i loved the shit outta that show

i would say my guilty pleasure show is ghost adventures but I 100% love 39 yr old zak bagans running his 2006 myspace ass around screaming about poltergeists scratching the living shit outta him w/ his super gelled hair not a centimeter outta place while aaron’s just in the distance crying

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can you do #21 with mccree and hanzo please?

21. “No one has a heart of stone.” 

“I do not understand how this is enough for you,” Hanzo says.

McCree looks over at him from where he sits by Hanzo’s side, close enough to touch but not quite. Hanzo had not wanted to be touched, earlier, and McCree had done as asked–but he had looked just a little disappointed“What’s not enough?”

“This. Us. Me. I should not be enough for you.”

McCree’s brow crinkles with concern, and Hanzo regrets that he has put that look on McCree’s face. “Where’s this comin’ from?” he asks. “Of course you’re enough for me. More than enough.”

Hanzo shakes his head. “And I do not understand how that is possible.”


“Because!” Hanzo bursts out. He whirls to face McCree, suddenly overcome by the distress and shame he has been trying to keep down for the last hour. “I am not capable of giving you everything you want! You are kind and honorable, you are open and you deserve everything back that you give. Yet I am none of these things.” 

McCree is visibly stunned. Hanzo feels sick to his stomach, ashamed of his outburst, but now that he has begun, he cannot stop. The words continue to spill forth, months of pent-up fears finally breaking free. “I cannot tell you the things you deserve to hear. I can barely stand to be touched many days. I tried to kill a man you call your friend, who is my own brother, and you act as though I am still worth of love. Still capable of love. But I patently am not. Even what I have to offer you now is barely a fraction of what you deserve. This–I–cannot possibly be enough.”

The tide of words finally stops. Hanzo slumps, exhausted by his own outburst, and stares at the ground shamefully. McCree is quiet for a long moment, until finally he reaches out and settles a hand on Hanzo’s shoulder.

“Han. Look at me,” he says. Reluctantly, Hanzo does. “Listen. You don’t owe me shit just because we’re together, you hear me? If you take nothin’ else outta this, then remember that. I’m only ever gonna take from you what you want to give me.

“Second of all, this idea that you can’t really love or be worthy of it or whatever is bullshit.” Hanzo winces, but McCree barrels on. “I mean it. You got a lot of emotions in you, and even if you don’t want to show it all the time, I know it. I know you care about me. Ain’t nobody got a heart of stone, Hanzo.”

McCree pauses for a moment, letting the words sink in. When he speaks again, his voice is lower, softer, but no less intense. “And as for all the–not givin’ me what you think I need? Just bullshit. You are–you just bein’ with me is more than I thought I’d have in this life. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I started lovin’ you before we ever got together, and sure as hell I’m gonna keep goin’ even if you don’t always wanna hold hands or whatever else you’re worried about.”

He reaches with both hands to take Hanzo’s face between his palms. Hanzo’s throat tightens with emotion, but McCree won’t let him look away. 

“You are enough,” McCree says with finality. “You are a good man, you are perfect, and you are enough.”

I love how Babs is super  straight on Batgirl Rebirth. Like aggressively straight. It’s wonderful. 

But then

Ivy shows up

And then things

start getting kinda

really gay

All I’m saying is Ivy brings the best outta everyone

And by “best” I mean “gay”.

Aside from the fuckery that is the new hunter army, a few positives from the episode.

- Liam is being a fucking champ right now. Taking all the shit going his way like an Alpha.

- Mason and Corey are A+ friends and we need more of them with Liam. (Though I am confused on why the lacrosse mob didn’t beat on Corey after he became visible)

- Malia is a fucking gift. She’s 100% right on Chris should’ve offed Gerard. Chris even nodded in agreement.

- Lydia intimidated the fuck outta the guidance counsellor.

- Malia and Scott are officially otp material. I’ll probably explain why on another post but damn they cute.

- Linden’s directing was top notch.

- Malia and Lydia backing Scott up is literally squad goals (and yes I hate myself for saying that)

- The coach putting a stop to the lacrosse mob beating on Liam and then chewing the shit outta the ones that just watched.

