i loved their other moments as well

marriage is beautiful, but not always pretty. some days we’re angry and frustrated. and other days we can’t stop laughing with each other. sometimes our pride wins, and other times we find it easy to forgive and ask for forgiveness. some moments are spent quietly, and others in chaos. but how marvelous and wild is it that we get to experience our very core – our very humanity – together, and to wake up each day beside one another well aware that we are fully known and still truly loved.

no one shows me more of Jesus than you, Kris. i will always choose you; i will always choose us.


Book review: Very very VERY intense! Sensual. At times almost a bit “crazy”. Intriguing. There’s not really a dull moment at all. And it all comes together well. I finished this book in 2 days. (Roughly 260 pages). Highly recommend if you like thrillers. Something other than the cliche love story as well. It was almost philosophical too. The main character is beautiful as a person, reading the story through her eyes was quite the journey.

newtporn sordu:

Minewt for the otp thing🌞

who wakes the other one up with kisses? Newt probably wakes Minho up with lots and lots of kisses and Minho groans and asks for five more minutes but he secretly loves it

who cooks for who? Newt cooks, always, because the last time Minho was allowed access to the kitchen the fire department made a visit

who is the morning person/night person? Newt is the morning person, Minho the night person. 

who is the romantic one? I think Newt would be the more romantic one but Minho would have his sweet gestures and affectionate moments as well

who is the top when it comes to sex? Minho is typically the top I believe, but they change it up form time to time. 

who would lead in ballroom dancing? I think Newt would lead and Minho would really like being lead

who is the more cuddly one? Minho is very cuddly and is always snuggling up with Newt

who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch? Newt would let Minho pick because he knows it’s not worth the hour long fight because Minho is stubborn and he will win anyway

who is the one who would pay for dates? Newt probably to be honest because Minho is always broke from spending his money on unnecessary shit (and condoms)

who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes? MINHO, MINHO, MINHO


If 5sos talked to a young fan about "Good Girls"
  • Young fan:If she wasn't reading books in the library then what was she doing in the library?
  • Calum:*Tries to hold in laughter*
  • Ashton:Oh jeez
  • Michael:Someones gotta tell her
  • Ashton:Don't you dare
  • Calum:How about you do it Luke?
  • Luke:Liz would not approve
  • Michael:You're such a mommas boy Luke
  • Luke:Shut-up Michael
  • Ashton:Guys this isn't time for a muke moment.
  • Michael:Fine i'll do it
  • Luke:DON'T
  • Ashton:I swear to god
  • Michael:*Kneels down* Well, little girl, when two people love each other very much-
  • Luke:Michael please
  • Michael:Or they're both very horny
  • Calum:True
  • Michael:They put the thingy in the thingy, and they frickle frackle
  • Ashton:...
  • Luke:...
  • Calum:Haha
  • Michael:Just make sure you use protection. And don't send nudes to people you don't know or else they might end up all over the internet.
  • Calum:Did you just?
some tag thing :3

joe (photo-cell )tagged me so ima do this. with super slow wifi. be thankful 😂 tag whoever you want

1. Who is/are your favourite youtubers?
- I don’t have a fave, but I mainly watch Casey Neistat, Rose Dix and others

2. Which country do you want to visit the most?
- I want to go to somewhere like New Zealand for the scenery and Morocco for the culture. I don’t mind too much as long as I’m still exploring new stuff that will have good photo opportunities.

3. What is your favourite band?
- 21 Pilots are my dave at the moment. I really love the emotion and lyrics.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- Hopefully in a well paid job, nice house, still healthy and fit, confident and happy like I am now. Maybe a partner and a big dog.

