i loved their other moments as well

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this might be more of a headcanon, but how the companions kiss Sole? thank you :)

Me likey this :3

Here’s something sweet for y’all to make up for the earlier, less emotion-friendly post I made earlier. I had honestly thought I was gonna get some sleep tonight, but here I am. Oh, well!

Deacon: Despite his aloof exterior, Deacon always kisses Sole intimately. He’s had a wife before, so he knows just how to cherish the small moments he and Sole share together. One of his hands cradles Sole’s head while the other gently presses into their back; their bodies slowly melt into each other. Deacon likes to slowly slide his tongue into Sole’s mouth, not necessarily to initiate another level of intimacy, but because it helps him feel closer to Sole.

MacCready: MacCready always kisses hungrily. He loves to kiss Sole as if it were the last kiss he would ever give them because he knows from experience it may very well be. He envelopes Sole’s lips in his and sucks a little harder than necessary. His arms lock around Sole’s waist, and they will stay wrapped up in each other until both of them just desperately need the air. Sole likes the way MacCready’s stubble scratches their face a little as they part for a brief second before going back in for another kiss.

Danse: Whenever it’s a loving kiss, Danse prefers them long and chaste. He uses his thumb and forefinger to lift Sole’s face to his and he softly closes his lips around theirs. Sometimes he likes to run his other hand through Sole’s hair, feeling how soft they are. Giving Sole his all in a kiss anchors Danse because it’s then that he knows exactly what his purpose is.

Piper: Piper likes to lean into her kisses, and can do so better when sitting down with Sole. Oftentimes she’ll hold Sole’s hands in hers and cradle them to her chest while pressing further into Sole’s lips. Being with Sole like this makes her heart swell with happiness which has her smiling into the kiss and curling her shoulders forward. Piper wishes these moments with Sole could last longer; it’s here where she truly feels at home.

Hancock: Hancock’s not one to waste time. He grabs Sole on either side of their face and pulls them in to embrace their lips with his. He actively moves his mouth over Sole’s and gives them an occasional lick across their lips. Before finishing with kisses, Hancock always gives a soft grunt of satisfaction. After pulling away Hancock places another quick kiss to Sole’s forehead before leaning back to smile at them.

Preston: Preston pulls Sole in for kisses whenever they finally get moments alone. He rests one palm on the side of Sole’s face, and the other he places on Sole’s waist. They sway gently from side to side while enjoying each other’s presence. Preston will renew the kiss every so often without opening his eyes in between. He hugs Sole for a long while after finishing the kiss.

Nick: Nick will dip Sole whenever he goes in for the kiss because it makes them giggle. He starts with barely-there ticklish kisses up the curve of their neck and smiles when they happily squirm in his arms. When Nick finally reaches Sole’s lips, he’s grinning into the kiss. Sole throws their arms around his neck and keeps him from breaking away, even though Nick doesn’t intend on ending the kiss anytime soon.

Cait: Cait likes to get what she wants, whenever and wherever she wants it. She’ll grab Sole by the front of their shirt at a moment’s notice and practically slam her lips to Sole’s. It’s hard, it’s fast, and it’s passionate. Cait will then dramatically shove Sole back a little bit and put on a wickedly smug grin. While staring into Sole’s surprised eyes, she quirks her mouth and licks her lips to celebrate a job well done.

Curie: Curie always blushes before meeting Sole in a kiss, and sometimes Sole has to wait for her to finish giggling to properly lock lips. The scientist has a curious habit of pursing her lips too much when she kisses; it’s an endearing quirk that Sole chalks up to Curie’s inexperience with her human body. Curie enjoys light, repeated kisses, “like feathers on the lips,” she described to Sole once.

X6-88: X6 is never really able to pin down the finer points of kissing. He will usually grab Sole’s hand at random and place a soft peck on top of their hair. He will linger for a moment to take in Sole’s scent, give one last kiss, and then return to his normal standing position. However, most of the time X6 is still holding Sole’s hand after the end of a kiss.

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How you and Matsuzo met the first time? Have you fallen for him at this moment? (He was handsome in his young years? Huhu because you sure were adorable)

Well we both lived in the same neighborhood since we were kids, but we didn’t really meet and know about each other until we were young teens (where I punched him in the face *cough*

But we didn’t really get to know each other until High School. It took awhile before our relationship resembled anything similar to love.

