i loved his gear!


The full episode 2 of Yuzu’s interview at Kenji’s room was also uploaded by the kind fan so my completionist instincts kicked in and I had to translate ( : 

Disclaimer: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome. This is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not always word for word (Ep 1)

  • Axel talk: Yuzu jumped the 2A at the end of Year 3 in Primary School when he was a Novice and doesn’t quite remember it (cutely, he was like ‘desu ka ne?? desu ka ne?’ and I assume he was searching for his mum off-camera to confirm haha)

    When he was aiming for the Japanese Nationals as a Novice, his coach (Suzuki-sensei?) at the time told him the 2A was the ‘king of jumps’ and so if he didn’t master it, he couldn’t progress. 

    Yuzu loves Axel the most of all the jumps. It’s special because the other jumps are all backwards jumps and the method of takeoff is the same. Yuzu is the type who really places emphasis on having an image in his mind (visual learner). He jumped his first 2A just from watching his older sister jump it. He absolutely wanted to jump the jumps his sister could do. He jumped 3A after seeing Mao do it at the Japanese Nationals. Seeing how thin Mao was and how she didn’t really use a lot of muscles to jump it, he thought he should be able to do it too. He jumped the axel after 3 tries at that practice (after stepping out the first 2 times). 

  • Kenji: That’s….weird (he’s deeply impressed and disbelieving haha).
    Yuzu: But afterwards, I had a long period (1yr) where I couldn’t land the axel properly in competitions. 

  • Kenji was still in awe Yuzu got the axel after 3 tries and then the staff member asked him to talk about when he landed the 3A lol. 

  • Kenji’s axels: Kenji was bad at flips and struggled with 2F. He was nervous about the 3A and found it difficult so actually tried jumping the 4T first. However, Kenji rotated too much and so actually jumped about 3.5 revolutions and ended up hitting the wall and slid down like a manga character.
    Yuzu: But you rotated 3.5 times. You could have tried the Axel.
    Kenji: No, I was scared of the axel.

    They talked about axels at an ice show when they met. Kenji was trying to jump a single axel and Yuzu said ‘Eh? Your hands are weird’. Yuzu said their frames (bodies) are different but at the time… Kenji’s way of jumping was indeed weird. 

    Kenji: But after you taught me, I jump the axel properly now each time so thank you very much. 

  • Yuzu’s jumps (again, struggled to hear words): I think he’s saying he only gets one shot to master the Lutz so it’s a close-call jump (he uses ギリギリ which suggests he’s barely mastered it) and so he didn’t really practice it. Over anything, the probability of landing (?) the 3Lz-3T is the lowest so he needs to place emphasis on it. Yuzu also changes his jump timing to match the music and it affects whether he jumps straight or at a curve. Kenji mentions how your sense for the jump changes and Yuzu agrees that he can’t jump a 2A right now and the 3T is also pretty bad due to him losing his ‘sense’ for the jump by doing too many 3A and 4Ts. He had to jump a 2A at a group number during an ice show and realised he didn’t have a sense for them anymore. 

  • Shizuka and Yamato: He didn’t have much of a chance to skate together with Arakawa Shizuka even though they were in the same rink; he mostly only watched her admiringly. He didn’t really have a chance to interact with world class skaters (eg. like skating at the same rink or being in the same club etc.) He doesn’t have many memories of talking much with Shizuka but remembers Yamato Tamura a little more. ((Yamato sought him out to talk to him a bit more than Shizuka or Honda? This was one of those situations where he mumbled a lot and I have no context sorry lol)). 

  • Yuzu’s middle school graduation: He won the Junior World Championships in Year 9 (end of middle school) and graduated middle school alone in the principle’s office. He loved his Year 9 classmates a lot - he had a lot of close friends in that class and they all gathered to say ‘welcome back’ for him afterwards. This left a deep impression on him.

  • Dark stories of Junior days: Kenji was like ‘so do you have any dark stories from your Junior days?’ and Yuzu was like LET ME TELL YOU (he answered really fast and decisively like he didn’t have to think about it at all LOL).

    He placed 12th in his first Junior Worlds 2009 and it was very kuyashii (he even corrected Kenji who initially said ‘a little kuyashii’). He didn’t have a lot of time to practice and he was also injured (can’t catch precise phrases even though he uses some more here, but the idea is that he wasn’t entirely prepared?).

