i loved their other moments as well

You know what I want for Trespasser and Cullen and/or Josephine romances? Established comfort.

I mean, I’d love that for all of the romances, but we don’t know what the other companions have been up to in the intervening years. But if the Inquisition has been going steady for two years, I have to guess that Cullen and Josephine have been there the whole time. (And a non-Divine Leliana, but alas, our Inquisitors couldn’t turn her head.) So I want a scene(s) demonstrating how comfortable the Inquisitor and their advisor love have become with each other. Petty squabbles turned into unwitting laughter. Quiet moments together in between the madness. Finishing each other’s sentences, or answering questions before they’re fully asked. Someone getting flustered or irritated and going off on a rant while the other one looks on with impossible fondness. Small touches and/or eye contact that simply say “I’m here.” I want fluffy, beautiful domesticity. 

Well, that, and no more holes in Skyhold. But we’ll see what we get.

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A and B is like this happy couple that everyone knows about but they have to break up at the end of senior yr coz they have to go to different colleges. Before they break up B ask A to at least keep them in their mind for a bit and they agree if they still want each other they would get back together after college if not they don't. Whether they do or not is up do you :) spamano pls? (Sorry I wasn't sure if it sent or not and I was listening to Taylor swift's wildest dreams so

High School is different for everyone. For Lovino and Antonio it was just another stage of life that they needed to get through, that is, until they met each other. The moment they bumped into each other in the hallway that fateful day, it was love at first sight. At first it didn’t seem like they would get along as good as they did, yet they proved to be almost inseparable, soon enough becoming the most well-known and cutest couple of their entire class. They were wonderful and lovely, adored by both staff and classmates all around. It was the type of love that you assumed only existed in fairy tales. However, High School didn’t last forever, as Senior year flew by in the blink of an eye, and next thing they knew graduation was in less than a week away. Yet…a single problem remained. They wouldn’t be able to be together any longer, because they would both attend different collages in different parts of the country. That’s when they both agreed on a sad, yet expected choice…

“You sure you want to do this, Lovino?” Antonio asked, the two laying down on Lovino’s bed, just staring up at the blank ceiling as they held hands.

“Yeah. It’s…easier if we do it now rather than wait, you know.” Lovino said, trying to sound confident, but the hesitation was still there. Antonio turned to the side, pulling Lovino into an embrace. Lovino snuggled into it, purring at the warmth.

“I wish that it could be different.” Antonio murmured. But how could they even try to fix it? They would be thousands of miles apart from each other. Hell, Lovino was going to study overseas. He had gained a full scholarship to one of the best culinary schools in the world, and Antonio would never allow him to simply walk away from the chance. Not like Lovino would give up on it either.

“I know…it fucking sucks.” Lovino groaned, burying his face into Antonio’s chest. “I…I really don’t want to say goodbye…”

“I know.” Antonio kissed Lovino’s forehead, not noticing as a tear escape the edge of his eye. The two simply holding each other in silence for hours, agonizing over the fact that couldn’t be changed. They would never see each other again. Even if they tried to stay in contact, it would be almost impossible due to them living on their own lives. It was painful.

“…GAH!” Lovino finally sighed, sitting up on the bed. “Hey, listen, I have an idea!”


“Let’s make a promise.” Lovino turned to Antonio, staring into his eyes. “After…we part, I want you to promise me to keep me in your mind. Just for a little while longer, and I’ll keep you in mine. And…if by the time we see each other again we still feel the same then…” By the end of the sentence Lovino had tears falling down his cheeks, Antonio quickly hugging Lovino as tears of his own escaped his eyes.

“I promise.” Antonio whispered, smiling at Lovino as he held his pinky finger and wrapped it around Lovino’s. “We’ll keep in each other’s mind…and live on.”

“…yeah. We’ll…live on.” The two shared one more kiss.

“I love you, Lovino.”

“I love you, Antonio…so very much.”

It would be over seven years since that night. Antonio would go on to study law, graduating to become a prestigious lawyer at top of his class. Lovino would graduate to become a premium chef, working in the most exclusive of restaurants within Italy for a couple of years before being able to move back to his home city, where he planned to create his dream restaurant along with his brothers. The past seemed just that; past.

“Remember to get the milk, hold on, hey Luddy, do we need anything else? Oh! And some sausages!”

