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62 mark tuan please!

WOO! Damn. I’m sorry for the below. LOL - thank you so much for the prompt, love!

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: NC-17

Prompt: “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?”

Word Count: 1,136

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ice-cream ♡ grayson

requested: yes

anon: helloo do an imagine where the girl is a famous ytber as well and goes on an ice cream date with grayson and some fans spot them and it’s a mess, like this request lol

anon: can you do an imagine where its an icecream date with grayson or something cute like that it doesn’t matter just something cute pls thank you

(a/n – okay so i didn’t really know how to incorporate y/n being a famous youtuber so I just did the request minus that part. i hope that’s okay!) 

“Are you sure about this, gray?” You ask your boyfriend, a little bit nervous and feeling unsure about his spontaneous idea.

“Y/N, it’s just ice cream. Nothing major.” He tries to convince you but by the look on your face he knew it wasn’t working.

“Look, baby,” He uses one of your favorite nicknames, “I want to go out and get ice cream with my girl, is that seriously such a bad thing to ask for? Just one date. One date with you on this super hot day.” He sighs and you give into his sweet words.

“One date.” You wink and laugh jokingly, knowing that you had gone on plenty dates with Grayson before. But that didn’t really stop you from thinking about what could go wrong.

You and Gray used to go on lot’s of dates, but everything just sort of turned sideways when the fans found out you weren’t just Grayson’s friend.

Some fans were very supportive of your relationship, which made you very happy. But others, didn’t like it at all. In fact, they harassed you pretty bad on social media and whenever you and Grayson went out together, they would yell mean things which would draw attention, and that would create more fans that want to take pictures or talk to Gray and it all turned into a big mess.

You didn’t hate the fans for that, of course, but sometimes it did annoy you that they had to interrupt the scarce time you would spend with him. You couldn’t go out very often, not because of paparazzi but because Grayson was a busy boy, and had lots of things to do.

You loved going out with Grayson. More than a lot of other things, but you weren’t sure if you could handle anymore mean words today. It was just, one of those days where you were feeling sensitive.

“Ready to go?” Grayson asks with a grin on his face, happy you agreed to go with him after an hour of convincing .

“Yeah! Let’s go.” You attempt to say enthusiastically, but Grayson knew you all to well.

“Hey,” He coos, “You don’t need to worry. It’s all good. Everything’s going to be awesome. I mean, we’re going for ice cream. What could be better?” He asks with a smile which automatically makes you smile back.

“I know.” You reply and get in the car without hesitation. You decided that you wouldn’t worry anymore, and that you were just overthinking things. You were with Grayson, and as long as you’re with him it’s all okay. His smile was all you needed to get through anything.

As Grayson drove toward the ice cream place, you notice his hand resting on his lap. You smile to yourself and take his hand in yours confidently, looking up at him to see his reaction.

He glances towards you for a moment, the same sweet smile on his face. He raises your hand up to his lips and places a light kiss on the back of your hand, his eyes still trained on the road.

When you got to the ice cream place he looks at you with an encouraging smile, “Do you know what flavor you want?” He asks to ease your nerves and you think for a moment.

“I think i’m going to go with cookie dough this time.” You tell him and he grins,

“With sprinkles?” He asks,

“And whip cream.” You finish with a giggle and he looks at you admiringly.

“Then let’s go get your cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and whip cream, shall we?” He says all in one breath, making you laugh.

You didn’t realize it at the time, but you had already felt more relaxed than before, and you really couldn’t wait to eat some cold, tasty cookie dough ice cream.

You get out of the car and catch up to Grayson, taking his large hand in yours and leaning against him slightly.

As soon as you reached the counter Grayson ordered your ice cream, the old man behind the counter flashed a genuine smile at him, fixing his bright red bowtie as he begins to scoop up your ice cream. When he comes back with your cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and wipe cream, your face noticeably brightening at the sight of it.

The old man laughs, “Enjoy.”

“Thank you!” You say happily and take your ice cream, making a look of success appear on Grayson’s face but slowly turn into one of confusion when t was his turn to order.

You watched him as he thought, thinking he looked unbelievably handsome at that very moment until a group of loud whispers erupted from behind you.

You could hear Grayson ordering but you weren’t paying attention as you were staring at the group of girls behind you who were staring at you enviously. You decided to completely ignore them so you could enjoy this ice cream date with your boyfriend, so you tune back into his conversation instead of theirs.

You took a bite of your ice cream and couldn’t help but moan in delight, making Grayson and the old man laugh lightly.

“What?” You say with a mouthful of ice cream, making Grayson roll his eyes at you playfully.

“Nothing, my love.” He says sarcastically, the old man handing him his ice cream with a big grin on his face, “Thank you.” He tells the old man politely and the old man’s grin doesn’t disappear, instead it grows wider.

“You two enjoy.” He says happily and we smile at him.

“I love old people,” You whisper in Grayson’s ear making him chuckle and pulls you in for a quick peck on the lips. You smile into the tiny kiss, loving the small gesture.

“How’s your ice cream?” He says with his eyes still closed savoring the kiss, his face inches away from yours.

“Great,” You say honestly and take another big bite, “Brain freeze!” You wince in pain and Grayson opens his eyes, laughing at your pain.

“Gray!” You giggle and push him playfully, making him laugh even harder.

The moment was soon ruined by a young girl tapping Grayson on the shoulder, interrupting his laughter.

“Can I get a picture?” She asks excitedly and Grayson hesitates for a moment, glancing at you.

You felt very pressured in this situation as both Grayson and the girl waited for you to speak, “Go ahead. I’ll be here.” You encourage Grayson to go take pictures.

You sat at the stone table eating your ice cream, waiting for Grayson to come back when all of the sudden you look up and the table is occupied by 4 other girls.

“Oh, hello…” You say, startled.

“Hi,” One of them spats,

“We’re going to make this quick.” The other one explains to you with a rude attitude, “We heard the rumors that you’ve been sneaking around with Ethan going around on twitter, so you can give up the sweet loyal girlfriend act.” She hisses and you gasp,

“I would never do th-” You try to defend yourself but one of them stops you.

“Yeah. We’ve heard that before. You better leave our twins alone and save yourself the trouble because we can make your life a living hell!” She yells.

“You don’t deserve Grayson, a slut like you.” Another one mutters and your eyes begin to water.

“Take our advice, Y/N.” The one who started advises, and all four of them leave the table quickly, leaving you by yourself to gather your thoughts.

You could feel a tear streaming down your face as you thought. Cheat on Grayson with Ethan? who would even make up a rumor so cruel and ugly?

“Y/N!” Grayson walks over to you smiling but his smile quickly disappears and a look of worry replaces it.

“What happened?” He asks, “Was it because left you? I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have left that was so stupid…” He starts to blame yourself but you shake your head vigorously, taking a deep breath, “Then what happened?” He asks you again, his eyebrows scrunching together creating wrinkles on his forehead.