5. Current fave TV show?
- I’m enjoying Lost. Not far in so please don’t ruin anything.

6. All time favourite song?
- This is too difficult so I will do an atm song. Now & Forever - Drake

7. Dream Home?
- House in the suburbs or around the city with a big garden for my big dog. Also a gym. I need big rooms because I’m unorganised.😊

8. If you could hug anyone right now who would it be?
- ew human contact. I actually don’t know right now.

9. Fave blog?
um eartheld but macklemuffin gets an honourable mention because she is so nice and her blog is funny.

10. Have you ever dyed your hair?
- Nah, if I was going to I would probably go a lighter brown.

11. What do you order from McDonalds?
- It’s all about KFC mate. Apparently they got rid of the supercharger though…

I tag ???? i dont know um ihaake macklemuffin shawtyni - u probably won’t do it, especially nash, oh well.

MY QUESTIONS - ima steal joe’s, sorry im lazy

1. What is your OTP?
- Swan Queen ;_;

2. Fave TV show?
- AAGGGHHH i like too many. Orphan Black is amazing

3. What is your guilty pleasure?
- Tonic Water, everyone I know says it’s a nasty drink on its own.

4. Favourite foreign food?
- At the moment it is Gyros because I am in Greece. But I love thai food.

5. What is your favourite joke?
- My favourite joke is not appropriate for here.

6. Are you proud of where you’re from?- - I’m half Albanian and I don’t know the other place. I’m proud that it got out if it’s dictatorship…then collapsed but shh

7. What is your Nandos order?
- have not had Nandos since I was like 6…I’m sorry I am not cheeky enough for a brit.

8. Favourite meme?
- I love Pepe SO MUCH. Mmm watcha say comes close.

- sorry if this is spam 💕💕

Right now, at this very moment, all I want to do is sit across from you and talk about life. And when we run out of topics, we could just hold hands because that would be enough. But you’re not here, and we can’t talk face to face because miles separate us. Well, I can smell these flowers you sent, or look at pictures from before, but I can’t wrap my arms around a moment in time. So, I sit and think of what we will do when I finally see you again. All I really want to do is enjoy each others company and maybe watch a movie or two about falling in love and growing old together. And maybe you and I could fall in love and grow old together, too.
Jongin about Rahee

@fansign 150716

Fan: Can Rahee speak well now? what does she call you?

Jongin: ‘uncle Jongin’ not just uncle. it’s ‘uncle Jongin’. She’s that smart!

(the fan’s comment- Jongin’s eyes were sparkling the moment i mentioned

 Rahee and he couldn’t stop smiling)

If the Inquisitor ends her relationship with Blackwall, he gets the following banter with Sera:

Sera: It’s rough, innit, Blackwall? But they come and go.
Blackwall: Sera, don’t.
Sera: Right, right…you’re set on being sad forever. But then the sun freakin’ comes up.
Blackwall: Yes, well, it’s not that easy.
Sera: Didn’t say it was. I implied I didn’t care. Uh-huh, that’s right. Implied.
Blackwall: (laughs)
Sera: You better laugh. I had to ask Solas for that one.

I just really like the idea that Sera would turn to Solas to try and figure out what to say to make Blackwall feel better. I love little moments like this. They illustrate the way the inner circle interacts with one another as well as how they view each other. I just wish they weren’t so easily missed.

thinks about the fact that steven moffat watched the office while doing s3 to research what else martin and ben could bring to the table by watching other roles and he said:
“The Office, I’ve just been watching it again … I thought there was an anguished moment of pure beauty in the office, it was between Tim and Dawn, and there are kisses being sold for comic relief, and he gives her a pound and they’re both terribly in love but they haven’t admitted it, and she says well you have to have your kiss now, so they have this kiss, this brief, incandescent kiss, and it’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, (and Moffat’s getting all excited just talking about it!) and they’re almost physically stunned by it, and it’s so real and it’s so tender.” 
:) :) :)

Seirin Week Day 4:   Relationships


This one is for the mom, dad and other dad of seirin, I love how they compliment each other so well :>


♥ Leyton Appreciation Week 2015

Day 4: Favorite music moment/song that remind you of them
→ 1x02 “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most”
→ 5x02 “Racing Like a Pro”

