lil kiss, I'm not asking for the moon *winks*
  • Remus : Are you serious right now ?
  • Sirius : ...
  • Remus : ...
  • Remus : Don't
  • Sirius : I'm sirius
  • Remus : I will stab you
  • James : *appearing out of nowhere* AND I WILL STAG YOU
  • Remus : Merlin why

i can’t believe bst era is over when im still bawling my eyes out over this move

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