i loved their other moments as well

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This kind of upsets me I know Garnet has stated she loves Steven have the others? I just feel it's important the little goof gets told he's loved.

I get the impression they’re waiting for really key moments for the Gems to tell Steven they love him, like they waited all the way until “Jail Break” for Garnet to say it, there were plenty opportunities beforehand and “Garnet’s Universe” talked about how Steven wanted her to express how much he means to her (but that she’s not strong enough, yet)

so I’m thinking the other two will tell him after some big character revelations. I also kind of think they don’t really understand love that well, like there’s definitely a theme going on with that and I think they’re learning it through Steven (”I could even learn how to love, like you”). They’ll tell him they love him once they know what love is

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Here are your lyrics :D "Every night of my life, I watch angels fall from the sky, Every time that the sun still sets, I pray they don't take mine"

Soooo I know that I had a ton of other lyrics sent in before this, but the lovely lilbakonbit gets priority. I specifically asked her to send in lyrics so I could write her something as a little gift since she wrote me something absolutely endearing! Go check her out as well! She’s a fantastic writer (and she’s my writer goals but shhh don’t tell her that) 


I’m all for polyamory and multi-shipping and all that, but:

1. You obviously made that character to ship with my first one because you said you liked him, made her fall in love with him at first sight, butted into every single rp with him, and even said you shipped them before they knew each other well.

2. The moment things went weird because of how you portrayed your character and I got fed up and ranted about it, you said you’re starting to ship her with another one of my characters… Who HATES her.

Not to mention she’s a big sue and— Sigh.

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Emily's getting another love interest? Why?! Unless it's Jason (sorry guilty pleasure) I will not be pleased. I mean, the dollhouse will negatively effect the liars right? What do they need romantically at the moment? They need stability...

Well..seeing as though Emily’s gay..that’s not happening. Now Jaria on the other hand..maybe. Haleb and Spoby is one thing..they’re already in a relationship technically though Haleb is more stable/solid but Emily and Aria? They need to just be until they get some character development and figure themselves out..especially Emily in what she wants. 

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paylinshaw or payneshaw?? or...talk to me about brad

WHAT A CHOICE!!! i turned to my consultant on all things paylinshaw/payneshaw/brad, ana gucciandbanana and as decreed by her: BRAD

  1. brad has one of those closed-mouth smiles with his lips pressed together because when he was a kid he took a lil knock to the mouth and some of his teeth were kind of weird for a bit and now it’s just instinctive when he doesn’t know people very well or when he’s nervous. the first time liam sees him smile with his teeth is when liam comes down for breakfast one morning and nearly slips on the stairs, scrambles to grab the railing. brad looks at him for a moment and then starts laughing, a kind of snorting laugh with a grin stretched broad across his face and he’s got egg in his teeth! and it should be disgusting! liam is starstruck.
  2. i love the idea just of, them constantly teasing each other like, liam’s listening to music on his phone and brad’s like “oh who’s that” and liam’s like “oh you’ve never heard of them. they’re not country.” but also brad seeing photos of liam from back home and being like WHY ARE YOUR JEANS SO TIGHT OH MY GOD and laughing for like 10 minutes and liam’s like WHAT.. THAT’S JUST WHAT - THAT’S JUST WHAT PEOPLE DO, BRAD, I’M NOT WEIRD
  3. liam’s been out of the closet for maybe a year or two by this point, is fairly settled in it. it’s not always easy but it’s not always hard, either. brad lives on a farm in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and everyone knows everyone and so to him there’s not really a concept of - of anything, until he meets liam. so that’s kind of intense for him. he does a lot of thinking while he’s milking the cows.
  4. brad, attempting to fathom the strange and seemingly unfathomable feelings he’s developing for liam, makes CONSTANT EFFORTS TO IMPRESS HIM. look at how well he can drive a tractor, liam! yeah he can ride a horse at a gallop with no saddle, NO BIGGIE, LIAM. “brad do you want a hand with that box it looks pretty heav–” “NO I’M GOOD THANKS LIAM NOT A STRAIN”
  5. and then YEARS IN THE FUTURE, when liam’s with nick, he and brad run into each other somewhere and it’s SO WEIRD. brad’s grown UP and he’s ENGAGED and he lives in the STATES, he’s only here because a friend is getting married. and like, it’s nice? and they talk a lot and laugh about stuff that happened and whatever but, more than anything it’s just. so weird. liam’s glad to know he’s doing well, though.