    At the time, he tended to make a lot of excuses for himself. He would tell himself he had a sprain etc. and people around him would say the same. After the experience at Worlds, he told himself he’d not give himself any excuses. He says strong athletes don’t give excuses for poor performance. It isn’t productive and won’t give you the ability to compete. He admires the people who can perform/jump under any condition, like Mao who performed with a broken bone. (THEN HE MUMBLED THE REST yuzu pls. I think he was essentially reiterating this ‘no excuses’ attitude was important to him)

    Kenji: Wow…that’s cool.

    Yuzu: Who? Did someone cool come in??
    (he’s making a lame joke because he’s an awkward turtle) 

    Kenji (gravely): You’re cool

  • Yuzu’s next World Junior comp (2010): He held on to the regretful feelings from last season and practised a lot. ((I’m really not sure about some of his phrases re: Olympics and also his last year of Juniors so I won’t bother trying to translate but I think he was saying that because the year he lost was the Olympic year, a lot of skaters debuted as seniors and so he wanted to challenge them at a senior level. Also he did very well in his last year of Juniors)). At the time, he was bad at the SP and tended to make up for it in the FS. He was 3rd in SP and won the FS. No matter how big the match was, he always approached it as though it was just another competition and that he would just have to win.

  • Talk about Kanako getting food poisoning from eating raw food heheh

  • Senior debut (tn: I think Yuzu was getting tired here because he essentially…stopped enunciating the ends of his words, rolls some words into each other and trails off. This makes translating by ear super hard, as a non-native speaker who can’t guess at the words. I could only get bits and pieces so I’m sorry the next section is a bit incomplete/inaccurate): 

    Yuzu really realised that senior skating life was very difficult. His first senior competition was NHK in Nagoya. To put it bluntly he got carried away after that because he landed his quads, even though they weren’t regular/stable. His attitude towards practice changed after that but then he didn’t do well at the next competition and felt the difficulty of the senior level. He was grateful to have been rewarded at the end of the season at the 4CCC and told himself he has to do better next season, especially given his silver at the 4CC, he had to aim higher.

  • Most memorable competition he’s ever done: Of course the Olympics but also his first at the Japanese Nationals as a Novice (his time of having mushroom hair). He was so excited the point where he wasn’t even nervous and just felt like the competition was incredibly fun, and his practice at the time was great too. As a Year 4 primary student, he also had no concept of failing (missing his jumps) and was filled with the confidence that he’d definitely win. They were still using the 6.0 scoring system at the time. World level figure skaters at the GPF and Worlds were all scoring in the 5.0s and above. In one of Yuzu’s presentation scores (they laughed because it was still called presentation), he got a single 5.2 and was super happy and surprised to get it. He then had this feeling of, ‘oh, maybe I can compete on a world level!’ ( : 

  • Yuzu’s life goal: His life goal has also not changed since primary school, from when he first watched the Salt Lake Olympics at 7yrs old and thought ‘I’m definitely getting the gold medal.’ After he won in Sochi, he kept thinking that getting a second gold at the next Olympics would definitely be legendary and so made it a goal.
    Kenji: As I thought….you’re weird
    Yuzu: It’s weird. It was also not a ‘I can or cannot get a gold medal’ feeling (tn: because that suggests he was uncertain about it) – it was ‘I will get a gold medal.’
    Kenji: Well. There’s still one more (gold). 
    Yuzu: Pyeongchang is a goal – it’s one of my biggest reasons for skating right now.

Delta Squad Reunites

Okay hear me out. If Todoroki is half-octarian for Splatoon AU, he got that octarian eye~

Regain control

Ship: none

Tw: suicidal thoughts, self destructive thoughts.

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A lot of people need to read this simply so they know there is an end


“It’s no use, they’ll never love you. You’re just living a lie of unreciprocated love and affection from family and friends. They just act like they’re your friends; it’s all an illusion. Just give up, take that ugly, worthless body and throw it off a high ledge on to something sharp” the voice jeered in the unfortunate side’s head. Lights off and wrapped up on his bed.

“You know I’m right! There’s no denying the lack of concern they have about you.” the voice got no response, just a shaky breath after an already released sob.

“You’re an idiot” The side flinched, shaky hands balling up fabric sleeves.

“They ignore you anyways, unless they know you’re wrong” ouch. A deep breath helped him straighten his posture.

“Hey no wait! What are you doing? Stop! Get back in bed and sulk! That’s all you’re good for!” the voice screeched loud, wracking at painful nerves and slamming metaphorical cups against metaphorical bars. Roaring a migraine awake, a popped aspirin destroyed it.

“How can you look yourself in the mirror you’re disgusting!” the voice sneered.

“I know,” he responded, the voice started to speak when it was cut off “that you’re wrong” He continued.

