i loved their goodbye stage


“Goodbye, sorry to everyone … I just can’t take it … all the thoughts … too many … make my head twist … I must have happiness, love, peace. Goodbye”

“no emotions, not caring, yet another stage in this shit life. suicide.”

“Society is tightening its grip on me, & soon I & will snap. We will have our revenge on society, & then be free, to exist in a timeless spaceless place of pure happiness. The purpose of life is to be happy & be with your love who is equally happy. Not much more to say. Goodbye.”

“This is prob. my last entry. I love myself a close second to [redacted] my everlasting love. goodbye.”

“The happiness is close, visible ending, end of the beginning of the halcyons.”

“Time to die, time to be free, time to love.”

“Today is the day I die!” Woooo!“

April 20, 1999 - April 20, 2014

15 years later on the earth plane, and on this day, we hope you have found that reprieve, Dylan. That ‘PEACE’ that you so craved to end your earthly infinite struggle. Here is hoping that your resurrection into the Halycons and beyond, into your next Existence (whichever door that may be in the Great Hall) is filled with everlasting love, peace and happiness. Absolution from your own self tormentations and forgiveness from the 13 victims of whom you projected your earthly pain and suffering on to. This day falling upon a date of resurrection is in many ways a bit like a phoenix rising from the ashes - for all fifteen, for their families and extended families and everyone else who have been affected by this tragedy in their own ways, like a multitude of ripples on a unfathomably large body of water. Peace out.

Chris Evans Imagine

Prompt: Reader is a comedian, and since she and Chris had recently announced that they are dating, she puts a few Captain America jokes in her act to kill the audience.

Thank you to @deansbaby67supernatural
for the request! Hope you love it!

It was twenty minutes before start time. You were on the phone with your boyfriend Chris. You were very excited for this show, as it was extremely close to sold out.
“You’ll do great, babe. It wouldn’t be sold out if people didn’t think you’re funny!” He laughed into the phone.
“Almost sold out…” You responded with a nervous smile.
“Either way. Break a leg, and I love you.”
You said goodbye and hung up.
Your stage manager knocked on your door.
“Ten minutes!” She yelled.
You decided to look over your note cards one more time before the show. You wanted this one to be perfect, as it would be your first filmed act.
You stood offstage as you were announced and the curtain was pulled.
You walked onstage and the crowd roared.
“Hey, guys, calm down, it’s not like I’m Captain America or anything.” You joked once they had calmed down a little.
This elicited laughs so you decided to keep it going.
“I mean, yeah I’m hot, and yeah my butt also looks really good in spandex, but honestly, my hair isn’t NEARLY that flawless.”
The laughs were louder this time.
You went through most of your act as planned, but as you got to the part that involved audience participation, you decided to throw in a couple more references to your newly revealed relationship.
Chris might actually kill you for being so public about your affection for him, he preferred privacy, but in your line of work, there was no boundary between your personal life and your jokes.
The audience was laughing at all the right times, so you decided to take the risk and go for it.
“So have any of you been in a relationship where the other person is so flawless it makes you mad? Like when you fight, you can’t find a single thing to use against them? That’s how I feel dating Captain-freaking-America.”
The audience laughed and you kept going.
“Like he’s just so perfect! I’ll be in a bad mood and he’ll call me out on it and I’ll be like ‘yeah well at least I’m not…’ and I just stop because I don’t even have a valid response! He’s just so perfect!”
The audience was split between awe-ing and laughing, which made you break for a split second and blush.
“Yeah, we’re adorable I guess.” You said, laughing, as the audience roared.
It was a successful show. You went backstage and did your regular after show stuff. As you were getting ready to go home, you got a call from Chris.
“So, uh, why is 'Y/N and Cap fights’ trending on Twitter?” He asked, sounding a little worried.
You just laughed in response.
“See you in a bit.” You said before hanging up.

Petition for SM to have exo perform She’s Dreaming for their final comeback stages because Jongdae worked hard on that song and he deserves all the recognition/support/love for creating such a beautiful song!

Dear Loves; I just watched Nu’est’s ‘overcome’ goodbye stage and I have something to say.

Although I’m deeply depressed they did not have their first win, seeing their end pose with love hearts lightened my heart. No doubt their song had an impact and the album is doing well. We all know how big the company plays a huge part in winning shows and groups overall popularity. There’s no doubt this song was their best, it gave us the kick we all wanted.

 Seeing Minhyuns (angelic and adorable) genuine smile reminded me that boys are happy, and as a fan that is the one thing I care about the most. They look healthy and not too tired. They sounded, danced and looked better than they ever have before and although it sounds cheesy they have seriously grown into men. As this comeback draws to a close, I literally cannot express in words how PROUD I am of them, how LUCKY I feel when they show us so much love and call us their ‘Queens’. All Love’s feel like this. 

Its also important not to blame seventeen’s new album for the end of their comeback as it was gonna end anyway, i see a lotta people blaming them. They have also worked hard and deserve their first album. Remember supporting seventeen helps Nu’est in the long run, and Pledis, and company who has the best of the best when it comes to talent but never enough money or power to promote.

To conclude, I KNOW our boys will work harder than ever as they promised in the 4th year anniversary video. They truly deserve all the success in the world and more. I know their music and talent will only grow greater and greater, hopeufully they will get the recognition they deserve!

So Dear Nu’est, we will always buy your albums, always vote for you and most importantly we will always be your ‘Queens’!


@llama_ajol: 끝!!! 여러분 수고많으셨어요!! 근데 이게 진짜 끝은 아니에요 ㅋㅋ 다음에 더 좋은 모습으로 돌아올게요 사랑해요!! 마지막무대의 케이와 댄서오빠들 사진 찰칵찰칵ㅋㅋㅋ

TRANS: Finished!!! Thanks everyone for your hard work!! But it’s not the real ending kk I’ll comeback with the better me later. I love you!! Pics from goodbye stage with Kei and dancer oppas kkk (KBNye)