“I know I know.” Lovino grumbled, talking to his brother on the phone as he pushed the shopping cart. He was buying some grocery for himself when he made the mistake of asking his brother if he needed anything. Now he had an entire list to look for. “I’ll get you the stuff and drop them off at your place.”

“Alright! Thank you so much, Lovi! We owe you one-AH HE’S WALKING, LUDDY, GET THE CAMERA-!”

Lovino sighed, hanging up and getting his phone away. His little brother was already married and with an adopted child to call his own. He hated to admit it, but he felt old.

Where was his happy ending dammit?

“Right, some eggs and then milk.” Lovino went off to the area where the milk was at, and glanced around looking for the one he was looking for. However, as he usually did with things that were in tall places, he struggled to reach it from the top shelf. “Oh for fuck sakes.” He hissed, growling as his curl began to crunch up in frustration. The least time could’ve done was to make him any taller? It appeared Lovino would finally give up on his conquest, settling to maybe not get the milk. However, another shopper went ahead and reached up, easily picking up the milk from the top shelf.

“Here. This is the one you want, right?”

“Oh!” Lovino held the milk. “Y-Yeah, thanks, um…” Lovino glanced up, and the moment their eyes met, they froze in their spot. After so many years, Lovino once more was able to see those beautiful green eyes that he had dreamed about for so many years. He couldn’t even form out words, his heart beating ever so fast.

“…Lovino?” Antonio whispered, a smile appearing on his features as he recognized his former love.

“A…Antonio…” Lovino gasped, barely holding the milk in his hands. It was him. It was Antonio. He was there. In front of him. After all of this time… “…It’s you.”

“Lovi!” Antonio settled down the milk and instantly wrapped his arms around Lovino, picking him up in a hug before spinning around with him. “Lovi it’s really you!”

“GAH! Yeah, it’s me! Antonio! Put me down!” Lovino asked, his face burning as his mind began to rush with memories and emotions of all kinds. Antonio settled him down, but didn’t let go of him just yet, just excited and overjoyed.

“Lovi…I can’t believe it, it’s been so long, look at you!” Antonio squealed, quickly smushing Lovino’s face. Lovino grabbed a hold of Antonio’s hands.

“Yeah, I’m here!” Lovino lowered Antonio’s hands, but he didn’t let go of them just yet. “You…you’ve gotten taller too.”

“Have I? I honestly didn’t notice…” Antonio chuckled. “…hey, how come you’re here though? You were studying in Italy?”

“I saved up enough money there and came back here to build the restaurant my brother and I have always wanted. I just arrived a month ago, actually.” Lovino leaned closer to Antonio. “What about you? For once you aren’t wearing a t-shirt that’s three sizes too big.”

Antonio laughed. “Well, I’m a lawyer now, so I guess those kind of t-shirts are just back home.”

“A lawyer…” Lovino smiled ever so brightly. To think Antonio could go this far. It made him extremely happy. He truly did live on as they promised. “…I’m so glad.”

“Hey, Lovi.”

“Hm?” As Lovino glanced back up, Antonio stood mere inches away from his face, much to his surprise.

“You’re still on my mind.” He whispered. Those words alone almost had Lovino burst into tears, but instead he just gritted his teeth, punching Antonio lightly before hiding his face.

“Bastard!” Lovino hissed, however he was smiling, a few tears escaping his eyes. “You…you could’ve just gone on with someone else, you know?! Don’t you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or something?!”

“No,” Antonio went on. “I…I really couldn’t forget you, Lovino.” He leaned closer, holding Lovino’s hands. “Did you forget about me?”

“AS IF I COULD EVER!” Lovino yelled, throwing his arms around Antonio before burying his face into his chest. “You ass…even when I flirted with so many other people your smile always kept popping up in my mind…I couldn’t get over you dammit…”

Antonio smiled, holding Lovino in his arms. “I’m sorry?”

“You better be!” Lovino growled, looking up at Antonio as the two simply stared at each other. It felt as if they had both found a sense of accomplishment that they had never felt before. It was as…if they were complete and whole.

“Well…how about you come by my place? We could catch up.”

“I can’t, I promised Feli I would come by his place for dinner. Though…” Lovino’s cheeks burned red. “You could come over…and we could have dinner there together.”

