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What's with all these weird usernames? Like with all of these funny textpost blogs they have weird usernames, including you??? Like "lawmaking". Ok???? Do u want to be a lawyer or something??? (Yes I am aware lawyers don't make laws.) And now "intrude"??? Wtf?? I don't understand like how did u come up with these? And why did u think they were a good idea??

I’ve always been interested in the American political system, and I do in fact want to be a lawyer. I like “intrude” because its short, memorable, and a real word which is unique for Tumblr url’s. You see my url choices have actual logical meaning behind them, the same can’t be said about this irrelevant  message. I don’t feel my url is any concern to you, and I’d love to see how “perfect” you think your own url is.

Why did you think this message was a “good idea,” honestly?  

From the moment they kissed, Delphine has had one, I repeat ONE motivation throughout this ENTIRE FUCKING SHOW. One.

Cosima Niehaus.

Every single thing she did, every choice she made, was motivated by her desire to keep the woman she loved safe and healthy.

Even her last words were concern not for herself or pleading for her own life; they were for Cosima.


I will fight you.

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Hello! Would you mind doing an example of not using filter words in a first person point of view? While I know that you can just switch out the pronouns for I/me/my, I just want to see it in action and when you should (and shouldn't) use the filter words. Thank you!

Hi there! I would love to! I think I’ll start out with an example with filter words and then cut out the filter words to show you the difference.

For those of you who haven’t seen my post on Filter Words.

Now, for the example:

I felt a hand tap my shoulder as I realized I had made a huge mistake. I knew the consequences would be unsettling, but I had no other choice. I saw the light of my desk lamp bounce off of the officer’s badge before I had even turned around. It seemed like I always found my way into trouble.

It was the first thing off the top of my head, so it’s a bit rough sounding….

Now for without filter words (And a bit of revision):

A hand tapped my shoulder as it dawned on me: I had just made a huge mistake. The consequences would be unsettling if I didn’t get out of this mess, but I had no other choice. The light of my desk lamp bounced off of the officer’s badge. I always found my way into trouble.

By taking out filter words, you get right to the point.

I’d also like to add a few more notes that I didn’t have the chance to post previously.

Some Examples of Filtering:

  • I heard a noise in the hallway.
  • She felt embarrassed when she tripped.
  • I saw a light bouncing through the trees.
  • I tasted the sour tang of raspberries bursting on my tongue.
  • He smelled his teammate’s BO wafting through the locker room.
  • She remembered dancing at his wedding.
  • I think people should be kinder to one another.

How can you apply this?

Read your work to see how many of these filtering words you might be leaning on. Microsoft Word has a great Find and Highlight feature that I love to use when I’m editing. See how you can get rid of these filtering words and take your sentences to the next level by making stronger word choices. Take the above examples, and see how they can be reworked.

  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: I heard a noise in the hallway.
  • DESCRIBE THE SOUND: Heels tapped a staccato rhythm in the hallway.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: She felt embarrassed after she tripped.
  • DESCRIBE WHAT THE FEELING LOOKS LIKE: Her cheeks flushed and her shoulders hunched after she tripped.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: I saw a light bouncing through the trees.
  • DESCRIBE THE SIGHT: A light bounced through the trees.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: I tasted the sour tang of raspberries bursting on my tongue.
  • DESCRIBE THE TASTE: The sour tang of raspberries burst on my tongue.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: He smelled his teammate’s BO wafting through the locker room.
  • DESCRIBE THE SMELL: His teammate’s BO wafted through the locker room.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: She remembered dancing at his wedding.
  • DESCRIBE THE MEMORY: She had danced at his wedding.
  • FILTERING EXAMPLE: I think people should be kinder to one another.
  • DESCRIBE THE THOUGHT: People should be kinder to one another.

See what a difference it makes when you get rid of the filter? It’s simply not necessary to use them. By ditching them, you avoid “telling,” your voice is more active, and your pacing is helped along.

The above list is not comprehensive as there are many examples of filtering words. The idea is to be aware of the concept so that you can recognize instances of it happening in your work. Be aware of where you want to place the energy and power in your sentences. Let your observations flow through your characters with immediacy.