- Parrish burned the fuck outta no face and I just love it when the show remembers just how powerful these characters really are. (Now if the show could just remember that Scott’s a fucking Alpha werewolf and has been for canonically a few years now, that’d be great.)

Unfaithful : Part Eight

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife







Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language - smut

NOTE: This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read.

Previous chapters :


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You only managed to take few steps away from the ladies room, till you felt a hand roughly grabbing your arm, it was Negan, he followed you out squeezing his way through the girls awaiting in front of the ladies room, they backed away from him once he bolted out of there after you.
He twisted you to turn to him but you snatched your arm back.

“What now, Negan? !”

“You’re fucking hurrying back to him, aren’t you?” He hissed.

“We have to go back or they’ll suspect something! ”

He opened his mouth trying to say something but you didn’t give him the chance to, you just literally ran and headed upstairs. Once you got closer to Jack and Lucille, you fanned yourself using both of your hands, you were feeling hot and blushed, and you didn’t want to give them a chance to ask what took you so long.

“Ugh! Ladies room was so crowded, I didn’t expect I could get out of there , ever!” You faked a smile as you took a seat next to Jack.

“Yeah, look at you, you’re sweating! ” Lucille pointed at you laughing.

You wiped the beads of sweat with your fingertips, you avoided looking at Lucille, what you just did, what made you sweating , made you feel so ashamed of yourself. The thing is, no matter how many times you feel regret and shame, it just doesn’t seem to stop you from complying to Negan’s desires! Except for few times you stopped him, but you found yourself wanting him even more!!!!! In some countries, you’d be stoned to death, and that’s fair enough regarding the shit you’re doing to your loving sweet aunt. Your thoughts took you away from reality, you played with your ring , twirling it around your finger, till you felt a soft hand resting on your thigh.

“You wanna get outta here?!” Jack whispered in your ear “” I feel that you’re not comfortable here? there’s a place I wanna show you, it’s magical, if you want to!“

You turned to him, and smiled. This was the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of Negan and Lucille, and all the awkward shit that was filling the air, because you were not so sure how long you’re gonna make it through the night after the hot make out with Negan in the ladies room. You nodded at Jack.

“Yes , sure!”

At the time you two got up getting ready to leave, Negan came along, his eyes shifted to Jack’s hand that held yours, you felt uncomfortable because of the way Negan looked at you, right at that moment he could just strangle you.

“Um.. guys we’re leaving! ” Jack blurted.

“Where to Jacky boy?!” Negan dryly asked as he sat next to Lucille.

“Negan give them some privacy, perhaps they want to be alone! ” Lucille muttered as she pinched his elbow .

Jack grinned as he walked out of there with you, he didn’t answer Negan’s question and that pissed the shit outta Negan. Million ideas crossed his mind, he thought maybe Jack is going to take you to his luxurious apartment, maybe he’ll show you his six packs and turn you on, maybe he’ll lift your legs up and stick his dick in you. Negan could feel the blood boiling inside of him, his veins just bulged out on his neck, his eyes reddened and his breath accelerated at the thought of Jack touching you.


“Negan, are you ok?” Lucille placed her hand on his shoulder, looking at him in concern , she was trying to figure out why her husband is upset.

“Uh..nothing Lucille, it’s just I feel fatigued these days!” Negan took a deep breath and gulped his drink.

“Well, you should see a doctor honey, and I wish you could stop smoking too!” Lucille ran her fingers on his hair.

Negan stood up and headed downstairs, she followed him.

“Negan where are you going? ”

Negan ignored her question and went to sit to the bar’s counter, he raised his two finger to the bartender.

“Scotch, no ice, keep em coming! ”

The bartender nodded and filled him a glass, Lucille sat next to him, she began to feel worried.

“Negan what’s going on? You’re scaring me! You’re not just tired ,there’s something else!! I know you for ten years now Negan, there’s something bothering you!! Talk to me!” Her eyes were scanning his face.
Negan played a little with his glass then emptied all the drink down his throat, he violently placed the glass on the counter and shouted.

“Another one!”

The bartender kept filling his glass , and Negan quickly drank one shot after the other, while Lucille sat there watching him , with fear in her eyes.
He already had seven shots of Scotch in a row, and asked for another. The Bartender noticed Lucille’s concern for her husband, he looked at him and said.

