i loved them they're such nerds

ya’ll ever think about the fact that magnus yelled at lucas about letting down the concepts of science and experimentation, which would seem like a weird thing for a rough and tumble adventure guy like magnus to get so heated about, except they were all the best and brightest at fantasy nasa so of course they would care about scientific integrity 


I wouldn’t have it any other way


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

i have a headcanon that part of Bull’s spy training included drawing sketches of places and people

so he 100% has little portraits of each of the Chargers in his journal (he doesn’t keep them on his body, because if he gets killed he doesn’t want leads for anyone to follow to his loved ones– he is a spy after all)

Dorian finds the sketch of Rocky that Bull had been touching up, and offers himself as a model. “draw me like one of your dwarf friends” isn’t the most seductive line, but luckily Bull likes cheesy. it’s a fun night all around

Bull draws him again later, from memory. Dorian just after he wakes up, smiling and soft and different than Bull usually sees him. Different from how anyone ever sees him. 

again, Dorian with magic on his hands and fire in his eyes. He keeps that one with the sketches he makes of the dragons they come across

again, Dorian curled up in his chair in the library. again, drinking with Sera and Krem. again, leaning over the war table and conferring with the Inquisitor. all the different ways he sees Dorian, all these facets of him that exist only in fleeting moments, that he only sees because he sits still to look for them

he doesn’t show them to Dorian. he didn’t mean to make so many, or keep them all. he worries that it would scare Dorian, that it would make him feel examined and calculated. it’s the opposite of that– he traces the lines of Dorian’s shoulders if he doesn’t stop himself– but the last thing he wants is to make Dorian uncomfortable. he doesn’t want to press too hard or go too fast. he doesn’t know what to do with this many drawings of a person if they cut you loose

he doesn’t know that Dorian writes poetry


it wasn’t even on the lips!!!

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will looks like such a pretty nerd in that fbi photo like, it's no wonder hannibal fell so hard look at that soft puppy *~*

I read your ask and was smothered with the image of Will Graham being a giant comic book nerd (his dad would buy him comics as a kid because they were cheap and Will liked to read and he could walk into a gas station/grocery store and pick one up/let Will choose whichever one without being worried about the price

Will would grow up and save his money from the odd jobs he takes to buy a ticket to a comic convention and get hit on by literally every single person because he really is the prettiest nerd with those curls and those big glasses he wears to avoid any and all eye contact and those gorgeous eyes that change color depending on the light framed by thick pretty lashes–he’s devastating–and all he wants to do is to buy that damn rare comic he heard was going to be sold here, but the social aspect is killing him, it feels like every five minutes he has to step outside and get some air away from all those emotions and then get hit on again

and then when he finally can order his merch online? And he has a stable job with some spare income? He can’t stop himself from buying that limited edition Captain America

and all this culminates in Will living on the first floor of his two story house, Hannibal asking why he doesn’t use the second floor and Will wondering which would scare Hannibal ‘loves classical music and likes to slip French into every other damn sentence and would probably rather die than eat a Big Mac’ Lecter more, Will secretly liking how he felt when he killed or the fact that the reason he lives on the first floor of his house is because every room of the second story is filled wall to wall with boxes of comics.)

(answer: Hannibal asks to read his favorite comic book–because love–and Will word vomits his nerdiness at him at such a rate Hannibal’s pants are off and Will is showing him his favorite panel of bare chested Captain Rogers.)

My beloved Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ♥ The video is so adorable, the colours are amazing, this had to happen :>> i’ve never drawn anything like this before idk what i’m doing halp

Otayuri Week - Day 1 - Confessions

im so sad i probs wont have time to finish my other days this week i have something i need to prioritize i criii… i’ll post them one day i swear to glob

♪no repost/edit etc pls♪

To me Handers is about the fact that both Hawke and Anders are in a self-destructive spiral and they kind of latch onto each other in mutual self-destructiveness and they’re going to heal, oh they’re going to heal but it’s going to be messy and they’re going to climb their way out of this pit of hell by climbing atop anyone who stands in their way

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I've noticed you haven't drawn the two pokescience nerds being as affectionate as you have with Grim and Cynthia! I think a lot of us would love to see that sometime c: They're just too cute

Oh, dang you’re right, anon! tbh I’ve been wanting to draw something cute of those two nerds but I worry about making them look too out of character, but EH, you only live once!

Here you go!

Klance Headcanon #3

They’re both stupidly awkward about their relationship. Like, not uncomfortable silences or aborted conversations or anything angsty and painful like that, but rather, they both fumble and stutter and get flustered as all Hell about each other constantly.

Lance is always acting flirty and ridiculous, which is easy enough for Keith to brush off or roll his eyes at, and thus maintain his composure, but any genuine moments of affection between the two of them (ex: Lance kissing him all slow and sweet, Lance genuinely and sweetly complimenting him, Lance saying “I love you,” etc.) tend to have Keith blushing like crazy and trying (and failing miserably) to hide his embarrassment and enamored-ness.

Keith has never been a very romantic person, so he often doesn’t really do any of the big or cheesy romantic gestures that Lance will sometimes go in for, but the fact it doesn’t happen often only makes Lance stammer more and turn redder when Keith just casually holds his hand or gives him a peck on the cheek, never mind really big gestures and/or surprises (Lance is a TOMATO).

The whole team calls them gross. The teasing never stops.

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a little birdy told me you had some Punk Logan headcanons~ and they're probably really good so... mind blessing the world with them?~

This is a High School AU that im working on!!! (((also i verged of Punk!Lo but,,, m e h,,, someone highkey ask me about the others im a nerd and love this au)))

- He corrects teachers obnoxiously and refuses to back down when they tell him off for it

- He also refuses to give teachers respect they haven’t earned and often calls them out their bs

- pins and patches everywhere

- He is trans

- He often gets into fights protecting Virgil and Roman (Patton refuses to let Logan fight his battles)

- He smokes just outside of the school grounds to annoy teachers but he knows everyone that is affected by smoke for any reason and will not smoke around them

- He wont smoke around his friends because Virgil is asthmatic, Roman hates the smell of smoke and Patton just hates how unhealthy it is

- He does own the leather jacket-ripped jeans cliche outfit, but he often steals Virigil’s oversized hoodies that are covered in various patches (the hoodies fit him perfectly)

- he is a giant. like he is 6'3

- He volunteers at his local library with Patton, and has been for four years

- He is dyslexic as heck

- He has space patterned glasses bc Virgil picked them for him and he is unable to deny Virgil

- Virgil and him have been friends since they where 3

- he is so g a y

- so many pins???

- he often skips school to go to protests and public speakings about things he cares about

- He is an only child but he treats Romans siblings like his own

- He looks scary with his bright blue hair but he is the sweetest person ever

- Really protective of Roman and Virgil (and Patton but thats more low-key)

- He hates capitalism with his whole leg