One of the reason why I love them and they are so otp for me is the music that is played during their scenes. Kudos to whoever was in charge of picking the songs during their scenes, becuase it compliments their scenes so well. There are so many wonderful moments to choose from and since I did something similar last time, I just went with these two moments. And with these songs, Belief and Will You Be There represents the two being there, having faith, and believing in each other. With Peyton not believing her art mattered to anyone and Lucas struggling to play basketball/write his next novel, they encouraged each other to carry on. 

anonim sordu:

I think there will be something that alludes to them making love. Either they kiss and lean the other to the ground or bed then look at each other where he asks her, or they'll kiss and it'll cut to them post-coitol where he asks her. IT HAS TO BE THAT WAY! FLaw and Nina know these books well and they won't leave us disappointed. How do you think it'll play out in the film? I've read a few interpretations and wanted to know yours :)

Hey. Well…I really do think they’ll be in bed. I guess that’s my hope. I have a hard time committing to that thought though since there are so many other ways they could deliver a powerful moment with “Real.” 

I guess it kinda sounds cheesy but I could see this beautiful montage of all their moments just flashing through in that question, “You love me. Real or not real?” Then it’s like, bread, cave, berries, train, beach, lightning tree, midnight, painter/baker, sewer, thousand moments hug and them in bed, looking at each other, “Real.” Kiss…fade to black. Katniss’s voice narrating the Epilogue over a black screen and it fades in with them in the meadow.

It’s fun to guess. :)

anonim sordu:

Honestly you and Will are my favorite lgbt couple on YouTube, yeah you guys have gone through many things but you've also stuck by each other the whole time. It gives me hope to find someone and have a relationship like you guys. The way that you both care for each other and support each other as well as taking care of Dobby together, you guys have a perfect family and I hope to have something very similar. I love you guys.

Thanks so much! I mean my hope is that, by being honest about many of our struggles, we can illustrate to you guys that no relationship is ever “perfect”. There are always obstacles and challenges and truly dark moments, but if you can use love to bring yourselves back, then you have something that’s built to last.

anonim sordu:

What are your favorite Olicity moments from S2? I was just wondering because I loved that season personally.

You’re trying to kill me with this question, aren’t you? Well, this will be long because I almost loved every Olicity moment of every episode. I am not including the OG3 dynamic in this because then Tumblr will probably impose word limit on me. Lol.

Season 2 was, basically for me, the transition phase in their relationship. This was the year where they went from being friends to good friends and then to partners, to the ultimate discovery of their love and how far they were willing to go to save the other and what they were willing to sacrifice for their mission. 

It started with Digg and Felicity finding Oliver on the island, running away from his responsibilities. What I find is really interesting is that I don’t think Oliver had ever thought about Felicity as anything more than a friend who had a crush on him till this moment. The beginning of this season itself started with a shift in their relationship. 

I don’t think Oliver had thought they would come to get him. Remember what a lost cause he feels he is in the beginning, and the fact that Felicity and Digg had come to get him was a big, very big, thing for Oliver. He is the man no one rescues unless he asks for it. He has become the man who rescues people. And for the first time in his life, he had someone rescue him from himself without even asking for it. 

Felicity renovates the foundry. She gives him his new bow, with a new way of using it. She becomes the guide of the morality that had always been in Oliver but he refused to see it for a long time. She makes him see it, without even trying. She redefines his entire mission without trying and he lets her. A controlling man like him lets her do it. She becomes pivotal to every aspect of his identity- Oliver Queen, The Arrow or just Oliver. She becomes the one keeping his seams together and holding him up when he threatens to fall apart. It’s symbolic. It’s metaphoric. It’s literal. It’s them.  

This season was full of everything that is Olicity. So many moments (and not enough gifs).

Funny quips and witty banter - in the process of which they made so many things that became theirs, like with actual couples. 

Daring, life-saving rescues (and lots of swinging).

Hot eye-sex. 