“Sir, you should probably stop now!”

Negan squinted his eyes on him, and harshly tapped the glass on the wooden surface of the counter .

“I said keep them fucking coming! I can take it like a fucking champ!!” He stuttered a bit.

“Sir! I think…!”

Negan cut him off with a blow on his jaw, Lucille’s eyes widened as she gasped.

“Negan stop!” She yelled and grabbed his arm.

But Negan snapped again and pulled the poor now bleeding bartender from the collar, and punched him again. He was pissed and he wanted to take it out on someone . Lucille pushed Negan as hard as she could, he was drunk he stumbled back ,while two of the security men came running their way but Lucille held her hand up.

“It’s ok , it’s ok I got him! I got him!”

She tightened her grip on his arm and dragged him out, she managed to control him due to him being intoxicated. Security guys followed them out.
Once their car is pulled next to the club, Lucille opened the door for him, where he seated on the passengers seat. She buckled him up and turned to apologize to the club employees and customers who stood watching.

“I’m sorry!”

Then she drove home, none of them said a word to the other , the entire time.


Jack drove through a dusty road, you started to wonder where he’s taking you. You shifted a little in your seat, looking around. The place was dark and there was no sign of a human soul. Jack could feel your worry.

“I swear I’m not a serial killer!” He laughed then added “but everything has a start right?”

You giggled at his joke, it loosened you up a little. You felt the car slowing down till it completely stopped in the middle of nowhere. Jack stepped out of the car and turned to open your door, you hesitated at the beginning then you got out.
Jack took you by the hand and led you a little forward till you stopped, and you found yourself standing on a cliff.

“I’m not gonna push you off the cliff! I’m here to show you the best view you could ever see to our city!!”

Your lips parted in awe! The view was magnificent, the lights of the city were glistening like diamonds under the lights. It felt amazing.

“Wow!! So beautiful! ” you mumbled.

“I’m glad you loved it!” Jack smiled.

He gently turned you to face him, his blue eyes locked into yours, you could feel his warm breath hitting your face.

“Y/n I really wish you could grant me the pleasure of dating you, getting to know you better! ”

Your heart beats raced , it’s true that you’ve been through a lot of pain when you were dating your ex, but hell ! You wouldn’t skip dating this hunk. if things didn’t go the way they did with Negan, but unfortunately, Negan occurred in your life, things happened the way they weren’t supposed to. You can hardly handle one lie, how could you handle two? You betrayed your aunt’s trust, how could you betray Jack’s? You stabbed your aunt on her back and you can’t do that to another innocent person. Silence laid heavily in the air, but Jack wanted an answer, you lifted your eyes up to him .

“Jack… I. .”

“Not now! You don’t have to answer immediately! Think about it! Then let me know if you wanna try going out with me!!”

You nodded your head and licked your lips, it was fair enough. Plus you thought about sending him a msg telling him that you can’t date him, that would be better and easier than saying it right to his face at that moment.

“Ok now! Let’s take you home!” He said as he headed back to the car.


Negan sighed as he leaned his back to the couch, he closed his eyes and placed one of his hands on his face.

“We’re lucky they didn’t call the police , you know! ” Lucille hissed as she was pacing forth and back in the living room, placing her hands on her hips, she was beyond furious.
Negan pretended not to hear a word from what she said as she carried on blaming him for getting drunk and punching the bartender.
Lucille eyed him in anger when he didn’t reply, but suddenly her features softened.

“But God damn it, Negan! You’re so hot when you get pissed and physical! ” she scoffed as her hands fell off her hips, then she sat next to him.
Negan didn’t say a word or move a muscle, he just froze in his seat, he didn’t care about what he did in the club, he just couldn’t get you out of his head, he kept wondering where the hell Jack took you and wether he kept his hands for himself or not!
He felt a hand palming his crotch, he removed his hand off his face and opened his eyes, to see Lucille’s hand tracing across his denim covered bulge.
Lucille looked at him and bit her lip.

“Seeing you like that turned me on , Daddy! ” she emitted a low moan.

