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Blogmas 8; Sick Proposal.

Harry proposing on Xmas!! Omg and imagine her telling him she’s also pregnant

You should write something about harry wanting to propose to you on christmas eve and planning this whole evening out, but then he gets really sick, so you make him stay home so you can look after him. like you cuddle with him on the couch and as he’s falling asleep he’s like “ ’M sorry.” “what for?” “was gonna propose t'you tonight, but i ruined it. ’M so sorry”

Two requests in one here; I had so much fun doing this one. It was so sweet and so lovely and I really do have a soft spot for sick Harry. Thank you to the two Anons who sent these in; I loved them.

17 pages and 6k words later, here we have the final product. ;))

I have a little note to add; I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t get all of these requests done during the 2016 Blogmas so what I’m going to do is keep them in my documents for the Blogmas I do in 2017. I hope you guys can understand this. 

Feedback would be so incredible on this one.

Enjoy. x

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Check, Please

Would you mind doing an imagine or a one shot with either Rossi, Hotch or Reid where the reader and them are getting married and she wants to keep her last name and she ends up keeping her last name even though everyone else is against it except the guy you choose? Also I absolutely love your writing it makes me so happy to find someone that writes absolutely everything. I also get so excited when I finally have enough time to sit an read your work.

I can do this!  I hope that you enjoy it, because here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“You aren’t taking his last name?”

“She isn’t taking your last name?”

“Have you talked to her about it?  I bet if you did, she would.”

“What about hyphenation?”

“It’s just tradition, it doesn’t mean anything.”

The two of you had heard it all.  Ever since you entrusted parts of your wedding to Spencer with the team, you knew it was only a matter of time before they found out that you weren’t taking Spencer’s last name.

And they were trying everything in their power to change it.

“I’m sorry that that they keep bringing it up,” Spencer would murmur lowly in your ear.

But never did he outright say that he was alright with it.

“Spencer?” you ask one evening as you mindlessly twirl your pasta.

“Yes?” he asks as he takes a sip of his drink and smiles at you.

“Does it bother you that I’m not taking your last name?”

You watched his reaction closely.  You had picked up a few tips on how to read people better since you had been with Spencer, and it served you well sometimes.

But this time you had a really hard time reading him, and you were concerned.

“Has someone said something to you again?” he asks.

You didn’t want to tell him that Garcia had asked if you had asked him.  You didn’t want to tell him that she felt it wasn’t right that you hadn’t.

But it had gotten your cogs turning, even though you had stormed out of her office lair angry.

“No,” you state.

“You’re lying,” Spencer calls you out.

“It doesn’t matter,” you shrug.

“It does,” Spencer emphasizes.

“Answer the question,” you ask pointedly.

The two of you looked at each other for a while.  The restaurant faded away, and details of the wedding became obscure as panic began to flood your mind.

But Spencer’s voice pierced through the stress and the worry, and reached down to the scared little girl who was afraid of making someone she loved angry.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Spencer says.

You read his expression, looking for indications that he was lying.

But he knew what you were doing, and it caused him to smile.

“Really,” he lulls lowly as he takes your hand across the table, “it doesn’t bother me at all.”

His fingers began to play with your engagement ring.  The two of you looked down and smiled at it, thinking back to that beautiful morning where you had rolled over and he had been holding it between his fingers, his hair mussed from sleep and his eyes clouded over with anxiousness.

It had been so simple, and so heartfelt, and you had pulled him into your arms and covered his entire body with kisses that morning as the word “yes” tumbled from not your lips, but Spencer’s, time and time again.

“Taking a man’s last name is a very old tradition that took the place of a written deed,” Spencer began. “Taking a man’s last name after the dowry for the woman was exchanged was a way for him to imprint upon her that she was his property, quite literally.”

You looked up into his eyes to find him staring at you.

“You are not my property, Y/N,” Spencer says earnestly.  “You are my partner.  My equal.  Our last names…they don’t have to match for me to know you love me.”

Your eyes were beginning to mist over as Spencer lets go of your hand and brings it up to cup your cheek.

“You marrying me says all of that,” he says lightly.

And as you nuzzle your cheek into his warm, smooth skin, the waitress comes back around with fresh drinks as the smell of your food begins to waft up through your nostrils.

“Wanna finish dinner and get dessert at home?” you ask sultrily.

You giggled as Spencer licked his lips and darted his eyes up to the waitress.

“To go containers, please?” he asks quickly.

And you threw your head back in laughter as the waitress scampered off quickly.

Stupid Feelings (Part 3)

Originally posted by farous

Part one here    Part two here

Anon requests: Omggggg I looooooved stupid feelings!!! Will wait for part 3!!! Love your writiiing!!!

If I slip ya a twenty do you think you could make stupid feelings pt 3 but with a little bit happier twist ;) P.s. you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’ll respect anything you do because you’re a wonderful writer

please do a part three of stupid feelings it’s so angsty it fuels my soul

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Based off of Taylor Swift’s “Clean”, (Y/N) goes through the healing process of losing a best friend.

Warnings: a lil angst

Word count: 934

A/N: This is the last part. sorry if you guys don’t get enough closure with this, but so far all of my other imagines / series have had happy endings, and although this isn’t exactly a sad ending, it’s not happily ever after and i’m very satisfied with it.  i hope you guys like it, enjoy!

The drought was the very worst

When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

It was months, and months of back and forth

You’re still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore

It had been months since I talked to Jughead. Although avoiding him was brutal, I knew that this was good for me.

The most painful part was not avoiding Jughead, but rather the sudden lack of his presence.  Over the course of a few months, we had formed a close bond, and then it was suddenly ripped apart.  It was like having a drought right after a heavy rainstorm.

Hung my head as I lost the war, and the sky turned black like a perfect storm

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

Healing is a process.  Every day I spent without Jughead was agonizing, but I kept repeating to myself that healing is a process.  I cannot heal if I return to the pain.

Did it hurt that I constantly saw Jughead with Betty?  Yes.  Was it painful to see them smiling and happy at Pop’s together?  Yes.  

There was nothing left to do

When the butterflies turned to dust that covered my whole room

So I punched a hole in the roof

Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you

Cheryl was scrolling through my camera roll on my phone when she suddenly stopped and sent me a distasteful look.

“Really, (Y/N)?” she asked, rolling her eyes as she showed me a picture on my phone. It was a selfie Jughead and I had taken together when we used to talk to each other.  “I thought you were getting over him?”

“I am,” I responded, snatching my phone out of her perfectly-manicured hand.  “I just wanted to keep this.  It’s my last picture of him.  The rest are deleted.”  She shook her head in disapproval.

“Delete it, honey,” she advised.  “It’s for the best.”

The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning, gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

I think I am finally clean

Said I think I am finally clean

It was a rainy night, and I was locked in my room.  Tears would not stop rolling down my cheeks.

“This is pathetic,” I whispered to myself, gripping my blankets.  “Pull yourself together.”  Clenching my eyes closed, I tried to calm myself down.  “I’m over it, I’m over him.”

The next morning, I woke up with puffy eyes.  I examined my appearance in the mirror, rubbing my face in a helpless attempt to make it look like I wasn’t crying.

“Healing,” I muttered.  “I’m healing.”

 10 months sober, I must admit

Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it

10 months older, I won’t give in

Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it

Ten months. It had been ten months since I had spoken to Jughead.  I spotted him with Betty less and less.  Part of me wondered if something happened between the two of them, but then I also realized that maybe I just don’t care anymore.  Maybe I’ve finally moved on.

It was freeing, being healed.  I could walk down the hallways and look all his friends in the eyes.  I could talk to Veronica without sadness pressing down on my chest, I could wave at Archie in the hallways.

But I still could not return to Jughead.

He was still my source of pain, and even though I knew that my heart had healed, the pain would come rushing back if I started talking to Jughead again.

 The drought was the very worst

When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

 Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

Veronica and I became close friends, and soon I found myself being welcomed by her whole friend group.  She was aware of what happened between me and Jughead the previous year, so she made sure to keep him in the dark about our blossoming friendship.

I sat with her, Kevin, and Betty at lunch one day.  Betty had become my friend, and I found myself able to enjoy being in her presence without thinking about Jughead.  We were laughing about something when Archie approached us, Jughead following.  He stopped at our table, and we fell silent.  Jughead and I immediately locked eyes, and I knew I could not avoid this any longer.

Maybe I had it wrong.  Maybe avoiding Jughead wasn’t the best way for me to cope.  As I stared into his eyes, I realized that I was not fully healed until I could talk to him again.  Until I could look my once best friend into the eyes and greet him, I was not completely okay.  The corners of his lips tentatively twitched upwards, hesitant about whether or not it was okay to speak to me.  Before he could utter a greeting, I beat him to it.

