i loved the bromance these 3 had

Imagine Jax being secretly in love with you and Opie trying to convince him to make a move.

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(Just because I had to give a little love to my favorite SOA bromance. :3)

Jax watched you as you were cleaning up after a party. He’d been in love with you for ages, but he always ended up talking himself out of making a move because he didn’t want to screw up you being around.

“You’re staring at her again.” Opie said as he sat down across from him.

“No idea what you’re talking about.” Jax lied.

“You’re full of shit man.” Opie told him. “I know you Jax. You have a thing for (Y/N). You need to claim her.”

“Not gonna happen.” He replied.

“You’re a dumbass.” Opie told him as he got to his feet and made his way over to you.

“Hey Op. What’s up?” You asked with a smile.

“Hey (Y/N). Would you ever go out with Jax?” He asked.

“If he asked I guess I might. Why?” You asked.

“He really likes you but he’s being too much of a pansy to ask you.” Opie told you with a grin just before Jax tackled him to the floor.

“God damn it!” You muttered as you hurried behind the bar to grab the soda gun and hose them down, making them pull apart.

“The fuck, (Y/N)?” Jax yelled.

“I had to do something.” You shrugged. “Not my fault you apparently need to grow some balls. Also if you hurry I’ll still probably say yes.” You added before going off to get a mop.

“You’re welcome.” Opie laughed.

“You’re an asshole.” Jax said as he grinned and gave his friend a push before they got back on their feet and watched you go.

“Go after her dumbass. She’s not gonna wait forever.” Opie insisted with a grin.

“Thanks for having my back Op.” Jax said as he pulled him in for an embrace.

“Always brother.” He replied. “Always.”

Zifeng saying “I love you” had me squeeing… Seriously. He’s so adorable with Yanuo!! <3 <3 

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3rd. Louis, I just loved, loved, looved his character so very much. I could almost assure that he's like that, I related to him cause I also get mad at people, quite a lot, I hate the 'I told you so', and anyways, he's such a good friend to Harry and Olivia. I loved when they were wingman to each other kinda. Also, my Larry heart! I mean, that's how I imagine their friendship quite the bromance, and then ppl had to fuck it up, but that's another chat. I love how they relied on his advice. (2/?)

3) Ahhhhh man, I tend to write a lovely Louis, BECAUSE I JUST FUCKING LOVE LOUIS! He’s just my fucking boy. He was a great friend to Harry, and wasn’t afraid to slap some sense into him. ALSO, that is another chat, but Louis and Harry are my fucking boys. I’m sure they’re still close, they just keep it quieter now. It’s a shame.

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Fav fandom? Fav ship ? Fav bromance ? :)

fav fandom: I have to give it up for the phandom. it’s so huge and we have our struggles with the neverending influx of new people, but considering all I’d say we are doing very well, and sharing the love for dan and phil is just one of my favorite things :D

fav ship: right now I am all about Moana and Ariel fight me x) my favorite ship fluctuates a lot, there are just so many cute couples out there *_* an honorable mention is definitely spiritassassin ♥

fav bromance: I truly love me some ianthony <3 while I also ship them, I think their bromance is just amazing, they know each other from so young and have stuck together ever since. They’ve been through the good times and the bad, always had each other’s back. Got to love that! 


As much as I kept saying last season that it was frustrating and without Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert the show plummeted, it wasn’t the same anymore/they lost the character who was the heart of the show/they lost the most popular couple on this show/they should’ve ended it season 6 or 4/etc., this really has been my favorite show of all time. I watched it since Day 1. It’s seriously become such a huge impact on my life. I’ve never related to a character more than I have with Elena. I’ve never shipped/ loved/ understood a fictional couple more than Delena, even if they were a bit toxic/problematic. I’ve never loved a bromance more than Dalaric ‪#‎teamdrinkingbuddies‬. The “You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, an adventure, and even a little danger.” quote has stayed with me since I first heard it on the season 3 finale (so glad they mention it twice in the video). If I had a room at the moment, the quote would be on the wall. I really get into my shows but this has been the only one where I’ve really became so emotionally invested in. So many scenes making me scream of joy, or bawl my eyes out, or leaving me just sitting there with my feels. At least the series ending means Nina Dobrev/Elena Gilbert will be back for the last episode at least, and a Delena Reunion/Happily Ever After. It’s been a great 7 years/seasons, and will be a great final 8th one (even if it shortened to 16 episodes instead of 22) ♥ ‪#‎TVDForever‬ ‪#‎TeamDelenaForever‬

Grey’s Anatomy 30 day Challenge (redo)

Day 3: Favorite friendship?

This was a tough one to answer because I also really like Mark/Derek, Mark/Jackson, and Cristina/Alex’s friendship, but I’ve always loved the Kavery bromance…which by the way, THEY NEED TO HAVE MORE SCENES! Ever since they both matured and got into relationships, they haven’t had any bromance scenes and that upsets me!  Also, Jesse Williams loves the Kavery bromance!