Lucille only calls Negan daddy when she want him inside her. Last time they fucked was months ago, before Negan confessed about his affair. Lucille was really thirsty! !!! She licked her lips and quickly unbottened and unzipped his pants, pulled them down to his knees along with his boxers,then she instantly grabbed his length . She gave it few fast strokes , knelt down and positioned herself between Negan’s legs , she twirled her tongue around the head of his cock, then she bobbed down and up his shaft.
Negan threw his head back , he roughly tugged at her hair , he bucked his hips forward to fuck her mouth , his dick was violently hitting the back of her throat.
Lucille moaned as her fingertips tickled his balls, her eyes watered, she felt herself choking on her husband’s cock. She released him, then she quickly got undressed , straddled him, she softly grabbed his cock and guided it to her soaking entrance . Lucille emitted a loud gasp when Negan thrust hard in her , she bounced down and up his dick, her lips parted .

“Oh fuck! Yes Daddy, fuck me hard!!! I almost forgot how hard your dick could be! Shred my cunt!”

Her words made Negan go faster, sweat started to form on his forehead. Then he got her off his dick , she whined in disapproval but he bent her over the couch and glided his dick in her entrance again.

“You want me to fucking go harder? ” He growled .

“Yes!!!!” She cried out!

Negan thrust again, and roughly pulled her hair, he fucked her real hard while he screw his eyes shut. He imagined he was fucking you not his wife, his thrusts were hard and fast, he could see himself punishing you that way for going out with Jack.


“Ok here we are!” Jack said as he stopped his car by Negan and Lucille ’s house.

You looked at the house and you felt your cheeks heating up, how would Negan confront you after tonight, what would he say to you, you felt your palms sweating and your legs trembling, you turned to Jack smiling.

“Thank you for the ride, and the view from that hill, and for tonight! ” you playfully rolled your eyes.

“No thank YOU!” Jack was about to open the door when you grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“I got this, please you gotta stop opening the car’s door for me! It’s making me feel weird!”

Jack giggled and nodded his head, you stepped out of his car, then you bent over and said.
“Good night!”

“Good night!” Jack smiled then he drove away after he watched you walking towards the house.

You stopped in front of the door, and held your hand up, ready to ring the bell but you heard loud voices and curses coming from the inside, you could recognize the voices, they were Negan and Lucille ’s. at the beginning you thought they were fighting, so you walked to the window to take a peek, and what you saw made you immediately regret your decision.
Negan was on top of Lucille, her calves were resting on his shoulders while he violently pounded in and out of her , she was panting and digging her nails in his flesh while screaming his name once in a while .
You backed away fast, your heart skipped a beat, a low gasp left your lips, and you could feel your chest clenching . A tear rolled down your cheek, you ran away from there as fast as you could, you didn’t know where to go or what to do, all you knew was that you wanted to get the hell out of there!!! You were so sad, your tears were flowing on your face, you were crying like a little girl who just lost her favorite bunny, you felt so used and stupid. It didn’t make sense anymore, nothing did. How could he lock you up in a club restroom and push you over the edge few hours ago, and show you how mad and jealous he was, how painful it was seeing you with another man, how he cared about you! And now he’s fucking his wife, like nothing happened between you two!? Was it even logical to feel betrayed by a guy who’s having sex with his wife??? You felt abused, he doesn’t have to hit you to abuse you!!! Karma bit you hard in the ass, you thought.
After running like a crazy person, you stopped and fell into your knees and hands gasping for air. After a while, you stood up again, and wandered around, hanging your head low, stumbling into a couple of people, not caring where your feet taking you.
Then you remembered that you exchanged phone numbers with Jack. he’s probably waiting for your call, you wiped your tears and composed yourself, and you dialed his number, after a couple of rings, he picked up.

“Hi, y/n!! Glad you called!”

“I wanted to say that ….I’d love to go out with you, I thought about it! ” you sniffled.

At the beginning, Jack didn’t say anything, he was speechless, you could just hear him breathing, but then he excitedly said.

“I’m over the clouds right now, y/n! ”.


Whoot! Look at this folks…fucking five more years of bloody YuGiOh. Five more years with this muse. Five years I’ve been on Tumblr with him and in this fandom, and wow, do I feel old! Its a magical day! A momentous day! I’ll be hitting five years on the 30th of this month and since Atem’s birthday is on the 26th, I thought why not put it all together! Why not make a terrible photoshop thing and spout out the love I have for all of you!

