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Sorry to keep you all waiting! For the record this is the first digital project I’ve done in over 2 years, so I had to relearn all my old tricks. Hope it was worth the wait!

Happy Breath of the Wild release day!
(I mean technically it was two days ago but my game still hasn’t shown up from Amazon so I don’t care)


Delta Squad Reunites


20 Days of Ryan Ross

Day 7: Ryan + hockey

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As Thistle gently rub Gear's cheeks, with Gear's hand delicately touched his, this was a beautiful moment for them. "Thistle", whispered Gear. "Hm?", Thistle hummed softly. "I...I love you...!", confessed Gear, blushing. Thistle was stunned at his words, blushing a deep purple across his face. Thistle softly lifted Gear's chin with his hand as he says, "I love you too, Gear", as they ended the day with a kiss. ---- How did I do? :^> ~Fire

“…-sniff-…. THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

“Can I get paper copies so I can show the others?” 

“I wanna die.”

I know, I know, but the only thing I can think about when pondering all the BTS stuff about Magnus’ penthouse (besides the fact that they call it a fucking penthouse), is how many fucking couches, sofa’s, one seats, lounging chairs and other seating furniture Magnus has in there.

And Alec and Magnus are going to make out on ALL OF THEM.

Ok so first we have the black couch, which is obviously nr. 1, since it’s both the largest, and Alec has history with it, since he cleaned it once. (Although I think it’s a new one and not the same). Like, obviously half of all make-outs start there.

Then there is the blue one seater, which Alec is very fond of, because of the turquoise shirt Magnus wore so dramatically. Basically, turquoise is Magnus’ color, and Alec can’t resist him when he’s sitting in it. Not the most comfortable seat, but the elbow rests are low enough.

The yellow one is a challenge, because the pillows tend to move. But the arm rests are the perfect width for Magnus’ thighs to fit in next to Alec’s, so perfect for straddling. Once things heat up they need to move though.

There’s not a lot of free wall space in Magnus’ appartment, because he likes to decorate, but those pillars are all they need for their vertical make-outs. Best part is they can stumble from one to another, so it’s easy to switch between who’s pressed against the wall, leg hiked up, kissed breathless.

They tried the table once, but the table cloth was slippery, and butt prints are always a no-go, even if the butt they come from is an extremely attractive one.

Then there is this magical lounge chair. Like, look at it, it’s made for make-outs. Honestly, it’s made for sex. (I’m especially fond of it because it’s right next to the Chess Board, and in the Chess dating fic I’m currently writing they end up making out on the couch, and THIS ONE IS PERFECT.)

Alec’s favorite after the blue one.

Magnus realized Alec’s mission to Make Out On All The Things, and suddenly the furniture moves around! See evidence A), the flashy new red one seater, and the evidence B) the yellow seat that’s moved to join the chess board. I love this because Magnus alters his home according to his mood, and I am so here for it. (Also notice all the pillows which have disappeared for the most part in other shots? I’m thinking those were lost to the floor thanks to two giants trying to fit all their limbs on one piece of furniture).

After a little bit, they’re both kind of ready for a new challenge, cue all the other furniture.

They tried this once, but the seating was horrible so they ended up stumbling against the bookcase and then Magnus’ potions nearly fell. No more make-outs allowed. Alec still kisses Magnus gently on the forehead/cheek/lips when he brings him coffee after pulling an all-nighter in his library.

Their first movie together had a scene in it where someone wiped all stuff from someone’s desk as a romantic gesture. Magnus immediately warned Alec off to never ever do that. The first time Alec uses his desk to sleepily write a fire letter, wearing only one of Magnus’ shirts and his boxers, Magnus kind of gets swept away himself. He seats himself upon the desks, pulls Alec forward by magically moving his chair, and kisses Alec’s breath away.

Only Magnus gets to wipe his desk.

Besides The Mission To Make Out On All The Things, the biggest reason they stick around downstairs a lot, is because the staircase is not made to make out on. Shins, ankles, elbows, shoulders, everything has been bumped into the metal of the staircase at least a dozen times, while they try to make their way upstairs without stopping to kiss.

It’s the bane of Alec’s existence.

(Also, in the background, is that a spare bedroom? It’s not Magnus’ one because no reds, but it does look like a bed?)

And then, last but not least, there’s this one, which is possibly in Magnus’ bedroom, and which is just so soft looking and inviting, like honestly, it’s made for making-out.

Basically, I really love Magnus’ lair, there’s so much nooks and hidden places and so much personality, and I can’t wait for Alec and Magnus to have fun in it. And to write all the fic, because SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

Malec First Time (Part 2)

WARNING: Very very smutty :)


They kissed slowly, shuffling towards the bed until Magnus stumbled onto it, pulling Alec on top of him. His eyes popped open. “Hi.”

“Hi, Alec responded, nipping his chin gently, returning to the hollow of his throat where he knew the Warlock liked to be kissed so much. Magnus’s eyes fluttered shut as he reveled in the boy’s touch, the way his body was melding against his. Sitting up, Alec quickly shucked his tee shirt off and dropped it on the floor, returning his attention to Magnus’s shoulders this time, kissing his collarbones and down in between his chest, nipping lightly at his nipple too through the fabric. “Hey!”

They laughed playfully and Magnus took advantage of the moment to flip Alec onto his back. “Since when do you get to have all the fun.”

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