Maybe there is.

This is the moment where Jemma Simmons realizes that she needs to talk to Fitz. That she needs to talk to him about how she feels. But why?

Why is this the moment that Jemma figures out her feelings? Why not before where she must have shared a similar moment with Fitz when he was in the coma? Why not the many times she knew she could have lost him in the field, that he could die and she wouldn’t be with him anymore? I think the answer has several layers.  

The first and foremost is that Jemma is idealistic. We’ve seen this translate into how she acts as a person and as a scientist, as a SHIELD agent. It’s what drew her to the organization. Jemma has a vision of how things should be. And while not explicitly stated, I believe that this applies to romance just as well. A by-the-books romance has passion and love at first sight. It’s a fire that destroys you instantly. The flame she’s held for Fitz has always been slow-burning and constant; it’s not a mad and all-consuming love - so what if that’s just their friendship?

The second part of this answer is that while Jemma may not always be in touch with her own emotions, she is very much in touch with others. She knows that what Bobbi and Hunter have is love. That despite all their arguments and differences, Hunter will go willingly into a trap because of the off-chance that it will save Bobbi, and Bobbi will put herself between a gun and him no matter the personal cost. That Hunter will stand at Bobbi’s bed side, waiting for her to come to, before even going to wash the blood of his face. At the end of the day, at their core, they matter more to each other than whatever has been keeping them apart. And, as we saw when SHIELD collapsed, or when she left for HYDRA, that Jemma knows that when push comes to shove, Fitz’s safety and well-being matters to her the most.

And I think in this moment, Jemma realizes that what she feels for Fitz overlaps with what she knows Bobbi and Hunter feel for each other. That love is what’s there at the end of the day, when there’s nothing and nobody more important to you than the other person. When the other person is more than that. It’s been a love that Simmons couldn’t recognize, until she did.  And I think that’s why Jemma didn’t know how to broach the subject with Fitz all these months, despite their fighting and problems. Because she didn’t know how she felt or what she could say. But now, maybe there is something for her to say. 


I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, GIRLIE. Here’s to many, many more happy moments like this. Well done for sticking out those years of ridicule. I’m so happy and emotional that this moment is here now, a time when you can sit next to your significant other and no one even says a word. You enjoy it, you deserve all the happiness in the world. We love you right back. xoxo taylorswift

Castiel’s true weakness

In a recent post, I explained why I think Cas’ love for Dean Winchester involves eros. Over there, I said the show itself has made an effort to prove that Dean means to Cas more than Sam Winchester and a lot more than humanity. The show has singled out Dean many times, but in that post I only explained the most recent one. I think it’s important to talk about the other moments as well.

Destiel was never something the writers came up with, and we all know that. Castiel wasn’t even a character who was supposed to last in the show. It was his popularity in the fandom and Misha’s chemistry with Jensen that made Cas the recurrent character he is nowadays. However, since season 4 we can see that Castiel had a closer relationship with Dean than with Sam. That’s why we got lines like this in 4x16: “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You.” Cas was getting close to Dean, not to Sam, and that was obvious without having a textual line in the show.

In season 5, we got two of the most well-known Destiel lines. Cas rebelled against Heaven, and even the Kripke era singled Dean out when in 5x02 Cas said this, “I’m hunted. I rebelled. And I did it, all of it, for you”. And let’s not forget 5x18 when Cas said, “I gave everything for you. And this is what you give to me.” Never did Cas say that what he did was for humanity or for “you and your brother”. It was very clear that everything was for Dean.