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Why do YOU ship ereri, eremika is canon

I ship ereri because it makes sense to me. And I like the dynamic between Eren and Levi. To me, they complement each other. I don’t believe that Eren fears Levi in the least bit, he’s shown quite a few times how much respect and admiration he holds for the man. And I truly believe that Levi comes to care about Eren a lot in canon. There is also a lot of evidence for this as well. This probably doesn’t make sense to you if you don’t ship it, but it does to me.

As for eremika being canon, I have to respectfully disagree. There’s no blatant moments between Eren and Mikasa that can’t also be viewed as love between siblings. I don’t doubt that Eren and Mikasa love each other, but I just can’t see it as a romantic type of love.

But that doesn’t mean I think eremika (or any other ship) is inferior or bad. I just prefer ereri. You can ship whatever you like, it doesn’t affect me so why would I care?

Thanks for asking!

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do you have any fs kid headcanons?

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you, anon! I’m actually one of those people that’s not particularly interested in kid!fic or anything like that, so I don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

That said, I have a very strong and solid headcanon with regards to the “how” of Fitz and Simmons having a child.

First of all, I don’t for a moment think that it would unplanned. I may get a lot of flack for this, but I don’t think Jemma “excels at preparation” Simmons is going to be thrilled at the thought of a child coming out of the blue when she doesn’t feel ready for it at all. While I assume she’s lovely with children and does eventually want them herself, I don’t think she would take it well if was unplanned. In other words, before I get too redundant, I think a Fitz/Simmons child will only happen when the both of them have decided with the utmost readiness that they want one.

Secondly, and this is also probably an uncommon headcanon, but I believe that Fitz would be the more resistant one to children initially. We don’t know what exactly happened to Fitz’s father, but if it was a situation where he left his and his mother behind, I suspect it will have had an impact on Fitz and how he views family units. I think if that’s the case, he’d be very worried about repeating his father’s mistakes. This is unsupported by canon though, so I’ll move on. 

It’s going to take a lot of effort for Fitz to overcome his belief that they are “cursed” as a couple. Even if they do get together, I’m certain that Fitz will be on guard, afraid of things going wrong. Bringing a child into the world would be a scary endeavor if you believe you’re cursed. So, he’d have to overcome his fear that something might happen to that child. 

I’m sorry this isn’t 100% an answer to your question, but I hope it’s enough.

Is this Love?

He isn’t right for me, but my heart is telling me I need him… I really donT know what to do anymore. Like he is always in my mind, and I cant seem to get him away from my mind. I keep thinking about our memorable moments, how great, and beautiful they were. We had so many laughs with each other, it was just so exciting to see him happy next to me. Then I started to see how dangerous he really is for my well-being. But the I love I have for him just blocks everything negative about him. Tell me what kind of messed up emotions I have inside of me…. Please. 

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You like SaboLaw! Do you have any headcanons for them?

(Ok, first of all I’m going to squeal, cause first time someone asks me about headcanons, so *high pitched squeal* *Ehem* Now, loser moment out of the way, back to business.)

I LOVE SaboLaw. These two dorks, for me, would get along so well and would balance each other. These are a few headcanons I’ve thought about (forgive my grammar, it’s being a while since I’ve written so much in english):

- They have each other’s vivre card. Whenever they know the other’s nearby, they try and spend time together, usually Sabo stays in the submarine. 

- After they accomplish their respective goals (that is, after the end of the manga) they keep on traveling together, Sabo writes his book while Law heals those who need it.

- Sabo shows affection easily (not at the level of his beloved baby bro, but close enough). Law, not so much, which is understandable. Sabo knows this, and after many years together, he picks up hints and cues that let him know when it would be ok for Law to receive a hug or a kiss in public.

- In private, they cuddle. A lot. At the beginning it was a bit awkward, but later on it became an important part of their routine. Although Law’s a bit taller, he will always curl his body around Sabo’s, putting his ear on the other’s chest so to hear his heartbeat and breathing.

- They both like to read, so they share the library. More often than not, they do it in silence, each on their own chair, but, once in a while, Sabo will pick a book they both like or find interesting, sits himself on Law’s lap and take turns reading aloud. (99.9% of the times, they leave the book aside after 30 - 45 minutes and start making out) 

- Sabo loves Law’s tattoos, and always ends up tracing them with his fingers, almost as an afterthought. Which is something that drives Law crazy, because he does it so gently and with so much love. 