“You’re nothing but a thought, an over active self-concious thought.” The side said sternly looming into the reflective glass sternly.

“No! I am your common sense!”It argued but it was quieter.

“No, you’re a little noise that I don’t need” He argued and the voice was a whimper “and now you’re nothing. I am in control, I am loved” He said and the voice was gone. Securing his distinctive gear back on, the side exited the bedroom and went down the stairs to the living room.


I know, I know, but the only thing I can think about when pondering all the BTS stuff about Magnus’ penthouse (besides the fact that they call it a fucking penthouse), is how many fucking couches, sofa’s, one seats, lounging chairs and other seating furniture Magnus has in there.

And Alec and Magnus are going to make out on ALL OF THEM.

Ok so first we have the black couch, which is obviously nr. 1, since it’s both the largest, and Alec has history with it, since he cleaned it once. (Although I think it’s a new one and not the same). Like, obviously half of all make-outs start there.

Then there is the blue one seater, which Alec is very fond of, because of the turquoise shirt Magnus wore so dramatically. Basically, turquoise is Magnus’ color, and Alec can’t resist him when he’s sitting in it. Not the most comfortable seat, but the elbow rests are low enough.

The yellow one is a challenge, because the pillows tend to move. But the arm rests are the perfect width for Magnus’ thighs to fit in next to Alec’s, so perfect for straddling. Once things heat up they need to move though.

There’s not a lot of free wall space in Magnus’ appartment, because he likes to decorate, but those pillars are all they need for their vertical make-outs. Best part is they can stumble from one to another, so it’s easy to switch between who’s pressed against the wall, leg hiked up, kissed breathless.

They tried the table once, but the table cloth was slippery, and butt prints are always a no-go, even if the butt they come from is an extremely attractive one.

Then there is this magical lounge chair. Like, look at it, it’s made for make-outs. Honestly, it’s made for sex. (I’m especially fond of it because it’s right next to the Chess Board, and in the Chess dating fic I’m currently writing they end up making out on the couch, and THIS ONE IS PERFECT.)

Alec’s favorite after the blue one.

Magnus realized Alec’s mission to Make Out On All The Things, and suddenly the furniture moves around! See evidence A), the flashy new red one seater, and the evidence B) the yellow seat that’s moved to join the chess board. I love this because Magnus alters his home according to his mood, and I am so here for it. (Also notice all the pillows which have disappeared for the most part in other shots? I’m thinking those were lost to the floor thanks to two giants trying to fit all their limbs on one piece of furniture).

After a little bit, they’re both kind of ready for a new challenge, cue all the other furniture.

They tried this once, but the seating was horrible so they ended up stumbling against the bookcase and then Magnus’ potions nearly fell. No more make-outs allowed. Alec still kisses Magnus gently on the forehead/cheek/lips when he brings him coffee after pulling an all-nighter in his library.

Their first movie together had a scene in it where someone wiped all stuff from someone’s desk as a romantic gesture. Magnus immediately warned Alec off to never ever do that. The first time Alec uses his desk to sleepily write a fire letter, wearing only one of Magnus’ shirts and his boxers, Magnus kind of gets swept away himself. He seats himself upon the desks, pulls Alec forward by magically moving his chair, and kisses Alec’s breath away.

Only Magnus gets to wipe his desk.

Besides The Mission To Make Out On All The Things, the biggest reason they stick around downstairs a lot, is because the staircase is not made to make out on. Shins, ankles, elbows, shoulders, everything has been bumped into the metal of the staircase at least a dozen times, while they try to make their way upstairs without stopping to kiss.

It’s the bane of Alec’s existence.

(Also, in the background, is that a spare bedroom? It’s not Magnus’ one because no reds, but it does look like a bed?)

And then, last but not least, there’s this one, which is possibly in Magnus’ bedroom, and which is just so soft looking and inviting, like honestly, it’s made for making-out.

Basically, I really love Magnus’ lair, there’s so much nooks and hidden places and so much personality, and I can’t wait for Alec and Magnus to have fun in it. And to write all the fic, because SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

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Hey Love, could I have a fluffy scenario with Rokukashi snuggling with his s/o pls? I love you! Keep up the gear work!

i said i wasn’t going to post but i had this in my notebook and felt the need to share some fluff <3

sorry it’s short :((

he’s so fuckin cute help

Originally posted by paulmcccartney

You jumped when you heard the door slam, looking up from your book to see Kakashi walking into the room. He looked irritated and exhausted, though that had become his constant state since becoming Hokage.

Neither of you said a word as he stripped down, yanking on his sweatpants and an old t-shirt before crawling into bed beside you. You shifted to accommodate him when he pulled you into his arms, resting his head on your chest with a long, heavy sigh.