“Feli wouldn’t mind?”

“He won’t. He owes me for coming down here and do his shopping.”

“Is that so?” Antonio stood silent for a few seconds, and then surprised Lovino with a peck on his lips, a feeling both missed ever so dearly. “…I still love you, Lovi.”

Lovino smiled. “I still love you too, Antonio. Very very much.”

Coachella - Calum Blurb

Calum and the other boys were able to get tickets to Coachella this year. The two of you were walking hand in hand as you walked towards the stage. Calum was practically bouncing up and down with how excited he was.

You have already watched a few performances and it was night time now. All the lights reflecting off each other created a magical scene in the sky. You could hear the screams of fans at other stages, and the faint music from other artists.

Earlier in the day, you had looked around at different art sculptures as well. 

As you approached the stage, there were already thousands of fans awaiting the performance. Cal’s smile grew wider and he turned to you. His eyes were glinting. Any moment, one of his favorite bands would walk out.

“I am so glad you are the one here with me to experience this, Y/n. I love you so much.” You bit your lip and stood on your tip toes to kiss him. It was a sweet kiss, and as you pulled away, you heard the screams of fans. Looking towards the stage, Calum grabbed your hand and raised it in the air.

That was when the first drum beat hit.

[Request for Anon]

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lmao Mark and Scarlett had zero chemistry, the whole thing seemed forced with characters saying oh, they are in love. Seriously, it was so funny. Needs better writing for the upcoming movies.

Such an insightful observation, Anon! I mean, that scene where they’re playing off each other at the bar? Absolutely zero sexual tension, amirite? I mean, why would Mark and Scarlett be subtle with their acting? Why use half-smiles, shy glances, awkward pauses, the like, when you could use better things like…well, I can’t think of any at the moment, but not that, GOOD GRACIOUS MEEE!!! Maybe something a little more to the liking of my fanfictions. That would have really made the scene, eh???

Ugh, I know, I hate when films play double-duty for other characters so things make more sense later! I mean, when Peggy shows up and you see Steve’s regret? Why bring that up earlier in the film? Who wants to make that scene more resonant, more relevant, more sad? NOT ME!!!

YAAAS, oh my goodness, Joss Whedon has such a great sense of humor! I was, like, choking on laughter, and my friends had to drag me out of the theater and whack my back until I threw up. TALK ABOUT COMEDY GOLD, RIGHT?

You know, this message really changed my life. I think I’m going to start sending poisoned chocolates to Joss Whedon and eating every copy of Age of Ultron that I can find. Thanks for such an eye-opening experience, Anon. *single tear*

First day of college was today - I moved in, unpacked, and had to say a ‘see you later’ to my parents. It was such a bittersweet moment, and it reminded me of how much I love them. 

I don’t have much to say about this subject, other than I’m proud of who I’ve become - and I’m proud of the community on this site as well.

I love you all, and my tumblr followers (and those whom I follow) also makes this dorm feel a lot more like home.

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Can you do a spam with things you love the most about Kaisoo?

awww yes :)

i love that they’re every caring towards each other, and seem to look out for one another

like this day jongin wasn’t very well

and kyungsoo kept looking at jongin to see if he was okay

i always find this moment to be very sincere and genuine and sweet


Dating Yongguk would include
  • holding hands under the table
  • shy Yongguk + extra protective Yongguk
  • being his muse
  • whispered “i love you”s
  • receiving Tigger plushies 
  • songs written just for you
  • him admiring you from a distance
  • a tired and pissed off Yongguk that gets home, but calms down the moment he sees your cute face
  • helping others together
  • Himchan going all “ew”, but always getting the other members to leave you two alone
  • watching sad movies and crying together
  • forehead kisses
  • “did you eat well?” messages
  • long hugs

Yongguk - Himchan - Daehyun - Youngjae - Jongup - Junhong

notthedeadguy 質問:

This is random, but what solidified your love for Bucky? Was there a particular moment or series?

everything you need to know about me and bucky I’ve written here


in terms of a moment. i think it was in the captain america series, right after the death of captain america, right after bucky steals the shield from natasha. she’s talking to tony about bucky, saying bucky wants to kill tony, tony shrugs it off with all the other death threats he gets, but natasha notes that none of the other people making the threats scares her like bucky does.

and then basically every moment then on where he chooses the responsibility of the mantel over his own personal emotions about it. 

im a sucker for responsibility and duty driven characters.

