i loved their other moments as well

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my, almost, birthday buddy rayscho!

I hope your day is as wonderful and lovely as you are ♥ and I hope you enjoy that Frozen cake, holy crap it looks amazing!

Also, if you’re wondering who that fella holding the cake is, it’s none other than Daphne and Cozmo’s boy, Noel Surf all grown up! I’ll be uploading him in a moment, just for you :)

Well.. For everyone, but in honor of your birthday haha

Atheism is not self worship! I do not believe in God, I believe in myself. However, I do not worship myself. If there is a god out there, what is the reason for worship? I live a very fulfilled and happy life as an atheist. As someone who loves and enjoys life, and I do what I can to make others happy as well. I give my time and money to those in need, and do what I can to make a positive contribution to this world and I just think if there is an all-powerful creator of this universe, then surely he will appreciate that more than me worshiping him. I do not worship anything or anyone, as an atheist, I live my life, enjoy every moment of it as I am empowered through not believing in a higher power above who I am. Atheism gives birth to peace, serenity, and confidence!

I don’t know what to express to you, how to begin; this new mystery.

we begin.

somehow beside your large glass window

the dusk reverses, opening back onto the sky in bright hues

and settling under your kindest eyes, I soften, paralyzed.

the only name of it I know: love;

each time I say it, it expands into different fractal patterns

the moments remarkable, standalone, bold

but with time they curl into the forgetful currents of sleep.

I will be here tomorrow. we will help each other remember.

maybe you’ve come from the silence I got to know so well.

you’re a silver lake I’ve found on a morning walk; a quiet space

absorbing my motions, listening to my sound, recording it all upon some ancient consciousness, in the stillness, within colors I can’t see.

you’re the open path, the welcome deep.


“Good Form” was amazing in all respects, but someting I always appreciated in this episode was this little CS moment. They barely talk to each other, but their eyes say so much. First we have these really intense I want you looks being exchanged between the both of them. Hook is not concerned with subtlety at all. He just stares lustly at her, not even bothering her mother and Regina are there, too. The lust is in Emma’s eyes as well, but she’s trying to be more discreet. She definitely doesn’t want Snow or Regina to know she’s feeling extremely attracted to Hook. And the next moment proves just that. You can see her staring at him:

But then David arrives and as soon as Emma sees him, she stops staring at Hook and focuses on her task again:

She definitely doesn’t want her parents to get suspicious something’s going on with her. She doesn’t want them to know that, at this point, Hook triggers something in her. She doesn’t even know herself what exactly that is, but she must keep it to herself.

But she’s not very successful. When Hook leaves with David, she can’t help but take one last longing look at him:

And focus on Snow. She’s like “wait. Don’t tell me you…”


All that sexual tension could only be discharged in that glorious first kiss.


It’s finally here! :D I’m so excited to share this with you all! Waaaaay back in September I was working on a berry skin overlay project that fell by the wayside. Today it makes it’s triumphant return as a skin tone set! :D

There are 25 colors in this set. They are very saturated tones, as I wanted a bit of a change from the other Berry skins available at the moment. Also because I really love color. They work really well in-game, you can check out my 25 Shades tag to see examples from mine and other’s gameplay with them.

Because of the way EA’s genetics work, your sim children may end up having wacky skin colors. In game, if parents are, say, Bubblegum and Gold, their children can be literally any color in between the two on the tone palette (Eggplant and Seafoam have been particularly dominant in testing). If that bothers you, your best bet is to turn on testing cheats and use the “cas.fulleditmode” cheat to choose a skin tone of your preference (if you need it to be random, assign the tones that make sense a number, and use a randomizer to pick one).  

I didn’t do any actual texture editing, I only changed the color of EA’s textures. Because of this, I’m going to highly recommend that you also download and use a skin texture overlay with these. In the picture above you can see the skin in the center has no texture overlay, while the skin on the left uses lumialoversims  Ooooohhh…Smooth skin, while the one on the right uses sclub-privee Bassis 2.0 skin. These are by far not the only skin overlays available - so try out several and see which one you like best (or use the old favorite you use on all your other sims)!

