i loved his pulled back styled hair

mywonderlandcraziness  asked:

How do you feel about Harry's hair? I'm kind of just now getting use to it but I still miss his long locks.

I absolutely love it, my lovely. He suits short hair just as well as he suited his long and luscious locks and to be quite honest, he could probably pull off any hairstyle given to him. Part of me does miss his long hair - especially when he tied it back into buns and ponytails and had it braided and pushed it back with his hands and ran his fingers through it and whatnot - but short hair does him so much justice. 

His tiny little baby ears have finally made an appearance and they’re so bloody adorable.

And his jawline is so accentuated and sharp-looking right now that it makes me weak at the knees.

And his whole face is visible without hair covering his gorgeous and breathtaking features.

And he just looks completely stunning with his short hair. He’ll be able to do so much more with the style too as it grows back out - quiffs, slicked back, curled at the ends, hanging loose. xx

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omg my boy looks so good in his suit I’m so in love

imagine going to a formal event with him in that suit with his hair styled up and smelling his strong manly aftershave when he wraps an arm around your waist while escorting you

and you’re getting hella fidgety bc you’re getting flustered when he smiles at you or compliments how well you look yourself and he looks at you so lovingly you’d kill just to keep having him look at you that way forever

soon you grab his tie and pull him down to kiss you and he’s taken back by it but returns the kiss right away. mid-kiss he pulls back slightly and tells you that he “enjoys snogging his girlfriend but why this all of a sudden” against your lips and his forehead against yours

you tell him that he looks so pretty and that he’s the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen and when he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful girl that he’s ever seen you just end up loving him a lot more

once you get him he strips you down and pins you to his bed “as much as I love how that dress looks on you I’d much rather have you naked” he kisses all over your face down to your stomach and eats you out bc “tonight is about you and I want you to feel good” he doesn’t even ask for anything in return ((which is unusual bc he loves your blowjobs)) he makes love to you slowly and gently that night and it feels so good and you love him so much your heart feels fuzzy

aaaaah I’m having such bad feels rn I love Connor so much