i loved my school

bts / each member donating loads of money is just really.. wow.. like they’re really good people and them not wanting the public to know it means a lot to me.. it shows a lot on their character, and just when i thought i couldnt be prouder this happened and i am so proud of them and im so lucky to stan them such talented, beautiful and kind boys :“)

and i love them

I wanna follow you :)

So my dash is feeling lonely and I would like to follow more great people.If you post any of the following let me know by liking/reblogging this so I could check out your blog.

Disney and Pixar stuff

Musicals ( I’m kinda new with this but I would follow anything about musicals, really)

Anime( and/or manga and otaku/weeaboo stuff)

Music (Emo trinity/quartet, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, country/rock/indie music, classical music,k-pop or anything, I like all kinds of music)

Nature(flowers, animals etc)

Photography( especially from far away places which I would probably never visit)

Books (Rowling, Rioardan, Tolkien, Lewis or any other writer)

Movies (old, new, fantasy, sci fi, muscials, comedies etc)



Doctor Who

Star Wars

Fandom stuff in general


Points at Ritsu Kageyama: this is my son, he’s insecure and stressed and deserves several “i fucked up” awards, and he’s young and has about a thousand things to learn. I will protect him with my life.

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I love your positivity. I'm a Med Student and I know you'll make it. Best of luck, and please keep your blog active when in Med School! I love it!

My neighbor told me to stop saying the words “hopefully” and “well, that’s the plan” and he’s totally right. Thank you! I’ll try.

It’s my second week doing massage therapy school. I’m loving it so much I’m so happy I’m finally doing this. I get to heal people with my Touch. Life is beautiful 💜

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10 of your choice


165 cm (5′4)

6:Age you get mistaken for

18+ :’ )) im 15

10:Want any piercings?

YES BISNCH i fucking want a septum and a million ear piercings 

15:Favorite movie  

currently i fucking LOVE kubo and the two strings its AMAZINGG

16:I’ll love you if

you buy me makeup or nice wigs !!!!! im fucking materialistic and i lov it

23:My relationship with my sibling(s)

I LOVE MY SIBLINGS THEYRE GAY i lovee my sisters sm

30:What I hate the most about work/school

that school is proven to kill creativity!!! also art is taught so poorly im so lucky to have an art teacher like mine to open up my eyes and see how shitty other art programs are like??? i also hate assignments that dont build skill and is just simple work but tedious and not beneficial 

34:What I find attractive in women

they have cute laughs!!!! girls r so pretty when they do their makeup??? i love when you hug a girl and she did the thing where she put perfume behind her ear so you smell it when you hug??? i DIE over tall girls and girls with muscle and nonbinary girls and short girls and…, all. girls. i love all types of girls im a mess

42:The last thing I ate

biryani yum yum

44:A random fact about anything

female kangaroos have 3 vaginas

Dears, so the thing is: I decided to be more creative this year, you know, new year new me, and due to some motivation from my friends I decided to learn how to paint because I used to love drawing as a kid. But my teacher in high school thought I suck so this is what I decide to think as well and I stopped which means I have no formal training and no technique. So this above is my second painting ever and I’m not posting this here to brag because I’m not really happy with it at all, but I would love to hear some suggestions. Let me know how can I improve!!! What should I change here? How do I paaaaint???!!!

have some more anime boys in your life

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i hope i blessed your feed😘


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!