- Also, Sabo is a dork that likes to say puns, especially when flirting. Law sometimes shambles him out of their bedroom (and, on a memorable occasion, out of the submarine) because of it. 

- They are both such divas when it comes to fashion. Sometimes they clash when it comes to preferences. Sabo has more of a steampunk kind of vibe (like the rest of the Revolutionary Army), while Law is more of a hipster, but they always manage to look amazing together.

- Because he has difficulty controlling his powers (at least at the beginning) Sabo sets things on fire by accident, something that leads him to freak out a little, which, in turn, both amuses and hurts Law a bit (*coughs* Cora-san *coughs*)

- That being said, they do know of each other’s past. It was after a particularly bad nightmare that Law had one night that they started talking about their pains and traumas. They didn’t leave the bed at all that day, preferring to stay alone in each other’s arms for comfort. 

- Just like with Dragon and the rest of his friends, Sabo won’t shut up about Luffy, especially after a visit from or to the Straw Hats. Law is patient and lets him ramble on and on but, whenever he hits his limit, he shambles his way out of it and leaves Bepo in his place. Sabo doesn’t give a crap and keeps on talking.

Phew! Well, like I said these are a few (I have more, but then it would get too long (tho, I think I went a bit overboard here ^^’)), if you’d like to discuss this more feel free to send me a message, I’d love to hear about your headcanons regarding these two losers!


At first I was a bit confused by this scene. Jace was like “Alec, what? Me? Why? It can’ be” and I said to myself “well it’s his parabatai it’s obvious that he loves him the most”. I mean there’s no human bond stronger than the parabatai thing, not even the relationship with relatives, so it’s normal for Alec to think about Jace (or viceversa). In my head parabatai is the strongest bond I could ever imagine ‘cause I always think about Will and Jem, and how they were the very soul of each other. Then I realized that I made a mistake, Alec and Jace are not Jem and Will.

Alec in that moment is really confused about his feelings for Jace, I think he thought “That’s it! It’s true I love him the most” without realizing the real nature of that love. In that moment he just thought that he was in love with Jace and that was tragically wrong. We all know that Alec isn’t really in love with Jace, he loves him as his parabatai and as his brother but here he still has to figure it out. 

When he shouts “NO. it’s not true” I think he’s trying to convince himself that’s not true, he fears that he’s gonna lose Jace so he says “the demon deceived me” to safe what he can. But he gets scared and let go. Isabelle is trying to say to him that’s okay (my babe is beautiful), that there’s nothing wrong with him, but he can’t listen, he’s too ashamed of his own “weakness”.

Then I saw the jalec sneak peek of the 1x05 and I realized that Jace thought the same thing I did “we’re parabatai”. Jace was not shocked or confused, he was just surprised. He means a lot for Alec, now he knows it and that’s okay with him.

The best part of the scene was that Magnus understood. He says to Alec “There’s nothing to be ashamed of” like he knew Alec’s heart since the first time he saw him. I think that when Magnus says to Alec “you will” he meant more like “sooner or later you will have to deal with yourself, your feelings, with who you really are”. He saw Alec’ soul, he saw it crystal clear and that’s the best thing it could happen to Alec.

Someone that knows his heart without him speaking it out loud

Mashima’s couples

The couple that takes forever

to come to terms with their feelings.

The couple that starts as a one sided love,

but the other side actually cares as well.

The couple that can’t be together for a long time,

but then they have a tearful reunion.

So yeah, I didn’t use too many pics for NaLu and Haru x Elie even though they probably have the greatest amount of shared moments. Also I might redo this once Fairy Tail ends if I’ll have more suitable pictures then.

And if you don’t believe me that Musica x Belnika is real just check this:

Fairies at the Beach - FT volume 5 omake.

Okay, but can we seriously talk about this gif right here!!! (I apologize for the appalling quality)

You know what my favourite this about this is? There is so much tenderness amongst the fierceness. It is almost a punch in the face to be honest, especially from Finn’s part.

Finn looks like he’s ready to deadset kill a man, he looks so fierce and determined, but the moment he lays eyes on Poe BOOM his whole entire demeanor chances for split seconds. The way he lowers his gun a fraction, and his facial features change to become softer. It’s almost like he looks at Poe, and becomes an entirely different person. 