“Hi, Jughead.”

 Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you

I think I am finally clean

Finally clean

Think I’m finally clean

Think I’m finally clean

Bellamy Blake imagine: Accidents

Summary: Reader gets hurt accidentally because of Bellamy. He then brings her back to the camp and blames himself. Reader unintentionally confesses her feelings for him and he’s happy because he has loves her as well.

Word count: 2634

Originally posted by bebelusa003

I sighed from relief once I had reached my favorite place- little clearing with small pond. I had found this place like two weeks ago and since then I had been coming here to wash myself and relax. 

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It’s Okay

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader based on the movie P.S. I Love You. Instead of the woman receiving the letters, it’s Spencer, after his wife died in the field. She wrote letters to him in the event that she died so that he would be able to move on with his life. @coveofmemories


“Kid,” Morgan said as he knocked on the door. “I know how you feel, but you have to let us in some time. We’re here when you need us.” Two weeks ago, just weeks before her 34th birthday and his 37th, Spencer’s wife, Y/N had been shot and killed in the field. He hadn’t left the apartment since.

Since that night in the hospital, when he’d seen the light leave her eyes, his life hadn’t returned. Ever since, he felt numb. Walking around the apartment in a daze. The first night, he’d cried his eyes out, and since, he couldn’t cry anymore. It had been days since he showered - his hair greasy and falling over in his face. He knew he couldn’t stay in his apartment forever, but he still couldn’t get himself to leave. Instead, he clutched their wedding picture in his hands. In however many years he had left on this earth, he’d never forget how beautiful she looked that day, and every day since. As he went to lie down, a drop of water fell on the frame - he thought he couldn’t cry anymore.


Ten days later, it was Y/N’s birthday. The day before, Spencer had been feeling like he might want to get outside, but when he remembered it was Y/N’s birthday, he collapsed in the middle of the floor and sobbed for hours, ending any possibility of him going out that day. 

Only four days later, it was Spencer’s birthday.

Knock. Knock.

“Kid,” Morgan said from outside the door, “Everyone is here and we wanna take you out for your birthday. Open up.” Thankfully, Spencer had showered that morning, which was a good thing because he had absolutely no desire to do it right now. Without saying a word, he let everyone into the apartment and went to his room to get changed, coming out in a pair of jeans, muted red t-shirt and a black blazer. 

After they sat down at the table, the team attempted to get Spencer to talk. He said a few words here and there, but not much else. When the employees at the restaurant came over, cake in hand and singing happy birthday, Spencer began to cry. Along with Todd, one of his and Y/N’s friends at the restaurant, came a letter from him to Spencer.

“What is this?” Spencer asked, confused at the piece of paper in Todd’s hand.

“Just take it,” he replied. “I was supposed to give it to you if Y/N ever passed away.”

A tear slipped from his eye onto the paper in his hand as he opened it. “What does it say?” Garcia asked misty-eyed. He read aloud.

My dearest Spencer,

We’ve been together since we were kids. Started as best friends, awkwardly got together at 16, joined the Bureau and started a beautiful life together. If you’re reading this, it’s because I’m no longer there. That’s what this letter, and future ones, will be for - to help you move on in the wake of my passing. I know you, and I know that you’ll be devastated over my loss. I am pretty awesome, so I understand, but you’re too young to let my loss derail your entire life. Tonight, I imagine you’re out with everyone. Send them my love. Anyway, I want you to enjoy a piece of that cake we had when we first moved to DC - you know, the unbelievably decadent chocolate layer cake that gave me a foodgasm a la When Harry Met Sally? I want you to eat that. If not for you, then for me. Damn I want that cake now. After that, I want you and everyone else to go to the park a take a walk around the lake. Look around, take some solace under one of the big oak trees, and know I’m right there with you. 

I know your brain and I know you’re going to try and figure out when your next letter is coming, but don’t. It will ruin the spontaneity and that’s the point of this - get you out of that beautiful head of yours. Not in it.

It’s okay to grieve, and it’s okay to move on.

I love you, 


Folding the letter carefully so as not to damage it, Spencer put it in his pocket, but not before quite a few tears fell onto the worn parchment. Without ordering, Todd brought him a piece of cake, and with the slightest smile, he took a bite, bringing to mind the way Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when she’d taken her first taste.

“Ready to go to the park?” Hotch asked, after they paid the bill. Spencer looked at his friends with guilt, like they didn’t need to go with him, but Hotch read his mind. “Of course we’re going with you.” As they stood up from the table, Hotch clapped him on the back. “We’ll always be with you.”


A month later, Spencer had been back to work, but he was by no means okay. Every day, he woke up and for a split second, he felt that she wasn’t gone; he felt like he could breathe again. It would always feel like she was right next to him, but when he’d turn to the side, she wouldn’t be there.

It was the weekend. The team wanted him to go out, get out of the apartment. For the past week or so he’d been isolating himself again, but he had no desire to get out. All of a sudden, he heard a knock at the door.

“Spencer,” he heard from outside the door. It sounded a lot like Y/N, just older. His mother-in-law?

“Mom?” he called as he opened the door. “What are you doing here?” 

“I’m here to give you this,” she said, handing him an envelope. “Call me after you read it, okay? I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mom,” he cracked. “I’ll talk to you later.”

As he returned to the couch, he opened the envelope. 

My forever love,

My second letter. Brought to you by my mother. Since we were kids, she hoped we’d be together. Well, she got her wish. Although she didn’t want to think about the possibility, I insisted she hold my second letter for you. Remember how we always talked about going to Italy one day? I wanted to get in touch with my roots? Well, you’re going. With my mom and dad. They’re going to introduce you to the land of my relatives and because I’m always with you, I’ll be able to go there too. If you haven’t seen it already, inside the envelope is a plane ticket. My mom actually put it there, probably recently, but you know what I mean. I need you to go. I need you to realize that it is okay to do things that remind you of me without feeling guilty about it. I want you to go. Take some time off. Tell Hotch the order was from me, I don’t think he’ll disobey my wishes lest I haunt him from beyond the grave. When you get over there, have some lemon gelato for me. I’ve always wanted to try it. Remember, no matter where you go, I’ll be there and my parents will always love you. Have fun and remember…

It’s okay to grieve and it’s okay to move on.

I love you,


At Y/N’s behest, Spencer walked into work the next day and asked for two weeks off. When he asked why, Spencer showed him the letter. “She’s right,” he said, “I wouldn’t want her to haunt me from the grave - and I know she would.”

That Friday, he was on the plane to Italy with his mother and father-in-law, and as soon as they touched the ground, the headed to the gelato shop next to the hotel. The fresh, cold lemon taste coated his tongue, bringing a smile to his face as he thought of what Y/N would’ve thought. Foodgasm came to mind.


Upon his return home, Spencer returned to work with pictures and stories of his late wife’s homeland. “So how are you feeling?” Morgan asked as he rifled through the pictures. “How’re you in-laws?”

“They’re pretty okay actually. They miss her, as we all do, but they also know she wouldn’t want anyone wallowing in sadness, so they do their best to move past it. Frankly, they are better at it than I am,” Spencer replied. “As for me…I still need time. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before I can look at her picture without my heart dropping. Maybe it never will, but I need time.”


Week after week went by until it had been almost three months since his last letter, when all of a sudden it came to him. This time, courtesy of JJ. “Hey, Spence. This is from Y/N. I have no idea what it says, but she told me, you might need us after this one, so do you want me to stay while you read it?” He shook his head, inviting her into the apartment as he unfolded the letter, staring at his love’s familiar handwriting. Again, he read it aloud for JJ to hear.

Hi honey,

If I know you, and after nearly 30 years together, as friends and lovers, I think I do, your spirits picked up a bit after the last letter, but our anniversary is in a few weeks and I wanted this to be done before then, when your mood will undoubtedly dip down again…

For a second, he turned away from the letter, laughing at how well his wife knew him. 

That’s why this letter came now. I know you. You know sitting around my things isn’t healthy for you. Sure, there are things you’ll always want to keep, but my clothes? My crap jewelry? The painting on the wall that I love and you hate? There’s no need for these things to remain holding you down. I’m gone. Keep my wedding dress. Keep our childhood pictures together. Keep my good jewelry (if for no other reason than to hock that shit if you ever need money), but don’t keep the unnecessary garbage, just because it’s mine. That’s why I asked JJ to stay - and to have everyone else on call. I know it’s going to be difficult to throw out my things, but they’ll be there to help you, and it needs to be done. I’ll always be with you, whenever you need me. 

Remember…It’s okay to grieve and it’s okay to move on.

I love you,


“Tomorrow?” Spence asked as he turned to JJ.