I would be remiss if I didn’t give out some thank you’s - to berrysweetshoppe, for inspiring this project in the first place, to snatif, notegainmmmork, and peacemaker-ic for their tutorials, assistance, and advice, and to berrysweetshoppe, sayuriisroguesims(it won’t let me tag you?), seasonsofberrysims, fallenstar1119, darksea-blue, pixelblobs, simpyre, and seventhbrightshiner/isenstrider for testing them in-game for me! :D You’ve all been incredibly helpful throughout this process!

As far as terms, I only ask that you not reupload this set to any other websites, and please link back to this post when people ask where they can find them. If you want, I’d love a like or reblog on this post to help signal boost the download for other people, but it’s not required. Otherwise, have fun with your simming, and please remember to tag me if you’re sharing gameplay pics of your sims using my cc - I’d love to see them and may even reblog a few of them. :D  I track “mysimplesimblr”.

This set is currently only available as a merged package, but if there is enough interest I might be willing to upload each skintone as a separate download. The link does not run through adfly.

Download 25 Shades of Berries


SQ can happen at ANY moment.  Seriously, Emma and Regina could declare their undying love for one another, fall passionately into each others arms, uhaul it in a single episode…and NO ONE could claim to be surprised.

NO ONE could claim there wasn’t enough relationship development or ANY of the normal standard romantic cues…because, they have gone through pretty much EVERY SINGLE common Trope known to man over the 4 season run of the show.  The ONLY reason anyone can claim even a minuscule amount of shock, is because it is a F/F romance…and THAT is the definition of heteronormative environment in which we live.


Some people say: “Gajevy is not canon!”

Well guys, assuming that Gajeel is a big tsundere, I think that they are already canon(material) so a couple. With all their interactions, I am 99% sure that they are in secret relationship (well only Panther Lily know).  The actions speak loudly.

Nevertheless, I don’t think Gajeel will ever publicy acknowledge his feelings towards Levy by kissing her in front of everybody. 

Let me summarize my idea:

  • They are together ALL THE TIME  (Work,business, leisure…).
  • They hug each other.
  • They support each other in social activities.
  • They love headbands.
  • They argue.
  • They have romantic moments.

18 April 2015 Ringo’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony held in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo Credits: Mike Coppola

“Well, you’re recognized when you’re recognized, you can’t live in that world. and I’m only actually doing it so Paul can have a day out” 

“I love it! It’s always a thrill for me when I play with Paul. It’s like good friends.and people who know each other and have been through a lot together. And uh, you know,the bass and the drummer are usually friends ”- Ringo Starr, during the press conference.

“Now behind us we had this guy we’d never played with before, I remember the moment we started playing, I think it was like Ray Charles running out on stage. And most of the drummers couldn’t nail the drum part. It’s a little bit (inaudible) (air drums) but Ringo nailed it. So, yeahhh, RINGO NAILED IT!!!” - Sir Paul McCartney inducting Ringo into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


tvd meme: nine scenes {3/9}

“I just, uh…I need to be alone right now. “

We know the writers are doing so well with Jonnor/Jude and Connor because since the beginning we’ve never known/could predict anything exact when it comes to their relationship and it kills me but i also love it. They throw us through so many turns and small yet big heart wrenching moments and i think thats complete and utter talent(both actors and writers/directors). to be able to convey so much through young male actors, playing lgbtq youth, being interested in each other & also having limited screen time/5 minute scenes per episode and yet have such an everlasting IMPACT. These 5 minute scenes make us think for liKE 6 DAYS. WE BASK IN 5 MINUTE SCENES FOR WEEKS. THAT IS AMAZING ON THEIR PART TO HAVE SUCH AN AFFECT ONTHEIR AUDIENCE. Great things are ahead of in season three, with more jonnor, and im so happy.

