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Yes, Sir // A Mitch Rapp Smut

Collab With The One And Only @stilinski-jpeg

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Violence (like seriously some crazy shit goes down), Oral (69), Fingering, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, Choking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 9,859 

Song: Young God by Halsey

A/N: Hey guys! Welcome to day 2 of #MitchWeek! Yes, this smut is completely inspired by that bathtub scene from the trailer. I came up with this idea and immediately told Nia about it to which she said and I quote “if you don’t write this, I will.” And so we decided to turn it into a collab! I hope you guys love how intense this is as much as we do. We really felt no need to hold back.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Mitch snarled at Stan Hurley as the pair walked down the long hallway.

“If anyone needs a babysitter, it’s you.” Stan chuckled at his least favourite trainee’s expense.

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My high-touch with Day6

I went to the Day6 Live & Meet in Taiwan. The order of high-touch is YoungK ➡️ Jae ➡️ Dowoon ➡️ Sungjin ➡️ Wonpil
I first stay at the front to watch them shake hands with other fans, and I saw the staff rushing the line so each person doesn’t get much time(I don’t think you can say one whole sentence with them)

When it’s my turn, istg at first I had something prepared to say to each member, but then this guy Brian something ruined everything

😈 YoungK
I was super scared and my face looked scared it was just so scary to me so I couldn’t walk forward. YoungK was looking right into my eyes(he looked at all the fans straight into the eyes to kill them) and he looked really gentle and a bit confused. I can see the look of “girl what chu afraid of lol” in his eyes lolz
Istg he’s the one who ruined all my plans I felt like I’m in a kdrama in slow mo and he just stared right into my eyes and gently wait for me I asdfghjkadgakdak still can’t forget about this
(I swear I’m not the type of person who likes hands but his palm is soft bye)

I have to say I was traumatized by Brian I couldn’t recover so I was really out of my zone. But anyway Jae looked very happy and his SMILE was the best thing ever he’s so cute he looked genuinely happy

🐶 Dowoon
It went past really fast lol Dowoon makes me feel more like he’s greeting a fan so I don’t remember much but his tone is the same lol he said xie xie and I knew he’s the same dorky guy on vlive ㅎㅎㅎ

🐻 Sungjin
Have to say Sungjin is the most extra one during this live and meet. He held my hand and shake it for three times like we’re children playing(if you understand it’s the kind of handshake with large movement and he was saying 내~ 내~ xie xie~*insert Sungjin tone here*)
He’s really cute and I might be in love

🐍 Wonpil (sor I don’t think ur a snake pili)
Wonpil missed a few lines during their last song and when the high-touch first began he put one of his hand behind him while the others using both of their hands, so I thought he was feeling unwell.
I went to him and asked him are you okay in Korean, he seemed to want to say smth but the staff rush me off the stage
I have to say I used to like Wonpil the least(I love them all but if you want me to do a bias list…) cause I feel like he’s too not my type
But after this, I kind of sense how cute Wonpil is and i am actually reblogging more Wonpil pics cause meeting him in person really changed my mind lol
He felt like a “herbivorous guy” like the members said and I… I really don’t know what to say but I can’t shake off his innocent look when looking at me

Anyway in conclusion Brian ruined my high-touch experience but Wonpil saved it

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hey Red, I saw this topic somewhere and I wanted to ask you about it. I love all your ocs or at least the ones you've shown so far so, if they were in the fade where the tombs that show your greatest fears, what would your Hawke, Axel and Lavellan's greatest fears be?

You wouldn’t believe this, but I hadn’t actually thought about this much before you asked. So now I’ve had to think about it hard and I got the feels. Still, a very interesting question, thanks nonnie!

I think for Axel it would be or Dishonor first, further down the line it would definitely be Weakness or Failure. Or both.

Xander Hawke would probably be Silence at the beginning of the game, and Loss by the end of it.

And for Éadaoin Lavellan… I believe it would be Helplessness pretty much throughout. But specially after Trespasser.


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i love your art style!! your lines are a little crooked sometimes and it looks like it was colored with watercolors and i like it!