Ok, sorry for the lengthy answer, I know you just wanted an example…. sorry!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at my ask box


“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” ~J.K. Rowling

Watch me stitch this in less than a minute! (time lapse video)

I love J.K. Rowling and I love the work of risarodil. Risa graciously gave me the go ahead to embroider one of her designs, so this choice was a no brainer for me. I tweaked Risa’s design a tiny bit to make it work a little better for embroidery but remained pretty true to the original.

This pillow took approximately 30 hours of hand embroidery to complete. I added a few touches of gold metallic thread for a little magical sparkle ;)

I am not your second choice or someone to text when she stops replying. i may still love you but that doesn’t give you the right to pretend like you care for a night or two until you crawl back to her. this isn’t a fair fucking fight or a game you’re even allowed to play because hearts are not bargaining chips and you can’t sell mine to fill your own chest.

people are not chess pieces stop treating me like a pawn. you won’t win any games this way.

i do love you I won’t lie but in the same breath I curse your name. i know that you will never love me and its not like I thought you would but could you at least stop using me to feel better about yourself?

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain

i just am very honored to ship a ship that both characters don’t exactly depict the televised version of love and show how cliche it can be like love isn’t just an explosion of feelings and how it’s just a whole season of waiting for the other person to reply to that feelings. or like how its a development of feelings where people are friends to bestfriends then to being life partners. i feel that movies and many series portray that

this ship showed me that it was more than that. it was more than the cliche type of love. Sakura showed that love can be sacrifice as she had sacrificed time, sacrificed her choices and how unconditional her love is. It was full of perseverance and that it didn’t matter if Sasuke loved her back. She was full of giving and giving and giving.

Sasuke showed that love was more than just words that people say. Sasuke showed that words and through communication that it is beyond that. Sasuke showed that one does not need to boast to people about things he cared for. The value is placed in the acts of it and that there is a time and place for it. He always protects, careful to put his trust on, while Sakura always gives hope, always perseveres.

Both of them protect what they deem precious.

And also how it always forgives.

I just feel like in the latest naruto gaiden chapters, it unveils the relationship between both Sasuke and Sakura. Like distance always challenges this relationship yet, it showed that even when they are apart, there is trust and when they reconcile, there is this sense of ease and how both individuals has already worked with each other’s souls. It isn’t familiarity.

Like i feel this ship is so much more than really, how television series & movies show it. This ship makes love so deep. 

“We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing.” (2 Thessalonians 1:3, NIV)

God’s desire is to see you grow and increase in every area of your life—especially in your love for others. That’s because love is the greatest thing, and it is all that matters in eternity. At the end of the day, at the end of our lives here on earth, love is what will last forever!

Notice that this verse tells us that love and faith are connected. It says in another verse that faith works by love. Love isn’t about feelings and emotions; it’s about the choice to treat people the way God tells us to in His Word. The more we know Him, the more we know His Word, the more we will walk in love.

Today, I pray that your love will continue to grow and build a solid foundation for your faith. I pray that through your connection with the Father, you are strengthened in all of your relationships as you move forward into the life of blessing He has for you!

A Prayer for Today

Father, thank You for loving me and transforming me into Your image. Search my heart and mind today. Help me to love others the way You love me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

i honestly just want to know your favorite song. your laughter sounds like music and i want to know the notes that bring you peace. i want to know your favorite words, your favorite color, tell me why it catches your eye. i’d do anything to catch your eye and treat you like a diamond in the middle of a coal mine; i’m only being honest. if i could touch you with these trembling hands, walk to you with clumsy feet and glossy eyes, i’d make you my king. i want to know what makes you love this universe and where you want to be when you are big enough to make your own choices. i know i’m not much and i am small and insignificant inside of this world that is much bigger than me. i know i’m not you and i’m not beautiful or delicate. i know i’m not anything you’ve looked for, but trust me when i say that i would write you songs and lay with you for hours. i’d hold you when you’re tired of this place and the mean things that come along with living and breathing and taking up space. oh darling, you are so far from a waste. you are matter and you matter to me.