I love the way that they give each other such direct looks, as if the moment they spot each other, nothing else matters. 

The camera angle used here is really super important as well!! I remember reading an article that described it as if Poe and Finn were “orbiting” around each other and I love that description so fricking much because it us absolutely dead on!!! When I look at this, I can see nothing but two men who care for each other deeply, in the sense that even when they are surrounded by people, about to embark on a dangerous mission, they look at each other and everything else just falls away into background static. 

or i could just be embarrassing stormpilot trash idk you decide.

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For a CS TLK I want them to have this moment not because of validation or as proof of being TL they don't need to prove it but they deserve that amazing moment of pure happiness that can only come from finding the person who despite thinking otherwise for years you can be happy and loved and fulfilled you don't have to do everything alone and believes in you inspires you to be your best self CS does all this and so much more for each other and they deserve that magical moment of nothing but love

Well, yeah.

They don’t need a TLK because it’ll somehow override all their previous moments and all the slow and painstaking development that it has taken to get them to this place. They don’t need a TLK because they need to “prove” something (though by the logic of storytelling, you do need that concrete moment of confirmation and explicit reveal of implicit development). Both Emma and Killian know what they have is special. Killian tried TLK on her as early as 3x11. They both tried it on each other in 5x02. They lit the Promethean flame with a kiss in 5x08. There was, you know, that whole “bind us to Excalibur together because I won’t lose you” business. Emma is quoting her parents’ true love line and is ready to split her heart to save him in 5x11. So, obviously. It’s there. As I’ve said, OUAT doesn’t do subtle. They lay out things clearly and then throw a shitton of obstacles in their path. So all the signs and indications of CS TL are obviously well established and have been referred and tried by the characters themselves.

But for one reason or another, none of them has worked. Emma didn’t have her memories in 3x11 (and wasn’t to the place of feeling the same/accepting a TLK even if she did). Killian was already the DO when he tried it on Emma in SB in 5x02. Emma wasn’t ready to give up the darkness (and by extension, embrace her future with Killian) when she tried it in desperation after enjoying the power of healing Robin. So it’s there and it’s there and it’s there…. but it still hasn’t worked. It is saving the successful deployment of this moment, and its associated emotional resonance, for a big climax. I’m not buying for a remote nanosecond that Emma Swan, the main heroine of OUAT, only ever gets failed attempted TL moments in her main/central love story, especially considering the precedent set by her parents. It just doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t “need” TLK to show her something she doesn’t already know about Killian and their feelings for each other. She needs it because this is a show where love is the most powerful magic of all, and because the conventions of her arc and CS’ story this season need a moment when those failed attempts are brought full circle and shown to be successful. We’ve seen them fight the darkness and give into it. We need to see that ultimate moment where it’s defeated and they do it together. The number of times it’s been attempted and failed means they’re saving its success for something epic (such as, say, bringing Killian back from the dead? You’d think that would qualify. Ahem).

I want TLK because it’s the next step in their story. Because I want to see my babies and their faces when they realized it finally worked, when there’s at last no more doubt and no more fear about what they’ve risked and what they’ve given up for each other, that all that pain and separation is finally behind them and that their love is frigging strong enough to OVERCOME DEATH. We’ve seen all the pain of 5A and suffered the negative parts with them; ain’t nobody gonna tell me that I can’t want to see the reward for it and to have just as much emotional resonance put into the positive resolution, especially when THAT’S WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL ABOUT. I want a wedding, yes, because I am greedy, and I still think it’s likely (or at least an engagement for sure). But most of all, I want them HAPPY. I want them having knocked the world (and underworld) down with their love and getting the same magical curse-shattering kiss that so many other couples have, including the totally minor ones. I want them getting to move into that big house together (and have sex. A lot of sex. All the sex. Ahem). I want to see that the point of this arc, as I keep saying, was to show that there’s literally nothing that can separate them and they’ve overcome all their fears about a future together and finally get the chance to start it.