You reach out and brush your fingers across them in attempt to smooth them out. You take another deep breath and look him in the eyes,

“When you left,” You start, your voice shaky and unsteady from crying, “There were four girls and they accused me of this terrible thing.” You whisper as if it was a secret, “And they want me to stay away from you.” You finish and wait for his reaction.

He sighs and runs a hand through his fluffy hair stressfully.

“C'mon.” He says and takes your arm gently, sliding his hand down to yours to lead you to the car. You could hear him mumble something frustratedly, it sounded like, “I can’t believe this.”

When you reached the car he turns toward you so that your back was against the car and he was holding both your hands, “What did they accuse you of?” He asks.

“Cheating on you,” You tell him and you see anger bubbling in his eyes, “with Ethan.” You finish and he lets go of your hands, walking away slightly with his head in his hands.

“Why would they even- that’s my twin brother….you would never do that,” He almost yells and you place your hand on his shoulder hesitantly.

“Are you okay?” You ask him and he just stares into your eyes for a moment.

“Are you?” He asks and you shrug,

“I am if you are.” You give him a small smile and he smiles back, wrapping his strong arms around you.

“I love you,” He says, kissing the top of your head and pulling away slightly.

“I love you too.” You reply with a sigh, wrapped up in Grayson’s arms feeling extremely content.

a/n – shittay ending lol… i guess this was ok. i hope you guys like it (: i spent like 2 hours writing this lmao I literally edited this so much and i guess this is sort of better so YEAH I HOPE THIS WAS CUTE AND WOO

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What are your top ten fave fics (or fic authors, since maybe all your fave fics are already on that poker pair list 😂)

oooooooo thats hard lmfao yeah ur right all my fav dgm fics are on that list lololol damn ten is a big number let’s see if i can do this esdrfg i’m gonna kinda chop and mix between the authors of my favourite fics and the best fics from my favourite authors, but i cant keep it to one fandom sorry lololol anD also i cant really ???? put them in a specific order???? lmao i love all the authors for their various styles and stories, but let’s see how i go ahahaha

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And why do y’all keep pushing this “respectful” narrative? Some things you say literally CAN NOT be respectful regardless of how you say them. If someone says to me “You’re not a real scientist..but oh I still like you as a person” that’s disrespectful. you can’t tell someone that a field they really enjoy, love, and have a career in isn’t “real” or “authentic” when they do it they way they are doing it and then in the same breath say “oh but no offense” like??? “You’re not a real artist but…I mean I still like you so *shrugs* it’s okay right?” lol

Now I’m not saying that some khiphop rappers don’t deserve some disrespect because they absoulutely do. but those of y’all pushing this “respectful” angle? Just stop, just let it be what it is. Like y’all said, it’s his opinion and it’s the truth (most of it anyway) so respectful or not, just let it be what it is. Stop trying to soften the blows because what he said was not respectful. It SHOULDN’T be respectful. Why should he respect people who he (correctly) believes are approriating and being culture vultures like???? 

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you're beautiful as fuck, funny as fuck, smart as fuck, and you're also not neurotypical and that's okay, so guess what sunshine we love you and that's how you keep getting followers <3

Apparently and according to fucklord, being everything I am is pathetic and wrong so *shrug* can’t argue with a god lol

Save me

okay, the house is on fire and y/n wants to get her engagement ring but it’s in the bedroom, justin is busy taking their son out and don’t see y/n getting out, he tries to get into the house but he can’t …….. and you continue pls? ily 💁🏽💘🌸


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It’s crazy how quickly something can change, something that could change your life forever.

“Justin!” I whimpered as he looked around for a place to go, everything around us slowly bursting to flames.

One minute were a happy family, snuggled on the couch watching a movie.

“Don’t move!"Justin shouts as he rushes through a trail of flames, and I push our son to him, Justin grabbing him.

The next, something as small as our heater being too high, causing it to burst into flames, sets our entire house on fire.

The fire travels fast, surrounding us quickly and we don’t know what to do as everything around us burns.

"Stay with me Y/N” Justin shouts as he holds our baby boy tight, pushing through to the front door before were trapped in for good.

I move to follow him, but then I remember all the stuff that will be lost in this house. All our memories, happiness, fun.

My wedding dress, his clothes I love sleeping in, and my engagement ring.

I stop short, before turning around and running up the stairs, ignoring the amount of smoke coming from around me.

I cough as I reach my bedroom. The second floor isn’t as bad as the first, just a lot of smoke, but it won’t be long until it gets there.

I run to my side of the bed and grab my ring from my nightstand, before turning and dashing towards the door, only to realize that the fire has traveled, making the ceiling in front of me drop, blocking my path.

My body freezes with fear, and this is when I know, it’s the end.

“Y/S/N , Justin, I love you”


Justin’s POV

I cough repeatedly as I get Y/S/N out the house, ignoring the crowd of people forming to watch the scene unfold.

“Y/N are you okay?” I say before turning behind me, only to notice Y/N is no where in sight.

“No” I whisper as I give Y/S/N to a neighbor, before running towards the front doors of our burning home.

Before I could enter someone stops me, making me look up at them.

“Sir you can’t go in there.” He says, but im not listening. The only thought in my mind is that I need to get to her, I need to save her.

“M-my fiancé. She’s in there!” I shout, pushing at him to get off of me but he doesn’t budge.

My blood runs cold as I hear a piercing scream come from the second floor, and before I could think I punched the man holding me, before dashing into the house.

“Somebody help me please!” I hear Y/N cry, and as I move to run up the stairs I see the flames trailing up them.

I curse under my breath.

“Y/N , baby do you hear me? It’s Justin.” I shout as loud as I can before coughing, the smoke filling my lungs.

“Justin I-I can’t get out!” Y/N calls back, her voice frantic and my heart lurches in my chest.

“Okay baby listen to me okay? I need you to move fast. Has the fire reached our bedroom?” I shout, moving from the flames next to me.

“N-no!” She whimpers

“Okay, I know people say this is bad but I need you to open the window. Once you open it, jump alright? I’ll be there to catch you.” I say

“Don’t think about it okay? Just do it! Now!” I shout, before running out of the house and to the window of our bedroom.

“I need you to spray that hose around her, she’s coming out the window!” I say to the firemen trying desperately to kill the fire.

“You! Fill the air thing up!” I say to another firemen, and pulls a string, the bed coming up immediately.

I watch as she stumbles out of the window, her eyes wide and frantic as she looks around, before closing her eyes and jumping, a shrill scream leaving her lips as she falls.

I run to her and help her off the air bed, holding her into my arms as she crys and shakes.

“I got you baby.” I say, holding her tight and she wraps her arms around me.

“I-I ju-” she starts but I cut her off, grabbing her face in my hands.

Her face was covered in the ash of the smoke, lips trembling as she shook from head to toe.

