i loved the colors so much

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Oh Rui I love your art style so much~ How much would you say your style has changed to your current style? (It's so pretty and colorful!)

Thank you~ but uh…not much changed. All that’s really changed is the way I do eyes?

Style 1 is more simple

Style  2 requires more colors to pull off

seeing 2 really different art styles and thinking like..oh my god im taking huge inspiration from both of these?? but the styles are so different that mixing them would be a huge challenge…it’s like?? i love quirky simple cartoony art with funky proportions and bright colors and lots of different shapes, but also super soft and detailed realistic art styles thats comprised of lots of strokes & would take more time

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this episode fed all my "magnus in red" needs like he literally looks so good in red i'm....wow.....

abloodneedkmart FUCK he really did. the red can you believe it. red is so good on him, red is my favorite on him it suits him so well

i love red on him so much he looks amazing in it, like it’s just such a rich bold color for him??? i’m so glad to see him in red this season and i’m thinking about that embroidered jacket we’ve seen him on set with recently while filming 2b………i’m not gonna survive

[  I wanted to share this amazing piece of art of my darling Wolf Queen done by @handmaidenoftheempress  – I watched some of it, but the coloring was a complete surprise to me. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel. This warms me to no end. From the wolves, to the hair, to Celestine’s favorite dress- Just all of it! Look at it! She is a phenomenal being and a phenomenal artist. Thank you so much, love. This means a lot to me. ]

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Here we go: I’m on my tablet so I probably won’t tag as many people @laxisme @bienenkiste @mazzystardust @cell 655321 @mschristinamaria @damarisgodlike

Nickname: My friends usually call me Vili. I have tons of other nicknames but my boyfriend calls me Mochi and I think this is my favourite one.

Gender: Female

Starsign: Libra

Height: 5′10″ 

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favorite Character: Amy from Gone Girl (the cool girl monologue is <3), Hannibal Lecter, Elizabeth Bennet, Nesta (ACOTAR)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin duhhh 

Favorite Color: I’m in a pink mood rn

Favorite Animal: Panthers and leopards

Average Hours of Sleep: My sleep hours are really messed up.

Cat or Dog person: Dog person (I thought I was a cat person, but no, I love my dog so much)

Number of Blankets I sleep with: it’s still winter so at least 3 (I’m always cold)

Favorite Singer/Band: Depeche Mode

Dream Trip: Kenya and Portofino, Italy

Dream Job: a job where I don’t get bored and make a lot of money 

When was your blog created: I was a first year student so a few years ago

Current number of followers: 47,889

What made you join tumblr: I was bored

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Name: Jordan 

Nickname: Usually just Jo, but my sister calls me Jojo, and some of my close friends call me Bri (after my middle name)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aquarius 

Height: 5'6" ish

Favorite character: How dare?? you make me choose????? between my children????????

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Favorite color: Purple, crimson red, navy blue, and almost any pastel color

Favorite animal: Cats! Small cats, big cats, wild cats, I love all of them. Every single one.

Average hours of sleep: 6 or 7 on a good night

Cat or dog person: I love both, but cats.

Number of blankets I sleep in: Just one fluffy comforter

Favorite singer/band: All Time Low, hands-down.

Dream trip: This is gonna sound super nerdy but…. Percy Jackson trip. Just a trip visiting all the places that Percy Jackson has been in Rick Riordan’s books.

Dream job: Astrophysicist at NASA :’)

Current number of followers: 698 (so close to 700 guys!! Which is way more than I thought I’d ever get aaaAAAH)

What made you decide to join tumblr? Tbh I can’t really remember?? I’ve had my main blog for so long now that I can’t remember how I got sucked into tungle dot hell

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Art by the incredible @atomicmangos
Even though we haven’t seen much of Eclipsa, i still love her design. I love the evil smirk she has in this piece, and the shading and coloring is so perfect (;u;) Honestly, I’m so glad i came across your art. I already loved Star Vs the Forces of Evil, but now it means even more to me. I wasn’t used to being social through the internet and i never commented on streams before, but everyone in the mango fam is so loving and accepting, and it’s really helped me open up a little more. Mom, your art is so inspiring to me, even when it’s not svtfoe. Your art always looks so amazing and you are so sweet! The care you put into your work and the way you’re so kind to your fans is not something you see very often, and it’s because of you that i met so many awesome people. I know it’s a little nerdy but i still remember when you laughed at one of the jokes i made on a stream. It meant a lot to me knowing that you see us more than just strangers through a screen. We’re a family. I’ve even improved on my art a bit thanks to the tips you give on streams! You really are a wonderful person, and i can’t wait to see what else you do in the future. I know even when the show is over, we’ll still be the mango fam.

Thank you, mango mom💙

This dapper little guy is “Charles Pugsley the 3rd” from my Beauties & Beasties collection I did back in 2015. I wanted to share him for Love Your Pet Day! I guess it’s only in the U.S., but I wanted to celebrate here in Canada too! I come and visit the states so much that I think it should still count lol

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I love your blog so much. I love seeing all the pictures of these majestic floofy floofs. May I request, if it's possible to see foxes with heterochromic(two different colored) eyes?

Thank you so much! And of course! Coming right up :3

hi this is domo (blue) and tohloo (green) ! i have a grandma phone and cant do these pure babies justice but they are brother and sister who love to play games, dance, and love on/ be loved by their mama! (me!) tohloo has a hairclip on because her ear felt wants to come off a lot, but i think the clip makes her prettier!

such pretty furbos! i love tohloo’s colors so much, and the clip does improve it!

these are quality playful babs


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12k thats awesome!! You never have to finish writing it but hey, I wouldnt be opposed to reading an unfinished fic! Either way, I love and support you <3

you’re like……so sweet? i don’t deserve this at all

i reread this and i hate that i never finished. especially since i can see so much of the ending so clearly in my mind still? i don’t remember the exact confession but the entire build to it and the falling action? it’s all there, vivid and colorful and wow i hate that it’s not done

it’s…not great and it’s not edited. i haven’t worked on it since nov 2015. but you’re welcome to take a look. don’t laugh too hard

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ive been trying to figure out why i like your art so much, and I just kind of thought about it more today. i think it's your completely relaxed use of color and,,, like, your lines are really playful? its just really charming and your art reflects your personality haha. yet when you want to you can rip my heart out with angst, seriously (cough* mermaid au *cough* demonyuu angst) anyway tho, you're super nice and we all really love you, your personality, and your art 💕💕

AAAH WOW I AM YELLING!!! This has got to be one of the sweetest thoughts I’ve read all month…and I’m so intrigued at how you view my art! I rlly enjoy knowing how my drawings are perceived by others so this is awesome!! Thank you so much for saying such nice things 😖💕