i loved the colors so much


who is he tho…

anonymous asked:

If you love Vergil, you should listen to Colors by Halsey, especially the stripped version. Its like his theme song.

*meanwhile gross sobbing in the corner* EVERYTHING IS BLUUEEEEEE!!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying. (;__;)

Okay, but real talk, I literally can’t unsee this now. 10/10. Fucking love it.

(And totally not gonna right some fluffy angst b/c of this later, nope, uh-uh…)

…I just…love him…so much…*dies*


wolfstar babes


Save the vampire from his sunshine friends, he’s gonna d i e


Anne S01E01 - Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

I am determined that I shall be obedient, and dutiful and yet lively enough so as to lighten up the place after you’ve lived for so many years without the delights of a happy child and the scope of her imagination.