Five years ago I recreated the muse that I’ve loved for years but never had the heart to pick up until then. I was a victim of abuse and my love for this muse faltered, I almost even lost him completely, but after about three years of picking myself up and filling my heart with more positive energy, I was able to pick him up again. To play this muse I love and cherish. To show this love I have for him, to you; the people who follow me and have supported me for years.

I know many of the blogs that follow me have come and gone, but to me this is momentous day! After five years I have reached 1800+ followers, which is completely crazy and scares the shit outta me everyday. I never expected it. I never even thought of myself even capable of gathering such a large following, but here we are today. SO MANY FOLLOWERS. 

I’m forever grateful and blessed to have you all following me. For adoring this muse of mine as much as myself. To give me the opportunity to show you someone, who is not just a character, but someone who can be relateable and human. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope that you may allow me to show him for the many more years to come. //smoochies

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Hi, I’m so sorry for this, but I saw this post and I couldn’t help but write a not-so-little fic for it!

I love this AU so much please keep it up!

(also apologies I don’t know how to put a readmore on a submission).


One of the first warnings Ms. Jackson got when she started teaching was “Watch out for show-and-tell day.” She had nervously laughed as she stirred her tea and asked why.

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can i please please request josuke taking care of s/o whos going through a rough time and doesnt know how to cope ;:

Oh, of course, love! If you ever need to talk, I’m here!!

Originally posted by sasuisgay

Josuke taking care of his S/O:

-he would spoil the shit outta you: take you to Tonio’s, draw a bath, rub your feet. anything you want, you’re getting even if you say no

-Josuke will hold you and rub your back, saying comforting things in your ear and peppering your face in kisses every second

-he’ll wrap you up in a blanket and put on your favorite movie/T.V show and just sit with you, watching it as he holds your hand or hugs you close

-he’ll even let you mess with his pompadour if it makes you feel better. His precious, precious pompadour…

Look the x files is coming back and dont get me wrong, i hate this goddamn show, but these are my demands for season 11:

- an adorable, unknown but crazy talented teen actor is cast to play william. david and gillian fall in love with him, and he calls them “mom and dad” during all the press shit

- gillian and this teen actor act the FUCK out of a reunion scene and it kills us all

- mulder and scully hug for a happy reason


- THEY KISS??????? AM I ASKIG TOO MUCH??????????..

- there are no bees

- csm is in it, but only long enough for someone to shoot the fuck outta him. in the face………..like 10 times


i kinda talked a lil abt how kurt and mercedes have similar ways of dressing up, but i wanted to elaborate more on that LOL

idk like they don’t really match or dress EXACTLY the same, but they manage to have the same tastes when it comes to outfits.  they even kind argue about the similarities here: 

and i guess i find that really cool bc they both really dress how they feel. if they feel like layers they pack on as fuckin many layers as they caN

but when they get older, they both decide to forgo the layers and show more skin ! they also went from ridiculous as heLL fashion to a little carefully coordinated

and this isn’t really something that they share with other characters…and that’s something i find interesting bc these two have been pretty much been going through similar situations, especially in highschool. trying to fit in, trying to accept their differences, and trying to show others their worth. in a way their clothes kinda kept them connected while the plot obliterated their relationsihp pff


honestlY tho hell their interest go as far as putting things around their necks!  they’re like fashion kindred spirits * - *

so what i’m saying is i still love these two and i’m eating up these breadcrumBS


My list of blocked blogs on this site went from like 3 to like 28479 all within the last week.

The second and I mean the SECOND I get a whiff of hatred for my beautiful babies, or the epic boatsex they will be partaking in I stop reading, take a breath and then block the shit outta those pansie ass little bitches.

Don’t come into our tag and disrespect our children.

And honestly that “You would probably feel and do the same if Jon and Sansa were becoming canon.” No I fucking would not! I’d respect the direction of the show as it was coming directly from our Lord and Savior GRRM. I would be able to respect Jon and Sansa because I do respect both as characters.

Would it be as enjoyable to me? Probably not. But there’s lots of times I’ve been upset that a show I love doesn’t go the direction I want, but I still watch the show and give the actors, writers, directors and creators my loyalty for creating something that I am blown away by week after week.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Ya’ll don’t understand my love for this woman and the miracle placed upon me as she’s joined the Riverdale cast.