And yes, I want it to be magic. I want it to be big and epic and romantic. If I wanted a non-magical ship, I’d watch, you know, a show that isn’t OUAT. But as a matter of fact, I AM watching OUAT. I don’t do so to see Emma and Killian being a rote real-world couple, much as there are many realistic elements to their relationship that I love and which makes them feel so relatable. I watch this ridiculous show for all its soap opera family ties and silly plot MacGuffins and all the other things it does, and I watch it for the MAGIC. Especially when it comes to CS. You can’t separate that from them or make sense of their story without it, and I have wanted the entire world for them since the instant I watched 2x06. It’s been slow in coming because of its very importance to the show and Emma’s journey as a whole, but we’re en route to the promised land, and it’s gonna be fucking beautiful.


GET TO KNOW ME:[1/10]> favorite relationships  >   Edward IV of England x Elizabeth Woodville

-There was a moment when I thought you were gone from me, too.
-Only one moment? Then you’re lucky. When you broke sanctuary,I stood by your side.When I saw you smother an old man in his sleep, I stood by you again. I never doubted you… until I came into your room that night.
-This? This is what has been burdening you?
-“This”? You lay with her like you loved her.Like she could so easily take my place.
-Neither she nor any other woman could ever take your place.
-Well, she did take it.The night before my confinement, you were with her and not me.
-Elizabeth, you knew when you married me that I would not be a husband that would faithfully sit at your feet. We are not young any more. We are not those two people who met on the side of the road. They are gone.
-Then what remains?
-What remains is my love for you. You are what sustains me in battle. You are my home.

I was looking at Samwise’s pics (again and again), and then …. well, a naga siren sketch happened :9

Warcraft III turned my little inner world upside down the moment I started playing it. I was a tiny teenager who fell in love instantly with Thrall and then with Jaina. Night elves were my favourite because of…. well, because they were supercool and weren’t like any other elves from other games and universes. Then Frozen Throne was released, and I found my other true love - Blood elves.

You can imagine how excited I was while typing login and password to World of Warcraft for the first time! Sadly, it was the very end of Burning Crusade, and I didn’t get to play in Vanilla. When I finally hit 70, WotLK was already live, and I… I was stuck in Outland, because I had no money back then.

Even after all these years I love World of Warcraft so much. I keep coming back to the game just because I miss it, really. And when I have some free time, I like to come back to Eversong forest and walk slowly, listening to music and trying to catch an echo of this sweet warm mood I had 7 years ago…

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Hiiiii!!!! so how would B.I react when he came back from practice and you are his gf and he found his little sister sleeping with u on the couch his gf was babysitting her for b.i and her parents ❤❤

Originally posted by vinegarboy

It would definitely warm his heart. The view of two of three woman that he loved the most sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms would be forever in his mind. He’d walk closer in silent so he wont wake both you and his sister, watching carefully with wide smile form on his face. Hanbin would take picture of this moment and show it to everybody he met. He’d be so relief that both of you get along really well.

Fly Me To The Moon (Poe Dameron X Reader)

This is one of a few Anon-requested focus that will be coming out. Sorry for the 800 year long hiatus. I love you guys, and thanks for sticking around. ❤️❤️❤️


Lee :P

Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy, so technically I wasn’t LYING when I asked him to teach me how to fly well. I just wasn’t being entirely truthful.

I had liked Poe from the moment I saw him, much like everyone else who’s ever met him. I was somewhat shy, so I had never spent a lot of time talking to him, but we enjoyed each other’s company.

One day, however, I got tired of waiting for him to make the first move. I decided it was time for him to notice me.

I walked up with all of the confidence I could possibly muster (which was not much, to be honest), and asked him, “Hey Poe? Do you have a few hours to spare?”

He grinned, spinning to look at me. His beautiful eyes that smiled even when his mouth didn’t shocked me, and my breath hitched. Luckily for me, he didn’t seem to notice. “Of course, Y/N. What can I do for you, Kid?”

I blushed at his nickname for me. I wasn’t that much younger than him, but he felt very protective of me, and thus, the nickname came to be. “I was uh….. I was wondering if you could teach me how to fly an X-Wing.” I looked down at my feet and twiddled my thumbs, trying to avoid eye contact for as long as possible.

Poe noticed I was avoiding his eyes, and lifted up my chin with his finger. “Absolutely,” he smiled, taking my hand. “But I have to ask, what makes you want to learn to be a pilot all of a sudden?”

I bit my lip, desperately attempting to think of a reason. “I, uh….” Finally, I looked up at him, his eyes warm and inviting. “I just want to be prepared for anything, that’s all,” I muttered, my voice trailing off slightly. I was getting lost in his beautiful brown eyes, and he was doing nothing to stop me.