Frustrating fights and annoying arguments. (And the fact that Oliver can fight with her because she gives back right as good as she gets. Just look at his face.)

Serious, quiet moments just for them. 

But there was something different. There was friction, at least for me. Good and bad.

There was the moment when every one of us knew Olicity was going to happen because Oliver broke his vow for her and he did not regret it for a second. Right after the “Because of the life I lead” speech episode. 

There was the moment when he acknowledged he missed her in her absence and this. That was huge coming from him.  

There was the moment, when despite being in a relationship, he acknowledged both to her and himself that she was the girl in his life and she would always be irreplaceable, to use Digg’s words. 

There was the moment when he protected her instinctively before anyone else when under attack. 

There was the moment when he leaned in, almost giving in to the urge to kiss her because it may as well be the last time and she still believed in him. 

There was the moment, when everything around him was dust and she was the pillar for him, the one who stood strong and told him she would stand beside him no matter what. To a man like Oliver, that moment, those words were a version of ‘Till death do us part’ in his head. 

There was this awareness between the two of them that had not been there before this season. This intensity that became magnified. Every small moment, every small flicker of the eye, every small touch, every small sigh, everything- piling up and finally culminating into the moment that stopped every Olicity heart worldwide. 

Oliver, in this season, started with running into the island, a lost man, and ended with walking away from the island, a hero. And he knew that Felicity was as important for his heroism as his bows and arrows and talent, if not more. She was the heart.

He knew he was in love and that, for Oliver Queen, changed everything, and changed nothing. Because it was Felicity. It always had been. 

And this, my dear anon, is the face of a man in love looking at his lobster.

I LOVED SEASON 2 mostly. Definitely loved every single Olicity moment. 

Writer Appreciation Week

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten someone’s URL on here, but I tried to include as many as I could think of off the top of my head! Thank you all for putting in countless hours and tons of frustration in to your writing so that I, as well as many others, can enjoy your fantastic writing~ 

Most of these are NaLu authors but there are some Gruvia and Royai (FMA) thrown in as well.

absent-angel - Your writing is so emotional and it never fails to engage me! I especially enjoyed your story “Weeds” from a while back.

ambivia - Okay so “Quiet Moments in the Castle” is one of my favorite fics. I love how you characterized Jude! Your writing is always super cute and it flows really well~

brokenangelwings83 - Courtneyyy, I love your ideas for “The Last Night of Fire.” It’s very well written~

demoby -  Deems, you’re the sweetest! It was hard for me to pick a favorite bc all of your writing is great, but I especially liked “Would you write a song for me?”

dreamsofbooksandmonsters - Nicky, I’m so glad we’ve become good friends! I love your story for the NaLu week prompt “transformation”

emerald-leaves - one of my fav Royai writers! Your characterization of Roy is spot-on!

hakuu-ryuu - okay so I reread “Love is blind?” like 5 times (oops I’m obsessed) All of your writing is so engaging!

hannah-nobody - where to start with Hannah?! You’re an amazing friend and even better writer. Your ideas are super creative and you always let me run my ideas by you~ My fav story is “Stealing Spirits” because it’s so unique <3

immortalpromise - You are writing goals for sure! I love “Begin Again” and tbh you’re one of the reasons I started shipping Gruvia.

lonestorm - Ry <3 You’re one of the first authors I read for FT and I’m pretty sure I left you some embarrassing fangirly reviews on TKOF. Your writing constantly inspires me!

missyplatina - Chrissy! I am obsessed w your writing. “Virtual Flames” is my ultimate go-to NaLu fic reccomendation and I loved how “Texting Fire” ended. I can’t wait to see where “Quarantine” goes!

mslead - B, you need to send some of that special writing enhancing water you have down there to me up-state ;) your writing is amazing! It was hard to choose but “Dark Sun” has to be my fav~

nothingbutwordsstuff - Mira <3 somehow your writing manages to be on par with your cuteness (which should be impossible)! “To Whom He Speaks” is especially captivating!