Imagine: I should hate you - Luke

so this is my first imagine, so please dont judge me

in which, you’re a famous singer, friends with the boys and have a love/hate realationship with luke

“I fucking hate you” I yelled at Luke. We were having a big in front of the boys. Luke and I, well… We’re friends, but one day we hate eacho other and the other we love each other; it’s a difficult friendship. And the worst part? I have feelings for him.

“Oh… FINE BY ME!” he yelled back. We just looked at each other for a moment without saying anything, then Luke took a deep breath “You know what, (y/n)? You don’t deserve anything you have! You shouldn’t be here, you shouldn’t be with us, you shouldn’t have fans… I hate you”. Luke said I felt like I was punched in the stomach.

“I should hate you…” I told him and tears started rolling down my face “… sadly, I just don’t”.

I walked out of the room with all the boys shocked and went to my room in the hotel that we were staying. 

I walked in my room and closed the door behind me, tears were waiting this moment to fall. I didn’t remember why we were fighting for but he broke me and I shouldn’t care, but I do.

I woke up with knocks on my door. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. It was Luke.

to be continued…?


I’m not much online lately. Not reblogging as much as I used to or answerering questions….

Well recovering from a huge car accident takes up a lot of my time. 

This accident changed me already and it will change me even more. Only in a possitive way.

Life is so short and it can be over in one second. I don’t want to spend my entire life working and not enjoying life. I want to love my job and help others, like I already was doing but I also want to enjoy every moment of my life.

Wel today they washed my hair for the first time in 13 days, so that’s why I posted the selfie and I sat in a wheelchair for the first time today. Huge goal!!!

I’m taking little steps and it doesn’t seem like nothing for you, but if you broke something between 30-40 bones, it is a huge deal!

twenty-one truths to live a fuller, happier life

In my nearly twenty-one years of life, I have learned twenty-one things through a lot of trial and error, and through a lot of words of wisdom embedded in books. Here, tonight, I am sharing them with you, and I hope you will be able to take something away from them.