He nodded slightly, and I could’ve sworn I saw his eyes flicker to my lips for just a second, but maybe that was my mind playing a trick on me. “I understand. The galaxy is a dangerous place, and you need a well-rounded skill set.” He sounded as though he was trying to convince himself that this was true. I nodded, and he led me to his X-Wing, which he had adorably named “Daisy”.

“So, I’ll start by showing you all of the basic controls, and then I’ll fly for a little while so you can watch. Sound good?” I nodded happily, beginning to zone out as he told me all of the controls…. Which I already knew. I had been flying for YEARS, and I knew everything that Poe knew, maybe more. I had lied, yes, but it was for a good cause. I wanted to spend some time with him before he went on his next mission, and this was the way that seemed the least desperate.

I may have known the controls already, but I still watched Poe as he pointed to each button and lever, explaining in depth what it’s function was. I’ve always thought that watching someone talk about or do something they are truly passionate about is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, but I had never seen anything like this. He had a spark in his eyes that was brighter than all of the stars in the galaxy. I was mesmerized.

“And that button puts up the shields. You got all that, Kid?” He looked over at me, and I quickly snapped out of my trance.

“Yeah, I think so. Let’s give this a try, shall we?” He nodded and smiled, pride glowing on his face.

I took off carefully, being rather afraid to hurt Daisy. She was Poe’s baby, and he took extremely good care of her. I wanted to do the same. As I began to fly above the planet, I got caught up in the beauty of the sight, and began to relax into my normal state. I flew smoothly and skillfully, smiling to myself. Flying with Poe was wonderful.

“Wow, Y/N, you’re incredible. Like, actually astounding. Are you sure this is your first time flying? I’ve never seen a rookie fly this smoothly,” he looked over at me suspiciously, but the smile still shined through his eyes.

I blushed heavily and bit my lip, cringing in preparation for his reaction. “Actually, I uh….. I already knew how to fly.” I looked out the side window, and, with much difficulty, resisted the urge to curl up into a ball.

“You…. You what?” Asked Poe incredulously. He shook his head and stared at me. I felt myself blush all the way down my neck and chest from embarrassment. “So, if you already knew how to fly, then why did you ask me to teach you?” He said, looking forward once again, giving me some relief from my shame.

“I…..” I shook my head and ran a hand trough my hair, horrified at what I was about to say. “I just wanted to spend time with you.” There was a long silence, and neither of us said anything. Poe stared at me like a confused puppy, his eyes urging me to elaborate. “I like you, Poe. I like you a lot. I have since I met you, what, five years ago now? I just didn’t have the guts to tell you. Sorry if I just ruined a perfectly good friendship. I’ll just uh…. I’ll just go back to the base and land.” I rambled on, trying to fill the ridiculously tense silence.

Poe said nothing for a very long time. He just sat there, staring out the window, eyes wide in shock. He looked several times as though he was about to speak, but each time he seemed to think better of it. I landed the X-Wing, opened the cockpit, and climbed out, sighing and leaning against the side dejectedly. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to keep myself from crying from sadness and embarrassment. I felt a single tear roll down my face, and I snapped my eyes open when I felt a hand carefully brush it away. Poe stood there, smiling down at me, looking like an angel. I put a hand on his chest. “I’m so sorry, Poe.”

He still said nothing, but instead leaned down and kissed me slowly, gently, holding the back of my neck carefully as though he was afraid of breaking me. I sighed and pulled him closer, feeling him smile into the kiss. When we pulled away, he giggled lightly, and muttered, staring into my eyes, “That’s just not fair.”

I raised an eyebrow, laughing, and asked, “What’s not fair?”

“You’re just as good a pilot as me and twice as good a kisser. I need to be champion of ONE of those categories.” I blushed and giggled, pushing his chest playfully, which made him laugh heartily, throwing his head back.

“Oh shut up, Dameron.” I said, covering my face with my hands.

“So, I have a question, Kid….” He pulled my hands away from my face, gently holding them in his own. “Would like to go out sometime?”

I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down for another kiss. “In case you didn’t get the message from that, my answer is yes. I would love to.” I smiled and looked him in the eyes, sighing because I was so relieved that the whole situation had worked out so well.

As we walked towards the living quarters, he began to hum a tune that took me a moment to place.