phoenix-before-the-flame - they did a fic based on the cute comic that was going around a while back called “Smile For Me” which I def recommend you all go check out~

proudtobeaginger - Halieeee, you’re such an amazing writer! All of your stories captivate me from the beginning and leave me longing for the next update. You always encourage me and give me advice which is greatly appreciated <3

rivendell101 - Ahhh, I’m so intimidated by you xD Your writing is amazing and you always put new stuff out which is great for my shipper trash heart

sexuallyfrustratedjellal - Ella <3 you’re such a sweetie and your writing is super cute! Everyone go look at her writing right now!

smile-lifegoeson - okay so I was hooked by your “Gamer Chic” fic and all of your other stuff is fantastic, too!!

snogfairy - eeeep you’re definitely one of my fav NaLu authors ~ all of your writing is super but I especially love “Tails and Talons”

sophiethedragonslayer - soooo cute. you’re just the cutest. you and your writing <3

soprana-snap - ahh Chy <3 you’re one of the first people I talked to on tumblr when I first joined months ago. Your writing constantly amazes me and inspires me to be a better author

talesoftwofairies - okay your writing makes me cry :’) “Colored by Love” is the saddest/best thing I’ve read in a long time

the-snooty-snark-evaders - Your ideas are so creative and I love “The Dragon Prince” ~ thanks for being a good [clairvoyant] friend xD

theleesup - Your writing is so crazy good!?! Like you’re writing goals to the max. ”The Princess and the Pirates” is one of my all-time favs

toxineena - ahhhh I have no idea what to say?? your talent basically surpasses description and “Tip Your Waiter” was the hottest thing I’ve read in forever

wendyhamlet - “Matters of the Heart” was amazing and I always look forward to your AUs

wordsofawitheringwriter - I can’t narrow it down but your Disney Park AU and the AU w the animal shelter are my favs <3 you’re such a talented writer and your writing makes me extremely happy!

xkissthesky - you’re such a sweet person and your submission for NaLu week for the wander prompt was fantastic


Doctor Who Gifset Fear Her-Happy Birthday ktrosesworld at least I hope it’s your birthday, and I am not making an embarrassing twat of myself by saying so. Anyway if it is I hope you enjoy this gifset I made of this cute moment of the Doctor and Rose finding each other again at the end of Fear Her. And if it isn’t your birthday well you are such a lovely person just enjoy it anyway. Actually that goes for anyone else who happens across this who isn’t ktrosesworld, just enjoy it. Lots of love. 

He Just Won’t Say It (Xiumin One-shot)

Summary: Xiumin knows he can count on his friends to help him when he likes a girl.
Members: Xiumin x Reader (With appearances by Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun)
Type: Fluff One-Shot
Length: 663 Words

 Xiumin is such a shy cutie. I love him. So I thought someone requested this, I remember reading the request, but now I can’t find the message anywhere, but I remembered it. Oh well, I just hope you guys like this one-shot <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Xiumin couldn’t help but smile the moment he saw you. He watched you enter the dorm room and he silently watched as you greeted the other boys. You had known the boys for a few years now and you were the closest with Xiumin and Chen, finding the two boys just so much fun to hang out with. But no matter how close you thought you were with Xiumin, he just remained so silent around you and just smiled at you like a goof. However, you had to admit that you remained a little too silent as well. But you knew why you were shy; for the past year you had started realizing that you liked him. You wanted to tell him, but the moment he started smiling at you, you would start blushing

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

You took a seat across from him Xiumin and Chen in the living room and watched as Baekhyun and Chanyeol started playing video games. “So do you think you guys would like to go to Lotte World tomorrow? I got a few free tickets and thought you guys might like to join me.” You said as you looked at the guys. They all looked excited for it, but Xiumin seemed the happiest. He was kicking his feet like a child, looking like a child. You giggled at him and he seemed like he was going to die while blushing.