Season 6 singled Dean out visually and textually. It did it visually when we got this:

And it did it textually when Castiel himself told Dean this in 6x20: “I’m doing this for you, Dean. I’m doing this because of you.” It was not for humanity. It was not because he wanted to stop the apocalypse 2.0 and save thousands and thousands of people. It was not for Dean and Sam. It was for Dean.

In season 7, even though the person Cas hurt directly was Sam, Cas’ priority was still Dean. As usual. In 7x01, we got this conversation:


DEAN: What, you need something else?

CASTIEL: No. I feel regret, about you and what I did to Sam.

He could have said that he felt regret about what he did to Sam, and only that, but nope. His priority was that he felt regret about DEAN. He knew that what he did to Sam was something that hurt Dean more than anything, and Cas regretted it deeply. In fact, later in the episode, Cas said this: “I’m gonna find some way to redeem myself to you.” Cas didn’t want to redeem himself “to you and your brother”, or “to all of you” (including Bobby). Not at all. He wanted to redeem himself to Dean. That’s what mattered to him.

In season 8, thanks to the Carver era, things got even more obvious than in the Kripke and Gamble eras. Naomi had to brainwash Castiel into killing thousands of Deans to get him ready to obey Heaven and kill Dean without hesitation.

The only person that could make Cas disobey Heaven was Dean Winchester. Castiel didn’t need to kill thousands of humans, he didn’t need to kill thousands of Sams. But he definitely needed to kill thousands of Deans to be ready to kill the real one. And guess what? Not even after all the brainwashing could Cas kill the real Dean. The “I won’t hurt Dean” was so rooted in Cas’ brain that he overcame Naomi’s mind-control.

In season 9, we got one of the closest things to textual canon that we could hope for. As I said in my other post:

In 9x22, Metatron made Hannah believe that Cas only cared about himself and the Winchesters. BOTH OF THEM. He said the “Hardy boys”. Plural. But notice that when Hannah asked for proof in order to believe Cas, she didn’t say “punish THEM”; she said “punish HIM”, “Don’t lose it over ONE MAN”, referring to Dean. […]  In that same episode, Metatron said this about Castiel, “His true weakness is revealed. He’s in love… with humanity.” 

The Winchesters have been more important than “humanity” to Cas for a very long time. It seems a little contradictory to say Cas’ weakness is humanity when basically Cas’ whole story in the show has been his defying Heaven again and again because of Dean. In this case, however, Metatron was saying “humanity” at the same time the show was emphasizing that everything was about Dean, not Dean and Sam, and definitely not humanity. The show was telling us that Dean was a different category altogether. In case we didn’t get the memo, Dean himself emphasized it in the same episode when he said, “You just gave up an entire army for ONE GUY.” 

For those who really thought Metatron truly believed Cas’ weakness was humanity, we got Metatron correcting himself in 9x23 when he said, “And the Angel tablet – arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe – is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right – TO SAVE DEAN WINCHESTER. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about SAVING ONE HUMAN, right?” Why would the show single out Dean again? Everything Cas did wasn’t about saving the Winchesters. It wasn’t about saving humanity. It was about saving ONE HUMAN. Why? Because Cas’ weakness is that “he’s in love…” with one human.

Because of all these moments, I believe Cas’ love for Dean is eros. Some philia and agape might go along with it since a relationship based merely on eros is doomed, but if eros was not part of the equation, Cas’ love for Dean would be exactly the same as his love for Sam. And that would totally contradict the canon of the whole show regarding Castiel and his relationship with the Winchesters –especially his relationship with Dean.

The important question now is how will season 10 single Dean out? We have gotten good lines like “I miss him” (10x01), “for Dean” (10x21), but that’s not nearly enough. Something else will happen in the last two episodes of the season. And that something has to be even more obvious than what happened in season 9. One thing I know for sure is that Castiel’s weakness will prove to be Dean as it’s been since he first laid a hand on him in Hell. 