“Fly Me To The Moon? Seriously? You cheesy bastard.” I punched his arm playfully, and giggled.

He laughed, and kept on humming. He stopped after the chorus, to kiss my cheek, and state sarcastically, “Why yes, I am a cheesy bastard. But I am YOUR cheesy bastard.” I laughed and wrapped my arm around his waist. I had never felt so comfortable and at home in my life.


I respect Namjoon and Yoongi even much much more after watching this video. Not to start anything here, but honestly, I think B-Free’s way of “motivating” them through “tough love” was really disrespectful and he could’ve done it other way.

Not to mention that based on the date this video was published (Nov 30, 2013) BTS has just debuted and I think for a group that has just debuted, Namjoon and Yoongi handled this interview very well.

It made me realise how much pressure BTS (and other artists/idols) get from the others—from the world. It makes me so damn proud to see where BTS is at this very moment, and I hope criticism like this—from the past, present or even the future—will only make Bangtan stronger. 


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For my lovely anon. I cried writing this ending, hopefully you do as well.


Request for a angsty scenario of one of the boys from bts maknae line (u choose) when your dating him but he cheats on u and gets the other girl pregnant and has to leave you.. Make me cry pls and thank you^^

Characters; Jimin x Y/n 

genre: ANGST. Slight hints of smut. Fluff at some moments?

description: And with that Jimin’s mistake had destroyed you



He didn’t want it to turn like this,lip locking with a trainee from the company. He didn’t want to feel the lust building up inside as she gripped his hair deepening the kiss. A night with his members mixed with alcohol had made him do it. Jimin was just suppose to come and relieve some stress away, but when an innocent dance with her lead to hips grinding, hands roaming. He knew that he shouldn’t of done it , you were waiting for him back home and here he was. Lip locking with a trainee against the bathroom door. “Jimin oppa” she moaned into his mouth, she sounded nothing like you, you’re sweet voice as you pleaded for him. But she just sounded like another whore desperate for a quick fuck. Jimin needed to stop himself before he did something he would regret, but he didn’t and that was his first mistake out of many.


You weren’t aware of the mistake Jimin had made that night. So when Jimin was pacing around the living room waiting upon your arrival, you grew nervous. “Jagi?” You whispered to him, making your presence known as you placed your belongings on the couch blocking you way to Jimin. You were expected the smiling ball of sunshine the brown haired boy that owned your heart, but instead you were met with brown orbs staring at you with hurt and pain in his eyes. Jimin tighten his fist as he stared at you looking at him worriedly, he didn’t deserve your worry, he was disgusting. A woman who had loved him with all her might was staring at him, you had given up so much for him, you had given up at the thought of coming public knowing it would affect him and bangtan. You had given up your freedom to him, trapping the love you had for him in a small apartment the company had bought for your meetings. If it was just to hold each other or to share nights of love, the longing of your bodies after a long tour, that what was this apartment was for. But now it would turn to the apartment into the place Jimin had confessed his night of sin with the trainee, who had desperately wanted it , just as Jimin had.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know how , or why.” Jimin was falling to his knees as you sat in front of him, Jimin had told you to sit as he confessed. You were hurt, broken, but what had broken you more was the site of Jimin desperately asking you for your forgiveness. The man you loved had cheated and he was sorry for it, you knew you would look stupid to any other person, but Jimin was the man you loved, the man who brighten your day with his smile and beautiful laughter. And you made a mistake and forgave him.

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i just want to take a moment to ramble about how much love and respect i have for wlw with body dysmorphic disorder (bdd).  basically if you don’t know what it is, it’s a mental illness where the person obsesses over a perceived flaw.  it involves “checking” said flaw in the mirror constantly or in other cases, completely avoiding the mirror.  taking photos is also a common trigger as well as having to be seen without your “mask” (baggy clothes, makeup, a hat, etc).  in my experience, bdd makes leaving the house a challenge on pretty much a daily basis.   i also have found that when coming to terms with my sexuality, my bdd played a large part in making it hard to understand.  because of compulsory heterosexuality and the image of what women are suppose to look like, i felt disgusted even further with myself that i didn’t fit this profile. i felt unworthy. feeling unworthy of love is an awful way to feel and i just want to reassure wlw with bdd that they are beautiful and valid and deserve someone who will be patient and understanding of their bdd. loving women doesn’t make you disgusting or bad. 