“Want to talk about it?” you asked, setting your book aside and wrapping your own arms around him. He shook his head, hold on you tightening. “Okay. Want to just lay here for a while?” A nod this time.

It was like laying in bed with an octopus, the way he wrapped himself around you. One leg was thrown over yours, one arm wormed beneath you and the other across your stomach, the length of his body pressed close to your side, half on top of you. It was warm, overly so, almost suffocating, but it felt nice. Safe.

He held you tight like that for a long time, and you let him, picking up your book again, your free hand idly stroking his hair until he fully relaxed against you, drifting off to sleep.

The weight of the world fell off of him when he slept, even if only for a little while.

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As Thistle gently rub Gear's cheeks, with Gear's hand delicately touched his, this was a beautiful moment for them. "Thistle", whispered Gear. "Hm?", Thistle hummed softly. "I...I love you...!", confessed Gear, blushing. Thistle was stunned at his words, blushing a deep purple across his face. Thistle softly lifted Gear's chin with his hand as he says, "I love you too, Gear", as they ended the day with a kiss. ---- How did I do? :^> ~Fire

“…-sniff-…. THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

“Can I get paper copies so I can show the others?” 

“I wanna die.”

get rec’d! (august 2017)

*arrives 20 minutes to midnight wearing sunglasses and drinking a frappe*

good god, is august really here already?? alright, you guys waited all day for this, so get in, losers. we’re going for pure indulgence. @rvbficwars

this month’s rec is washlina themed!! july was a Rough Time to be a freelancer fan, but these folks made it a hell of a lot easier, and for that i am grateful. :D


swiftly, sharply, by @illumynare - rule #1 of rec club: it’s my party, and i will rec fills for my own prompts if i want to!!!! here’s the thing: lumi extrapolated the be-all, end-all dynamic for these two from wash’s perspective from like 70 words of tags i wrote in april. that is talent, and i will fight anyone who says otherwise. wash is so full of tender affection for carolina that i can hardly stand it. his love is coated in acceptance, and it’s perfect. just go read it before i end up spoiling metaphors. (so good!!!)

stars and circuits by @zalia - rule #2 of rec club: still my party. because i am Spoiled, “stars and circuits” was also written for me. i’m still not over how suddenly it existed, but the content, okay. i love blunt carolina. i love her dropping the bomb because beating around the bush just isn’t a thing she can do, but i also love the comfortable silence and idle chatter that exists before and after. it’s just really fucking cute, okay. they’re settled and comfortable and happy.

sixty-two hours by @autisticblueteam - note that this is platonic, but damn if it isn’t still awesome. blue’s carolina cares a fuck ton about wash, and it always, always shows. the structure of this post is gorgeous, and it honestly does a better job of expressing how endless being trapped down there must have felt better than the show did, whoops. i hear every word wash says, and it hurts me. good job, blue. c:


artesstr’s kiss - do you ever just. i fucking. look. there are some things you need to know about me to understand why this image has pushed me off a cliff a good 7 times in the week it has existed. the first is that i spent a long time adamant that carolina was the same height as, if not taller than wash, but this image sold me on smolalina. the second is i don’t typical like kisses being the central focus of artwork!! it has to Tell me something, and this embrace communicates so much. they are in their own universe, scars and all, safe from anything that could ever fuck with them, and i’m just gonna have to leave it at that or i’ll be here for an hour and rec day will be over. (*takes deep breath* *SCREAMS WORDLESSLY* SO GOOD!!!!)

@ueeyasu​‘s fantasy au - SPEAKING OF GOOD KISSES. this is a great one that snuck in right on the last day of july, and i am sooo happy i get to include it here. the coloring in the background is superb; half of the atmosphere you get just from the environment. Good Shit. the little details put into their armor are fantastic, and i love that all of her gear is more ornate than his. it just feels Right. a+ end to the month, great stuff from ueeyasu, as usual :) @briggstheseeker has a reblog with tags full of things i didn’t even catch. 11/10.

bonus round: tuckinglina!

@randomdraggon​’s animation - look, if i’m ever not yelling about this, assume i am dead. that commission feel™ when something turns out 100x better than you expected is like crack cocaine. first of all, body language win. second, the idle movements are fantastic. at no point does anyone stand around and do nothing; i think wash reacting to carolina being shoved into him is my favorite touch. all of the characterization here is perfect from the first frame (little tucker’s arms akimbo!!). carolina launching tucker off-screen like he’s a fucking member of team rocket is just. gold.

july 2017 recs