The show has given us a lot of Samstiel this season because it was necessary to prove that Cas loves Sam. A LOT. But Cas’ love for Sam continues to be different from the love he has for Dean? Why is that? 

*whispers in the distance*

He’s in love!

You inspire me to do better. You inspire me to live my life to the fullest, to live as fearlessly as my heart will allow, to face my fears so they no longer hold power over me. To live my life so that I am no longer held back by fear, but propelled by love. You inspire me to let go of things that weigh me down, like worry or anxiety. You inspire me to lift myself up & to lend a hand to others who are down. You inspire me to be kinder, not only to others, but to myself as well. & to let myself enjoy the moment I am in, instead of worrying about past ‘mistakes’ or what could go wrong in the future. You inspire me to allow myself to be happy, to smile & to laugh more, & not the kind where I am hiding my sadness behind laughter. The kind where I am truly happy & bursting with absolute joy, as my eyes start to tear up & my body thanks me for allowing myself to cry tears of joy instead of sorrow. I thought I was alive before I met you, but now I know that I had not truly been living. You inspire me to live my life as if each day, each second, each moment, each breath is a gift. To live as if every breath is a second chance to come alive. Because it is.
—  Thank you.

anonym fragte:

Hello Todd! How can you say that a relationship is not healthy anymore?

When Christ is not the center anymore, it’s so important that you find someone who will love you as Christ loves. What can happen many times is we become selfish, and in that selfishness we forget the others needs. I cannot love well unless I am loving God, and in that love I can outpour to others.

There are many symptoms for an unhealthy relationship, but the cause of all disease in any relationship is pride. We must come to Christ first, no one else can make our hearts humble and beautiful, only Jesus brings the grace we need in a relationship.

The moment we lose focus of Christ in our lives, that’s the moment we begin to develop an unhealthy love.

-T.B. LaBerge

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Hello. What is your favorite manga scenes of Kagome? (please, post the images)

this is so hard to answer because i want to include every single kagome moment lmao. but i’ll talk about 5 moments here and then make another post another day talking about the other moments (there are just way too many!!). because kagome. :)

1. kagome vs naraku

this scene is just so great because kagome has always attempted to fight when she can, but the only other time she’s been this furious was when kikyo tried to drag inuyasha down to hell with her. i love this because she surprised everyone and even though she was the one who almost destroyed naraku, she’s just like “yeah, well, he made me angry so.”

2. “sometimes you look at me with desire in your eyes.”

KAGOME TEASING INUYASHA IS THE BEST THING like this is just after kaede tells shippo that they should leave inuyasha alone for a while so obviously kagome is gonna do the exact opposite. plus LOOK at that smile! she has the prettiest smile :’)

3. the jinenji chapters

i’m pretty sure i’ve said this a thousand times but i’m gonna say it again: the jinenji arc is my favorite arc because it’s kagome-centric. she’s just so nice and sweet and she doesn’t need to think about helping others, friends and strangers alike. she just does it. jineji wasn’t used to that being a half-demon and all, and then kagome came and changed all that. both her and jinenji are both angels and ahh, i loved seeing them interact.


in the 10+ years i’ve been a part of the inuyasha fandom, i always see someone ask “why didn’t kagome just drop out of school?” like we see her struggle to keep up and she barely attends school as it is but honestly it’s almost inspiring that dropping out was something that she never considered? and that really shows here. obviously she’s frustrated - how can she NOT be with the whole jewel and inuyasha nagging at her - and she FIGHTS (aka sits) inuyasha to let her go to school and she basically just goes back to fail her tests but she still carries on and wants to balance her two lives and wants to go to school, and this finally leads to….