She got up from the couch, kissing his forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow. With everyone else in tow.”


The next day, JJ, Morgan, Garcia, Emily, Hotch and Rossi all showed up at Spencer’s door, ready to help in any way they could. When he agreed to this, it was because he had just read the letter and wanted to do what she’d asked of him, but now, seeing them in his apartment, Spencer nearly broke down. He couldn’t do this, could he? Get rid of the remnants of the life they once lived?

However, silently, they made their way into the apartment and over the next couple of hours, they put her clothes into donation bags, her fake jewelry in the garbage, and that painting he hated off the wall. As they were saying goodbye, Spencer panicked, unable (or so he thought) to let go of the past. He collapsed into Morgan’s shoulder, sobbing, but no one left - and no one said a word. After the tears had dried, they took her things with them and when the door closed, somehow, he felt lighter.


In less than a month, it would be a year since she’d passed. Every day was a little bit better than the last. He still saw his in-laws all the time - and every day he still grieved, but it was getting better. Months upon months had passed between the letters this time, but this time, he found the letter himself.

My Predictable Husband,

You’re looking in the wedding album, aren’t you? Haven’t been able to since my funeral? This will be my last letter. My first memory of you was when we were four and you were pushing me on the swing. In my own four-year-old way, I knew I loved you then. Over the next 30 years, you were my best friend, my confidant and the absolute love of my life. It was an honor to have been your wife - to spend what little time I had with you. I was who I was because you loved me and for that I will always love you. My last wish for you is this…don’t close yourself off to the idea of love again. One day, some lucky lady will come across the beautiful BAU doctor and fall in love with his smiling eyes and fluffy hair. Let her in. I want you to be happy and if you find someone else that makes you happy, take that chance and run with it - and know I’ll be there cheering you on.

Keep these letters. Re-read them occasionally, but don’t let our memories hold you down - let them lift you up to higher places. Remember…

It’s okay to grieve, even years down the road, and it’s okay that you’re moving on.

I love you always,


As he turned the paper over, reading the last words she’d ever say to him, he sobbed, crying out in the middle of the room and looking up to the ceiling. Instead of talking to her, he picked up a pen, writing back.

My beautiful, perfect, forever love,

One day, I may fall in love again, but not now. For now, I’ll focus on other kinds of love. Familial, platonic, love of nature. I’ll take in the beauty of the world because you’d want me to and eventually I’ll start to see it again. I was a better man because of you and I have been honored to be your husband. When you died, a piece of me died too, but you brought me back from the brink of insanity and for that I will always love you. You took the time to write to me, so I’ll keep you updated. No matter where I go, who I’m with…just please don’t leave. I hope to feel your presence around me until my dying breath. I’ll write soon.

I’m starting to move passed it, however I’m not quite there yet. Thank you for convincing me it’ll be okay.

I’ll always love you,


Ticklish, One Shot

TITLE: Ticklish


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki finding out how ticklish you are and how sensitive to heat you are. Using his jotun powers he makes his fingers cold then holds you down to tickle you, loving your laugh.


‘The cavalry is here to save the day!’ Loki said as he bustled into my flat with two carrier bags.

I didn’t have a good day at Uni. So my best friend, Loki said he would come round and spend the evening with me. Which meant movies and lots of food.

Our relationship was, odd. After destroying New York some years ago, Loki decided to reside on earth after he was cast out from Asgard. I had met him one night in the local pub. I hadn’t believed him to start with when he said who he actually was, but that soon changed when he started his magic tricks.

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AOS comes back in a little bit, so in the mean time, here’s a little something to celebrate the heart of the show- Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, aka Skye, one of the most amazing and important characters that has ever been. Dates are listed below, everyone is encouraged to join!

  • Day One / March 27th: Daisy Johnson in Season One! This day is about Daisy in Season One, any scenes or moments or anything that fits into that category. She does hate Ward though.  
  • Day Two / March 28th: Daisy Johnson in Season Two- where she discovers her inhuman powers, and we find out about her birth parents and their unfortunate demise in the end.
  • Day Three / March 29th: Daisy Johnson in Season Three. I’d love to say this season was good to her but it really wasn’t, but she did have some good shots here. 
  • Day Four / March 30th: Daisy Johnson in Season Four- Daisy has a really pivotal arc this season, and she rejoins SHIELD. She’s got great stuff this season, and it’s not over yet, so let’s celebrate what we have so far. 
  • Day Five / March 31st: Favourite Daisy Friendship goes on this day, so whether it’s DaisyMack or DaisyMay, or anything of that sort, all are welcome. 
  • Day Six / April 1st: Favourite Daisy relationship, so whether it’s canon or not canon, all are welcome! Although I’d like to not see skyeward, but everyone can have their own favorites.
  • Day Seven / April 2nd: This is a free day, which means anything can be done, so do whatever you want! It’d be nice to do without certain things (cough neo-nazis) but as long as it’s good to Daisy it’ll be fine.

If there are any questions, complaints or criticisms, you can send them to my ask. Other than that, the official tag is #daisyweek, and #standwithquake, #daisyjohnsonedit and #aosedit will also be looked through. I’d love for people to join, so I hope people do.

Fix This--A Josh Dun Imagine

Hello Frens I wrote a Josh Dun imagine. I love writing so I thought I would give this a shot. Let me know what you guys think. I’m open to requests as well just let me know. Okay here it goes I’m planning a part two, so just hang with me.

Warnings: Strong language, angst


You were so excited. Your boyfriend of two years was finally coming home after nearly a year on the road, but the best part was you would have nearly four months to catch up on all you had missed. You were absolutely ecstatic.

Josh and you had met two years ago in a little corner bakery where you were working. He had walked in all good looking and confident and immediately captured your attention. You couldn’t help the butterflies you got when he would walk in everyday for the next two weeks. Finally he had asked you out and you couldn’t say no. After all, who wouldn’t go on a date with a handsome drummer. The date had gone wonderfully and the rest they say was history. 

But now Josh was coming home, and you had spent all day cleaning your small one bedroom apartment. You were just finishing wiping down the kitchen counter when you heard the door slam closed. Josh was home. You rush out of the kitchen and into the living room where Josh is sat on the couch taking his shoes off. “Jish!” you scream as you throw yourself onto his lap. You smother his face with kisses, but something wasn’t right. Josh was just staring at the wall behind you. “Jish is something wrong?” Your eyes fill with concern. Josh was never this distant.

“Yeah I’m okay just tired.” He pushes you off his lap. “I’ll be fine in the morning just let me rest.”

“Um…Alright have a good nights sleep.” You always knew Josh was grumpy when tired, but it had never been this bad, so you hoped a good nights sleep would make it better.

It didn’t. It had been three weeks since Josh had come home, and he had barely spoken with you, barely looked at you. To him it was like you weren’t even there. It was really hurting you, so you did the only thing you thought you could do– you called Jenna.

“Hello?” Jenna asked.

“Hi Jen it’s me” you sighed.

“Yeah Y/N I know. What’s up?

“Um… Can I come over? I need your advice.” 

“Sure. What’s this about you sound really upset?”

“I’ll explain when I get there” you say as you grab your keys. “I’ll be there in around 10.”

“Alright.” You hung up.

Ten minutes later you arrive at Tyler and Jenna’s. You don’t even have to knock as Jenna was waiting for you to arrive. She leads you inside and sits you on the couch. You look down at the floor and immediately burst into tears. “Oh Y/N what happened?” She pulls you into her body while you calm yourself down, and when you finally calm your breathing you pick your head off her shoulder and turn to face her.

“I don’t even know Jenna. Ever since Josh got back he hasn’t been the same. He had barely talked to me, barely hung out with me, barely even spoke to me. It’s like I’m not even there.” You took a shuddering breath to keep from balling your eyes out, but the tears silently falling down your cheeks gave away how much this was affecting you. “I don’t know what I did, Jenna. I’ve tried talking to him about it, but he just ignores me. I don’t know what to do.”

“Y/N I don’t know what’s going on with him, but I do know that he loves you so much. I have never seen him this happy, Tyler has never seen him as happy as he is with you. Approach him one more time. Work things out you deserve each other.” She gives your hand a reassuring squeeze. 

“Thanks Jenna.” You give her a hug and you drive home. 

When you get home, Josh is sitting beer in hand on the couch, some random channel on the TV. You sit down next to him and lay your hand on his shoulder. He shrugs it off, and you stare at the floor trying to keep the tears at bay. “Josh, do you have a minute?” He turns to you and gives you the dirtiest glare you had ever seen someone give. 

“God Y/N what the fuck do you want?” Josh never swore something was definitely wrong. 

“You’ve been so distant lately I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” 

“I’m fine Y/N” he turns to leave, but you grab his arm.

