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Hello I am new to ikon so I don't follow many blogs. Could you please recommend me some of your close ikon fans friends please? Similar to your blog? Thank You I love you and your blog

oh anon you’re too cute + welcome to the family!! ♡ I’m so glad you enjoy my stuff and yes, of course there are some must follow iKON blogs I can recommend :

@hanbabi  double biased gal who pretends having her eyes only on Hanbin, makes gifs, seems all cute and innocent but is extra/hyper on the daily. main reason why I have so many bias crisis problems + will bless you with her infinite love of Double B stuff - including shirtless pics.

@han-bin an actual angel with a super cute blog you’ll get addicted to real quick. she’s also the only person who is going strong with one and only bias being B.I / Hanbin - Sebin we will protect you from this switching lanes mess.

@konychanwookie ult. Chanwoo lover who showers us all with this giant bear and reminds everybody that he’s all grown up and manly now and will certainly steal everyone’s bias spot super soon. don’t mention Hanbin though, she still has troubles accepting him in her heart.

@bobhwa ok first go read her Bobsoo fic, I swear it’s so good + her tags = an explosion of love for iKON & you’ll find out she’s another extra chick and double b lover after following her, posts mainly iKON + Blackpink stuff aka you’ll be blessed by YG’s talented and visual kids every day.

@donghyuks-thighs let’s not talk about her bias situation, it’s probably the more messed up out of the entire fandom but it makes her posts and tags soooo hilarious tbh + actual iKONICs mom and Yun(hyeong)Dong(hyuk) lover - mention Dong’s ears and she’ll be happy.

@bi-ai Binhwan (B.I & Jinhwan) biased bringing us content from above all the time, super pretty gifs and sometimes even share content she bought herself with us, in other words bless her soul. but she will probably make you question who’s your bias real, real quick too and that’s an adventure of its own.

@ikonis I know you said close friends BUT this blog is legit the backbone of our fandom, always blessing us with the latest infos, gifs out of this world and sharing content such as DVDs and stuff aka the epitome of kindness hehe.

jokes aside, all of them are really nice and funny and make being an iKONIC a million of times better.

also since you’re new, here are some super useful masterposts to get to know the boys and their history better here and here as well.

you can always come off anon and talk to me too if you want, I’m talkative as hell and I have some bias crisis every two days but I’m nice, I promise haha! xx

Jason Todd on Important Issues (headcanons)
  • <i> Gay Rights?</i>
  • Jason: uh yeah. Anyone should have the right to love and be together.
  • <i> Transgender Rights?</i>
  • Jason: well no shit everyone deserves that
  • <i> Religious Freedoms?</i>
  • Jason: don't hurt anyone and you can worship Tim's Bo staff for all I care.... WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN ARGUE ABOUT THIS STUFF??!
  • <i> Abortion?</i>
  • Jason: tbh, I'm not a chick so none of my damn business
  • <i> STDs?</i>
  • Jason: sucks to be you if you have it, but people shouldn't judge. Also, use protection. Umm....this is so random
  • <i> Racism?</i>
  • Jason: it sucks. It's seriously not ok for anyone of any race or ethnicity to judge or be a jerk because of someone else's race
  • <i> Guns?</i>
  • Jason: everyone should be able to protect themselves. However, you need to have training and a lack of yknow.... Abusive and generally evilly violent intent and track record and such. No giving assaulters guns. That's why we don't have nice things in Gotham.
  • <b> These are honestly how I would think Jason would answer these questions. If you have an issue with it, don't reblog. And please don't start a fight. </b>

Modern Day!AU Texts/ Strange Magic Shitty Texting, Part 4! 

I am basically procrastinating on all my other fanfics with these things, but I can’t help it, they’re so much fun…

Bog: do u think u can make it tonight?

Marianne: i don’t think so =( dad needs me to meet with some other board members, and u know he wouldn’t let me skip out to go see u

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