i loved smashing that car to pieces

Your fav is problematic: Edd
-uses a car with his friends inside as a weapon to fight Eduardo
-fights Tord over their lesbian neighbour
-fights Tord over a piece of bacon
-smashes Susan then tries to bury her without Tom noticing
-is the first to kill any of their clones
-based on that probably values cola over any of his friends
-inconveniences vampire matt so he doesn’t think biting him is worth the effort
-literally goes back in time from the future to kill himself over cola rather than conquer his apparent caffeine addiction
-feel free to add more

Jackson Imagine - Betrayed (Part 2)

A/N - Here’s the part 2 for this imagine! Hopefully you guys all enjoy it and keep on sending in your requests~

“Goodbye and go to hell, Jackson.”

It had been three weeks since the breakup. You had been living with your friend Mark the whole time and planned to live with him until you could find a decent apartment to live in that wasn’t too expensive. Jackson had called a lot to try and persuade you to forgive him but you were determined not to give in. No matter how hard it was to be apart from him. You still loved him and you hated that you loved him. He took your heart and smashed it into a thousand pieces yet you still cared so much about him that you were dreading to go and collect all of your stuff. Mark was willing to go with you both for moral support and to help put some of the stuff into your car.
“You ready to go, (Y/N)?” He asked, grabbing the car keys.
“No. But I guess I have to be,” you smiled weakly at him and he hugged you tightly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you. You can do this, okay?”
“Yeah, let’s go.”

When you arrived at the house, a feeling of dread came over you. You hadn’t told Jackson you’d be coming over so there would be a chance that he wasn’t at home while you collected your stuff. When you left three weeks ago, you had just stuffed some clothes into a bag so that you wouldn’t have to stay in Jackson’s presence for too long. Mark noticed your worried face and gently rubbed his hand on your thigh encouragingly.
“It’ll be okay, I promise. We won’t be long either.” Nodding slowly, you got out of the car and walked up to the house, your heart racing. You knocked on the door and waited for an answer. You silently prayed he wasn’t home so you could avoid confrontation. Luckily, you still had your key to the house so you’d be able to get in if you had been fortunate enough to arrive when he wasn’t in.

Unfortunately for you, footsteps came to the door and opened it to reveal Jackson standing there looking like a complete mess. His hair looked unwashed and he had bags under his eyes. His skin looked red and blotchy from crying and he seemed to have lost weight.
“(Y/N), you’re here,” he said, his voice full of hope.
“Yeah…I came to get my stuff, if that’s okay?” Your voice was quiet and your nervousness was evident. Jackson’s face fell as he replied, “Oh yeah, sure. Come in. But who’s this?” He gave Mark a suspicious look and eyed him up and down, probably assuming he was your new boyfriend or something.
“This is Mark. I’ve been living with him for the past few weeks. He’s a good friend of mine.” Mark smiled awkwardly as he followed you into the house.
“Um, I’ll make a start getting your clothes. I think I remember which room it is.” He dashed up the stairs, desperate to leave the tense scene that was taking place.
“So are the two of you…y’know…dating?”
“Not at all, Mark and I are just close friends.” You shifted from foot-to-foot, unsure of what to do.
“Ah, okay.” Jackson seemed just as awkward as you until a burst of emotion came from his lips, “I want you to know how sorry I am for what I did. I don’t know what came over me. As soon as I saw the look on your face I knew what I was doing was awful. You didn’t deserve that but I promise to treat you right if you just give me a second chance. Please.” Desperation filled his voice and he reached forward to hold your hand which you instinctively snatched away.
“This can’t be fixed with a little apology, Jackson. You cheated on me. How could I ever trust you to not do it again? And don’t start saying some shit like ‘oh but I’ve changed’ because three weeks does not change a person like you. If you really cared about me then you would have never even considered sleeping with that girl let alone actually brought her over here. And you even had the decency to do it in my own home.”
“I swear I will never do it again.” Tears had begun to fall from both you and Jackson.
“No you won’t. And that’s because you can’t cheat on someone you’re not dating. Now, I need to get my stuff and then I’m leaving. For good.”