“You’re okay.” I tell her, before kissing her forehead and hugging her once more.

“Oh god Y/S/N!” She panics, moving away from me and looking around for him.

“He’s safe, he’s being checked out by the doctor.” I say, before walking us to the ambulance truck where our kid sat.

“That was a bold move you did there kid, running back in a burning house.” The paramedic said.

I shrugged. “You do crazy things when you’re in love."I say, holding her in my arms.


P.s I tried to make this sad but I couldn’t sorry lol

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How about the GOM+Hayama+Takao having to go bra shopping with their s/o, please? (btw you have an awesome blog and are amazing and i love you)

LOL OKAY. (btw you also have an awesome blog. you’re also amazing and I, too, love you hehehehe). 

Kuroko: Kuroko stared at you, unblinking, as you held up two bras for his inspection. “Well? Which one do you think would suit me more?” you prompted.

After much deliberation, he nodded towards the one on the left. “That one.”

You turned it towards you, going over it analytically. “Why?”

“It suits your skin tone better, I think.” Kuroko shrugged, adjusting the pile of bras draped over his arm. “I think you should put it in the pile.”

Nodding once, firmly, you added it to the other bras he was holding, and hung the rejected one back up. “Y’know, I can’t tell whether you’re being truthful or not, you’re not giving me much enthusiasm. You sure you’re not tired?”

He gave you a lightly wounded look, which by now you could tell was fake (though it used to make you apologize incessantly when you had first met him). “Have I ever lied to you?”

You snorted, already sifting through another rack. “I’m not sure, I’ve never been able to tell.” Kuroko was thankful that you could never tell, because then you would have noticed all the racy lingerie he had stuffed into the pile when you hadn’t been looking.

Kise: Kise was all business, and had basically taken over the entire operation. It was like having a personal stylist. You stood holding the bras you were going to in one hand, and watched as he picked a few up quickly and pulled you towards a mirror.

“Okay, ___-cchi. These are the best ones from this rack. Ready?” he asked, very serious.

“Sir, yes, sir,” you said humourously, finding his serious expression outside of the basketball court a little funny.

Kise cracked an easy smile, rolling his eyes. “Alright. Here’s the first one. Yes or no?” He held the bra up to your chest, and you squinted at the mirror. A bit too much for you.

“Nah…,” you mumbled, still thinking. Very quickly, he put another bra up, for your inspection. “I think this one is okay?” Nodding, he repeated this process for the rest he had in his hands.

Eventually, you two were left with three bras that you had both agreed upon. Grinning, Kise took the pile from you and led you to cash register. “Ah, ___-cchi, you’re going to look so cute! I’m so excited to take them off you!”

You made sure to give him a light punch on his arm for that comment, face flaming.

Midorima: It had taken a while to get him to agree to coming into the underwear store, and now his face was a cute shade of red, and his eyes kept on flitting around, not sure where to look. You patted his arm consolingly.

“What do you think? Is this one okay?” You held the under garment up. He turned his face away and shrugged, clearing his throat. You sighed. “C’mon, we can get out of here so much quicker if you give me your opinion.”

He shrugged again.

Midorima continued to act this way until you were thoroughly confused about what bras would look nice, and your shoulders slumped a little, somewhat defeated by the large amount of choices that were available to you.

Eventually, Midorima caught onto this when he noticed you were digging through the racks with less vigour. Gulping, he abruptly walked away from you. You figured he was probably leaving the store because he was at his wits end, and you didn’t really blame him.

But instead, he came back a few minutes later, and still without meeting your eyes, shoved a bunch of simple, yet elegant bras in your direction. And then he actually left the store.

Takao: He cracked jokes the whole time, pointing out the stupidest bras that were there, and suggesting that you buy those, just for the hell of it.

Rolling your eyes, but unable to control your giggles, you tried really hard to stay on task and just get a few bras. “What about this one? Do you think it looks good?”

Takao studied the bra with exaggerated concentration, then gave you a serious nod. “Yes ma’am. I think this will look quite beautiful on you. In fact, in this bra, you would truly be the most glorious in the land.”

You burst out laughing, shoving him away. “Aha, yeah, okay, thanks,” you said sarcastically, but made sure to keep it in your “to buy” pile. When Takao saw that, he was quite smug, upping his amount of teasing.

Aomine: Aomine was quite blunt, and was quick to reject many bras that seemed very cute to you. You couldn’t, however, seem to figure out why.

You found one that was absolutely beautiful. “This one, Daiki, this one is perfect!” You pushed it towards him.

Raising a brow, he took the bra from you and inspected it from all angles, even tugging at it a bit. “No.”

You couldn’t hold back a pout. “But why! This one is perfect!”

“Almost, but not quite,” he said dismissively, handing the bra back to you and sighing. “Almost done?”

You shook your head. “Thanks to you, I haven’t chosen even one bra yet!”

“Well then find one.”

You find one! You keep on rejecting mine!”

And he took it as a challenge. Immediately, he walked away and sifted quickly through the racks while you watched him. When he walked back to you, he was smirking triumphantly.

The bra he chose wasn’t the most enticing, but it wasn’t ugly either. There wasn’t anything really special about it. “Why’d you choose this one?”

Now he allowed a grin to break out onto his face. “It’s the easiest to take off.”

Murasakibara: “Are you embarrassed, Atsushi?” you teased, wiggling a bra near him. He stepped away from you, turning his face away.


“If you say so,” you replied in a sing-songy voice. Going back to surveying the bras on the shelf, you left Murasakibara to his own devices for a bit, while you tried to pick a few out.

Once you did, you found Murasakibara stretched out on a couch sitting near the change rooms. He seemed to have startled a few of the other tired looking middle-aged men and one woman away, who were awkwardly standing a few feet away from the couch. Murasakibara pretended not to notice, and continued to eat whatever he was eating (though there was a huge sign at the front forbidding food or drinks. The nervous looking worker lady, however, wasn’t going to say anything to him, so he didn’t pay it any mind).

“Hey! What do you think?” You bounded over to him, then presented your findings dangling from your fists. He physically jolted back at the surprise.

“Th-They’re fine,” he muttered, stuffing more food in his mouth. “When can we go?”

“Once you help me choose one, we can go then!” you cheerfully responded. “So? Which one is the best?”

Now his face was steadily taking on a rosy hue at an alarming rate, making it more and more difficult for you to stifle your laughs.

It took a few seconds, but eventually he glanced at the choices long enough to mumble, “The one in the middle.”

Akashi: He dutifully followed you around, carrying both your bags and the bras you had chosen. When asked for his opinion, he readily and very frankly gave it, which you appreciated.

“I don’t know if this one comes in my size, though,” you sighed, sadly putting away a very pretty bra. You moved forward to another rack.

Akashi, however, didn’t follow you this time. Instead, he grabbed the bra you had liked and marched over to a worker. “Excuse me.”