EDIT: heres the scene

from captain america 27, by brubaker, perkins, and d’armata (epting drew in this issue as well, but this page in particular is perkins)


Why not showing Damian in his weak moments? I think he isn’t always a cruel, stubborn one ^^’ what do you think?

What I really wanted to express with the little “no-text-comicstrip”? The same as always: They fit each other well, Jason understands Damian, a simple explanation, isn’t it?

Awww I love to draw private scenes! I hope you enjoy~

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Yaass oooh #16 in a public place? I'd love to see you do missing year for that... :D

The woman grooming the mare in the second stall flinches as he enters, her shoulders tight, her fingers twitching on the brush.

It takes Robin no more than a moment to recognize her silky dark hair, the tensed poise of her limbs, the strong set of her jaw.

“Apologies, Milady,” he voices softly, her half-down hair shifting behind her shoulders as she turns to look at him. Her stern glance is undone a bit by the way the grey mare nudges her hand in protest to her interrupted grooming.

Something about the Queen is different, today; gentler, more subdued. It is not only the deep maroon of her brocade vest and dark brown trousers, the soft curls of her half tied-back hair, the subtler shades of lip color and eye liner, the matte black leather of her flat-heeled boots. She is different here as well, not quite as tense or volatile, or at least, not revealing those things through her very breath.

She feels safe here, that much is clear, and he is intruding.

“I was just searching for Roland’s cloak,” he explains, eager to leave her to her seeming peace, for he knows she has so little of it, “he seems to have left it here this morning.”

Regina nods her head in the direction of the stall between them, to a wool cloak sitting folded and draped over an empty stall door, her eyes firm and almost unreadable. And yet something about this slightly less barbed and still endlessly captivating Regina makes him loathe to just—walk away.

“Thank you.” He takes a couple of steps closer to her in order to retrieve the cloak, smoothing it over his arm as he asks, “Is she yours?”

“No.” Regina swallows, hanging to brush on a nearby hook. She finally meets his eyes. Her pursed lips split apart, her eyes widening just a fraction, he hopes (always hopes, for she looks at him like this more often than she’d probably admit) as she finds the openness and trust and respect in his eyes and understands it to be for her.

“She needed grooming, and I needed rest from…” she continues, trailing off as Robin steps silently into the space in front of her and strokes a palm down the mare’s forehead.

“People,” he suggests, snagging an apple from a sack near their feet and offering it up to the mare, who snatches it happily.

“Yes,” she agrees with a mirthless smile.

“I’ll get out of your way, then, Milady,” he promises, bowing and giving the mare a final pat. He only barely reigns in his chuckle as Regina gives in to the horse’s prodding and reaches for a second apple.

“Only the best for those you truly care for,” he observes, more to himself than to her.

Her dark eyes flash to his, the silence weighted between them.

“Milady, I have long meant to—and have never found the right moment to—“he stumbles, clearing his throat and fiddling with a crease in Roland’s cloak, though his eyes never leave her, “thank you for your gift. The golden arrows. It was a—truly kind gesture.”

She is silent for several moments on end, and then her voice breaks into the quiet sounds of their breaths, “So the thief knows how to value gold,” she observes, the derisive tone the same as always, but shaky around the edges in a way it rarely has been.

“I know how to value you,” he returns, unfazed, “and if you don’t know that, well, you’ve been fooling yourself since the moment we met.”

Regina sniffs haughtily, her eyes closing in a little, the way she does when she feels overexposed, when someone’s hit on something raw and true and jagged in her heart. “I’m glad you’ve felt you were sufficiently rewarded by my beauty.”

“Regina,” he sighs, exasperated and, all right, a bit hurt, his hand itching to reach out and touch her, to do anything to help convince her of his true feelings, “why can’t you believe—“ he stumbles on the words as her eyes find his again, dark and bottomless, and her hand comes to rest on his neck, fingers spread against his skin, “—me,” he finishes, swallowing heavily.

She leans the slightest bit forward, her hand sliding into his hair, her eyes fluttering closed.

And she kisses him.