Thank you so much💖💖💖

I useally draw pictures on my PC.But I also like to use watercolors and oil paints!I am glad that you noticed✨

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i can't make myself like "in my feelings"... why do you like it so much?

It was actually such a surprise, I didn’t expect much of it to be honest because of the title, which I initially didn’t like. And then it started playing and I fell in love.

I’m always here for a more upbeat LDR song. The lyrics are a highlight. She takes no shit from the man in her life and basically tells him to go f*ck himself. I also love that she’s calling herself the dopest bitch around (that line made me laugh out loud). The verses are really great, especially when you compare them to each other.

Also, the instrumental actually reminds me of “Burning Desire”, one of my absolute favourites, dark, electric buzzes and drums.

Overall, I think it’s a different direction for her while at the same time having a bit of an Ultraviolence sound to it (even though “Cherry” is the most Ultraviolence-like song on the album).

Rewatching the Church scene from Castlevania, and I just - I just love this scene so much. This is a literal demon giving a corrupt churchman the Reasons You Suck speech (and trolling the ever-loving hell out of the priest; it’s seriously awesome) but it’s the implications on faith and belief that really draw my interest.

‘God is not here’ - that line gets me every time. The bishop thinks he is doing God’s work, but the fact that the demons can literally enter the church reveal that as a lie. It also implies that in other circumstances, the church might actually have posed a significant barrier/threat to the demons - that is obviously not the case in this instance.

One interpretation is that the bishop does believe, does have faith - but only in what HE believes his god to be. His interpretation of it - which may not correlate with the actual figure. I once read - I can’t remember exactly where, though I have the sneaking suspicion that it was C.S. Lewis - a line that essentially stated that ‘god is in the deed’ - meaning that no matter what you think, it is what you do, the actions that one takes, that really matter.

…when did I become interested in theology? …right, when it showed up in an animated show about demons and vampires. At any rate, I’m probably getting this wrong; please don’t kill me for my ruminating?

I’m sorry but… i actually love the Malec conflict? They both have very good points and are true to their character with their decisions how they act/react. Also i love that the writers actually put effort in this ship, they are just so nuanced? Not only do they have conflicts because one is a Shadowhunter and the other a Downworlder, but also Alec is such a rational character and Magnus is so full of emotions (kinda like left brain - right brain). Bottom line: Malec is just one of the best written tv ships right now….

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thank u so much for that cryptid boyfriends fanart. u star. u absolute treasure. why is ur style so beautiful. i love it so much i cried while writing this. its so. casual and the lines are so clean. i love it so much. everything u draw honestly. AND. the emotions u give ur characters are just. i cant. if i ever get my lazy ass to draw something original and not just look at cool stuuf and draw that i want to have ur style. again ur a star. sorry for my eng u beautiful grasshoper. <3 peace out.

I just want u to kno I cried reading this and also screenshot this and have it as my background now thank u

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Eposette, famous actor au

“So we know that your love interest died in the last season, spoiler alert for those who have not watched it yet, so is this movie going to focus on your character’s quest for justice? Is there going to be another love interest on the line.”

Cosette giggled at the question and Eponine felt butterfly fluttering in her stomach. She’d never interviewed anyone this pretty before. But she ought ot remain professional about this.

“Well, you know, I’m not allowed to reveal too much at the moment, but I’d love a little bit of change, you know? Story telling is getting more diverse nowadays and the public is a lot more open. I think television needs to depart from the boy loves girl and girl loves boy because they saw each other once, so why not get a girlfriend in this season, you know? To show that deep love stories aren’t just a straights-only party.” 


Recently drawn

The current line-up was just a few people who were very lovable. Long tour, thanks for your hard work … I do not know what will happen next season, but I am happy if I can see it again in this lineup.

I love ‘chris catalyst’ so I thought that I would like to draw once, but it is very difficult. It is satisfying if you draw once.
I also like “eureka machines” very much.
I love omega and alpha the most, so this song was awful sadly, but maybe it was good to have a new encounter. I feel like I’ve had more fun thanks to ghost … !!