I’ll protect you - Part 1

x Min Yoongi (Suga)

Warning: Violence, Language.

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The only thing people knew, was that the Min family had money and power, lots of it.

Min Yoongi is my name.

Heir of my father’s business.

The business has no definition but he isn’t up to any good.

Friends? Nah.

Love? Nah.

Dreams? Yes.

Lies? Yes.

Everybody is afraid of me.

I would lie to myself if I said I didn’t have a wish to get friends and find love.

My father is strict, has always been. I’m not allowed to do anything!

I walked around the front yard, kicking a pebble. My thoughts taking over my every sense. In frustration I kicked the pebble hard and it flew over the hedge, resulting in a sound of smashed glass. I sighed and walked over to the gate.

The window of my own car had a huge crack in it, pieces of glass scattered over the hood.


I sighed and walked out of the gate to pick up the glass pieces surrounding my car.

I cut my hands on multiple pieces but never mind. As I picked up the last piece I heard footsteps coming from behind. I turned around and saw her walking up the street, two grocery bags in each hand.

I let the glass pieces fall to the ground and approached her.

“Can I help you with them?” I asked.

“Yes please.” She stuttered handing a bag over.

I grabbed all of them and turned around walking before she could stop me.

I knew where she lived, I knew her name I even knew her favourite colour.

It was 5 years ago I first saw her.

I remember the day so well. She was new, a transfer student.

More importantly, she didn’t know who I was. But sadly it didn’t last for long and she began to avoid me just like everyone else.

All because of my family.

She also lived up the street from me.

We arrived at her porch and I put the bags down outside her door.

She caught up to me shortly after.

“Thank you.” She bowed.

“No problem.” I said, holding my hand up.

“Oh my you’re bleeding!” She gasped.

I looked at my hand, stained red all over the palm. I had forgotten about that.

“Oh, never mind.” I said and began to walk away.

“No! stop.” She said grabbing my on to my wrist, making my heart flutter.

“Let me fix it for you. It was my fault for letting you carry all of the bags.” She said, pulling me inside.

She directed me to the sofa and I took a seat. Shortly, she returned with a first aid kit and a wet towel.

She sat down on her knees in front of me and grabbed one of hands.

A hiss escaped my mouth as the wet towel touched my cuts.

“Sorry.” She whispered.


She continued cleaning the blood from my hand and wrapped gauze around it, she then moved on to my other hand.

“What’s your name?” She suddenly asked, without looking up.

“Yoongi.” I said, avoiding saying my surname.

“y/n” She said as she wrapped gauze around my other hand.

“I know.” I said, making her look up at me.

I saw her eyes widen as she recognized me.

“Oh my… I- I’m so sorry… I didn’t” She said in chock, standing up.

“It’s fine and thanks.” I said, looking at my hands.

“Uh… No problem.” She stuttered.

I stood up from the sofa, her eyes following my every move.

“Would… you like something to drink?” She stuttered.

I looked at her and she swallowed.

I sighed.

“I’m not like my family you know.” I told her.

“Sorry.” Was the only thing she could say.

“I said don’t.”


I walked out of her house and down the street.

I gasped as she grabbed my shoulder, panting from have been running after me.

“I know you’re not like your family.” She panted.

“Good.” I mumbled, putting my hands in my pockets and turning around to continue home.

She stood still on the spot and watched me as I walked away.

I arrived by my house and spotted my father and his body guard by my car outside.

“Son, what happened to your car? Who did this?” He said, angry.

“It was me, it was an accident.” I mumbled walking past them.

He grabbed a hold of my shoulder, making me turn around and slapped me across the face.

He pushed past me and walked in through the gate, leaving me outside, a hand over my red cheek, looking at the ground.

I looked up and saw her still standing watching me from up the street.

I couldn’t help but look away in shame, biting my lip to stop my emotions from revealing themselves as I turned around to walk inside.