i loved phoebe and mike

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Thoughts on Joey and Phoebe as a couple? I know they weren't but a lot of people wanted them together

ok i know a lot of people wanted them to be secretly doing it for years, but i kinda don’t think it’s realistic that they all end up together and personally i loved mike. i think a woman like phoebe doesn’t just look up at her friend joey one day and suddenly realize he’s been the one all along. nah, a woman like phoebe has a funny and interesting story for how she met her one. and i think the story of how she met mike is just so unexpected, therefore so phoebe. 

plus, cutie early 2000′s paul rudd. 

sometimes the stars decide

summary: “Alright. Friday night?”

She pump-fisted him, adding an exploding sound as their hands separated. “It’s a DD.”

He gaped at her. “Come again?”

“A Double Date.”

(or that time ruby and killian looked for dates for each other just like phoebe and joey do in f.r.i.e.n.d.s., and we all know how that turns out…)

notes: for my precious traveling baguette @emmaofmisthaven who’s celebrating her birthday :DDDD i’m sorry for it not being a) the lost boys related b) an ef au, but i’m sure you’ll somehow make me write those on another day, you adorable little shit <333 have the greatest day babe!

also on ao3

“I’m tired of dating,” Ruby stated as she slipped down the couch until she was resting with her back to it and stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Killian rolled his eyes.

“Then don’t.”

He heard her shuffle against the carpet. “No, I meant - I’m tired of dating awful people, you know?”

“Was your last date that horrible?”

“He wouldn’t stop staring at my boobs through dinner. I mean, a girl enjoys being appreciated but that was going too far even for my standards.”

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