i loved this arc sfm

I say one of the best things about 117 is that it places Rin towards the top of the strongest duelists in the show list.
Yugo literally went undefeated until Rin. All of us expected him to lose to Yuri, and only Yuri, and the show set it up for us to think that way.
But here comes Rin, who we hadn’t seen duel before. Rin, who just happened to not have a duel disk when she was captured - for all we know, had she had a duel disk, she could have kicked Yuri’s ass.
Rin, who kills Yugo’s winning streak in four turns.
I think it’s a safe assumption to say that Kaito, Reiji, Shun, and Yuri are the strongest duelists in Arc-V that we’ve seen so far, and Yugo used to be up there.
But now there’s Rin.
Rin, who was confirmed to be dueling as she usually does by Yugo.
And I’m so fucking happy about that.