i loved that she looked so naturally in this photoshoot



A “fluffy starlet” in the eighties, Beryl was popular throughout Hollywood and known for her television roles, which caught the eye of Zeus, who then pursued her. She took an immediate liking to his attention and gifts, resulting in the birth of Thalia Grace, and later, Jason Grace. Unfortunately, Beryl found Zeus’ love a triumph and without it, her egotistical nature got the better of her, resulting in alcoholism and the loss of her two children. 

Her death—by car crash—is still highly debated on Olympus. Many say she became a target, after becoming the first and only mortal woman to ever have Zeus return to her.


“People have a hard time accepting when someone displays even the slightest amount of discomfort in the spotlight,you’re supposed to soak up every bit of fame like it’s sunshine. But I think it’s genuinely scary that fame is valued so highly, even above happiness. I love making movies, but I don’t do my job to be a famous person.”


On Her Character Maggie Greene

“I loved her from the start. I loved the place of change she was in. Whatever adventure was brought her way she embraced it. She was looking for ways to make her world make sense. She had such big questions about her own identity. I connected with her. Her curiosity. Her romantic nature. Her impulsiveness. Her vulnerability. Her sensitivity. She is very strong, but she is also very vulnerable. She is just so much fun. So much shit happens to her. She is the ideal character for me to play.”