i want to treat you like royalty

(i could make you my king)

This is for you: all wonderful people,who reblogged my pictures, who gives me so much flying hearts and never ending support!!! Welcome on my way to see the world and I hope,you are not bored. I want to thank: theoriginalplant ❤️,biutifulpics ❤️,PWS and Jasmin for her awesome words❤️, nf-notes,beautifullyframed, ponderation ❤️, camera-raw ❤️ and berniewong❤️. This is a little choice,but you all made my days on Tumblr!!!!! You are wonderful and when I forgot someone,sorry!!!!!!! I wish you all a great Sunday and an awesome next week! Lots of love,Jacqueline 🌸

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Thirteen

A/N: Lucky number thirteen, right? But hello everyone! I hope you have been having a lovely week so far, bathing in all the Joshifer goodies and what not. And I’m hoping to add to that with this lovely update right here!

Can you believe we’re halfway through this story, because I certainly can’t. It seems like just yesterday I was making preparations for this story and planning for it, and now the glass is half full.

But anyway, I’ll stop getting all emotional lol, and I hope you all enjoy!

As usual before you get reading, I’d like to take a moment to thank anyone and everyone who has offered me support, whether in the form of likes, reblogs, comments, or just general encouragement. It gives me the strength to keep on writing, so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you.

And also, big thanks to my partner in crime catching-dandelions, for helping me add particularly demonic bits of dialogue and for offering her support as well.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

I’ve undergone my last test. I’ve watched the last bits of fluids travel down through my IV. I’ve had my sleep interrupted for the final time in order to receive the last dose of my medicine. I’ve had the concluding phases of my care, because thankfully, finally, I’m taking the steps that ensure my discharge from the hospital.

It seems like I’ve been trapped in the sterile, white prison of the hospital for days and days, when in reality, it’s merely been an overnight stay. But being the impatient, energetic, never sit still kind of type, I find myself growing more and more eager to leave, tired of being contained on a creaky old bed.

I just want to leave with Josh, my boyfriend, and my unborn child, my sweet baby girl, in peace. I no longer want to be interrupted. I no longer want to be in this unfamiliar environment. I want to go home, and focus on the two of them.

So I couldn’t be happier when Dr. Landon pokes his head back in with a few techs trailing him, in preparation for my departure.

“Alright, Jennifer,” he says as he heads over to the machines tracking my vitals, and begins to disconnect them, “We just have a few more things to do, and then you’ll be free to leave.”

I nod, trying to be as understanding as possible. But I’m extremely antsy, ready to get back up on my own two feet again. Peanut must feel the exact same way, likely craving my attention or some action, because we both mirror each other’s movements, squirming and wriggling against the places we reside.

Beside me, Josh chuckles, reaching forward and giving my free hand a gentle squeeze.

“Well you must be feeling better, Miss Nitroglycerin,” he teases, “Just hang in there, Jen. We’re almost done.”

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If we strive to keep a positive outlook, we may oft be disappointed. On the flip side however, if we choose to see everything in a negative light, we’ll probably always get exactly what we’re expecting, which is nothing much good, and even if something wonderful does occur, we’ll likely miss it due to our outlook and attitude.  The choice is ours. What do you say we all live a little dangerously, and for today at least, dare to believe that dreams can come true, and maybe even find the courage to chase a few.
—  Inspired especially by the kind words of peeves-of-glass, and the hearts, hugs, love, and pearls of wisdom from several other friends regarding my last post. You know who you are, and I hope you know I love you.  Mike 

I’m sorry if this is too straightforward for you but
i know you get infatuated I know you measure your whole world around the way they breathe
but I don’t think you’ve ever actually loved someone
because if you had you would know how I feel right now you would know why I can’t just give you up
it’s not a choice if it was I wouldn’t pick crying over someone who can’t even fucking text me back someone who’s never given a damn about anyone who isn’t his current obsession
you are so full of want for her that you can’t even look around and see you’ve pushed everyone away
you are standing alone because you’ve told everyone it’s better that way
you keep digging your own grave and asking us why it isn’t sunny anymore

i think you should know this is why I don’t love you anymore.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain
Please don’t love me, I asked you not to, but you did anyway and what a terrible choice that was, to fall in love with the girl who has never had her heart broken. The only thing I know how to do is break other people’s hearts. I’m ashamed of myself, being a heartbreaker is nothing to proud of. I think I’m so innocent, but I can be a monster. Now I did it again, I broke another heart, and now I’m looking in the mirror and I can only see the part of me that I hate, the part that hurts other people, this is the part of me I’m always denying its existence. This is the side of me I never want anyone to see.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #83