The worker squeaked as she turned around. The light was hitting Akashi just right, making him look like some ethereal being. “Y-yes?”

He thrust the bra towards her, not deterred by her reaction. “Would it be possible for you to find this in the size ___?”


Six minutes later, Akashi was proudly presenting you with his newly acquired treasure.

Hayama: “So this is where my sisters buy them.” Hayama wondered out loud, eyes wide as he tried to take in every detail of the underwear store. “For some reason I expected it to be more…” He waved his arms around, as if trying to physically catch the word that seemed to be eluding him.

You chuckled under your breath. “More?”

“Sinister looking?”

You burst out laughing, and Hayama grinned proudly at making you react that way. “Okay! Let’s go find you some bras!” He cheered, pumping a fist into the air and taking your arm to drag you to a rack.

The both of you dove in, pulling out bras and showing them to each other to get an opinion on them. Hayama managed to turn it into a game—whoever could find the most number of bras the both of you liked, in your size, would win. Of course you ended up winning, being the more seasoned bra-hunter of the two of you. Hayama glowered for a bit, and started asking when the next bra-shopping trip would take place as soon as you left the store. He vowed he’d beat you then.

Imagine for Anon

/imagine where I’m friends with Cam and we get stuck in an elevator for a few hours. Some confessions get said, feelings come out/

“Oh shit” Cameron murmured, stopping at the entrance of the hotel.

“What?” I asked turning around to look at him.

“I forgot your backstage pass” Cameron grunted.

We were going to his meet-up and he asked the managers if I could come along with him so they gave me a pass.

“It’s okay” I shrugged “I’ll go and get it”

“I’m coming with you” He smiled as you both made your way back throughout the reception of the hotel.

Cameron called the elevator which took like 10 seconds to reach us, since it was already coming down.

Two guys dressed in suits walked out of the elevator, greeting us with a head nod.

“After you, milady” Cameron joked, allowing me to step inside the elevator first.

“That’s just your excuse to look at my butt” I laughed, rolling my eyes at Cam.

“Sorry, but I was trying to be a gentleman” Cameron scuffed. “But you never appreciate it”

“My apologies then” I smiled to him but immediately rolled my eyes as I noticed something. “You are supposed to press the number of the floor for it to actually take us there”

“My bad” Cameron laughed as he pressed the number 10 on the little transparent circles in the side of the door.


But then nothing.

“Cameron” I trailed off as I noticed the elevator wasn’t moving anymore.

“What?” He asked looking up from his phone.

“Seriously?” I rolled my eyes at his ignorance. “The elevator is not moving”

“What?” Cameron frowned, turning his head to the numbers.

“Maybe if you press the little emergency sign” I suggested but it was worthless because in that moment, the light went off, and the lights of the signs went off, too.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Cameron grunted.

“Cameron” I gasped not loud enough for him to hear me.

“I don’t know how you are handling this since you are claustrophobic” Cameron chuckled without looking at you.

“Cam” I gasped louder this time. The space seemed to become smaller by the seconds, the doors seemed to be closing around me, and I was starting to feel the lack of air.

“Katie?” Cameron finally looked at me. “Are you okay?”

“I feel like I can’t breath” I gasped as Cameron moved closer to me, to hold me by my shoulders.

“Look at me” Cameron said as I started hyperventilating. “Focus on me, Katie”

I looked up to his eyes but the feeling was going away. Everything felt so closed and dark.

“Focus on my voice” Cameron whispered, moving closer so he could hug me “Close your eyes and focus on my heart beat”

I did as he told me. I could feel his slow heart beat, compared to my insanely fast beat.

“Count my heart beat” Cameron whispered against my hair.

I focused on his heart. I started counting as Cameron played with my hair

Everything was starting to feel better. He was really helping me.

“Thanks, Cameron” I kissed the place were his heart is supposed to be.

“Anything for my princess” He kissed the side of my face, making me giggle. “I love you”

My giggling stopped. Did I heard correctly? Did Cameron just said he loved me?

“What?” I whispered looking up at him.

“I don’t-” Cameron stuttered, making my face fall.

“It’s okay” I shrugged, stepping out of Cameron’s embrace but he immediately stopped me.

“I love you” Cameron grabbed my hand. “I have for a while”

“That’s good” I smiled, putting my arms around Cameron’s neck. “Because I love you, too”

I moved my face, to meet Cameron’s, but he did the rest. He grabbed my chin, making our lips for the first, and hopefully not last, time.


I feel like I got inspiration from Divergent (the book) and Teen Wolf, lol :)
I hope you like it❤️

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okay so i would love a fic with coldflashwave being domestic and somehow snuggling. especially flashwave snuggling because i can't get enough of them right now lol.

yeah let’s do it alright alright alright

“I think this one might work…” Barry tilted his head appraisingly at the huge sectional sofa in front of them. It was sort of beige with skinny metal legs, not very attractive, but honestly their options were kind of limited. He plopped down on the middle of the couch and looked up expectantly at his boyfriends, who exchanged a shrug and joined him, one on either side.

Mick took up the entire chaise longue part of the sectional, reclining with one arm draped around Barry’s shoulders pulling him closer. Len, like a cat, Barry thought, took a bit longer to settle in, eventually settling with his head in Barry’s lap and his feet dangling a few inches off the arm at the other end of the couch.

“No dice, it’s too short,” he pronounced after a few minutes of trying to get comfortable.

Mick snorted. “You ever try sitting like a normal person?” he replied, still stroking the short hair on the back of Barry’s head. Barry leaned in closer, neck stretching out for more petting.

“You two are impossible to satisfy,” Barry protested. “And Mick, maybe if you’re going to judge you should remember who broke the last one.”

“Flimsy piece of crap,” Mick muttered, but his tone was fond.

Barry sighed as he firmly rubbed Len’s neck and shoulders, trying to work some of the permanent tension out as the man continued to try to find a comfortable position for his legs. As he dug in his thumbs right at the base of Len’s neck, Len let out a deep, rumbling moan, and immediately hid his face against Barry’s stomach.

“Okay,” said Barry decisively, sitting up straight. “We’re buying this one, and we’re doing it before we get banned from Ikea for life.”

The Signs After they Fail a Test
  • Aries: dammit! it was my teachers fault that I failed, NOT MINE!
  • Taurus: i'm not surprised i did no revision bc cba lol
  • Gemini: what even was the test? i dont think i took it *shrugs*
  • Cancer: waaaaaah (v stereotypical, im just kidding)
  • Leo: I'm just gonna put this piece of paper in the bin and lie about my results lol I GOT A*s GUYS
  • Virgo: i'm deffo gonna retake this! i need an A!
  • Libra: *laughs* oh well idc i wanna be a stripper anyways
  • Scorpio: *goes clubbing and gets drunk*
  • Sagittarius: obviously the examiner marked it wrong ffs
  • Capricorn: This is a joke right?! I must retake it omg i'm so embarrassed I never fail
  • Aquarius: *singing* i dont care, i love it:-))))
  • Pisces: *pretends to be okay but is secretly dying inside*

@grif-rising I want one.