“You’re not fine Josh” you state matter-of-factly. “You’re almost never at home and when you are you just stare at the TV. You don’t talk to me or look at me. I’ve been your girlfriend for two years why won’t you tell me what the problem is?”

“You’re the problem, Y/N” You dropped his arm and he turned to you finally looking at you like you had hoped he would, but this was not how you thought this would go.

“What?” is all you can say.

“You are the problem and you always have been.” His gaze is relentless and you wish he would go back to the way it was five minutes ago, but he was a wave dragging you under and you don’t think you can survive. “All you do is think about yourself. Always demanding my time and energy. You won’t shut up. You’re annoying and clingy and not worth my time anymore. And when I am home I’m always forced to deal with your problems. I have problems of my own you know? And right now you are the biggest one.”

You stand there shocked. Josh had never said anything like this before “But I love you we can work this out.” Your voice is timid, barely above a whisper, but Josh hears it, you can tell by the heartless chuckle he gives you. 

“I don’t love you anymore Y/N. I thought I made that clear. You bore me, and when you don’t bore me you annoy me. Besides, I slept with Debby. She came to a show we met up, one thing led to another and you get the jist.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Josh had cheated? You stared at him, dumbfounded, mouth agape like a fish. Your heart felt like it was being ripped apart and set on fire. You were hurt and you don’t think this hurt would go away. “You cheated? I can’t believe you. You told me you would marry me one day. You told me you would love me forever and ever. You told me you would grow old with me. We’ve been together for two years. Does any of that mean anything to you?” You were sobbing now. All the anger and sadness from the past weeks finally catching up to you. 

“Everything is fucked up now–everything is fucked up because of you. I thought you were good for me, but you’ve ruined my life.You are nothing to me Y/N and you never were.” 

“Is this really how you’re going to treat me? Am I really just some worthless fling that lasted a little too long?” He nodded. “That hurts Josh. That really hurts.” 

You turned around hoping that he would just leave you alone, but the words he spoke next broke what was left of your heart. “Perhaps you should leave then?”

“Excuse me?” 

“I pay for this apartment and I want you to leave.” 

“Josh I have no where to go.” You were frantic now all of what he just said finally catching up to you. “Please let me stay tonight and I’ll find somewhere tomorrow.”

“No. I want your things packed and gone in the next ten minutes.” He turned and walked away, so you grabbed your duffel bag, gathered your things, and stopped at the front door. You looked around the apartment one last time before your eyes landed on Josh. He was watching and some part of you hoped that he would take it all back and everything would go back to normal, but it wouldn’t and you knew that. 

“I love you, Josh, so much.” 

“Just go.” With those final words you left your apartment, leaving your apartment keys just outside the door. It was raining, ironically, so you ran to your car and hopped in. There you sat for God knows how long and cried. You screamed and cried until your voiced just died. It was fitting though as it seemed like the rest of you had died when you walked out of that apartment. When the tears had stopped you drove to Tyler’s where, scratched on a napkin, you left them a note explaining everything that had happened as your phone had died earlier.  You placed the note in between the screen and the front door so it wouldn’t get wet. After leaving the Joseph’s you drove for days before parking in some run down motel in God knows what state. It was there that you began your new life. The one without Josh Dun.


(Tyler’s POV)

Something was wrong. I knew it. Y/N had stopped by earlier crying about something, but I didn’t know what. I had tried to convince Jenna all day to tell me, but she refused saying that it would work itself out, but she seemed worried. An hour late I had noticed Y/N’s car drive up, but she didn’t knock. She just stuck something in the screen and drove away. I watched her drive away, and after he car turned the corner I went to the door to see what she had left.  

“Jenna!” I screamed scanning over the note. Oh God this wasn’t good. 

“What Ty what is it?” 

I begin to read the note: “Dear Tyler and Jenna, I wanted you to know that Josh and I are no longer dating. It appears that I could no longer provide what he had needed, so he kicked me out, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I’m very thankful for everything you guys have done for me. I honestly don’t know where I would be without you. I’m sorry that I did not say goodbye in person, but I thought it would be best for you as I seem to come of as annoying. I’m so proud of both of you and I want to wish you well. I can’t begin to describe the pain I feel. You are my best friends, and you always will be. I love you both and wish you happiness in the rest of your life. Sincerely, Y/N.”

“I can’t believe it what happened? Josh loved her.” Jenna looked at me. “I thought you said he was planning on proposing?” 

“He was” I replied “I don’t know what happened. 

“I’ll stay here, try to get in contact with her. You go figure out what was wrong with Josh.” I nodded and headed out the door. 

Josh’s apartment was unlocked which was unusual in itself, but the inside was worse. To say his apartment was a mess would be an understatement. I doubt Y/N had been gone more than an hour and already there was paper everywhere. Tables were flipped. Chairs and lamps looked like they had been thrown around. It was a disaster. I heard footsteps coming down there stairs. “Y/N! Y/N! You came back! I’m so sor-” Josh stopped when he saw it wasn’t Y/N. 

“Oh Josh what did you do?” That’s when he broke down at the bottom of the stairs, and when I had calmed him down enough he told me everything that had happened. To be honest, when he was done I kinda wanted to just punch him in the face. 

“Ty, I love her man. What am I gonna do?” I had never seen Josh so sad before.

I walked to the door. “I don’t know Josh. We don’t even know where she is.” He nodded. “Look man, I love you, but I don’t see how you’re gonna fix this.” 

“I really messed up.” 

“Yes you did, but make something big. We’ll find her and you can win her back.” He nodded, and with that I gave him a hug and went home. God I hope we find her fast.

Late (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Here I come with another request! (well actually a fusion of two so ya know) Hope you enjoy it!

Requests: 4. “Is that my shirt?”, 35. “Why are you looking at me like that”, 46. “I’m in love…shit”

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                 I officially sucked at being an adult. I had no clothes to wear. And it wasn’t me over exaggerating, saying I had nothing to wear when my wardrobe was full. No. It was the case of me not washing my clothes for the past two weeks and quite literally having nothing to wear. The last okay shirt, was laying discarded on the floor, with a huge paint stain on its shoulder. I sighed loudly, thanking myself for living alone. I left my bedroom, hoping that I left some clean clothes somewhere in my apartment. Like an everyday Santa, but instead of presents, I left clean clothes.

             I found a plain blue shirt laying on my couch and I did a little dance, thanking myself for that. I quickly put it on, since I was already late for my work and noticed something strange. Not only the shirt I had just put on was too large for me and could easily be a dress, but also it smelled different. It smelled familiar, it smelled like home. My heart started beating faster because I knew that smell.

‘Hey Y/N! Are you ready?’ Barry asked entering my home.

             I turned around my face flushing bright red. I had his shirt on me, only his shirt. I didn’t find a pair of pants that would be clean enough for me and I didn’t really anticipate him just storming into my house. It’s not like he did it every day, anyways.

‘Is that my shirt…?’ he asked, his face getting flushed as well.

‘What was your shirt doing on my couch?’ I asked, trying to hide my embarrassment with attack.

             He was trying to look anywhere but at me. My legs so obviously made him uncomfortable and I quickly found a pair of suspicious leggings laying around. He finally looked at me, his eyes thanking me. He was so adorable, with his respect and his flustered face and just being himself.

‘Movie night… I had to go and save the city and apparently I forgot my shirt when I was… you know in a hurry.’

             I nodded, accepting it as an answer. I couldn’t really hold it against him that he was a superhero and he forgot his shirt when he was changing into his scarlet attire. I could live with that. I could live with him leaving his clothes for different reasons as well. Wait what. What.

             My eyes landed on him and I found him staring at me. Oh good god, did I say that out loud? Did I just insinuated that I wanted to see him naked? Barry Allen? My best friend?

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ I asked, blush staining my cheeks again.

             Did I fancy him? Yes. Was he the best human being I knew? Definitely yes. Would I want him to be my boyfriend? Of course. Would I ever tell him that? Yeah, nope.

             He shook his head as if he was trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts and smiled with this wonderful smile of his.

‘No reason. You ready to go?’

             I shrugged, brushing off his weird behaviour.

‘Just need to put something on and I’ll be ready.’ I smiled going back to my bedroom.

             Okay, now Y/N think. Is there any way you can find anything that is remotely clean…? I looked around at the mess around me. It represented my life pretty well, but at least Barry’s shirt still smelled like him and that gave me that feeling of safety. He had this weird habit of making things okay. Whenever he was around me I couldn’t worry, I couldn’t be sad. The moment he stepped into my life, he brought peace along with him. This was one of many reasons I loved him.