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Naruto and Sasuke exert themselves to the extent that they're left debilitatingly and life-threateningly exhausted and thus forced to engage in an extended pillow talk, after mixing copious amounts of bodily fluids, in which one of them is brought to tears from the revelation of the others unwavering devotion and- dare I say it- love. They then spend the night together and one of them wakes up beside the other wondering if he's in heaven. This happens on screen. what do the het ships even have.

(Oh my, your choice of words is beautiful!)

 They have the privilege of not being same-sex couples in a homophobic society. Nothing more, nothing less tbh.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

NSFW, ficlet. Set during 3x10. i saw an opening and I exploited it! For hearts in need…

I’m sorry. I made you make those choices and then blamed you for them.


Those words, the long absent sincerity in the brunette’s voice, suddenly returned, had stripped the veneer of resolution and control from Delphine’s heart.  The blonde ­— who had been determined to bow out, to step aside, to accept her part in their sad melodrama, to give herself even to death in the hope that the Cosima she had once loved might live long enough to one day understand her sacrifice— wept, openly, unabashedly as she steered her luxury sedan toward her home.  It had surprised her how simple forgiveness was even after months of disappointment, hurt, incredulity, indignity (did Shay really have to answer the door naked?)  

She had thought her walls were thick, but the second Cosima radiated even a fleck of warmth in her direction, her defenses crumbled. The relief she felt at being understood erupted from the pit of her solar plexus.  She had learned to live with the dull ache of longing, could at times even channel it into determined action befitting her new position. But the emptiness made even her most impressive victories hollow.

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The Unexpected

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Words: 3,265

Warnings: Swearing, angst, Dean’s self loathing makes an appearance

A/N: I love German Shepards, okay? Please don’t hate me. It’s…it’s not all angst…


The unexpected happened on a Saturday night, late in November, when Fall was just starting to drop hints of Winter. Cold rain pummeled against the window, but the sound of the TV drowned out most of the noise. It was your night off, the first one in forever, and to be honest it hadn’t been your choice to take it, but your boss had been insisting you take a few days for months, insisting that you needed time to breathe. Apparently he found working twelve hour days seven days a week to be nothing short of insanity, and the fact that you did it without complaint even more. He refused to give you the hours, even though you threatened to show up for work anyway, and with a smile told you to go home watch some dumb girly movie and get drunk. 

So that’s what you were doing. 

And, boy, was it weird.

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Miles Kane - arguably the best dressed man in music (also please take note of how CUTE this pic is^^) anyways onwards!

1) Miles in suits! Here are some stellar examples; the blue suit, the patterned super snazzy one and a particularly gorgeous dark blue velvet one (probably an effort to impress Mr. Weller here xD)

2) Miles in loud/patterned shirts! Believe me there would’ve been more examples but sadly I can only make a post with 10 pictures?! I also included the “beard print” pic because I love it and because of these very fetching patterned jeans :)

3) Miles in leather! Gahhhhh idk I was just looking for leather jacket pics but found this and almost died! *insert colourful words of your choice* Miles in leather is 👌 also Miles in red is a gift to the world so here is this red leather jacket, alsoooooo this particular picture is especially lovely!

4) Miles in t-shirt! Whilst Miles in a full suit is frankly drool worthy, there is also this to think about, I absolutely love his casual t-shirt outfit :’) darling! (Plus this picture is a delightful bonus because he looks incredible)

5) I feel given my url I must talk of the white jeans, we all know that the best outfit is cheetah print undies, yay

arcticsynergy asked me: top five Miles Kane outfits