… I want one! How dare yooooooouuuu!

Omg I got hung up on the part about their head fins growing and I just keep imagining this gloriously elegant dragoness with long flowing head fins who is just a master of tricking people out of anything and everything and they are so enamored they don’t even care its gone just “woops I lost my pocket watch to the sea goddess. *loud shrug*”

"About That Dance." Liam Dunbar Request

Could you write a liam imagine where you two like each other and everyone knows but you two are like oblivious to it or something and then you get hurt and he realizes he likes you and idk lol you could make it more interesting lol pleaseeee ily !

Okay, so you weren’t exactly HURT in this imagine but I hope that doesn’t take away anything from it. And Awe I love you too. 

“So the dance.” Lydia dragged out as the both of you entered Scott’s home.

“Yeah,” You shrugged off your light jacket, hanging it onto the coat rack. “What about it?” You turned to face her, your bag hitting the already piled on metal resulting in it tipping sideways. However before you or Lydia could react Liam had already caught it. “Uh, nice catch.” You nodded at him.

“How’d you even see that?” Lydia rose her eyebrows at him suspiciously.

“Oh, just a hunch.” Liam shrugged.

Malia, entered the stuffy walkway with a devious smile “Oh please, he’s been eavesdropping since Lydia’s car pulled up.” Grabbing onto her elbow, Liam attempted to pull Malia out of the space along with him. Nudging him harder than needed Malia laughed out. “I don’t get why you’re being so difficult, just tell the girl you like her.” With that she walked away leaving three baffled teens in her wake.

“I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Liam laughed out. “I’ll just see you guys in the kitchen.”

“What was that about?” You looked at the older girl.

“I have no idea.” She exhaled.


“Lydia,” You tried to form the sentences coherently.

“”Yeah?” She turned her indicator on.

“Do you think Liam likes someone?” You raked through your head. “I mean I keep thinking about it, and I know I shouldn’t but I was just wondering.”

“I mean, he hasn’t exactly said anything about it, but it’s definitely been put out there.” Lydia pulled aside. “What? Are you hoping he’ll ask you to the dance?”

“No,” You looked at “Okay, maybe.” One more glance “Yeah, I do.”

“Well you have to take initiative. It’s the twenty first century, take the lead. Ask him out. Plus, the boy’s clueless.”


“So you’ll help?” Stiles grabbed your hand.

Prying his off of yours, you cradled your hand. “WHy do I have to do this? Why not ask Lydia?”

“Because, you’re one of the guys.” He exclaimed, however upon looking at your face reworded his diction “I mean, you’re easier to talk to.” He straightened his back out “Plus, she’d never let me live it down?”

“Oh, and I will?” You joked.

“Come on, they’ll all be here soon. Will you help?” Rolling your eyes you nodded “Great, so stand there.” Stiles hands moved to your shoulders and took a deep breath. “Okay here we go.”

“Honestly Stiles, it’s Malia.”

“Exactly, it’s Malia!”

“Exactly” You yelled out.

“It’s Malia. I mean have you met her.” Stiles dragged out. Getting what he saying you shook your head.

“Okay, what do you want Stiles.” You deepened your voice. Observing the look on Stiles’ face you exasperatingly let out “I’m trying to be her, now come on!”

“Will you go to the dance with me?” Stiles let out softly.

“You sure?” Your face mocked disgust “I mean you don’t seem like you want to?”

“I do! Look you’re going to the dance with me if you want to spend one more night in my bed.”

“That’s more like you it!” You pulled the lanky teen for a hug.  


“Liam!” You yelled after him in the school’s parking lot. “Hey.” You had managed to catch up to him. Taking a second to catch your breath from the running and the sheer nervousness of asking the guy you liked. “I’ve been looking for you all day.”

“Well, you found me.” His voice cold and off putting.

“Oh- kay” You were slightly confused. “I wanted to talk to you about the dance.”

“Yeah, you just reminded me.” He stopped and looked at you with cold eyes. Feeling relieved about the fact you may not have had to be the one to ask you nodded. “I’m going with Kristen, so you can tell the others I won’t need the ride.”

“Wait what?” You felt as if you had the wind blown out of you.

“Kristen, from Hist-”

“I know who she is, what I don’t get it why?”

“Because I asked her. I wanted to go with her.” Leaving you behind, Liam caught up to Mason and some other freshmen.”


“I just don’t get it.” You had vented out to Lydia, Malia, and Kira.

“What I don’t get is you complaining when you’re going with Stiles.” Malia’s words shot right through you.

“Stiles, what are you talking about?”

“Liam overheard Stiles asking you to the dance the other day.”

“No! Not at all! That’s not what happened?”

“Then what did?”

“He was nervous, so he asked for my help.”

“Why would he need your help?” Malia looked about ready to pounce.

“I’m sorry, but have you met you. You’re intimidating.” You yelled out. “The fact you think I would have even agreed to go with Stiles knowing how you feel about him is something else.” You were done with today.”


“You told Malia, that I was going to the dance with Stiles.” You were currently yelling at Liam in his room, pretty sure his mother could hear the whole conversation.

“Well, you are.”

“No. I’m really not.” This had seemed to have gotten his attention. “I was helping him. Maybe if you had actually spoken to one of us.”

“I just thought-”

“No, you jumped to conclusions. If you were smart enough to get your head out of your werewolf ass you’d realize that I was going to ask you to go to the dance with me.”

“I didn’t know.” He mused.

“Yeah, you didn’t. Just like you don’t know that I’ve actually liked you.” Your voice died down not sure where you were going with the confession exactly.

“Look,” Liam got up from the computer chair “I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. It just made sense you know?”

“No I don’t”.” You mumbled stubbornly.

Liam grabbed at your waist playfully. “Come on, don’t be like that.”

“It’s not that, it’s just that you couldn’t even speak to me before jumping to conclusions.”

