i loved making collages


Swimming pool
Glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool
Bright blue ripples, you
Sitting sipping on your black Cristal, yeah

I made a compilation of my favorite faces of Micah that I drew in the past couple of days and now it’s my new lock screen LMAO

legends only… ily nakamotens

oh my god……… whoever u are….. you didnt have to take the time to compile all of this alkdjfhalj but since u did this is literally the Best thing we’ve ever seen?????? our fav is the #nakamotens u did again

but seriously we always get so much love from you guys even when most of the time we don’t deserve it… so thank you to everybody who has reblogged our stuff and especially to those who write cute things like this in the tags!!! we’re so happy to be in such a supportive fandom and we hope it stays like this for a long long time ♡

zoella: Whenever there is a photobooth I will want to use it! I have so many of these with @pointlessblog from the past 4 years I could make my own giant collage but I still love them & continue to grow our collection! 💗There was a third strip of photos which was the “derp” face selection, which got stuck in the machine so hopefully it didn’t pop out hours later for someone else to see it 😂


🍒💣 thanks for tagging me darl @nakamottoyuta, you’re so pretty!!!!

i hardly ever take selfies and this was the only successful one i managed to take just now out of like 20++ HAHA (i cant smile jskdnd) and the middle picture is totally necessary- i look so bad oh my but i’ve shown my face so many times on here already ahh

i tag anyone who sees this! feel free to do it and tag me because i wanna see your beautiful faces!! 💜

Purer Than The Water (like we were) - 33k

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.

Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.

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characters that have the color scheme of the aromantic flag

Internet, I’m sending some love your way for Valentines Week. 

I’ll be posting some GIFalentines I made in next couple days, so here’s the first one!  GIF #1 has a collection of important things I’ve kept from dating my husband.

Word Credit: The Beatles song “Because”

ID #82332

Name: Sophie
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello! I am currently in college in Minnesota, studying marketing, mass communications, and cultural studies/comparative literature. I enjoy pretty much all types of music and love making/sharing new playlists! I mostly have been listening to pinback, the districts, and dr. dog. I work at Urban Outfitters and a local, small town restaurant as a waitress. I love photography and collage making (especially dada influenced collages!) I love talking about anything someone is passionate about and learning more about them! You can learn a lot from me and I can learn a lot from you!

Preferences: 18-24