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Alucard Emery, here to steal your prince’s heart 

A little cosplay in anticipation of the release of A Conjuring of Light and getting to see @veschwab again next week. 


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I was happy enough when Anjali let me send her the book, and I was not expecting her to make a whole video response when it arrived!!! honestly, thank you so much. ;u; (thanks for the people that told me about the video too!! after watching it i got emotional so i had to take A Moment, that’s probably why i didn’t respond…. 😂) I’ve never seen a VA be so appreciative and supportive about what the fans create, and i feel the ow fandom is blessed to have a person like Anjali with us!!! THANK YOU ANJALI YOURE AWESOME! LOVE U!!



“Julius Caesar is said to have been tall, fair and well built, with a rather broad face and keen, dark eyes. His health was sound, apart from sudden fainting spells and a tendency towards nightmares that troubled him towards the end of his life, but he twice had epileptic fits while on campaign.

He was something of a dandy, so that he not only kept himself carefully trimmed and shaved, but also, as some people have charged, depilated with tweezers. His baldness was a disfigurement which his enemies harped upon, much to his exasperation, but he used to comb the thin strands of hair forward from the crown of his head, and of all of the honors voted him by the Senate and People none pleased him so much as the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath on all occasions- he constantly took advantage of it.

His dress was, it seems, unusual: he had added wrist-length sleeves with fringes to his purple-striped senatorial tunic, which he wore not only belted but loosely belted at that- hence Sulla’s warning to the optimates: ‘Beware of that boy with loose clothes!’

The only charge ever brought against him regarding his sexual tastes was that he had been King Nicomedes’ bedmate… Licinius Calvus published the notorius verse:

The riches of Bithynia’s King

Who Caesar on his couch abused.

Dolabella called him ‘the Queen’s rival and inner partner of the royal bed,’ and the elder Curio ‘Nicomedes’ Bithynian brothel.’ Bibulus, Caesar’s colleague in the consulship, described him in his edict as ‘the Queen of Bithynia, who once wanted to sleep with a monarch, but now wants to be one.’ Cicero too not only wrote in several letters that ‘Caesar was led by Nicomedes’ attendants to the royal bedchamber, where he lay on a golden couch dressed in a purple robe, and so this descendant of Venus lost his virginity in Bithynia…’

Lastly, when Caesar’s own soldiers followed his decorated chariot in the Gallic triumph, chanting ribald songs, as they were privileged to do, this was one of them:

Home we bring our bald whoremonger;

Romans, lock your wives away!

All the bags of gold you lent him

Went his Gallic tarts to pay

And to emphasize the bad name Caesar had won for both easy virtue and adultery, the elder Curio refers to him in a speech as ‘every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.”

- The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius, published AD 121

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hi! what are your thoughts on Magnus using Bahasa, whether in fanfic or on Shadowhunters? (didn't read the books so don't care about them) - @defender-and-destroyer

Hi, there!

First of all, bahasa means language in Indonesian. So “speaks bahasa” is literally translated as “speaks language” which is pretty weird. Unless you say Bahasa Indonesia, which means Indonesian language or you can just use Indonesian.

(I have to say this, because of non-Indonesian—mostly white people, tbh—love to refers Indonesian as bahasa and I get frustrated because it literally means language. Just use Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia.)

I have a lot of feeling about Magnus speaks Indonesian in fanfictions. I’m not going to lie, they’re mostly bad. After Magnus’ ethnicity was confirmed in City of Lost Souls, I found a lot of fanfictions with badly google-translated Indonesian. I stopped reading fanfics after that because I couldn’t stand it. I only started reading fanfics again after season 1 aired. Some fanfics with sloppy Indonesian are still here and there and they still make me want to pull my hair honestly. Usually, I immediately close it since it really is ruined the mood. However, I once read a fanfic with really good Indonesian and I was like, “wow, whoever write this did a good job, I love them!” and I’m definitely not upset.  

As for the show, I don’t mind if they want to make Magnus speaks Indonesian. But I really can’t trust a bunch of white writers and producers in doing this, especially after a lot of things go downhill this seasons. Not to mention that most of western TV shows or movies rarely do justice when they make a character speaks in another language. Have you ever heard a character in TV/Movies speak in your native language but you don’t know what they’re talking about until you read the subtitles? I don’t want it happens.

In short, I’m completely okay with Magnus speaking Indonesian as long as it’s done correctly.

If you want to write Magnus speaking Indonesian in your fanfics for whatever reasons and you know zero Indonesian and have no one who knows the language to help you, I really don’t encourage it. Especially not with google translate. (If you try to translate a full sentence from English to Indonesian with google translate, it definitely ends up in a clusterfuck. Trust me). But, If you insist, maybe you can seek a help. There are few of Indonesian fans here. I don’t know if they’re willing to help you, but I prefer help you with some translations rather than seeing sloppy Indonesian in your fics. I’m tired of seeing that.

Oh, while we’re at it, in the book, Magnus only speaks one sentence in Indonesian and I guess everyone in Malec fandom know that.

