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Who’s He?

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Requested by anonymous:  Heey, can you do one where Y/N and Dylan are dating since a while, and on day Dylan’s at comic con and he sees a fan flirting with you and he gets jealous? I love your imagines soo much


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A/N: thank u! I hope u like it.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

It’s been three years since I’ve been dating Dylan and every time he’s going to Comic Con he invites me, I think it’s really fun and I love the cast!

“I need to go now.” Dylan kisses my cheek.

“Ok, I’ll be in the same place as always.”

“Fine, just don’t wink at me again like the last time or I’ll go after you.” I laugh.

I kiss his lips and they call him. I walk over to the panel and I sit to watch it.


It was really so fun and now they were going to the meet and greet. I decided to stay there where I could see Dylan.

Some fans came to talk with me and take pictures too, it’s so good to now that the fans support out relationship.

“Y/N?” I turn and I see a boy.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Cody. I’m waiting for my turn and they’re on a break so I thought if I can take a picture with you.” He said while looking at me.


We take a selfie and he hugs me, I feel his hands on my butt and I move back a bit embarrassed.

“I admire you so much.”


“Yeah.” He winks.

I look away for a moment and I see that Dylan is looking at us.

“Y/N.” I turn to the boy. “I’m the last one now, so I need to go. I’ll post our picture on Instagram and I’ll tag you, so try to like it. And also, I want to give you this.”

He gives me a piece of paper and try to kiss me but I turn and he ends up kissing my cheek.

“Though girl, uh? I like that.” He says and goes to the meeting.

I roll my eyes and look at the piece of paper where his number was written. Really?! He wrote “call me baby girl” oh god.

I get some water and wait the last fans to meet them.

When they finish, Dylan walks at me.

“What was that about? He was really flirting with you on front of me?”

“Yep. He touched my butt, and gave me his number.”

“And tried to kiss you.”


He grabbed the piece of paper and rolled his eyes.

“He called you ‘baby girl’.”

I laugh noticing how jealous he was. I grab the piece of paper and rip it, I throw it on trash.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not calling him.”

“But he was a good-looking guy.”

“Yeah, I think.”

“You agree with me?”

”What? Oh, no! He’s ugly… totally ew!”

He was still mad so I hold his face and kiss him.

“I love you. He’s just a stupid boy. I mean, you’re Dylan O’Brien! The most amazing actor I know and who’s he?” he tried not to laugh. “I would never date someone who’s not famous.” I joke and Dylan laughs.

“This is why I love you.”

hey guys this is kinda important

I know Gerard going to a convention ur gonna be able to go to is fuckin amazing and with the whole mcrx thing I know ur gonna wanna ask questions about mcr, but please don’t
he’s there for the comics and his comics and stuff, not for my chemical romance and for people to bombard him with questions that he probably shouldn’t even answer? plus it’s kinda rude
and also don’t ignore the other artists,
gosh I felt so bad for them when I went to nccc last year with the Friday night panel the twd guy was pretty much ignored even though he seemed really nice, and a few (thankfully not many) went off topic with the questions so that they weren’t related to comics and their artist career and it’s ok to be interested in that but when it’s a panel for three different people show everyone some love like
but you could see with questions or things implying mcr they would get a little uncomfortable and answer then steer it back into comic territory so just
be respectful please? sorry it’s bulky just kinda worried with everything

I really had enough from the people who keeps talking shit about bleach manga and how kubo is taking so long in the last arc. OK first, the bleach characters are many that kubo have to complete their role, it’s all matter of characters development. Second, this is the last arc which means there will be no bleach anymore and I can’t imagine my life without bleach so all of you try to enjoy every page of the manga, every panel of it please .