In a daydream....in a nightmare.....

What really frazzles me is that Rey has always had dreams.(confirmed in TFA novelizations) it couldn’t be her parents because she has no memory of them. But the fact that “in a daydream. In a nightmare” line (when describing Rey’s first encounter with Ren and when describing a eerily familiar voice.) She’s never met him before, but his voice is familiar. She’s obviously had dreams about Kylo Ren, most definitely of Ben Solo. You can also imagine that Kylo has these dreams too. His line from TFA “what girl?!” “the girl I heard so much about” this kind hints that he’s had dreams about her too. Hopefully TLJ touches more on this “dream” subject. It most likely will since why would they include her having dreams without it having an explanation. It would be a major plot hole.👀🌚 comment your thoughts! I’d love to hear!

Well I'm crying

So I just saw @gerardsassquatch ’s post about reaching 1k followers and I literally shed some tears. I am so goddamn proud of my celery wife. I remember back March when we were talking about followers and I mentioned only having 50.

Emily said something along the lines of “yeah but isn’t it crazy that there are fifty people who chose to follow you on your journey?”

And really, it is amazing.

And now, Em, there are 1000 people who chose to be there for you, who find you interesting and want to know who you are. Isn’t that so cool?

Words can’t really describe how much I love Emily and how proud I am of her reaching such a huge milestone.

So this is the part where I tell you to go follow my Celery Hoarding Wife™ and also say thank you to everyone who is following her [you’ve made a wise choice, my friend].

Love you more than anything, Em.

xoxo carley

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the "kara losing her entire world" thing is so ridiculous to get mad at. she's lost her boyfriend who she loved and who helped her 'be human' and lost balance in her life. if mag///gie died and a///lex said the same line, it would be fine. but bc mon-el is a cishet white male and kara is a woman, it's apparently bad for her to care about someone that much i just

honestly, i was going to mention this in that ask post, but i didnt want angry shippers on my tail. 

but yes to all of that. if al*x said that, it would probably be okay. but since its about Kara, it not okay. 

just like Kara developed a love life this season, so did al*x. And its not past the realm of reason for one of them to be devastated if they lost their significant other. 

and it was Kara that feel in love, it was her who had her heart-broken when Mon-El. So wanting to dissociate from the pain and be a hero full-time is reasonable! 

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Seungcheol, your an amazing leader Jeonghan, dont listen to others, you ARE an angel Joshua, you have such a pretty voice Jun, you deserve more lines Soonyoung, i love how you dance Wonwoo, your deep voice is amazing Jihoon, you write the best songs Seokmin, your vocals are incredible Mingyu, you are the best Minghao, I love your accent Seungkwan, you are so soft, Hansol, you ARE the best rapper Chan, you are the best maknae I could ask for Admins, the posts reflect the boys so well.❤


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Jeonghan: That was so sweet of you I was about to cry. YES I WILL TRY MY BEST AND I WILL GET STRENGTH FROM ALL CARATS. YOU ARE MY ANGELS.

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Joshua: Not as pretty as you! All carats are pretty and beautiful and you guys are our everything! Thank you!!!

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Junhui: My heart felt as if were burning in a million fires when you said that. I will continue to work hard to be deserving of your love and support!!! <3

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Wonwoo: I’m so glad that you find my voice amazing! I couldn’t be happier than to know that I can make all our carats happy. Thank you so much!

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Jihoon: Thank you for saying my songs are the best! I write for all of our carats. My muse will always be the love all our carats give us. THANK YOU!

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Minghao: Well, I LOVE YOU.

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(real live footage of the admin having a heart attack omg you’re so sweet we died)

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Could you write literally anything with Rian? I love him so much it doesn't matter what it is.


“FUCK, RIAN!” You screamed.

“You like that?” He asked, biting his lip.

You moved the controller for the Wii, trying to catch up to your boyfriend, who was in 1st place in Mario Kart.

“NO! FUCK YOU!” He shouted as you hit him with a blue shell, and raced past him to the finish line in 1st place.

“YES I WIN, FUCKER!” You yelled, jumping around the living room.