Originally posted by mminseok

You got up and started heading out to get everyone some drinks. Xiumin looked over at you and then turned to Chen. “Isn’t she just beautiful? She is so sweet and caring. Ah! I can’t wait to go to Lotte World with her. Do you think we will have fun? I need you guys to help me get closer to her.” He said in a hurried voice. It was the fastest any of the guys ever heard Xiumin speak. The moment you walked back into the room, he shut back up and just stared at you. The boys looked at you and told you all about how much they were looking forward to Lotte World.

Originally posted by oh-huang-setao

The next day, you met up with the boys at the amusement park. You had only been there a few times, so you were really excited to get a chance to have some funs on the boys’ free day. The boys were waiting for you near the entrance and you waved at them happily. “Hey, (Y/N), we were thinking that maybe Xiumin could take you on a few of the rides first. The rest of us wanted to get some food and check out the games, but Xiumin wanted to go on a ride and didn’t want to go alone.” They told you as they started making their way to the other end of the park, leaving you alone with Xiumin. The two of you went on a few of the rides and you found it really fun. Xiumin seemed to be coming out of his shell finally. After the last ride, you met back up with the boys. They saw you two and realized that neither of you confessed to each other yet. The three of them pulled you aside and decided that they couldn’t wait any longer. “Xiumin likes you, and we know you like him. So can you two just go out already?” Chen and Chanyeol explained to you.

Originally posted by essentyeol

Xiumin looked up, having over heard them and stared at you in surprise. He didn’t think the guys would just outright and tell you the truth. You looked over at him and your cheeks were started to get hot from your blushing. “Do you really like me?” You asked him quietly. He slowly nodded his head. You couldn’t help but smile widely at him. You walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush as well. “Maybe we can go on the Ferris Wheel together.” He suggested as he pulled you closer to him and kissed your forehead.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


There are too many things I want to say
So firstly, our promise of being here
However hard, however painful
Yes, anyway
Because the members are here
Because you all are here
We were helped so much thanks to you all
We, Exo, will absolutely not give up
We’ll be together with you forever
The last thing I want to say
I love you forever

After the other member’s ments Suho steps in: At the moment Tao still has things that he wants to say. He’ll say them in Chinese.

So I’ll talk a little in Chinese now
Although the truth is I haven’t expressed myself well
I am really grateful to everybody
Thank you for always being here
In spite of there being various rumours, willpower was very strong
I’m grateful to you all
I hope that we can all be with you forever
Everyone, I love you
Thank you so much

I dont understand how can anybody ship gilxalice. They are my brotp and i think their relationship is beautiful now. A romance between them can ruin their character. They are my notp and brotp tbh
     –submitted by anonymous

averageastrosexybeast sordu:

Hii! Can u write an imagine where Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Mori are at first best friends with their s/o but then one kisses the other in the spur of the moment? Thanks so much!! Love the blog!!

Oh my goodness I’m so sorry this one took forever; I got super carried away by the cuteness overlord and writer’s block (Mori is so hard for me to write but I really wanted to try)!!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did writing it =)


“You’re late,” Kyouya chides, holding the door open for you.  

“Well your call came out of nowhere and getting here is no easy feat for someone without a chauffeur,” you reply flatly.  An unexpected downpour had dampened not only your clothes but also your mood.  

“I requested to have Hotta pick you up, if you recall.”

“And I appreciate that, but I can manage on my own.

“So what’s so important that I needed to rush here through traffic and a storm?” you huff.

Kyouya nods.  “Right.  Come with me.”  He leads you to one of the mansions kitchens and goes straight to the refrigerator.  “I had business in Osaka this weekend and remembered you saying that you’d do anything to try the famous baumkuchen cake (a sort of crème brulee drizzled with maple syrup) from Madame Shinco.” He pulls out a couple boxes and places them on the counter.  “These are for you,” he finishes.  

Your eyebrows fly up your forehead upon seeing the ornate boxes of these prized delicacies.  “I can’t accept these; that’s far too generous, especially from you!”

Okumaya devam et