5. kagome graduating from middle school!!!

okay yes she only got into high school because of a vacancy but all her hard work paid off and i was so happy for my baby! 

and also:

a sweet moment between mom and daughter ;u;

anonym fragte:

You ship OQ and CS. I know it's not fair to compare these couples, but Emma and Regina are my favorites and I want the best for them. :) I love CS, Hook is perfect for Emma, he'll never give up on her no matter what and this is exactly what Emma needs. However, Robin is the opposite of that. He probably loves Regina, but he doesn't really need her in his life, he's happy without her as well. That bothers me, it's very different from other TL couples.

I do love both CS and OQ, and I enjoy watching both of these couples chart the storms in their paths and learn more and more of their strengths and weaknesses. 

I must, however, respectfully disagree on your take on Robin, dear nonnie, on several accounts. First of all, please do not confuse surviving and coping with happiness. There was nothing shown on screen to indicate that Robin was ever happy from the moment he left Regina at the town line until she looked back at him in Zelena’s cell and let him know that she wanted to move forward with him, that they would and could work out the difficulties of Zelena’s deception and pregnancy hand in hand. 

In fact, we were shown just the opposite. We were shown that Robin was utterly miserable.

From the way he stared at Regina’s photo on his phone, to his agonized expression in the shower, to the tension on his face when he had Regina in his arms yet believed there was no future for them when she arrived at his doorstep in NYC…Robin was a man trying to move on and survive. He was coping. He was not happy. But he was trying to be. 

That doesn’t make him weak or less loving. It makes him self-sufficient and determined, just as Regina was without him. But Regina had support–people in her corner cheering her on and offering a shoulder if she wanted one. Snow, Emma, Henry…they were there. They understood. 

Who did Robin have besides Roland, a preschooler to whom he could hardly unburden his soul? Only his manipulator. His captor, if you will. For Zelena was holding him hostage, make no mistake. She used his son, his feelings for his late wife and his code of honor to imprison him to her, to take advantage of a hurting and lonely man, to worm her way into his grief and take what she wanted from him without his consent. 

Robin is emotionally wounded, just as Regina is, but they’ve decided they would rather heal together and love each other through difficulty than face it alone. The fact that they both chose to do what was best for others ahead of their own happiness emphasizes their inner strength, not a lack of feeling. The fact that they know they can survive without the other, even though they don’t want to highlights the healthy nature of their relationship. 

Not being able to live without someone is not healthy. Do I love my husband and children to the point of pain?  Yes. A part of me would die if I ever lost one of them–I can’t even bring myself to think about that. But I would have to go on living, wouldn’t I? Parents who lose children face that horror every day, but they cope and continue living, or they crumble under the weight of grief and loss. Widows and widowers are faced with the same choice, left in a situation beyond their control but still dwelling in the land of the living. 

Do they surrender to grief or make their way through it and survive? Robin and Regina are survivors, as are Hook and Emma. How long did Killian take to get over Milah? Is it a safe assumption he may have sought out inadequate comfort in the arms of another to quell his pain? Does that make him any less of a man than Robin?

Robin has now lost his wife twice and thought he had lost Regina as well. It’s a wonder the man is as sane as he is.

Regina stated flatly that her happiness cannot depend solely on another person, and she is absolutely right. My happiness cannot depend solely on my husband, nor his upon me. That’s too much pressure for another human being to bear and leads to unhealthy co-dependence, not a fulfilling relationship. Happiness comes from within, from taking charge and making decisions, from bending and bruising but refusing to give up, from paying attention to little things that can bring joy in the sheer rush of our existence. I think Robin and Regina model this in spades, one reason why I love them more than ever in this devastating situation in which they find themselves. 

Two whole people form a whole–not two half people. That’s a truth I’ve learned and would pass on to anyone who wants a satisfying and healthy marriage/long-term relationship. 

Robin and Regina are choosing happiness in the midst of a challenge. They are choosing to love a child conceived under the worst of circumstances. They are choosing to hold on to each other through their mistakes and missteps and to face life together. 