             Wait. What did I just think? Loved him? Where the hell did that come from? And with that question I just answered myself: straight from hell. But when I thought about it, about the way he treated me, about the way my heart was doing happy flips every time he smiled at me…

‘I’m in love shit…’

             I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like I’ve never seen this person before. It wasn’t like this life altering realisation just hit me. It was more that it all made sense now. Everything made sense again. All our movie nights, coffees and casual ‘friendly’ cuddling… There was however one huge problem. Barry Allen would never look at me in that way. And that hurt. I sighed quietly, finally finding a pair of jeans with the small stain that I could easily cover up with his shirt. Yeah, that would work.

             I went back to my living room, only to find himself staring at me again. I blushed, thinking about the realisation I just had in my bedroom and couldn’t say anything to make my silence better.

‘You are still wearing it…’ he said.

‘It smells like you’ I informed him and face palmed myself internally.

             Way to be cool. Way to preserve this friendship thing we had going on and not be weird about it.

‘I’m sorry, that is too creepy. Can we just go and never speak of that again?’ I asked, trying to save that.

             He stepped closer, towering over me. I felt my heart beat speed up and I really wanted to press my lips to his soft looking ones and not make it even weirder. But it would be weird. Cause he was Barry Allen, the brilliant CSI and the Flash and I was… well, me.

             Before I had a chance to think about anything else, he took my face into his hands and kissed me passionately. I was astonished. My morning did not go as I predicted it would. It took an unexpected turn; one I was not prepared for. I tangled my hands on the nape of his neck and prayed that it would never end. At some point we had to come up for air and he leaned his forehead against mine, breathing heavily with a happy smile dancing on his lips.

‘Now we are really late.’


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Meeting Sam Winchester

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Title: Meeting Sam Winchester

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,074

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I thought this would be CUTE! So I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much!

Here you were again, doing research for another ungrateful bunch of hunters.  Your vast knowledge of the supernatural had its advantages and its disadvantages.  Having countless hunters to research for in one day definitely didn’t help.  Your list of hunters that you researched for, grew longer as the days went on.  You were starting with the Winchesters.  It was a name you hadn’t seen before, but you didn’t ask questions.

You set down your bag at the table in the farthest corner of the city library.  When you did your work, you didn’t want to be disturbed.  You pulled out your various books that contained miscellaneous information on the different areas lore.  As you opened your laptop you saw two tall men walking towards you.

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Humanity - Chapter Two - Carl Grimes/Reader

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It’s been a couple of days since your father had killed those two men from the Alexandria group. Your father had said that you’re going to see a lot of them so trying to learn some of their names. You are currently sitting on your bed in your room, reading a novel called “Of Mice and Men” and you really like it, so far, you’re on the part where Candy’s dog was shot and Candy is crying in his bed, and you have to admit, this is giving you some feels right here. You heard a group of people walking by so you looked up at your door. You looked up to see your best friend, father and urm… boyfriend.

“(Y/N), sweetie. I have a proposition for you.” You father said, sitting on your bed next to you, you placed your booked down and looked at him.

“And that is?” You questioned raising a brow at him.

“I would like it you kept an eye on those little Alexandria kiddos. You go there and sunrise and leave at sunset. And do whatever you please just, keep ‘em fuckers in check. And, if they try anything, like rebel, you’ll tell me.” He said, looking over at you and asking you.

“Sure dad. When exactly are, we going to start this little… program?” You asked, looking over at your two friends. Omar and Anastasia or as you guys call her, Stacey.

Stacey has been your friend since the beginning. She had bright red, tightly curled hair, that went down just under her shoulder blades that she currently kept in a messy bun. She wore some light blue jeans and black boots, a black tank top with a red flannel, the sleeves rolled up and two guns placed each side of her hips and a machete on her left behind the gun. She a deep sea green eye color and a pale completion, she was a healthy skinny and had a sharp jawline, with thin pink lips and freckles over her face and arms. She stood at around 5’5 and was taller than you for sure.

Omar, had black hair slicked over like a greaser, black jeans and a “New Jersey” Tank top with a beer behind the words and the overall shirt was white with a black zip up over it. He had two guns at his sides and a crowbar on his right hip, with knives hidden and scattered somewhere in his outfit. He had deep brown chocolate eyes and a nice Mediterranean tan. He stood at around 6 foot and was slightly muscular.

“What are they doing here?” You asked, wanting to know what they have to do with this.

“They are going to be there with you for… protection, moral support, and make sure you don’t do something stupid knowing your history.” He chuckled, laughing at your recklessness.

“Alright Dad, I get it.” You laughed slightly with him.

“Okay honey. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning and drop you of.” He said, kissing your forehead and ruffling your hair before he left the room going down the stairs. You all waited to hear the door close before you spoke. Once you heard it you all sighed.

“Thank fucking god.” You breathed out.

“I know, he scares me” Stacey spoke finally, her voice was sweet.

“He wants me dead. Try having that on your ass.” Omar’s voice a deep, and cracked once in a while.

“Well who’s fucking fault is that?” You asked him as they both jumped on the bed. You got up and locked the door to your room and closed your window. Then you walked over to the bed and flopped down on it. Stacey and Omar snuggled together and giggled while you softly smiled.

“I mean, if you guys are coming with me at least I won’t have to fake a relationship with this asshole.” You laughed lightly while picking up your book trying to find your page.

“Um, if we ever “broke up” your dear old daddy would kill me. Literally You’re the reason I’m alive.” Omar said, looking sadly at you.

“I know. You just had to go and piss him off huh?” You sassed, turning a page in the book.

“How would I know that staying with another group for a while would piss him off? I got lost in the woods and I came back as soon as I could but, your dad still thinks I’m some sort of traitor!” He said, getting kind of loud.

“Oh hush! I’m surprised that Negan still hasn’t figured out your both fake dating… I mean, all I want is to be happy with Omar but the only thing keeping him alive is to date my best friend since I was five.” Anastasia sighed before continuing. “I mean, we all got some bad stuff on us but, can’t we just have a normal conversation without us worrying about Negan?” She sounded so tired of it.


“Sure love”


“So, uh… what do you want to talk about?” Omar asked, laying down with Stacey in his arms as she was between you and him.

“(Y/N)! Have you met anyone you like?” Stacey asked, looking at you as you read your book.

“Nope. Just stuck being a goddamn third wheel forever.” You said, as you continued to read.

“Well, once we fix this whole mess, I want some god children! I better get them one day!” She whined as Omar laughed behind her.

“Well I’ll tell you if I find someone. There is no one here who at least fucking decent like what the fuck.” You sighed, crossing your legs.

“Who knows~ Maybe you’ll find that special someone!” She sang out.

“I hope so. I really fucking do. Just… let me not fucking die first.” You smirked.

“You’re hopeless with at attitude.” Omar laughed.

“Fuck off, asshole”


“WAKE UP (Y/N)!”

“GOD FUCKING SHI- “And you fell off the bed, falling face first onto the floor as Stacey and Omar laugh.

“I’m sick of your shit!”

“I love you too! Meet me down stairs!” Omar laughed as he ran downstairs with Stacey.

You yawned and stretched, popping a couple of bones and got up. You used the bathroom, brushed your teeth, got dressed, and got your weapons. You had your guns and knives but, like your father he gave you a… special weapon. You decided to go with the usual and wear the leather jacket and your black sleeveless zip up with a fur outline, with some leggings with ripped jeans over and some timberlands. You got some retractable blades that stayed on your forearms. (Pic above)

You ran downstairs and met up with Omar and Stacey. You all walked to the gates where a vehicle was parked and ready for you. You hopped in the front seat while Stacey and Omar got the back. Your dad was driving you while a few men in their cars were coming with you to probably intimidate them.

“So, you know- “

“Yes dad.”

“And- “

“Yes dad”

“Don’t forget- “

“I know dad!” You laughed a bit. “I got the drill, just be happy I said yea and I’m keeping these fuckers in check your you.”

“And you’re the best daughter for that!” He hollered as you guys drove a bit more in silence before reaching a fenced in community.

“So, this is- “Omar started.

“Alexandria!” Stacey finished, as your father got out the car. He went up to the gate spoke with someone for the bit and the gates opened as your dad came back in the car to pull in. After everyone was in and the gates closed everyone piled out of the cars. You, Stacey, Omar, and your father stood in front of who you know as Rick.

“Hello Rick. Nice to see you again!” Your father laughed.

“Negan what-what are you doing here. You’re early.” He sounded nervous. Good.

“Well I came here to give you a surprise!” You father laughed as you saw some of the people from the lineup all look at you and your father. And you looked around, seeing the familiar face of the kid in the cowboy hat. You grinned sickly as his eyes widened.

“What surprise?” Rick asked, looking at you and your friends curiously. You looked up at him and spoke to him.

