i loved their stage

How do you pick an nct bias like wth
One day I feel like I have the strongest love for johnny, then I see Yuta being amazing on stage and in videos and I’m like wow where have you been all my life.
Then a video of Ten comes on and I’m blown away once again of how amazing of a dancer he is and much he has grown from when he was in Thailand.
Next thing I know a video of Taeil comes up of him singing his ass off and I’ve never been so shook in my life, but theirs a catch because I see doyoung trying his best to be an amazing mc trying to get laughs and it melts my heart.
While jaehyun is smiling at him and that boy is so angelic, I’ve never seen anyone like him and how much he cares for his members.
I look to the left and there’s taeyong proving all the haters wrong by rapping his ass off and being the loving leader that he is and winwin is just looking at how cool his leader is being in love and being a dork, a very cute dork.
It’s not over yet cause while that’s happening haechan is being a fucking dumbass causing me to go into fits of laughter all while he is making fun of mark.
I notice how amazingly proud I am of that 17 yr old Canadian boy for all his success and still thriving to do his best in everything even if he misses his home.
And all the mini nct members cause me heart aches because they are either my age or I’m their noona making me fall deeper and deeper for them.
I’ve been through everyone and I still can’t choose. They are all so talented and caring to each other.


SOOOOO the love written all over their faces and in their eyes when they looked at each other was all for PR? Three years these two have acted like two school children falling in love for the first time and now it appears it was all for publicity. I don’t understand how anyone can sell their soul for a job, fame or fortune. I could never do that. But this story is what it is. Do I think down deep they are good people. Yes but today I have to question it to some degree. No they never admitted they were together…but saying I love you on a stage in LA or saying to a reputable journalist that your pushing the relationship on to see where it goes to me says there is more than costars involved in this meeting. When two people have a connection so palpable that their own industry which is full of trickery and lies and pettiness comments about it in articles. there has to be some truth to it. I believe in love. I believe in fate. I believe that everyone you meet enters your life for a reason. Do I think these two meeting is something that is fate. You bet I do. They are both beautiful in their own right. However when these two humans come together they are nothing short of magic on screen, in print, and in person. They command a room together when they enter. Their chemistry is so palpable in print media that their images come alive. I firmly believe they are meant to be together. I feel that their meeting was not by chance but fate. However life seems to get in the way. I hope they both are happy cause their fans feel very used right now. I will enjoy the show for probable one more season but Im done supporting them in their personal lives with my hard working money. No giving to charities or voting for them anymore. That day has sailed . #samheughan #caitrionabalfe #samxcait

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Which gerard era is your favorite aesthetically in terms of his appearance/stage style/etc?

i cant decide in all honesty bc i love early BP blonde Gerard in his marching band outfit and off-stage hoodies and i love Projelt Rev Gerard and i love Danger Days Gerard and also blonde hawaiian shirt and blonde 2012 and also mousy brown hair Gerard and current Gerard and Desolation Row Gerard and i mean im not the biggest fan of Bullets/Revenge look/aesthetic but obviously he was cute too



Harry: (stop singing/yelling a song) Now… there are three things… theres…there’s more than three things that we love most about Canada. One…poutine! Two…poutine!! Three…wot

Liam: Protein!

Harry:  Three…no, poutine was one and two, this is number three. Number three is…P O U T I N E!!!!!! (crowd screams) Number four… (laughs) poutine! Number five, syrup. (yelling) NUMBER SIX SYRUP ON POUTINE!!! (screaming) Number seven and the one we love most of all, is every single one of you! Shhhh!!! Number eight, you and syrup on POUTINE! (screaming) That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! 

Liam: You should… (something intelligible)

Harry: I really wanna mic drop, but I won’t, ‘cause they’re expensive.

Liam: Are you gonna run for president?

Harry: No! There’s not a chance, ‘cuz I don’t know what I’m talkin about! 

Liam: I still think you should, I’m convinced!

Harry: (screaming) Nine (looks at the flag) THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR CANADA!!!

Liam: You’ve gotta have a ten, you’ve gone through nine now you’ve gotta have a ten!

Harry : (scream)TEN! 

Liam: Ten! Us on syrup on poutine on… (gets lost) something else

Harry: Ten is (pick the moose on the floor) THIS MOOSE, ON THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!! Make some noise for the moose! (screaming to a fan) Which one d’you want, the moose or the flag or the syrup?  

Liam: Or the poutine?

Harry: Or the poutine? You can have the moose and the flag. (throws the moose and the flag to a fan) Ohhhh I’m hyped. Oooh I’m hyped. (start to do some weird moves)

Liam: (says someting intelligible to Harry)

*Harry and Liam start to dance and hum Rocky theme song*

Niall: tell em you’re gonna be president

Harry: (screaming, out of his mind) ROCKY!!! On the moose, riding on the moose, into this place on the moose, this is Rocky, he’s on the moose, he’s on his back, wrapped in a flag, covered in poutine, on the syrup, there’s syrup everywhere!!!

Niall : (laughing)Harry!

Harry: There’s lots of syrup everywhere! Rocky waits, the moose is gone… (get lost) 

Niall: Michael Buble!

Louis: That is passion!

Harry :  MICHAEL BUBLE! (is confused) Michael Buble on the shoulders of Rocky, wrapped in a flag, on a moose, riding in here, covered in syrup, on poutine, and you’re all everywhere watching the whole bit go down. 

Liam : I’m confused

Harry:  It’s gone too far, I’ve confused myself… this is story of my life, please sing along.  xx

Me watching "Kiss him not me" with my mom
  • Mom: *notices how main character really likes BL*
  • Mom: hey Mia, u two r really similar
  • Me: how?
  • Mom: y'all both like BL
  • Me: wh-h-what r u talking about?
  • Mom: Yuri on Ice is BL
  • Me: ...but it's not true BL
  • Mom: how would u know?
  • Me: oh, (junjou romantica)
  • I don't know (love stage)
  • I just (Sekai ichi hatsukoi)
  • heard of a lot...
  • Totally never read them
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Mom: *squinting* such a lie