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modern dystopian gospel for @ibuzoo‘s Absolution

The memory hit Judah like a knife.
Yeshua’s palm was broad and warm against his throat when he pressed his fingers into the flesh. “What would you do if I’d choked you, Judah?”
A strange constellation of emotions passed through Judah’s body long before panic set in. He remembered his own voice, low like an old record that had been played too often.
“Pray,” he said.
Moan, he meant.


ocean blue, ocean hue, wrap your lust around my neck; feed me your spellbound sins. make me one with you so that i may live forever bound to the depths.

@thewinedarksea’s that sea book

Happy 4/12 to my lovely AkaFuri people! ❤️🦁🐶❤️

Sorry this is so last minute! Since I happened to be mostly done with a colored version of this doodle, I figured, why not post it? XD I wanted to post fic too… I’ll try for this weekend if I can! (And for anyone who’d like some Storming the Castle spoilers and/or teasers, you can check out my new inspiration board for Part Two over at Pinterest, to see the visuals I’m using as inspiration. Advance warning: It’s big. And REALLY PRETTY. Fic not guaranteed to be that pretty.)

nonbinary + pansexual

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“House on the hill” 

I made my first storyboard yay!! /o/ (on my first finished scenario yay x2) I had a lot of pleasure to do it. I think I love boarding- I want to do it more-  

inspired by this sweet song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syXKGIO4zjI


Hello! My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I’m a 15-year-old Nigerian, but I live in Winnipeg right now. I made a studyblr back in the summer, but to be honest, I wasn’t ready for one because I had a lot of stuff I needed to fix with myself. I’m better now, and I decided to remake my studyblr.

I’m a senior in the Canadian high school system, and these are the classes I’ll be taking:


  1. Grade 11 Pre-Calculus
  2. English
  3. Law, and
  4. Psychology


  1. Grade 12 Pre-Calculus
  2. A University English Course, and
  3. Global Issues

I’m currently in the process of applying to Carleton University, where I hope to join their Journalism and Humanities program.

I’ll be using my blog to motivate myself, get recommendations, learn better ways of learning and studying, and I’ll also love to meet new people, so my inbox is always open! You can read more about me here (for desktop users) or here (for mobile app users).

Some of the studyblrs that inspire me are: 

@jasperstudies  - your posts on studyblr honesty are really inspiring, and I also admire that you like history as well!

@acadehmic - I found your post on how to start a studyblr super helpful. thanks a lot for making it!

@studyingdear - the first person I talked to when I made my first studyblr. You’re very nice and you make pretty cute icons!

@hystorically - I love the mood boards you made for Ontario, and they inspired me to take more photos of my surroundings when I went to Ontario for the summer. Since you live in Winnipeg, I hope you had a happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading!

knightxxxxx-deactivated20170925  asked:

Hey babe, do you have any tips for staying motivated?

i always like to make little lists, or keep moodboards on Pinterest! relying on some sort of encouraging thought always keeps me going. ☺️ i’ll make it a point each day to always have *something* to look forward to, even when life seems bleak or i’m feeling really lost - no matter how small the thing may be. “i don’t have any upcoming plans to stress me out right now” / “i’m almost done with (insert task)” / “i’m saving up to buy (insert object you’re listing after).” tiny thoughts like that always seem to increase my optimism. 💕 keeping moodboards on Pinterest is also something that makes me smile, at the very least! i like to create themes - a board for magical, fairy-like imagery; a board for clothing i love; a board filled with house inspiration; a board with quotes of encouragement for me to keep in mind daily (try writing one on your hand)! it’s like a form of visual journaling that does wonders for releasing my creativity when i’m not feeling up to making art or doing anything that takes a lot of my physics energies. remember that there is always something to dream about, always something to reach for in our times of plague. wishing, hoping, and planning can be such good little encouragers. 😌🙏🏻