“I’m sorry.” He said genuinely. “Now, about that dance.”

jimin being annoying af
  • Jimin: jungkookie
  • Jimin: jeon jungkookie
  • Jimin: jeeoon juuungkooookiee-
  • Jungkook: stfu omg
  • Jimin: that's bad language !! go to your timeout corner !!1
  • Jungkook: what the hell no I'm 17 I can swear if I want-
  • Jimin: you're a kID
  • Jungkook: no I'm not I'm a man
  • Jimin: kiD
  • Jungkook: I'm a man stop I do manly things
  • Jimin: oh yeah like what
  • Jungkook: I watch the things Namjoon hyung downloads.
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: what does he download-
  • Jungkook: I guess only real men know /shrugs/
  • Jimin: are you sAYING IM NOT A MA N
  • Jungkook: yeah
  • Jimin: but I'm legal !!
  • Jungkook: I don't think someone's attributes are decided by their age-
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: when did you learn street smart
  • Jungkook: obviously before you did
  • Jimin: okay fine. you're a man. don't play the stupid apps on your stupid phone. they're fruitless games
  • Jungkook: /pulls out his phone/ better than talking to you
  • Jimin: rUDE AF
  • Jimin: kID AF
  • Jimin: I haTE YOU
  • Jimin: but I love you
  • Jungkook: k
  • Jimin: meanie
  • Jungkook: lol who's the kid now

The ending of XMA needs to be a shot of the rebuilt X-Mansion, with the X-Babies giving their beloved Professor X a much needed intervention. 

Scott: We know Magneto is an old ‘friend’, Professor, but we think you’ve got to stop seeing him.

Charles: Pardon? I don’t see how that’s any of your business!

Jean: We’re just concerned about you. I mean, how many times has he tried to murder humans–

Charles: Not THAT many, okay a few but–

Jean: –and he’s accidentally hurt or almost killed you in the process? 

Charles: I know but he doesn’t mean to–

Ororo: Prof, I was only around the guy for a couple of weeks and even I know he’s teetering on the edge alright?

Hank: Love yourself, Charles. Love yourself MORE than Erik for once and stop trying to FIX him. He doesn’t listen to you. He never has.

Raven: Also he had sex with your sister so there’s that.

Charles: What are you talking about? YOU’RE my sister!

Raven: *shrugs* 

Not You Dumbass...(Nate Maloley/Sammy Wilk Fluffy)

Unexpected imagine haha. It has been edited hehe.

Masterlist HERE


Your POV: You arrived at the airport with the ultrasound pictures in your hand. A couple days ago you had went to the doctors because you had suspicions that you were possibly pregnant. You weren’t exactly sure how to tell the baby daddy, a.ka. your boyfriend of 3 years, Nate Maloley. So you decided to step out of the box and just show him the ultrasound pictures, allowing him to figure it out himself. And since you were picking him up from the airport today, you found that everything fell into place as it had only been a couple days since you found out the news.

Nate had been on tour with Sammy and a few of their other friends for 6 weeks and as soon as he told you, you missed him already. He told you time would fly by and that 6 weeks would be over before you knew it but you knew those were just things to say, so you wouldn’t be so sad.

Along with the sweet but not-convincing-enough things Nate told you about time flying by, you had a little fun before he left since you obviously wouldn’t be able to while he was away. You had morning sickness the next day and were able to connect the dots a few days later, leading to your doctor’s appointment.

You had arrived just in time to hear the the announcer lady, announce the name of Nate and Sammy’s flight arriving and you got an anxious feeling in your stomach. You fiddled with the ultrasound pictures in you hands as you stood there watching people walk out of the terminal and greet their loved ones waiting for them.

When Nate’s face finally showed you smiled wide and ran up to him. He instantly recognized you and hugged you back, smiling into your neck. When he set you down he gave you a gentle kiss.

“I missed you so much.” You said.

“I missed you too, baby. How are you?” Nate questioned.

“I’m doing better now that you’re here.” You replied.

“See, I told you 6 weeks would fly by.” he said.

“It felt like 400 years.” you said hiding your face in his chest.

Nate kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back.

“Hey what about me?” Sammy whined.

You let go of Nate and walked over to Sammy giving him a quick squeeze as well.

“Babygirl, what’s that?” Nate questioned pointing to the pictures in your hand.

You looked down at the pictures flipping them over to look at them one more time, making sure that you wanted to go through with telling him.

“Actually, I have something to tell you.” You said standing in front of Nate and Sammy. Your stomach doing backflips.

“What?” They said in unison.

You held up the ultrasound pictures and flipped them over so they were facing Nate and Sammy. You smiled wide at them to show them your excitement.

“IM GOING TO BE A DAD?!?” Sammy yelled. Some people in the airport turning around and staring.

“Not you dumbass, I am.” Nate said smacking Sammy’s arm, making you laugh.

“I know. I know.” Sammy said rubbing his arm.

Nate took the pictures from your hand and examined them as Sammy stood over his shoulder examining them as well.

“This is amazing. I’m gonna be a dad.” Nate said grinning widely as he stared at the pictures in astonishment.

“I’m glad you think so.” You said.

“It’s going to be a boy. I know it.” Sammy said.

“I guess we’ll see in two months.” You said shrugging.

“Well I think it’s going to be a girl.” Nate argued.

“Boy. I’m betting on a boy.” Sammy said.

“I don’t need to bet because I already know.” Nate said.

You watched as Nate and Sammy looked at the ultrasound pictures, bickering over whether it’s a boy or girl. You can already tell you’re gonna have one crazy family. But that’s okay, you love them anyways.

(A/N): So this was requested to be based off of a picture I was sent in a group chat. Sorry if it sucked before lol. I had to edit it. I rushed when I typed it. And yes yes yes I know I said i’d be posting a Matthew smut, but this was unexpectedly requested and i’m still posting it tomorrow. So just enjoy this for now loves.

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Eight

A/N: Hello everyone! I hope you all have been having a lovely week so far, and a wonderful Thursday. Ten points to Gryffindor for being able to stick to my schedule, am I right? I was initially worried review for my exams would get in the way, but thankfully, everything worked out in the end.

So here we are at chapter eight! And I know, likely you all are getting kind of anxious for a multitude of reasons. One, you’re probably wondering when the “bass of angst” is going to drop. And two, you’re probably wondering why the Josh in JOSHifer has been mia haha.

Well, I can assure you that both of those things will be happening relatively soon. Josh is finally going to come out from hiding this point onward, and if you’re thirsting for suspense and such, it’s definitely a comin’.

But first, let’s tackle some family business, shall we? I hope you all enjoy!

As usual, any and all feedback is appreciated for the story. Every little comment helps me out, and to anyone who has been kind enough to leave me a review of any kind, many thanks to you. I am thankful for all the support I’ve been given as of late.

And of course, big thank you to my partner in crime catching-dandelions for all her help.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

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And without further adooo…

My heart pounds within me, thumping against the confines of my chest. My fingers nervously twitter, twisting against one another and providing some type of distraction from the thoughts swirling throughout my mind. My brain floods my entire body with images, playing through scenario after scenario as I stare blankly at my house ahead.

My house. I’m finally back in Kentucky, home again after being away for months and months on end. I haven’t seen my family in so long, that it essentially feels like a privilege to be here. I’ve missed them so very much; their caresses, their laughter, their antics, their warmth.

Especially with everything I’ve had to go through. I was trapped away in a very dark place, lost and aimless as I searched for any form of light, and was unable to reach them.

But now, that’s all about to change. And that’s precisely the reason why I’m trapped, mentally and physically, in my car, sitting in the driveway.