I no longer want to cry
when I think of you

And I know it sound crazy,
but that thought
doesn’t make me happy,
because it means that I’m moving on
from someone who I loved so much.

It means that I’m losing a piece of you
inside my mind and heart

and the part of me
that still wants to hold on,

—  It means that I’m emotionally getting used to not having you around

i wish i could read fanfiction like i used to but now it A: inspires me to write something myself B: reminds me how bad my own writing is in comparison or C: is ooc and i cant finish it

@tomwingfields what made it occur to me is that there actually is a jewish cinderella folktale that’s even more remarkably similar to lear that I had a picture book of when I was a kid. it’s called the way meat loves salt and it’s about a man who has three daughters and he asks each of them how much they love him and the two older daughters say they love him as much as gold and jewels but the youngest daughter says “I love you the way meat loves salt” and he casts her out of her house, but elijah the prophet finds her in the woods and gives her a magical staff that she can use to summon him whenever she’s in trouble. so she goes to a nearby town and is taken in by the family of the rabbi. one night they’re having a party and she uses the staff to summon a fancy dress and shoes and goes to a ball, and she dances w the rabbi’s son but runs away at midnight, and then that happens 2 more times and the third time the rabbi’s son spreads pitch on the stairs so she loses one of her shoes, and then he realizes that the beautiful girl he’s dancing with is the homeless girl that his family took in and they get married. her father is invited to the wedding, but doesn’t know that it’s his daughter’s wedding, and she hasn’t seen him since he cast her out of his house. before the wedding, she goes to all the cooks and tells them not to put any salt in the food. at the reception, she approaches him and says “how do you like the food sir” and he says “it’s terrible, there isn’t any salt” and she says “once I told you that I loved you as meat loves salt and you cast me out of your home, do you see now that I only meant that you were not a luxury but someone necessary to my existence” and he recognizes her and embraces her and she is reunited w her family. 

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I love all your thoughts on human-Controller culture. I'm so glad someone cares about the meatbags as much as I do. <3

YES!  It’s something that I really love about Animorphs that K.A. Applegate takes the time to flesh out the personalities and experiences of the hosts so much, even the ones who make only minimal appearances like Tom or Taylor.  Back when I was writing for the Supernatural fandom “Sol cares too much about the meatsuits” became a running joke among my friends (let’s just say I spent a lot of time worrying about Jimmy Novak and Adam Milligan), and that was years before I started doing fics about Applegate’s human hosts.  Although a lot of movies or books that deal with that concept of a hostile consciousness controlling one’s body (The Puppet Masters, The Host, The Tripods, Doctor Who, Angel, etc.) tend to gloss over the sheer disturbingness of what that experience must be like, the Animorphs series gets elbows-deep into the horror, since Animorphs never does horror halfway.

It’s actually refreshing that, even in the books like #19 and #29 that show more sympathy for the yeerk cause, K.A. Applegate does not flinch away from telling us: these humans are “the most total slaves in all of human history” (#30).  They are not even allowed the privacy of their own thoughts (#15), and they can be punished for even so much as daring to blink their own eyes (#2).  The yeerks “don’t just take over your mind and eliminate you.  You continue to be aware.  You continue to be conscious.  You sit there in your own head watching the yeerk open your memory, watching the yeerk fool your friends and family, watching the yeerk turn the people you love into the same kind of slave you’ve become” (#10).  In MM4, in #6, and #19, she outright states that the yeerks are violating the bodily autonomy of their hosts in a way that cannot be excused or apologized for.  Visser, #2, #6, and #8 all go into the devastating psychological damage that the hosts accrue; Alloran, Chapman, Allison Kim, Tom, Lore David Altman, Jara Hamee, and half a dozen other unnamed hosts all attempt or commit suicide in order to avoid continuing infestation.  If you think about it, these are people who are not allowed the freedom of their own thoughts, much less the freedom to decide when to breathe or blink or turn their heads.  No wonder they want out at all costs.  

So, yeah, it’s true that I’m a sucker for the stories about mind control, and I love wondering about the horror of being used as a human puppet.  However, I’m not sure that any writer captures the nightmare fuel quite as masterfully as K.A. Applegate does.  

honestly i love jane eyre so much like…. off the top of my head

  • she tells rochester point blank he’s ugly….. and then when he asks if she’d marry him he’s like “you’re a liar and i don’t believe you”
  • she literally forces herself to draw an unflattering portrait of herself, then draws a gorgeous portrait of blanche and then is like “of course rochester could never love me!” like how extra and dramatique but like those relatable ugly girl feels through the whole book? love ‘em
  • “infantile guy fawkes”

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Which fics have had the most influence on your writing?

This is a tricky one actually, because aside from the fic that convinced me to have a go at writing fic instead of original stuff (by the love @mulderscullyinthetardis) there haven’t been any watershed fic moments for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fic, (give me all the @malibusunset-xf-blog, syntax6 classics and all the tumblr stuff I consume daily) but my writing style hasn’t changed much as a result of reading fic.