“We, are staying here on behalf of my dear old daddy.” You smiled at him before you raised your arms up and let the blades show.

“You know. To keep you all in check.” Your blade was pointing at this throat.

“Whether you fucking like it. Or not.”

Ehhhh, this was more of a filler chapter but, tomorrow it will be with more action and characters but, this is just a set up to let you know whats about to go down. And a speacial thanks to @captinunicornsfsan who will be helping with the story! Go check out that amazing blog! Leave a heart, comment, and reblog and feel free to leave and ask about my writings or a request at anytime! Bye my sinners! (p.s. dont look at the tags)


GA’s commentary during the last scene of ‘All Things’

This scene, I love this scene. But Scully had to be tired enough and slurry enough that it would make sense that she would actually fall asleep by the end of the scene, which is a pretty tall order, so she mumbles a bit, but I love how the music ties into this… I love the fish tank in the background…I love that she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder and he keeps rambling, and there’s just so much care in a way that Mulder looks at Scully and moves her hair to the side and that he covers her with the blanket…(Music starts - moby) and here we have the through line of the slow motion and these moments that are so important in our lives, whether we are asleep, or awake for them, that they are still there. And I wanted this two shot of them and then the camera to leave them and you’re not quite sure if he’s leaving or moving her to the bed or what the situation is…  

Time Waster Pt. 5 [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which he decides to fix everything.

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final part y’all


Help me.”

Reggie sighed deeply, finding himself in the exact same situation her had been in only a week ago. Jughead had cornered him in the student lounge, desperate for his help to win (Y/N) back.

“Why should I?” Reggie shot back. “All you’ve done so far is hurt her.”

Jughead’s shoulders slumped. This was his last chance to do something for (Y/N). “I love her Reggie. I always have. I just need to know that I haven’t lost her completely.”

Reggie felt his breath catch in his throat. He knew that Jughead was in love with her. He knew that she loved him back. Yet he still couldn’t help but fall for the (H/C) girl. He felt his heart break. It was agonizing, knowing that the one you loved didn’t love you back.

He should’ve said no, and saved himself the heartbreak. He should’ve said something insulting, like he always did, and walked out. He should’ve said no and told Jughead to stop wasting his time. Instead, he heard himself say something completely different.

“What do you need Darko?”


(Y/N) approached Betty shyly, wanting to apologize for what had happened the other night as they walked home.

“Betty?” she asked.

The girl in question turned around, smiling widely as she caught sight of her friend. “(Y/N), hey!”

“Hey,” (Y/N) mumbled. “Listen Betty, about the other night, I’m sorry. We had no reason to argue and I’m sorry I just walked off.”

“(Y/N),” Betty said softly. “You have nothing to be sorry for. But every thing I said was true. I’m sorry about what happened, but we both agreed it was a mistake. He truly is smitten with you.”

(Y/N) said nothing as Betty interlocked their arms, smiling gently as they headed outside towards their lunch table.


The day had passed quickly. In fact, the whole week had and it was Friday once more. (Y/N) and Betty had been slowly patching things up but Jughead was still not speaking to the girl.

Reggie had also been acting very weird and had been actively avoiding her. His texts were short, her calls went unanswered, and all of her invitations to Pop’s had been turned down. He was avoiding her and she didn’t know why.


The (H/C) haired girl turned as she heard her name being shouted. It was Veronica.

“Yes?” she replied.

“So I don’t know if you heard, but we’re all heading down to the river today after classes. A little celebration in honor of midterms finally coming to an end.”

(Y/N) vaguely recalled Betty going on about a meet up after school, but she had been so wrapped up in her thoughts she hadn’t paid much attention to the girl.

“Uh yeah, I heard something about that,” (Y/N) replied uncertainly.

“Well are you going? We can meet up after school and go together!” Veronica exclaimed excitedly.

“Uh, I’m not too sure that I’ll be going Ronnie.”

“You have to go. Please?”

All it took was one look at Veronica’s puppy dog eyes to get (Y/N) to agree.



Jughead was incredibly nervous. He had asked, no, begged Reggie for his help in order to make everything better.

He decided to set up a picnic down by Sweetwater River, in the same place where he had realized that he loved the girl. Fairy lights were strung along the trees, softly illuminating the clearing as the sun began making it’s way towards the horizon. Blankets were spread haphazardly among the clearing, all surrounding a table that was saturated with food.

Betty hadn’t lied. The picnic was set up partly to celebrate the end of midterms, but it was also Jughead’s plan to win (Y/N) back. The picnic was originally his idea, and with Reggie’s help, he had managed to turn it into something that (y/N) would definitely love.

Jughead flinched as he felt his phone buzz. It was a text from Veronica.

hey jug, we’re on our way’

Smiling, he tucked his phone back into his pocket. Shooting a nervous glance around the clearing, he carefully adjusted his beanie.

“Okay Jughead,” he mumbled to himself. “Showtime.”


Reggie’s heart hurt. His whole body hurt. Actually, scratch that. He was numb. He couldn’t feel anything as he heard the rustling of leaves as they moved, making way for (Y/N), Veronica, Betty, and Archie.

And maybe that was for the best, because it meant he couldn’t feel his heart break completely at the sight of (Y/N)’s face when she realized that Jughead had done all of this for her.

The clearing was beautiful. Wildflowers surrounded the edges and the trees were big and winding, creating a picturesque scene near the forest.

“He did all of this for you (Y/N),” Betty whispered in the girl’s ear as she nudged her forwards.

Jughead stood awkwardly in the middle of the clearing, looking at (Y/N) as she took in the scene before her and sighing in relief when her face broke out in a big smile.

Stepping forwards, he cleared his throat. “(Y/N), I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry.”

“You did this…for me?” (Y/N) asked in awe as she looked at the table was full of her favorite snacks and drinks, including milkshakes from Pop’s.

Jughead nodded. “Yeah, I just couldn’t lose you. I can’t lose you (Y/N). You’re too important to lose.”

Glancing up at him, (Y/N) blushed. “Jug…”

She was speechless and Jughead decided to use this moment to finally confess.

“I know I messed up. And I’m sorry. But my kiss with Betty, that was a mistake. It’s always been you, (Y/N). Every since that summer where we spent our days swimming in the river. I fell in love with you and I haven’t stopped falling since. I hate myself for hurting you, one of the most important people in my life, and I never meant to do it. I never wanted to do it,” Jughead had stepped forwards during his speech, ending up directly in front of (Y/N).

“Please,” he whispered. “Please don’t leave.”

Their friends all stood in silence, shocked at Jughead’s words. None of them had known that his feelings for the girl were that strong and they couldn’t do anything but wait for her reaction.

(Y/N) had no response. She too, had been shocked into silence. As he fidgeted nervously, (Y/N) realized that Jughead was taking her silence as a rejection and decided to do the only thing she could think of: get on her tiptoes and press her lips against his.

Shocked, Jughead didn’t kiss back until he felt her start to pull back. Wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in closely, he kissed (Y/N) with everything he had, all the while thinking about how lucky he was to have been forgiven.

The two teens pulled back when they heard the cheers come from their friends.

“Congrats!” Kevin.

“We knew you could do it Jug!” Betty.

“Glad to see you finally manned up.” Archie.

“Now that that’s done, let’s eat!” Veronica.

None of them noticed that Reggie had left.


A few hours later, when they were all stuffed with food and feeling content, the six friends laid down, looking up at the (now) star filled sky.

“I really am sorry (Y/N). I didn’t think you actually liked me,” Jughead whispered.

(Y/N) chuckled. “Are you kidding? I honestly thought you were into Betty.”

Jughead made a face. “She’s nice and all but she’s just a friend. I like you…a lot.”

(Y/N) blushed. “I really like you too Juggie.”

Jughead smiled and kissed her.

Everything was the way it was supposed to be. And as Jughead held (Y/N) in his arms, he realized that this was the way he always wanted it to be: perfect.



So the ending was pretty crappy. My bad!

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Fright Night (Sequel)

Yay! I actually kept my word for once! :’) ((kinda))

So, totally late to the party, but perhaps you all can end your spooktacular Halloween night with a hopefully heart-racing ending?

But yeah, here you are, my lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful, candy-filled Halloween this year! And if it wasn’t as sweet as you would have liked, then maybe Jacob can help fix that for you ;) 

Warnings: blood, gore, anxiety, violence, one savagely desperate beefcake, fluff (YES sue me I know it’s horror themed but you all should know by now I enjoy balance)

Words: 4,734 ((i wrote this all in one day I CAN T SEE ANYMORE))

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: Sequel to Fright Night - A horror-themed two-shot Halloween special!  -– You make plans to go through a haunted house attraction with Jacob and friends to celebrate Halloween, but it seems fate has other plans as a harmless joke becomes all too real. 

