i loved this chick tbh ok

Jason Todd on Important Issues (headcanons)
  • <i> Gay Rights?</i>
  • Jason: uh yeah. Anyone should have the right to love and be together.
  • <i> Transgender Rights?</i>
  • Jason: well no shit everyone deserves that
  • <i> Religious Freedoms?</i>
  • Jason: don't hurt anyone and you can worship Tim's Bo staff for all I care.... WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN ARGUE ABOUT THIS STUFF??!
  • <i> Abortion?</i>
  • Jason: tbh, I'm not a chick so none of my damn business
  • <i> STDs?</i>
  • Jason: sucks to be you if you have it, but people shouldn't judge. Also, use protection. Umm....this is so random
  • <i> Racism?</i>
  • Jason: it sucks. It's seriously not ok for anyone of any race or ethnicity to judge or be a jerk because of someone else's race
  • <i> Guns?</i>
  • Jason: everyone should be able to protect themselves. However, you need to have training and a lack of yknow.... Abusive and generally evilly violent intent and track record and such. No giving assaulters guns. That's why we don't have nice things in Gotham.
  • <b> These are honestly how I would think Jason would answer these questions. If you have an issue with it, don't reblog. And please don't start a fight. </b>