i loved making collages

I made a compilation of my favorite faces of Micah that I drew in the past couple of days and now it’s my new lock screen LMAO


Swimming pool
Glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool
Bright blue ripples, you
Sitting sipping on your black Cristal, yeah

zoella: Whenever there is a photobooth I will want to use it! I have so many of these with @pointlessblog from the past 4 years I could make my own giant collage but I still love them & continue to grow our collection! 💗There was a third strip of photos which was the “derp” face selection, which got stuck in the machine so hopefully it didn’t pop out hours later for someone else to see it 😂

characters that have the color scheme of the aromantic flag

Internet, I’m sending some love your way for Valentines Week. 

I’ll be posting some GIFalentines I made in next couple days, so here’s the first one!  GIF #1 has a collection of important things I’ve kept from dating my husband.

Word Credit: The Beatles song “Because”

Purer Than The Water (like we were) - 33k

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.

Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.

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Preference "How they plan a romantic date for you"

(Yay for our faves being romantic, cute and super corny!! XD and yay for Shane being added! PS. I tried my best to make them all romantic XD Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners)

Negan- He’d come up with a silly idea and tell the others to keep you busy. When you’d come back to your room, he’d smile and get up to kiss you and hand you a block note. As you looked at it, you’d read each one of them and realize he had made some coupons for you so you could get some free things out of him such as “1 free kiss”, “ 1 free hug”, “1 free massage”,etc. You’d look up at him and see him smiling and begging you to use one now.

Daryl- To him, every moment spent along side you was a date. However, to be really romantic for once, he’d take you out on his bike to a nearby lake. There he’d bring food for a picnic and try to be playful by occasionally spoon-feeding you. Afterwards, he’d shyly suggest to swim in the lake together and would hope you’d suggest to go in naked.

Rick- He’d want to be alone with you for a whole day and just suggest to take you on a run. Once in the car, he’d surprise you with a blindfold and would tell you he had a surprise for you. He’d drive for a long while and arriving at destination, he’d tell you to take it off and as you opened your eyes, you’d see a special place he had set up for you and him in the woods.

Merle- He’d want to take care of you and also ask help from the others at the prison. After a long day, you’d come back to your cell and see him sitting by a set up table. He’d smile and get up to pull the chair for you being surprisingly a gentlemen to you for the whole night. He’d even shyly reveal to you he made the meal for you, knowing it was your favorite and would apologize in advance if it isn’t good.

Glenn- He’d ask you to go along with him on a run and it would end up taking the whole day, until the late evening. He’d then lead you to a secure location and admit he was just stalling to get you here. He’d then bring out a mat and the two of you would end up laying on it to look at the beautiful stars while cuddling and having your own little campfire.

Carl- He’d get the others to keep you busy and would go in your room to make a fort out of your pillows and blankets. After diner, you’d both walk in your room and you’d smile seeing the fort. You’d walk inside of it and looking down and all over you saw notes, with words of compliments and admitting how much he loved you.

The Governor- He’d task you to go on a simple run and would spend the day preparing the garden. He’d set it up to make it as romantic as he could. Later during the day, he’d invite you over and offer you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. He’d grab by the hand and lead you over to get a good look of the garden. He’d then start to compliment you, saying how he finds you far prettier than any of these flowers.

Abraham- He’d invite you to take a long walk with him and would just spend the day talking. However, on the way back he’d then lead you to a path and once finally there you’d find a giant pile of leaves. Looking at him, he smirked and knew exactly what you wanted to do. Being both childish you ran and jumped into it. You then threw the leaves at each other and later end up cuddling.

Eugene- While on a run with him, you both found some movies and among them you saw your favorite and admitted to him how much you liked it. One day, he’d convince everyone to let you and him have the house to each other. He’d then wait for you to walk in and end up making the living room super comfy and put on your favorite movie and get some of your favorite snacks.

Jesus- He’d invite you to visit the Hilltops with him and would jokingly show you around the place one more time. He’d then suggest you pick out some strawberries with him to bring back to Alexandria and the two of you would end up having a lot of fun playing around and being affectionate to one another.

Ron- He’d invite you over to his house and would later reveal to you he had a surprise for you. However, in order for you to find out, he’d tell you you’d have to find hints and hunt for clues to lead you it. You’d spend the day looking for them and each clue would hint out his feelings for you and finally you’d find that the surprise was a promise ring.

Dwight- He noticed you always having a slight interest in the bike he rode. So one day, he offered to teach you and you gladly accepted. Seated just behind you, he always guided you and corrected you when you needed. He’d hold on to you tightly to him and just liked resting his chin on your shoulder. You’d then both spend the day and night far from the camp.

Morgan- Seeing him on a horse you admitted to him that you’ve always dreamed of learning to ride one. So one day, he’d find another horse for you and teach you while riding along side you. However, he’d then say it was better if he just showed you and invite you to ride with him so he could purposely always hug you tightly.

Shane- He’d invite you to go on a run with him and when it was time to come back, he would purposely not drive back to the farm and go off somewhere else. He’d then just stop the car in the middle of the road and look over at you to tell you how much he loved you and how beautiful you are to him. He’d get you in the back seat and with no shame he’d start to make out with you.

Michonne- She’d write you some notes and leave them along the way. As you wake up, the first one was on your night stand and it said how beautiful you were to her. Then the next one was on the floor and it said how thankful she was for you. It went on and on until you got to the kitchen table and there she smiled seeing you while sitting with breakfast made for you.

Maggie- She had been taking pictures of you, and something of you and her together with the Polaroid you had found and had decided to make a collage. She’d spell out the words “I love you” and would give it to you along with the cake she had spent the day making just for you to eat.

Andrea- She knew how much you loved to dance and seeing you work hard, she thought you deserved a reward. She’d ask help for the others and once you’d get back to your shared room you’d noticed the room being dimly lit. Then you’d hear your favorite song and she’d walk up to you offering to dance with you and the two of you would just enjoy the evening together.

Jessie- She’d hear you complain about your hair and it would make her laugh. So one day, she’d invite you over and lead you to her bath to give your hair a wash. She’d then ask you how you’d want your hair cut and do it just as you’d want. She’d then massage your scalp and spend the day pampering you and making sure you know how beautiful you are to her.

Beth- She’d find some cans of paint at the prison and would suddenly come up with an idea. She’d wait for you to come back and the moment she saw you, she’d attack you with some of the paint and the two of you would spend the day playing and running after one another. Later on, you’d walk back to your room and noticed a cute message written on the wall with the paint.

Sasha- She noticed you had an interest in learning on how to properly use a gun similar to the one she uses. So one day, she’d take you away from the camp and offer to teach you on how to properly use it. She’d guide you and eventually find herself helping you hold the gun properly and would always enjoy embracing you. 

Rosita- She’d invite you over for a drink with her and the two of you would just spend the evening together. You’d then start to talk about anything and everything and you’d both end up making each other laugh. You played some silly drinking games and embarrassingly admitted what you liked about one another.