They understand that love isn’t simply a feeling. It’s a verb. And I think that signals a long and happy future for them even as they tackle the hurdles in their journey.

I finally got my NARUTO-thingies!!!

I asked a friend who was going to stay in Japan for a month (from March to first week of April) who is also a great fan of NARUTO if she could buy the artbook and the volume 72 for me. And afterwards I also asked for Shikamaru and Sakura Hiden. We were too busy when the semester started in April so we met finally last week Friday and my friend gave me the books. She also brought me a chibi Sasuke figure as belated birthday present (and artbook and volume 72 as well. For the Hidens I’ll repay her xD)


the back cover cause I like Sasuke more than Naruto *cough cough*

My OTPs!! So beautiful T_T Other arts were also awesome!

Volume 72

Cover !!! Naruto as Hokage !! I’m proud of him T_T

My favorite moment ^^

Shikamaru Hiden

and Sakura Hiden


Chibi Sasuke

Sorry for poor quality of this photo xD

his butts… cute! xD  I wanna touch them

Round Up: Stephen’s Olicity Meme Monday

The Olicity Love was well represented in Stephen Amell’s Olicity Meme Monday, so please take a moment to hop over to his Facebook to Like them and leave a quick “I love Oliver & Felicity” type comment on each. 

Olicity: Sinceriously/Cup of Coffee

Olicity:Fast & Furious

Olicity: Fangirling

Olicity: Not That Broke

Olicity: Stop Running

There are others, of course, but these are the Oliver/Felicity ones.

anonym fragte:

I'm a Eunhae shipper myself, but I can't help but laugh at all the delusional fans who keep saying that eunhae is DEFINITELY real. As much as I wish it was, it is not real until we have actual, concrete evidence. Fanfiction, 'moments' (Fan-service exists. They are well aware that they are being watched), and 'proclamations of their love for each other' (SK is not as open-minded about gay people and, they could have been told to say that by SM.) are NOT real evidence.

anonym fragte:

Thanks for the answer (on the hand questions). I love reading your opinions! And actually, I'm pretty sure I know what they wanted to do with that scene where he bandages her hand (oral sex metaphor?) but is that it or do you actually mean something else (and more things)? I'm intrigued now. I would love to read everything you have to say about that scene because that was the moment I began shipping CS. I almost died from the hotness and sexual tension of those 5 seconds. Definitely PG-13.

Well, I think that the scene was supposed to show that yeah, he’s missing a hand…but look at how good he’s gotten at using his mouth to do things.  and then you picture all the other things he could do with his mouth (yes, oral sex would be on that list).

the thing about that scene is that it isn’t just sexual though. don’t get me wrong - the way he’s looking at her he definitely WANTS her to have naughty thoughts (and she looks flustered enough to convince me she DID) but the scene also very tender  - he’s tending to her wound.  he uses an article of clothing he removes from his body. he’s gentle.


and i think that’s important to note.  because he’s been trying to break through her walls all the way up that beanstalk with no luck. he’s reading her like an open book yet she’s keeping those walls up. but the moment he touches her, and uses his mouth on her - well she’s disarmed. physically and a bit emotionally too.  he’s detailing his plan to get the compass and after he finishes she can barely get out a whispered “and then?”. 

and after that her walls start to crumble a bit. which allows her to be more receptive to him.

what do i mean by that?  well the first clue is that she doesn’t pull her hand away. and he continues to hold onto it after he’s bandaged it - through the entire discussion of what to do.  the second is that when they finally let go of each others hands (only so he can reach for the poppy powder) Emma notices the Milah tattoo - AND SHE ASKS ABOUT IT.

now this isn’t important just because she’s curious if there’s another woman.  i do think she initially takes it as a sign that he’s got someone yet flirting like crazy with her - that he’s just another man she can’t trust. she’s basically LOOKING for a reason to not like this guy - looking for proof that she can’t trust him, looking for a reason to deny these feelings she’s having because he’s just another guy that would use her and leave her.  yet the response she gets proves anything but that - behind all the bravado is a man motivated by love.