  1. Understand that continued happiness rarely comes from outside circumstances. Really. And I know it sounds ridiculous because it’s easy to imagine that your life would only be ideal if ___ were to happen, or it would only get better if you happened to acquire this or that. But the amount of wealth you have, your good looks, your power or your acquisitions have far less to do with your happiness than your appreciation for what you have this very moment in time as well as your loving relationships with others.
  2. If you want something to happen in your life, you have to be proactive. G. K. Nielson stated a profound truth when talking about the subject of success. It is is something I think we should all remember when we feel lost and comparing ourselves to others in this vast world. What he said was, “Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, and succeed on purpose.” And it is so amazingly true. You can live your life by design, but you need to take the necessary actions and work around, or through any obstacles that come your way.
  3. Know that while you can’t have it all, you can enough to be incredibly happy. Prioritize well and learn to focus on only the top three or four areas of your life. If you find that an area of your life isn’t contributing to your happiness, maybe you should reevaluate and think clearly about what you need in order to be happy within your life. If after thinking deeply about it, you find the area isn’t servicing you as much as it could, perhaps it’s time to nix it from your life, or mitigating the amount of energy you put into that particular area.
  4. Stop focusing on what you don’t have or don’t like. Simple concept, I know, but much harder to grasp when you actively apply this to your actual moments in your actual life. Focus on what you have and do like. If you find that you can’t properly focus on the things you have or enjoy due to stress or chaos in your life, then it’s probably a good time to create a plan for what you think you can improve on, or change.
  5. Abandon perfectionism. Barrie Davenport, a renowned life coach claims that perfectionism is a useless pursuit with no end. It creates unwanted stress and unhappiness. Learn to find the balance point between good enough and peaceful living. If you’re someone that is constantly striving for perfectionism, know that this may be an uncomfortable adjustment, but it can be done. And when you finally embrace the imperfections, you can live your life embracing whatever comes your way. And suddenly the idea of unforeseen outcomes aren’t as scary.
  6. Put your own deepest needs first. If you are living for others before yourself and pushing your own needs aside, eventually you will crumble in some way - through depression, anger, anxiety, or destructive behavior. Know that it’s okay to say no sometimes, and take time away for yourself. If you’re not sure what you really need, perhaps some solitude is something you absolutely require. Put yourself in nature, immerse yourself in the peace. Listen to the beat of your own heart and the birds chirping in the distance. Be present. It’s in moments like these, we are able to let the thoughts freely move through our minds - thoughts we wouldn’t otherwise let come in busy, chaotic settings.
  7. Your choices may disappoint or offend others. And that’s okay. That is sometimes necessary in order to grow and live in an authentic way. The truth is, the ones who love you and want the best for you will accept and support you.
  8. Be aware of the amount of goodness you have in your life. Think about the good things and good people that have taken root in your life. Be grateful for them. Each day, be mindful about your moments and be grateful for the things and people that are intertwined with your life right now. Who knows what can change? That’s why you need to appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.
  9. Address personal issues head on. Don’t let the problems that seem to consume your life be an excuse for not having what you want in your life. If you have a wound, a relationship problem, or an anxiety, talk to a professional or someone you trust (that supports you) and work on it. Sometimes it’s hard to open with our innermost thoughts, particularly ones that we feel others will judge us for having, but in order to live a happy life, we not only have to be honest to ourselves, but we have to be honest with others. When we are honest, we end up caring for ourselves in the best possible way.
  10. Pick one small problem or irritation and resolve it. Just tackle one issue first. One at a time. Sometimes it can be as small and insignificant as completing an assignment for work or school, or simply doing your laundry. But when we take control of the issues one at a time, we ultimately take away an incredible amount of stress we didn’t even know were tied to these little issues. Little issues can accumulate, and so can stress. When we resolve our problems and concerns, we get a personal power and energy that fills us. And stress slowly melts away.
  11. Consider disengaging from toxic people. Can you think of people that continuously bring you down or drain your energy on a consistent basis? If you can’t talk to them about how you feel, maybe it’s time you eliminate them from your lives and only focus on building relationships with people who are positive, action-oriented, and ultimately, supportive.
  12. Visualize. What change could you make that would make the biggest positive difference in your life? I’ll bet you know. Envision what your life would be like with this change implemented. Then, practice this regularly throughout the day and watch how it affects your choices in regard to this change.
  13. Take the visualizing one step further. Write things down. Create an action plan. What can you do to make this change happen?
  14. Strengthen your strengths. Hone your talents and put your energy into the things you excel at. Make yourself indispensable in your areas of interest and expertise.
  15. Make time for fun in your life. Fun is an important element to happiness.
  16. Don’t neglect your relationships. It’s important to not take for granted the people that are apart of your life. Choose to make effort for them. Find out what makes your loved ones happy, and do that for them.
  17. Learn to let it go. If it’s anything that I’ve learned in this short life, it’s that worry is the most fruitless expenditure of energy. Very little is worth worrying about, you know? Instead of worrying, take action instead.
  18. Don’t ever assume you can’t do something just because it seems hard or something ‘someone like you’ can’t do. Prove you can’t do it, and if you can’t, try something else.
  19. More often than not, our fear is the culprit for inaction. And more often than not, the fears we have are unfounded or at least blown out of proportion. If you make the decision to take action, it’s very possible that the fear you have will diminish, or go away altogether.
  20. Life is short. You know, most things aren’t infinite and therefore, you do have a limited number of days on this earth. There isn’t time to waste in worry, frustration, or anger. Make the most of your moments.
  21. This last truth is meant to generally encapsulate all of the truths here: if you want to have wonderful life, spend your days in positive, forward-moving action. Enjoy the actions as much or more than the outcome.
There for each other

I keep thinking about this..