It’s a large moment, a huge step in my journey, and even though Liz coached me through it before I began traveling, I’m still unsure if I’m fully ready.

I shut my eyes tightly and blow out a full breath, reaching deep into the depths of my conscious and grasping at the advice Liz gave me. I recall her words, repeating them over and over in my head like a mantra.

Telling my family will benefit everyone. Telling my family will result in protection, security, and comfort. Telling my family will not be a bad thing.

They will not be angry. They will be loving, understanding. Surprised, yes, but understanding, and willing to help me every step of the way.


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Luke Imagine (English Love Affair)

@britany1c asked: can i have an imagine with luke please? my name’s Britany :)

dunno where you’re from but this is inspired by english love affair

i got carried away so its long lol yay

The last class before lunch has just let out and students pour out into the hall, including Luke and one of his best mates, Ashton. “I missed one of Teryn’s parties again because of fucking work this weekend.” “Yeah, I was there. It was killer,” Luke says as they make their way to the cafeteria. “So what amazing shit did I miss this time?” Ashton sighs. “Same stuff mostly. Everyone getting shitfaced. Her jacuzzi turning into a hub of cum and bacteria,” Luke shrugs. “Sounds okay.”

“You haven’t even heard the best part. You know that chick in our chem lab that sits across the room?” “(Y/n)?” “Yeah. She was there. And definitely stepped up her game.” Ashton interrupts Luke with an exaggerated groan. “We’re talking tight jeans with a see through tank top.” “Damn. Now I’m really mad I didn’t go. Think she’d go out with me?” Ashton asks Luke as they get in line for food. “Not after this weekend,” Luke smirks. “Goddammit Luke! Fuck your height and lip ring!” The lady stocking the milk cartons pauses to look up and give Ash a reproving look for his profanity. “Dude, you play the drums,” Luke continues as they walk away. “Girls are already drawn to you.” “Well you at least have to tell me what happened. You owe me that much,” Ashton sighs. They find an empty table away from everyone so Luke can recount the eventful weekend in peace.


(Two days earlier)

(Your POV)

It’s not until you’ve been hit on numerous times that you regret wearing your sheer top. It was trouble waiting to happen, with your red bra underneath. For the guys at the party, it turned them into Spanish bulls, scraping their hooves in the dirt, preparing to charge at the red cloth. To you, it was a red stop sign, letting boys know they wouldn’t be seeing it any closer. You take your time mixing a drink, trying to scope the place out for a familiar face to talk to. Before you realize, you look down to see yourself pouring Fireball into your cup, rather than the spiced rum you meant to grab.

“Coke and Fireball? That’s disgusting.” You turn to see a guy you recognize from your chemistry class. He reaches for your cup and quickly tosses the contents into a nearby potted plant. “Mind if I make you something?” You sigh, too tired to thwart off another advance, so you just shrug. “This is my go-to whenever I find myself at a party with not much to drink,” he explains as he slowly pours cherry flavored vodka into your cup. He hands you his drink and lets his back rest against the wall. His eyes stay on yours, but instantly you feel it’s not the kind of creepy, unwelcome stares that you’re used to. It’s more like he’s trying to figure you out. “Thanks…” You say warily, trailing your words off, realizing you don’t actually know his name. “Luke,” he finishes, flashing his lip-ring studded smile.

“Wanna sit for a bit? I think I saw an empty couch in the other room.” “Sure,” you say, immediately following Luke through the crowd, shamefully admiring his fit his butt looks in his tight black jeans. “You’re not originally from Australia, are you?” Luke asks. “No. How’d you know?” “Your lack of Aussie pride,” he smirks, pointing to the pin on your purse, sporting the English football colors. “What can I say? You can take the girl out of Britain, but you can’t take the Brit out of the girl,” you smile. “Did you move out here with your parents then?” “Just my mum. Dad stayed back in England.” “Why’s that?” You swirl the remnants of your drink at the bottom of your cup before tipping the rest back. “Listen, Luke, I didn’t come here to talk about my daddy problems,” you huff. “Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to prod.” “I could talk to a therapist for that,” you continue. “But they can’t kiss me so hard that I  forget just for a second how suckass this party is and that I had absolutely no intention of letting a guy feel me up under this stupid translucent shirt.”

“Got a car here?” Luke breathes, his beautiful baby blues now looking like a darkened sky before a storm. “Out back,” you reply without hesitation. Luke pulls the both of you up, leaving your empty cups on the floor as you head for the back door. You clutch Luke’s arm tightly, the both of you stumbling clumsily as you hurry across her pebbly driveway. “We’re both too drunk to drive,” you say before you can reach your car. “Don’t worry, we’re staying parked,” Luke assures you in a breathy tone. For a moment, your heart beats to the sound of your feet on the pavement. It doesn’t help your case how Luke is looking at you. He’s already a head taller than you, and his gaze upon you is one of desire but also admiration.

Unfortunately, watching where you’re going while you’re piss drunk is pertinent to avoid tripping over your own feet like a goddamn newborn giraffe. It gets worse when Luke’s long legs get tangled in yours somehow, pulling both of you to the ground, colliding into the bushes lining Teryn’s house. You’ve landed on Luke, your hand resting on his stomach, just above the belt line. “I swear to God I’m not a sloppy drunk,” you say, unable to hold in a few giggles. “Trust me, (y/n). Nothing about you is sloppy,” Luke says, returning a smile. Just then, a group of tipsy girls stumble by, laughing loudly. “Shh,” Luke commands, pressing one of his long fingers to your lips. He cranes his neck out of the bushes and watches until the passersby are out of sight. He turns back, locking eyes with you, then switching his gaze to where his finger still presses against your plump lips, pink with intoxication. You slowly reach up and remove his finger, but keeping his hand still in yours. You love how warm his body is while the breeze around you cools you down.

“Are we really going to kiss in a bush?” Luke whispers, his lips so close that you can feel the air leave them. “I don’t care if you don’t,” you reply. “Good, because I can’t live with just the look of your lips.” You barely get a breath in when Luke pitches forward, connecting your lips after the longest moment of teasing you’ve experienced. Your head swims with the velvety feel of his lips, and the echos of his hurried whispers. A spurt of lust shoots through you like nitrous in a car, blocking all other senses not pertaining to Luke out of your mind. You can no longer feel the scratch and itch of the leaves of your secret hideout. Your mind zeros in on Luke’s tongue licking across your upper lip until you let him into your mouth.

His hands eventually fasten tightly into your hair, pulling you closer to him so he can taste every inch of your mouth. Your hands find his jaw, loving the way his stubble pricks at your heated skin. It’s takes you a moment to recognize your ringtone when it interrupts your session, sounding shrill compared to the quiet moans that only seconds ago possessed the night air. You see “mum” displayed on the screen when you whip your phone out of your pants pocket. You run a hand through Luke’s previously quiffed hair, trailing it to his flushed lips. You press your finger, shushing him just like he had earlier. “Mum? No, I told you I was at a friend’s house. When am I coming home?” You look to Luke, silently asking him where this is leading, even though you’re sure you both know the answer to that. “I’m not. I’m staying at her house for tonight. Yeah ok, bye.” You hang up, instantly feeling Luke’s eyes on you.