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When Andy fell in love

Remember that episode where Andy and April have just started dating and Andy feels bad because he’s broke and has nothing to offer April, but then they both make a game where they see who can hustle the most free stuff out of the Snakehole bar? 

Well, that part where they show each other what they’ve gotten and decide at the same time to give it all back, I think that’s the part where Andy really fell in love with April…because in that moment, he realizes that she doesn’t need extravagance or anything pricey to make her happy. 

All she needs is Andy, just like all Andy needs is her. 

I just love how perfect MinaKushi is. Not only do they love each other and openly care for each other, but there is really no room for argument in the fandom. Nobody can ship them with anyone but themselves. They are just so perfect for each other that it is nearly impossible for any normal person to ship them with someone else. Also, they have one of the best love stories I have ever seen. The way that they show their love for each other brings tears to my eyes and simply makes me want to fall in love. It is just so precious, the moments we see of the two of them. It’s adorable how they talk to Naruto about each other as well, as we saw during Pain’s invasion as well as Naruto’s training with Nine Tails. You can clearly see that they love each other, and they try to protect each other. Really,  I can’t say that about many other ships, especially in the Naruto universe. MinaKushi is just the best written couple in my opinion. They are the only ones that don’t have any flaws or room for debate of any kind. This doesn’t mean that the other ships are bad, they just have more flaws, say SasuSaku or NaruHina, the two most popular ships. These ships are also very special, and I love them both dearly, but the do have their minor flaws, like how Sasuke left the village and how Naruto didn’t pay much attention to Hinata when he was younger, but these still are minor flaws and affect their current relationships in no way whatsoever. I just have to say, MinaKushi doesn’t have any of these flaws. Also, SS and NH constantly argue and have many haters who are out to put them down and there are people who ship them with others, like SK and NS. I have never seen anyone hate on MK. Not even once. I’ve only seen positive things said about the ship, and I think that says a lot about it. That alone makes me proud to say that MinaKushi is my OTP.

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I would have never posted a photo in any underwear, lingerie, or swimwear about two years ago. I would be mortified as to what people would think of my body. I had curves, boobs, thick thighs, and a butt. It wasn’t what I was used to seeing and wasn’t what got all the comments and likes. Then I realized if I kept living my life for what other people thought I would one day wake up and realize i had wasted my short precious moments on this earth. I would have put all my energy in seeking the approval of everyone else. Please be the best you, please love yourself. Forget what anyone else thinks about your body. Work out, eat healthy, but have the occasional piece of cake if you damn well please!” - msmcgrady

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I love Daryl & Carol too! They are so perfect for each other! Their chemistry is through the roof! I love how they are so considerate, respectful, caring, flirtatious & emotional with each other. They are obviously in love but too afraid to tell each other bc of insecurities. May I ask why YOU ship them??

Well your anon is on point for one. 

Why I ship them? Well for one they bonded in an authentic way that didn’t seemed forced. It developed into a friendship and is still moving forward. They weren’t just thrust together for convenience or any other reason. They have chemistry, they comfort each other, they have strength apart but together they are stronger. 

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Lets not forget this moment when he seen her after thinking he’d lost her. Talk about a look to make knees weak. 

Originally posted by angelicaanahicg

And this! A man who has flinched from touch. Look at him running right for her. Yeah….Just take it in. Beautiful right? mhm. 

Originally posted by oohhshiny

Been through a lot with her. Since the beginning and when he thought he lost her to have her returned and then seeing her being taken again….yeah I think the gif speaks for itself. He wants HIS Carol back and is ready to fight for her. 

Why do i ship them? Because to me they’ve built a relationship despite having serious hang ups. They over came abuse, loss, near death, and so much more. They stood together through it all and you don’t just forget that. He’d only ever had his brother to depend on and her herself. The mutual trust and understanding is perfection. Now they know they have each other no matter what and that fucking matters. They love each other. Whether you see it as platonic or romantic doesn’t matter because it’s there. 

FUEL THE FIRE CHALLENGE  » Day 1 || favorite scene

I rattle her hands. “Look at me Daisy.”

When she raises her head, her eyes well with more tears. I blink and more fall from mine.