When he not only held her back from danger, but comforted her as well in a terrible moment of grief and loss. And even though she’s focused on Sophia she knows he’s there with her. I do love the way his hand goes over her  shoulder as he loosely restrains her. It is a comfort guesture, from someone who didn’t know how to comfort someone but reacted on instinct and did a perfect job, in the most awful of situations for her. The loss of her child right in front of her. He was living it with her then. 

And then I think of this..

Beth has just been shot in front of everyone, and Daryl has just killed Dawn and the only thing that keeps him from opening fire on everyone else its Carol’s hand on his shoulder, easing him down. Comforting him in the mutual loss that they are both a witness to. Daryl is overcome by the loss of what might have been a surrogate daughter, and even though he is in terrible pain and shock, he can feel her hand on his shoulder and it’s enough to ease the rage and allow the pain to overtake him   And even though didn’t show it clearly, from watching the scene you can kind of tell she was comforting him when he was down on the ground too. 

Sort of like he’d done with her in the top gif. 

The scenes were meant to parallel each other. Show that in and intense moment of loss and grief they are a touchstone for each other.  A comfort, a gentle hand. It shows that they are there for each other in their worst moments.  In these moments their true, selfless natures shine through. 

The parallels are meant to show something and I don’t not believe we imagined them all. They are yet another part of what makes Caryl so special.  The things they go through together and that untie them even further.  The first one shaped it early and the second, reinforced it.  And they both break my heart. But  they are also part of the story too. 

And both acts are selflessly done for the other. And that’s love my friends. No matter what the definition of it is. 

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

Seeing every single interaction between you and Nerdy gives me so much life, it's insane. You two are extremely lovely together (or, well, through your blogs) and while I don't really know either of you I'm absolutely looking forward to when you two meet each other irl for the first time. It'll be historic ;u;/

I”m so glad you enjoy our shenanigans >///u///>

That day will be the greatest moment of my life. I am excited for it. May it come soon.

more shenanigans for you.

alt-j is so good one thing i particularly love about their music is their… rhythm, if that’s the correct word for it? i love the way that match up the lyrics to the beat and the tune of the song? they croon and screech in staccato and shout in all the right places and their volume is perfect for each moment and the singing just flows so effortlessly! and! beautifully! into the song!

like if you listen to “bloodflood” (part I or part II) or “every other freckle” you’ll see what i mean

sometimes in music i wish i could just have the instrumental track because the singing is not blended well into the music but i wouldn’t dream of removing the lyrics for any alt-j song

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you know that moment when someone mentions something you absolutely love and you literally have this spazz attack because you are trying to prove to them that no one loves that thing the way you do, i mean no one on earth loves this thing like you … well i feel that way about kingdom hearts, colours, buildings, asian anything, film scores, hayao miyazaki, dreams, wwe (eddie guerrero) people smiling, public transportation, words i love love words and other random things like the ocean and short stories. I ALSO LOVE GALLERIES  WITH ALL WHITE WALLS AND LIGHT GREY PAVEMENTS THEY MAKE MY HEART HURT BUT IN A GOOD WAY. 

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

Just wondering, what kind of zombies are we talking about ? will there be any visible symptoms like in The Last Of Us ? How will the environment work ? Dark and gritty or light ? Places abandoned and broken into ? Are there creepy stalker zombies walking mindlessly around ? Horror survival elements or zombie killing fun time ? Following classic 50's retro style ? I'm wondering because I'd love to make some fanart.

One of the things that will make Aberford different from other zombie games is that this game focuses on the initial moments of the zombie apocalypse. Everything will still be bright and beautiful and modern as ‘50s should be, even as terrible violence spreads through the city. The bright, optimistic colors of the ‘50s create a creepy contrast against the horror of the zombies.

The zombies themselves will have discoloration in the eyes and skin to show the infection, as well as erratic behavior like a raged-out drunk. They’re infected people, not reanimated corpses.