Okay, I’m sure you guys do but I’m just being extra. I LOVE Vanessa Morgan, okay? I used to stan the fuck outta her when she was on My Babysitter’s a Vampire. It’s been years since I’ve seen the show and when I started to rewatch it I was thinking “damn..I’d love to see Vanessa in something new - something recent. I fucking miss her.” then BOOM “Vanessa Morgan is Toni Topaz!” I LOST MY SHIT! 

So while I love Bughead if anybody comes at my girl they can throw some hands because she don’t deserve that shit. Toni could make out with every fucking character on Riverdale (actually I want this) I give zero fucks LET MY GIRL LIVE!  AND GIVE HER A GIRLFRIEND!!!!! (Cheryl, fucking PLEASE)


Boruto ep. 10 recap

“The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!”

First & foremost, this episode was amazing! Alright…

•this pose Mitsuki is in while Ghost hunting 😹 My guy is chillin. Giving you elegance.
•The fact that Mitsuki enjoys spending time with Boruto is so cute! Gotta protect their friendship!
•I’m screaming at this absence excuse Mitsuki wrote!!! A cough?!?! It’s pretty plausible if you consider the fact that boys be dying & dramatic as hell if they even get a little bit sick.
•c'mon mama Hinata! Activate that byakugan! Let Boruto know you’re not the one or the two! You can see right through his shenanigans! Literally! She was waiting for him at the door!!
•lmao! Temari slapped the SHIT outta Shikadai!!! *gets flashback of when Temari slapped the taste outta Shikamaru*
•before y'all start talking about child abuse & blah, blah, blah, we talking about Japanese mama’s who are women of color & don’t play that skipping school shit. Also, if we wanna get fake deep, this show is really about raising children to be soldiers for an army, soooo….
•This exchange between Hinata & Shino was nice. They still have their relationship from team 8 & Shino gave Hinata good advice.
•Boruto said Shikadai should dye his hair blonde like his. Kfjhsvajakkckck! 😭 Shikadai would literally be a mini Temari
•I love how Shino told the boys wink, wink, nudge, nudge, y'all can do this assignment & do what you need to do, if ya feel me???
•lmao! Boruto called this mail dude small. Kinda reminds me when Naruto used to straight up give people disrespectful nicknames by their appearances, “shorty gramps”. But Boruto not as blunt & brash.
•When Naruto went up to Boruto after cutting the ribbon >>>
Naruto is trying his best!!!
•Listen. I’d be pissed if these kids were delivering my mail.
•C'mon Inojin’s daddy! Step onto the scene! I’m mad that Sai is all of a sudden too grown up to wear crop tops. Fuck that! Let that belly button breathe, my guy!
•I’m so glad the adults advanced the plot. So Hashirama cells are involved & we know who used to use that in his experiments. OROCHIMARU!
•This Hinata & Naruto scene was so important.
•Naruto has a change of clothes in his his office, has a couch in his office where he sometimes sleeps. Why? Cause he doesn’t wanna wake up Hinata just as he stated. Let’s all be clear on that.
•Hinata & Naruto do talk about what’s going on. They care about their children & how Boruto feels.
•omg. They went to Boruto’s room while he sleeps. Halp me.
•Naruto said he wished he could stay a kid forever. 😭
•Then Hinata leaning on Naruto & telling him that Boruto looks like him when he laughs. *HOLLERS* THIS SO CUTE! THIS MOMENT! THIS AFFECTION! I don’t deserve!
•I really thought that Boruto “acting out” & how Hinata & Naruto would handle it would be glossed over but I’m glad they didn’t. This is very, very realistic family dynamics.
•My girl ChoCho is fed up & I would be too dammit! The fuck you mean my package wasn’t delivered but the tracking information says it was??? & it’s limited edition??? Set it off in that post office ChoCho!
•Mitsuki always looks unbothered & I live.
•How Sumiere always get caught up in this mess? Poor girl.

Thoughts on next ep:
•things gonna get tense.
•this where Naruto & Boruto are gonna clash cause they both want the same thing, which is to protect people but on their own terms.