I lace both of my fingers with hers. “You will have babies. You can save your eggs, and if anything happens, i’ll carry your child, as many as you want.” We’re all crying, and I cradle these promises. I know it’s not the exact same as experiencing childbirth herself, but it’s as close as I can give her. “They’ll have your features. You’ll hold them in your arms, and you’ll watch them grow big and strong.”

Daisy is somewhere between another sob and a fractured smile. “Are you sure, Rose?”

Poppy rubs her eyes. She won’t have another child, not even as a surrogate. Her morning sickness put her in the hospital for a few weeks. After Maria, she said she’d never have another. Because of the adverse affects pregnancy has on Lily’s addiction, Daisy wouldn’t want Lily to carry a baby for her.

Even if I wasn’t the only option, I’d be the first to volunteer.

“My uterus is all yours,” I tell her. “Whenever you want one, I’m ready.” I’ve always been good at sharing with my sisters. This is no different to me.

Daisy lets go of my hands and hugs me first. My shoulders and arms are still stiff, but I try to reciprocate the hug like Lily would.

“Thank you,” she breathes.

“I love you,” I say, running my fingers through her hair. Lily and Poppy join our hug, expressing the same sentiment, and very shortly, we’re all piled together, tear-streaked, mascara running, the paths of our lives veering just a little to follow our sister. And never leave her alone.


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Hahahah (.///.) Well this is my potato I mean face~! 

I would like to tag: baematoki heavenly-reflection demfluffycheeks kpopfangull bigwideeyes busantokki daesdick daehyun-ate-my-soul hunnieyjae superbaptan jaejaetoki kmsgyu ktempted matoki-project pabos-admirer zelq ramen-toki sehuxs taeokay squishytoki-and-friends taekmylove yooyounggay exomyface thetrashpeople areumdaunnnview iam3nity dae-jinki hersheyskisses81 

oh right! I thought I might regale you guys with an excerpt from the upcoming (last) chapter of love-in-idleness :)

“At this rate we’ll be eating this thing for lunch,” Thorin notes, his voice admirably calm, considering where Bilbo’s touches are headed.

“I’m not that hungry, anyway,” Bilbo counters, but his stomach chooses to betray him at that very moment, an accusatory rumble.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Thorin smirks, “sorry, it’s finished now. I was gonna bring this to you in bed, you know.”

“Oh, well,” Bilbo removes his hand only very reluctantly, “I suppose we’re just going to have to find some other things to do in bed, then.”

“And they say your cheesy rom-coms haven’t rubbed off on you at all.”

“Shut up.”

I only have one life and that life is trickling through my fingers and serenely heading towards death and I can do nothing except watch my life ebb away with each passing moment, I am alone in the world, those who love me do not know me, those who know me fear me and I am miserable and impoverished and very soon I shall no longer know that I ever existed.[…] my desolation is as deep as a well and I do not deceive myself before myself and others. […] and my despair is as arid as the desert sands and doubts stifle and humiliate me.
—  Clarice Lispector, from Near to the Wild Heart, transl. by  Giovanni Pontiero (New Directions, 2012) 

If stucky were to be revealed as/become canon in civil war, I want it to be in a way that’s totally not a huge deal
Like maybe instead of this big dramatic moment where Steve and Bucky declare their love for each other and we have a big passionate kiss, I want it to be implied that throughout all their years of friendship they both had this totally open thing going on (which explains Steve’s feelings for Peggy as well as Bucky’s many paramours)
Like this whole time they actually /were/ dating and hooking up but being modern bisexual men they were also polyamorous
And of course Steve never got upset about Bucky’s girlfriends because after all he was still Bucky’s boyfriend
And Bucky was never jealous of Steve and Peggy’s relationship because “hot damn Steve lookit you go what a dame”
He was just pleased that Steve was getting his feelings returned
So in civil war their relationship should just be like this totally no big deal thing
Before splitting off for a mission we’ll see Bucky give Steve a kiss on the cheek and tell him to not get into too much trouble and Steve will kiss him back before donning his helmet and reassuring his babe
They’ll be riding somewhere together, like a plane, and we’ll just notice their hands laced together as they and all the other discuss strategy
Before going into a fight they exchange “I love you"s
And all of this should be done in such a nonchalant way where it’s basically like the directors are saying “well of course they’re in a relationship, silly gooses what else did you think it could be” just for the sole purpose of simultaneously pleasing us and fucking with us