he’s lost someone. he’s had his heart broken. just like she has.  this is the moment that Emma starts seeing him as a person. this is the moment she feels that they are kindred spirits. 


and then Emma confesses that she’s been in love. once.  she reveals something so personal, something that she had denied only an hour or so before. 


and honestly I just see it all starting with the hand bandaging.  because he caught her off guard by doing that - and created an intimacy she was resisting when he tried to connect with her verbally. when he told her she didn’t need to reveal anything about herself because she was an open book it made her walls go higher. but when he bandaged her hand it set up a moment for them - she was physically attracted to him and then emotionally attracted to him. it’s the beginning of her walls crumbling down.  honestly after that moment she didn’t stand a chance (and neither did the fandom).

that scene is just EVERYTHING.

Believe in Swan Queen

1 ) I am Swen

My name is Tawny. I’m 32. Canadian (Alberta). I’m pansexual in a hetero relationship. Still Queer af. I’m a paralegal for money but I’d rather be acting, singing, writing or dancing. I have two daughters (7 and 4) who are amazing in every way. I have a lot of love to give!

2) And speaking of love. I love Swan Queen. I started shipping Swan Queen during season 3A. It was nice to watch these women discover who they are to each other. They genuinely care about each other whether or not they’ve ever kissed. My favourite SQ moment in Season 4 is definitely from Breaking Glass: “I don’t *want* to kill you.” and Emma smiles, “Well, that’s a start.” It’s perfect and I love it so much. I love that they bring out the best in each other and, frankly, I like the idea of more shows having bisexual characters. If (when) SQ becomes canon, they better not do a “WHOOPS I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A LESBIAN I JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT” thing. (Please no.)

3) I love Swen. I love all of the people I have met in this fandom. It’s so accepting and loving and hot damn I hope I get to meet every single one of you beautiful people. 

anonym fragte:

Snow Queen moment

This is a very close race here, but I’m gonna have to go with:

(gifs not mine)

What gets me is the open honesty. Regina means so much to Snow that she’s sharing her with a person whom she believes to be a complete stranger. Not only does she love Regina, but she wants others to like her and be touched by her kindness as well. Also, this is at the height of the Evil Queen’s reign, and she is literally conducting a kingdomwide manhunt for Snow, but Snow still remembers her goodness, because back when she was a child and still learning the ways of the world, she met young Regina, a sweet, idealistic dreamer who showed her that people can be selflessly kind, making sacrifices and expecting nothing in return. Her mother may have told her the words, but Regina showed it through her actions. And Snow took that lesson with her and kept it close to her heart.

Regina may poke fun at Snow for her hopefulness, but it was Regina herself who taught her how to hope.

Ask me what my favorite ___ is.

Somewhere Only We Know by SweetLittleVampire

This…I don´t really know where this came from. I am pretty sure the braiding thing came from one or the other fan fiction or headcanon I´ve read, and the image kind of got stuck in my head. So there you have it - Bilbo helpig Thorin redo his braids. I know it looks like he´s braiding with one hand – which would be quite badass – but he´s reaching for Thorin´s braid bead, which he probably put in his pocket so he won´t lose it, with the other one.

And then I was listening to this song…I love Keane´s version as well, but Lily Allen´s version always has me way more emotional (tears might have been shed while listening). I mean they all knew there was the possibility of them not surviving the quest, and Bilbo returns home immensely changed. So perhaps, at one moment or the other, he took whatever opportunity he could find to spend a little time with those people who became his friends, family, and home. Or he wishes he had done so, and now regrets it. *throws angst at you*

(But of course this up there is exactly how it went down, Nobody died and they are all happy, haha.)

Thorin Oakenshield / Bilbo Baggins / “The Hobbit” © J.R.R. Tolkien
“The Hobbit” movies © New Line Cinema / MGM, director: Peter Jackson