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Crazy (About You) (Part 2)

Request: Hey could you do a one shot where Steve and the reader have to go as a couple for a mission but they hate each other but they almost die and realize they care about each other and then at the end it’s all fluffy? Btw love your blog❤️❤️

Can I request a Steve/Captain America x Reader imagine where you guys are best friends and the reader starts having feelings for him but thinks he doesn’t feel the same so they distance themselves from him and Steve gets confused and after talking with the rest of the avengers about it he decides to confront the reader and then like the reader confesses their feelings and then like something cute can happen :))

Blog Tag: @ssprayberrythings

A/N: I decided to pair these two together because they seemed to be nice together, despite the differences in relationship. I had to change it up just a bit, though. This one was much longer than I had anticipated. Part two of two. See Part 1 here.

Warnings: Steve and reader get into a car crash

Word Count Total: 1913

Long Imagine #12

Title: Crazy (About You) (Part 2)

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

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A/N: OK sooooooooooooo I’m sorry. I was half way through this and decided “Oh this should be very sad and not what most people would think”. So I finished this and wrote “It’s my job”. The lovely @thosefuckingxmen gave me the idea to post the sad one first then try and repair you with fluffy Bucky. So once again requested by @iamwarrenspeace here this is. Also requests are open

@jaderbugz @zxcorra

Warnings: none just fluff

“I’m pregnant”
“I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

If you thought about it Bucky was very unobservant. A week ago you had found out you were pregnant and Bucky still hadn’t put two and two together. Meanwhile the rest of the team had figured it out and whenever You, Bucky and one of them were in the same room they would make tiny comments till you hushed them with a glare.

One morning your morning sickness had been acting up and Bucky, having found you throwing up in the bathroom when he woke up assumed it was the flu. So when he brought you toast and some orange juice you smiled at the sweet thought.

“Thanks Buck, you didn’t have to,” you said as he set the tray into your lap and sat at your feet.

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” He said smiling at you as you took a bite out of the crunchy bread. Reaching up to feel your forehead, he frowned when he found your skin wasn’t hot nor clammy.

Frowning when he got up off the bed and pulled a shirt over his head you called out as he walked to the door “Where are you going?” you asked his confusion laced in your voice.
“To see if Banner can come and give you a check up. When Steve had the flu before everything, he was always hot and clammy. And you aren’t. So maybe he can figure out what’s wrong.” He said turning to face you.
A small laugh escaped your lips confusing your husband even more. Patting the bed for him to sit you set the tray on the side table. “I know what’s wrong babe.” You said as he sat down
Sighing he looked at you “If you knew why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” he asked
“Buck, I’m not sick, I’m pregnant” you said. You weren’t planning on telling him like this. No, you had a whole dinner date night planned out.

Eyes wide he shook his head “You- we- I-?” he mumbled standing up running a hand through his long hair.

Your turn being confused you furrowed your eyebrows. This wasn’t what you had expected. You had always talked about kids and never in your wildest dreams did you expect his current reaction.

However, you were even more shook when he stopped his rambling, and started laughing jumping onto the bed and crawling up to you and resting his head on your stomach.

“Hey baby, I know you can’t hear me yet but I want you to know that I will never let anything hurt you. Also please don’t make mommy sick. It makes me sad.” He whispered to your stomach.

A smile on your face, you were playing with Bucky’s hair. You knew that this was going to be. You also knew that your world was going to become one person bigger.

Stopping when you heard a noise above you looked at Bucky.


You couldn’t help but laugh as Bucky groaned in the blankets.

You knew that this was going to be interesting.


Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions

A/N: This was requested by anon three days ago and I’m not going to put the request here because thats spoils it. I almost forgot about the request tbh so sorry anon. I hope this is what you wanted.

Summary:You have a secret to tell Thorin

Warnings: Ugly Crying 

Master List

You watch as Thorin plays with your baby boy. It had been four years since the Battle of the Five Armies, three since you were married to Thorin, and two since you had your son, Frerin II. He looked all over Thorin, but with h/c hair and e/c eyes. He was such a blessing after all the grief.

“Is something wrong love?” Thorin asks, picking Frerin up from the carpeted floor and moving to the bed where you were currently sat. You give him a small smile.

“Of course not, love. I was just thinking about how much of a blessing you both are,” you tell him, leaning over to kiss his cheek. He smiles at you and lays on the bed.

“Adad! Me want play,” Frerin grumbles, pouncing on his father’s belly. Thorin grunts and recoils. You laugh, reaching over to grab your son from doing more damage to your husband. “It’s time for bed, sweetheart,” you tell him, standing.

“I want sleep here, amad,” he tells you and you look at your husband. He shrugs and you smile. “Well I guess we can allow that,” you say and he jumps out of your arms and onto the bad. Thorin stands and the both of pull back the covers to let Frerin in and you both get into bed once he settles down.

You both move closer to him and you look at your little family. You’re little family that’ll soon come to an end.

The next day, you wander the halls, trying to look for Balin. Thorin said that he had given Balin a break today. He wasn’t as young as he used to be and deserved rest days.

You turn the corner and you bump into someone. The hand steadies you and you find Dwalin. You smile at him.

“Where’s the little one?” Dwalin asks. You usually always had Frerin with you unless it was a special occasion where one of his cousins wanted to watch him and today was that day.

“With Kili and Tauriel. Practice, you know?”

He just grunts and moves to walk pass you.

“Where’s Balin by the way. I wish to speak with him,” you ask him. “In the library. He’s supposed to be relaxing and yet he still somehow finds a way to work,” Dwalin scoffs before walking off. You roll your eyes and make your way to find Balin.

You find him easily in the back of the library, sitting at a table and reading a book on hobbits. Interesting read. You take a seat in front of him and he looks up from his book to address you.

“Hello, milady,” he says, closing the book and you glare at him. “Sorry, y/n. Force of habit,” he tells you and you shake your head. “What can I do you for?” He asks and suddenly your nerves come back. You had not even told Thorin about this. You hadn’t told anyone in fact. The only person that knows is Oin and an elf by the name of Hildrohim.

“Balin. There’s something wrong with me and I don’t know how to tell Thorin,” you start and he looks a bit confused. Last he checked, you were completely fine.

“What is it lassie? You know you can speak to me about anything,” Balin says, reaching over to grasp your hand in his. You look away as tears start gathering in your eyes.

“I-. I went to see Oin because I’ve been feeling weak for the past couple of months. Just completely tired and overwhelmed all the time. It’s like my entire body shut down. When I went to him, he gave me all these medicines and I always came back because nothing worked. He asked Thranduil for his best healer and an elf by the name of Hildrohim came and we met in Dale at Bard’s home. After doing a few examinations, he said that there was an incurable sickness within me,” you say, letting out a sob.

Balin comes over to you and pulls you into a hug. You wrap your arms around his neck and his go around your waist.

“I’m dying and I don’t know how to tell Thorin or Frerin or anyone. I’m such a failure,” you hiccup.

He rubs your back.

“It’s okay, y/n. It’s completely understandable. It happens,” Balin says. “But the life that we have built together was so amazing and I’m about to rip it a part because of something I can’t control and I can’t even tell Thorin!”

“Y/n. It is like you said. This is something you can’t control and Thorin will understand,” Balin replies. “But he’s already had so much taken away from him. His home, his parents, his brother. I would hate to cause him more pain,” you sob again and he just pulls you closer. You just continue to cry into him, wishing that you had never met Thorin so you wouldn’t be able to cause him so much pain.

A throat clears and you lift your head to find Thorin. You spring apart and try to wipe your tears. Balin is wiping away a few tears of his own. He dismisses himself, patting Thorin on the back on the way out.

“How much have you heard?” You ask, sniffling. “All of it,” he replies, reaching out a hand as if to not frighten you. You take it and he pulls you into a hug and the water works start going yet again with you just apologizing over and over and over again.

He pulls back and cups your face in his hands.

“Amralime. It is not your fault. None of this is ever your fault. You have brought so much joy in my life and everyone’s life you could never disappoint me. I just wished you had told me sooner. That way, I could love you up as much as possible,” he says, eyes searching yours.

“But you have lost so much-,”

“And I have gained so much by loving you. I will always love you and I will continue to love you until the end of my days,” he tells you and you pull him into another hug, hoping and praying to Mahal that you are given more than just two months to live. 

Thorins hopes and your prayers go unanswered and the Queen Under the Mountain ceased to exsist. The only happiness left for the King is his one and only child. The child that reminds him of the woman he had loved and had lost and everyday he wished their prayers hadn’t gone unanswered.

