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171122 BTS Karaoke

Another video to add to the list of “If someone asks who BTS is, show them this”. LOL. This fanart took too long (blames my OC-ness) because I had a job in between haha. Also, I am fairly pleased with the growth of TaeGi and the boys showing their inner weeb with that Naruto song.

yoongi’s “we became a couple on that blind date show” needs to be tattooed on my forehead


171123 - #HappyYoungbinDay

Happy Birthday to our precious leader! Youngbin, you are such an amazing leader, from your kindness and passion to your creativity, leadership, and so much more. Your love for SF9 and Fantasies is so sweet and heartwarming. Thank you for always taking care the boys and Fantasies, we’re so grateful to have someone like you. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader. Your presence gives the boys so much strength and although you may have your doubts, the members and ourselves will always be here to support you. You are the center of SF9, never forget that. Continue to always be happy and healthy. Don’t ever stop smiling our bean, I love you so much!! Happy birthday Youngbin ♡

anonymous asked:

I haven’t heard anything about fans being mad at the concert organizers because Onew isn’t there. The frustration is if they knew about this sooner and withheld the information. Possibly for profit. They might show their support for OT5 and that’s great but it’s difficult not to suspect they led fans on and got their hopes up just to break the news at the last minute.

Ahh, I can see where people would be mad with that. But the same thing basically happened with the Dome concerts, right? It is definitely a possibility that it could be for profit, but my personal opinion is that they were waiting it out to see if the case would be closed by today. As they said in the post, there was active discussion on this topic, so I don’t believe that they knew this all beforehand just to be like “oh yeahhhhh about onew……” today. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it’s just that I think we need more positivity in the fandom right now rather than negativity. So Idk I just think that mere speculation about this being their fault isn’t helping us at all. What’s done is done, regardless of what actually happened. I just think that rather than pointing fingers at who’s to blame for this, we need to gather strength not only for our fandom, but for SHINee as well: I know we all remember how understandingly dismal they were at the first SHINee World concert Onew wasn’t at, so we need this positivity.