“Car?” He breathes, already starting to help you up. “Yeah,” you murmur. Even though you’re full of dirt and crisp leaves on your clothes and in your hair, you can’t  care as the thought of you and Luke together in your car surrounds your senses, like a heady cloud of perfume. “England must be doing something right with its girls, or is it just you?” “Let’s keep this little love affair a secret for now, okay lover boy,” you say as he opens the door for you.

Calum Accidentally Tells You He Loves You

Anon Asked: Can you do a thing about how you fall asleep on Calum and He accidentally confesses his deep love of you because he’s stupid.

A/N: omg this has been in my ask box for like a month because I thought I already wrote it but I guess I didn’t omg I’m so sorry

Calum POV

I looked at the time. She would be here in 10 minutes.

“Shit, uhm, okay, I can get this ready in 10 minutes.”

I had been rushing around for the past three hours trying to get the apartment to look perfect. I kicked Luke out for the night. I didn’t need to be interrupted. Y/N was coming over for movie night and it had to be perfect. We’d been doing this for years but the last couple times felt different. She was different. The girl I had known since year 2 was so much different than the 7 year old version of herself. She was just – amazing.

There was a knock on the door and I rushed to answer it. I smoothed out my shirt and checked my hair before opening the door with a smile. She looked up from her phone and shot me the brightest smile I had ever seen. Her smile could light up the whole world.

“Hi Cal.”

“H-hey Y/N”

“Are you going to invite me in or are we just going to stand here?”

I laughed and stepped aside to let her in. The living room was all set up. Popcorn, chips, candy, movies. I even took the liberty of building us a fort. A small one. I wanted to be as close to her as possible.

“Wow, you really went all out, huh?”

She turned to me, a smile still evident on her face. I nodded, “Yea, I thought It’d be fun.”

Y/N climbed into the fort and made herself comfortable. I couldn’t help but watch her moves with interest. She had this grace about her. Everything she did was beautiful.  She looked up at me, “Come on, we have a lot of movies to get through.”

I grinned and got inside the fort, making my self comfortable next to her under the blanket. She scooted closer to me and I couldn’t help the blush that crept onto my cheeks as I put my arm around her.


Cal was different. Something was off. He wasn’t telling me something. I could feel it but decided to ignore the curious feeling. He would tell me if he wanted to. He would tell me when he was ready.

I cherished these nights. The nights it was just me and Cal. I missed him so much when he went away and being close with him like this made it that much more bearable. 

I rested my head on Cal’s shoulder and buried down into the pillows behind my back and pulled the blankets covering both Calum’s and my body up higher. I closed my eyes, listening to his heartbeat and his breathing. It was steady, calming. I felt his body twist, most likely looking to see if I was asleep. I felt him take a shaky breath in and he started talking.

“God dammit, why can’t I just say it? It’s not that hard. 3 words. I’ve said it enough in the mirror. You just take my breath away every fucking time”

He took another breath.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you.”

I wasn’t expecting that. My head shot up and I was met with a stunned Calum.

“Hey Y/N, did you have good nap?” he asked nervously, looking anywhere but my eyes.

“Calum, I think we both know I wasn’t napping.”

He laughed lightly, “Yeah, I can see that now.” He ran a hand through his dark curls.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I asked after an awkwardly long silence.

“Uhm, I didn’t think you felt the same?” It came out more like a question than a statement.

I shook my head and laughed, “Calum Thomas Hood, I’ve been in love with you since we were 7 years old.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Calum inquired.

I shrugged, “I was just waiting for you to catch on.”

He smiled and scooted closer to me. Our forwards were almost touching.

“I guess I don’t catch on that fast.” He said in a whisper.

I smiled back at him, “I guess you’re not as smart as I thought.”

And suddenly, our lips took over what was the start to something beautiful.

A/N: Okay so this didn’t come out how I wanted it to but I think it’s okay. Please send in requests! I’m in dire need of them lol

anonymous asked:

Placing bets now that lilo will go on their "lads holiday"/honeymoon and then decide that it's easier to just move in together at some point during this hiatus ( because it is easier for writing and recording, of course) and then just never move out and when asked about it they will act like this is completely normal lads behavior and not at all like they are actually married

Ask 2:  conspiracy theorists are always talking about “seeding” or whatever to prepare the public for larry. but honestly lilo give us so much and are constantly outdoing themselves with their Love to the point where one of these days they’ll casually mention that they’re living together with liam’s dogs and baby tomlinson and releasing an album of romantic duets over the break and we’ll all just shrug and be like, “eh, sounds about right.”

Ask 3:  Have we determined yet that when lilo refer to their “lads” holiday this actually means their honeymoon? Because that seems more likely every day lol

Ask 4 [Okay this is from long enough ago that it’s probably about Sophiam (RIP) BUT I AM INCLUDING IT HERE ANYWAY]:  So, Liam, he’s totally getting married in their year off right?

I decided to answer all of these anons in the same post because I LOVE HOW GREAT THIS NARRATIVE IS. I LOVE HOW CLEAR AND OBVIOUS THE FANFIC LILO ARE LEADING OUT IRL IS. I LOVE HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO BE A LILO SHIPPER!!!!! Because yes, for me the greatest thing about shipping (and not tinhatting) lilo is that they give us SO MUCH. They are so open with their love and affection that the only kind of conspiracy they could ever be involved in is a conspiracy to be SO OBVIOUS about their mutual admiration society games that they can hide in plain sight (foolproof!!!!! or should I say FIREPROOF). They give it to us in physical contact and in what they say both to each other AND about each other to other people (OFTEN IN SITUATIONS WHERE IT IS TOTALLY UNPROMPTED), and idk. I have never before been in a fandom shipping situation where what the canon gives us is SO INCREDIBLE that fic is almost UNNECESSARY. But of course we still choose to read and write fic, which means we get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. 

Honestly. They’re living out the best romcom I’ve ever seen, and while I want ALL THE FIC IN THE WORLD about them moving in together and co-parenting Liam’s dog and Louis’s baby while writing music and going on a lad’s holiday that turns into a joint lilo-narry honeymoon (and WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF ANY OF THAT HAPPENED IN REALITY TBH), I also feel #BLESSED every day that I get to see this incredible friendship somehow get EVEN CLOSER on a daily basis IRL. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am SO THANKFUL for that day in May 2013 when I told @theboycanthelpit that she could tell me why she loves Liam, no really, TELL ME EVERYTHING, because it has paid off like I could never have imagined.