If anything, I would say that I’ve learned more what I don’t like from reading fic. There’s certain common words (particularly in smut), certain OC things that for me are not something I enjoy reading, so I try and navigate away from them. My main influences are al the books I loved growing up, Roald Dahl, LM Montgomery, Wilkie Collins, Keats, Yeats… people who love words and play with them until they become something new!

Perhaps @somekindofseizure‘s work mught be the closest thing I have to a stylistic checksheet, her mastery of language always resonates with me, the way she creates these gorgeous images but without losing the pace of her plots is something I would love to emulate.

I also have huge respect for @sunflowerseedsandscience for the sheer speed and creativity that she puts out great plot driven stories. I am much more comfortable navel gazing so I’d like to let her influence me for good.

But the truth is, I have no one major influence, but am also influenced in small ways by everything I read. I’m a bit of a sponge, and that makes it hard to isolate one great influx of ideas and easy to find lots of pieces of other talented writers creations floating inspirngly in my brain when I sit down to write

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Why do you ship Sheriarty?

Because it feels like without Moriarty, Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock.. And without Sherlock, Moriarty wouldn’t be Moriarty. They’re two pieces of the same soul- They belong together so much it actually hurts me.

I’ve shipped them since childhood, since I read the old books, and still to this day I whole heartedly believe that Sherlock Holmes loves James Moriarty, and at times is terrified of those emotions.

Its beautiful. Its romantic. Its sad. They’re perfect together, and yes, that’s why I ship Sheriarty… Because those two revolve around each other like two planets.

James is stuck in Sherlock’s gravitational pull, he orbits around and around him- and they stay like that forever. Just Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty… They can’t live without each other. You have to admit, in it’s own terrible way

It’s very romantic. ❤

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Hi! I just came across your posts about the meta in Star Wars, specially Reylo and I'm fascinated and dazzled by your knowledge :D Really, it got me wanting to know so much more about motifs and archetypes, such as Death and the Maiden. Do you have any suggestions about books or any material on this matter? And if it's not rude to ask, what's your major? I was just curious. Thank you for your time, sorry to be noisy and I love your blog!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design with a major in Illustration and a minor in Creative Writing (with an additional focus on Literary Criticism). Before that I studied game design. If you’re looking for my art blog (and my other life) you can find it here.

As for books and materials: Death and the Maiden was a very casual essay imo, and when I was writing I was basically referencing the material I’d been studying over the past four years through my degree (aka learned knowledge). So if you’re looking for a specific list of texts linked to DatM you won’t find anything.

I’d absolutely read up on anything concerning Hades and Persephone, classic mythology, gothic literature, film studies, classic film studies, motifs and visual semiotics, classic western archetypes, and Arthurian myths and legends, though. That’s what I studied in uni and that’s what I’m referencing in a very tangential way throughout the meta. I’d also look up Danse Macabre and the motif of marrying Death as a trope - good stuff.

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Gosh am I Gay™ for my best friend !! Hes vv cute n nice and i love him vv much yet sadly he lives across the country so I cannot actually ask for his affections bc that would be too complicated. He's the sweetest boy though he reminds me of the morning light leaking through blinds and coffee that's a bit too sweet and big ol sweaters and the smell of books and I just love him a whole very lot

Omg that’s adorable! I really hope you two at least get to spend time together in person soon 💓

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You being a graphic designer on SF and SFNerd, it kinda makes me jealous. I'm still in high school, it has an performing arts program and I'm in the vocal program. The school chose my courses for music which I'm okay with, but I also wanted to pursue art. I'm one year away from grad and I never took art. I tried to next year but my school said it wouldn't be good. So I gave it up. So, to me, you're really living the life. You're also very awesome! Keep up the good work!!

Originally posted by anime-worldwide

In high school, I was in Medical Magnet program because I thought I was going to be a veterinarian. As much as I love science and general medical information, I still pursued art and drew comics and stuff on the side (but I never really considered it a career path at the time). 

So even if you aren’t taking specific classes for it, you can always pick up a sketch book and doodle! There’s tons of YouTube tutorials out there to help you learn specific things you like to do. 

I didn’t take an “official” art class until college. No matter what the options are, as long as you are taking care of yourself, you’ll be fine. Art might not end up being your career goal, but it’s always something you can pick up anytime. It just takes practice. :) 

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Vivienne is a heartless bitch, ITS WHY WE LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH


Like when you approach her for the first time in Skyhold the  first thing she asks is about how you’re feeling and if you tell her that you feel like you failed she comforts you 

She never asks for anything unless you ask her first and it’s never for herself like the books of the circle or the heart of the wyvern for the potion to try to save her husband??? And when you go to talk to her after she dies and she tells you how they met and you can hear her melting just from the memories of how much she loved him and how her heart breaks when she tells you she can’t talk right now anddflhasod9hfpajsdfak´sdf0aksdfñdsf

I also started my first playthrough really disliking Vivienne but on my second run I tried harder to understand her and now I just love her so much hhhhh