“How can a guy have no faults, to be human is too be flawed, a real hero must struggle”

“Yeah but he’s boring he’s perfect and he never makes mistakes”

“Wish i could say the same for myself”

“Yeah but nobodies like that”

“Everybody gets stuff wrong and then you have to keep going, and its hard, which is why its great when you never stop trying”

“A real hero struggles”

we dont talk about it enough but el tango de roxanne from moulin rouge honestly??? goes?? so??? fucking??? hard??? like at the beginning of that number im breathin kinda unevenly, then i start panting, and by the end of the song im screamin at the top of my lungs but i dont even realize it?? and then the song ends and everyone is like “damn why were you just screamin at the top of your lungs?” and im like “sorry i was listening to el tango de roxanne” and they’re like “oh shit fair enough”