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Arguing with the Hound

Anonymous asked: Hey Meg! Can I please Request a sandor x reader? maybe the two of them have been in a relationship and they argue about something and then the reader storms off and gets into some sort of danger and sandor saves her? I just thought it would be extremely cute if it was like a fire related incident because sandor is afraid of fire BUT he’s afraid of losing the reader more? as always thank you so much for the wonderful stories! I admire you and your work

Here is your one-shot, lovely! I do not own Sandor or Tyrion. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: mentions of fire and arguments, fluff

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader, Tyrion Lannister

Originally posted by nostalgicgirl99

Your relationship with Sandor was unexpected, but no less passionate. The two of you argued the way you loved. With everything you had. This time was no different. Your love was at his wit’s end with you. It was strange. You were arguing about marriage. Sandor wanted to marry you. In his mind, he was finally loved and he never wanted to let that go. Meanwhile you weren’t looking to get married. Not yet anyway.

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Song requested by @sometimes-iwritee (I love you Meg!), My Best Friend’s Girl by The Cars, for my 200 Follower Celebration! Blacklist ‘Erin Celebrates 200’ if you don’t want to see them.

Pairing: ???????? x Reader - Meg said to surprise her, so I guess you’ll just have to read to find out.

Warnings: Language, NSFW, smut, fluff.

Word Count: 1,182

A/N: Who doesn’t clap right along with the beginning of this song? It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to! I hope you like it!

Shit, shit, shit, SHIT! You chanted in your head as you jogged down the sidewalk in your second best pair of heels, hoping you wouldn’t trip and break a heel, or worse, a bone.

It had rained the last two days, causing you to miss your regular lunch hour and now here you were, late. It had been the shittiest morning and you could use for a pick me up and not for something else to go wrong for the upteenth time today.

As you got closer to your regular spot you slowed to walk, the need to catch your breath and not look like a total fool overpowering your need to rush.

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Mistake pt. 1 [Jimin Angst]

Originally posted by sugaglos

“One stupid mistake can change everything.”

Part 2

“Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I’m still here. I want to leave so bad but I can’t”

“It’s because you don’t love her anymore and probably have never loved her either. You just don’t want to break her.”

You were standing behind the slightly open door that lead you in to your shared bedroom. You wanted to burst in there and let him know that you knew and that you heard all of it. You wanted to make him feel like shit, guilty, for breaking you. But you didn’t want to see him in bed, with her.

“Why don’t you just leave? You will hurt her more if you saty.” You heard her ask him. You knew from the beginning that she had feelings for him. There was no ‘just friends’ between the two of them. Jimin would always say that you were stupid for thinking that they could be something more than friends.

But you weren’t dumb because you were right. It did happen.

“I should. But I’m still unsure about my feelings for her. It’s like, I want her, but then I want you. But I wished she was a bit more like you. You’re the perfect one for me and I regret not choosing you two years ago.” You shut your eyes, your fists clenching. It hurt too much for you to breathe properly.

Everything was breaking, especially your heart. It felt like someone was holding a knife that repeatedly stabbed you where it hurt the most. It felt like nothing was worthy anymore. Nothing could make the pain go away. Not even time.

“It’s in the past, Jimin, don’t think about it. The important thing now is to make the right decision.” The right decision? To leave you?

“I love you, Naru.”

The feelings that you were feeling were something you never wanted to go through again. 

Was this the meaning of love? Was love supposed to bring you happiness before breaking you into peices? Was it supposed to be like this? Were you supposed to fall in love to only get your heart broken?

I love you, Naru.

Love you, Y/N.

The difference.

You turned around before walking out of the house, leaving them behind. The house where you once shared happy memories togetherm you and him. Laughing, smiling and loving. All that was now gone and to say it broke you was obvious.

Did he lie to you all this time? Did he ever love you, like Naru said? Or was all this just a stupid misatke?

You couldn’t stop thinking that this might have been your fault, all of it. That all this time, loving him was a big, mistake. It might has been a mistake to care and to love him more than he ever would and could love and care for you. Perhaps, you were the one to blame for loving to hard and for falling for him.

Perhaps this was the meaning with love. To break and to heal. But were you ever going to heal from this nightmare? Will you be able to forget about this day? Will you be able to look back on this day and not think about how broken and hurt you were?

Were you going to get through this? You had not a single clue, no answers about it because deep down, you were already broken into a million pieces that were impossible to heal.

The road that you were walking down felt like a never ending road to hell. Every step that you took, every breathe that you took and every tear that you let fall, everything reminded you of his words.

“You’re the perfect one for me.”

“I regret not choosing you two years ago.”

“I love you, Naru.”

Where were you going? You had no idea, you just kept walking while your phone was ringing until you no longer had the energy to take another step. It was dark, rainy and cold. You missed sleeping in your warm bed. You missed smiling brightly at him and giving him a good night kiss. You missed being near his touch, feeling loved by the one and only in your life.

Where were you going after this? Home? Home to America? A place where you once left just to follow him to his home, Korea? Leaving without your parents permission. Were they even going to accept you after all these years?

No one could hear you, not during this time of the night and not with all the rain drops falling down like a waterfall. But there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the rain and in the middle of the pain, you broke down in tears adn nothing could stop you from breaking apart.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, please answer me,” Jimin shouted on his phone before throwing it on the bed. Where the hell were you? He placed a hand on the wall, took a deep breath to try to calm down. But it didn’t work and he ended up punching the wall, again.

It had been a week since the last time he saw you. Jimin thought that maybe he would be able to enjoy life after that you left. That Naru might had been right about him leaving you as the right decision. But after only two days, he felt like his whole life had collapsed. Days without you didn’t feel as bright. Nights without you were cold and empty.

But where were you? He hadn’t even told you anything about breaking up. The two of you didn’t even have a fight before you disappeared. Where could you be?

“Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, she heard your conversation with Naru? Y/N came by the dorm and asked for you because apperently you had told her that you wanted to hand out with us for the rest of the day. But since you weren’t therem she left to go home.” Taehyung said thinking back to that  rainy day.

“Oh, hi Y/N. What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked, surprised to see you there. The weather was terrible and your clothes was wet from the rain. “Hi, is Jimin here?” You asked, trying to ignore the fact that you were freezing to death.

“Uhm, no. Why?”

“Oh… no, it’s just, he told me that he would be here because he wanted  to have some alone time with you guys. I’m just here to give him his phone that he forgot at home.” You said truthfully and handed him Jimin’s phone.

“I’ll give this to him when he arrives. Do you want to stay? The weather’s horrible and you’re going to get sick.” Taehyung asked. He was worried about your health since he knew you weren’t the strongest and healthiest person. He knew you could get sick easily and that it would be hell for you if you got sick.

You shook your head and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, I’m heading home anyway.”

“I’m so worried, Taehyung. I’m going to go crazy. I miss her so damn much.” Jimin cried and pressed his forehead on to the wall, letting his clenched fists rest next to his head.

“She will come back, She loves you.”


Jimin stared at his phone for minutes. It was you. He could feel it. 

He knew it was your message.

From: My baby 12/8-2018 5:43pm


I’m leaving.

I know you have had thoughts about leaving me, breaking our relationship and to be honest, I can finally say that I do understand you and your decision. A relationship where you don’t love me feels like somethign that will lead me on and I will only get more hrut by the end of the road.

These past week has been the worst in my whole life. Living without you felt and still feels, like a nightmare that chases me every night. I have learned a lot. I have learned how to deal with myself. How to make myself understand and to not let myself be selfish.

I am broken. I won’t deny it, because I am and even if I never wanted this to be true, you were the one breaking me.

Loving you has been beautiful. It has been like a dream come true. I lived in a dream for a long, long time where everything I felt and saw was all perfect. I had you in my life and I can’t wish for something more.

I am leaving to start over. I am leaving for good and I won’t come back. But I’m fine, Jimin-ah. I don’t regret loving you. I don’t regret anything with you because although you broke me, you still gave me happiness throough these years and I am and will always be grateful for you.

Please forget me and live the life that you deserve.

I love you, Park Jimin.

As promised, another scenario is here!! This timne, a very emotional Jimin angst and I’m really positive with the result. I cried while writing the last part so yeah HAHAHAHA.


It’s been such a tiring year with so many memories. This school year has been the best so far. I have become friends with so many new people, both irl and here on tumblr. I now have friends for life and I am so thankful for that. 

Writing here on tumblr has been something I do when I want to get my mind off from school and other stressful thoughts. And I want to thank you guys for reading and for keeping up my motivation to keep writing.

I will post another scenario on Sunday or Monday again, as promised.I hope you enjoyed this scenario and if you did, give it a like and if you want part 2, let me know!

I will talk to you soon, mwah ~