Ichihime Tag resurrection

After today’s chapter, the Ichihime Tag has gone in to over load. I am glad, we should spam the entire tag with every single moment we can find and blow the moment we got in this chapter, out of proportion. 

I think we deserved to at least enjoy our supreme moment and if other’s have to suffer? Well, we had to suffer through them hammering on the fact that it did not exist. 

So, enjoy….Celebrate and fill your blog with Ichihime to remind us all of why we love this pairing so much.

익명 회원 질문:

Can you do anything with Thorne? Im having a crazey post book fan girl moment right now. Thank you!

Anything with Thorne? Well, let’s think about post-revolution Thorne. I love thinking about post-revolution TLC characters.

  • Thorne has a much harder path ahead of him after the revolution than some of the others do. Unlike the others, he was a criminal prior to those events and while his heroics do tip the scales a bit, that’s still a difficult stigma to overcome.
  • He’s brought into aristocratic social circles by both Cinder and Kai, but he isn’t always welcome there. His past and his reputation were splashed all over the net right along with everyone else’s and the higher social circles aren’t exactly thrilled to have an ex-con in their midst.
    • He endures more chilly glares and upturned noses at royal balls and events than he ever did before the revolution made him famous.
      • In some ways, that makes the idea of falling back into his previous ways rather tempting. No one expects anything better of him, so why should he try so hard to stay on the straight and narrow if he’s only going to get belittled regardless of what he does?
        • CRESCENT MOON DARNEL, THAT’S WHY! She supports him and cheers him up and reminds him why he shouldn’t let them goad him into doing something he’s going to regret later.
        • Along with Cress’s encouragement, there’s one experience that galvanizes his resolve more than anything else. They’re docked in some big city, relaxing after making a delivery, and a little boy with blonde hair and starstruck eyes rushes up and grabs Thorne by the arm. “Hey, I saw you on the net! You’re a hero!” He smiles, almost adoringly and stabs a chubby finger at Thorne’s face. “I wanna be like you when I grow up!” Thorne is, of course, flabbergasted. Shocked. Humbled. And there’s no way he’s going to let that kid down or disillusion him of heroes.
  • I feel like that as much as he wants the title of captain, he has a lot more trouble than he expected in settling into the actual responsibilities of that title because this is really the first time he’s had a respectable job with people depending on him and a ship to legitimately call his own and wow, that’s overwhelming.
  • There’s also the small matter of actually having friends now. People who love him and care about him and who trust him—an ex-thief—with the passkeys to their homes as if he’s one of the family…that’s a new experience (or at least one he hasn’t had for a long time), too. And it means more to him than any other reward he could’ve gotten out of the revolution.
Mr. Murphy was extremely grateful for his deliverance.

Mr. Murphy was also the owner of a very small vacant shop on the other side of Ellis Square. It was the work of a few moments to acquire a small shingle with TEETH EXTRACTED on it. And within twenty-four hours of hanging out my shingle, I was proudly depositing my earnings on the kitchen table—which was also my herbal-preparations counter and Jamie’s desk, as it occupied the center of our single room.

“Well done, Sassenach!” Jamie picked up a small jar of honey, taken in payment for a nastily impacted wisdom tooth. He loved honey. I’d also acquired two large speckled turkey eggs (one of them filled the entire palm of my hand), a loaf of reasonably fresh sourdough bread, six pennies, and a small silver Spanish coin.

“I think ye could support the family all on your own, a nighean,” he said, dipping a finger in the honey and licking it before I could stop him. “Ian and Fergus and I can all retire and become gentlemen of leisure.”

“Good. You can start by making supper,” I said, stretching my back. Stays did keep you upright through a long day’s work, but I was looking forward to taking them off, eating supper, and lying down, in quick succession.

“Of course, Sassenach.” With a small flourish, he drew the knife from his belt, cut a slice off the loaf, drizzled honey on it, and gave it to me. “There ye are.”

I raised an eyebrow at him but bit into it. Sweetness flooded my mouth and my bloodstream simultaneously, and I tasted sunlight and flowers. I moaned.

“What did ye say, Sassenach?” He was busily buttering another slice.
“I said, ‘Well done,’” I said, and picked up the pot of honey. “We’ll make a cook of you yet.”

-Written In My Own Heart’s Blood