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15 for the I love you prompt for Byeler

15. Loud, so everyone can hear

The Wheelers cannot handle their alcohol well. This is something Will has learned over the years as he balances an unsteady Nancy with his hands around her waist. “Happy Kwanza, Willie,” she slurs happily, pressing a kiss to his cheek. 

“It’s New Years, Nancy,” he replies patiently, looking around the room for Steve and Jonathan, who are much better equipped to handle their drunken girlfriend than he is. I swear if Jonathan is in the closet again with Steve….

They’re scattered all over the states now but somehow Steve always manages to bring them back to Hawkins for the holiday season, crammed in his parents’ old house celebrating Christmas, the New Year, just being alive. There was a time that Will thought he’d never be able to be happy in Hawkins again but here, surrounded by the people he loves most, he can’t imagine being anywhere else.

As he leads Nancy to the couch, he hears a loud roar and turns around to see the other Wheeler - his Wheeler, to be exact - climbing on to the table, cheeks flushed bright red. “Oh no,” Will mutters to himself as Mike lets out a loud whoop, throwing his hands up in the air. 

“Happy New Year!” Mike shouts. “1990 or bust! God Bless America! Fuck Bush!”

“Michael,” Will scolds as loudly as he can. “You’re going to get yourself hurt!”

Mike’s eyes meet his and he breaks into a wide grin. “Will! Byers! Will Byers! There he is, light of my life, fire in my heart!”

Will’s face heats up. He can hear Dustin and Lucas catcalling and he’s pretty sure Max is in the corner recording all of this. What a way to start the new year - dying in embarrassment.

“I love you Byers!” Mike is shouting now and Will turns away, shaking his head at some amused faces. “I don’t know him,” he mouths.

“William! Don’t you walk away from me! I looooove you!”

“Walking away,” Will mutters, escaping to the kitchen before Mike starts his drunken rendition of “Like a Prayer” for all of their friends and family to hear.

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Okay, but which one of you Lucifer fic authors is gonna write a fic where Lucifer & Chloe both sign up for Top Meet after the case is through & get matched up? Because I am slightly disappointed & yet not surprised it didn’t happen.