i loved his face in this scene so much

When you can’t be bothered to do anything.


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

i love the expressions in this little scene so much let me tell you

i love how ford just runs over to them with wide open arms and that stupid grin on his face like just look at how happy he is to see them and how happy they are that he’s unfrozen

and then when he picks them up they’re just kind of startled because it’s so sudden and he’s never really done anything like that before

they’re so happy he’s safe and he’s so happy they’re safe 

then he sees fiddleford and he gets really tense and the look on his face is just so vulnerable and guilty

and dipper and mabel are just really worried because they haven’t told ford anything about mcgucket and they have no idea how this is gonna go 

just look at how defeated ford is here. he’s completely convinced that fiddleford hates him. meanwhile dipper and mabel just want everyone to be happy

and you can see the regret on fiddleford’s face when he says “i’ve tried forgettin’…” like ford’s not the only one who made mistakes mcgucket definitely feels guilty too

but he’s just so overjoyed to have his friend back

look at this pure old man

and then fiddleford puts his arms out and the look on ford’s face just kills me. he just absolutely cannot believe that he is forgiven and his friend is so willing to trust him again and put the past behind him 

and he just steps forward with absolutely no hesitation because he’s thrilled that he’s forgiven but ends up going for a handshake first because “why would he want to hug me i ruined his life” and he’s still in slight disbelief and he’s just so shocked by such a kind gesture

then he realizes it’s a hug and he’s just

so excited because he hasn’t received a hug in so long and he’s so happy

look at how grateful he is that fiddleford forgives him and how glad he is to have such a great friend

dipper and mabel are so happy to see them make up look at their precious faces

in conclusion this is a great scene and i’m so happy that they’re all happy


rory & logan | written in the stars

So, i know that episode 9′s last scene killed us all, but i want to take a moment to appreciate the rest of the episode, because there are so many lovely scenes and details.

Take this one, for example

This is Yuuri right before he begins his free program, he’s already on ice, ready to start, but looking at his face it’s clear how proccupied he is. And then we get this

His eyes fill with tears.

He doesn’t actually cry, so from the outside nobody can tell, but we get this beautiful shot from his point of view, so we know.

We know how much is going through his mind at this point, how much pressure he feels, especially since he already has anxiety. Because he has to do well to qualify for the Grand Prix Final and this is his last chance to do that (at least until next year). Because he wants to do well to make Victor proud, to make himself proud. Because he’s thinking that soon Victor will leave him, and if he doesn’t qualify that day will come even sooner. Because he misses Victor just being there for him, as a coach, as a friend, as a lover. 

And yet despite all this, he still manages to skate well, not perfectly, sure, but I think it shows just how much Yuuri has grown from episode one, how much more confident he is in himself now and how he’s willing to put himself out there. Victor’s love has shown him how much strength he has always had.

This shot alone has so many feels. I think it’s details like this one that make this show so beautiful.

But y'all imagine with me for a second a scene that’s not even centered on Malec but the camera pans over to them and they’re standing there lost in their own little bubble, Magnus’ arms around Alec’s neck and Alec holding Magnus tenderly by the waist and they’re laughing about something one of them said and Alec leans in and presses a kiss to Magnus’ forehead and Magnus beams at him, his smile full of love, and he takes Alec’s face in his hands and peppers quick kisses on Alec’s cheek and is smothering him with love and Alec is laughing joyfully, his cheeks rosy and his arms still around Magnus’ waist as Magnus continues pecking him on the cheek, the two men only having eyes for each other and are so in love that they get lost in another world when they are with the other.


“These steps were constructed in 1723. Credited to…to Italian architects. Really, built by Russians.
Serge…Ivanoff. Now, Serge also had a mother: Yagoda. Who introduced him to classical architecture and whom he revered as his muse. Unfortunately for Serge, his mother died in the middle of construction.”

This scene is really, really sad. Why? I mean, take a look at Branch: when he sees that everyone is losing hope and finally facing the cruel reality, as he always “wanted”, he just looks around, searching the hope and the happiness he always despised, but he can’t find it. And this makes me think that Branch loved his people so much. He wanted them to be happy. That grumpy, grey Troll that pushed everyone away, didn’t want them to become like him. He knew all along that he was the problem, that he was the strange one, and he unconsciously sacrificed his own happiness to keep everyone safe, day after day, hiding and coming out just to warn them about the Bergens.

And the kids, omg the kids’ scene is so touching. Branch looks at them like that because they make him remember the day when he lost his grandma, his colors, his happiness and his dreams forever. 

Nobody stood up for him that day, no one was there to tell him it wasn’t his fault.

Branch wasn’t the grumpiest Troll, I think he was the bravest. Because being brave isn’t just going on adventures, saving princesses or princes and fighting. Sometimes the bravest people are the ones who stand for the others, even if sometimes they don’t even have the strength to stand up for themself. 

Branch decided to stand up for them. 

Despite he was broken inside, even more than them, he stood up. That grey survivalist, pushed away and despised by a lot of Trolls, still had a little hope inside him (he was a little more colorful than them as you can see, he still had his light blue eyes and brighter skin) and shared it with everyone.

I like him very much, because he stood up for his people. 

Because he stood up for his friends. 

And because he stood up for the person he loved.

Somebody please stop me when I start to write those very long posts.





Skam 30 day challenge

Day 8- Favorite scene

I couldn’t choose one. I’ll make Top 15 Fav scenes (actually I wanted to do it 10 but freak! It was more than 10 damn I love every piece of this show ) (wink wink) 

15- That time Eva found out that Jonas went down on a girl and Jonas walking slow-motion (this one was so funny lolololol)

14- Penetrators entering the schoolyard in a soooooo cool way

13- Magnus talking about his mom (PRECIOUS BEAN)

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12- The scene where Iben hit Eva and there was a fight (I know I shouldn’t find this funny but that punch was hilarious and Girl Squad’s reaction was amazing ♥I mean look at their faces) (noora :DD)

11- Scene where William make Noora sleeps and write an article for her because she was just so exhausted (I don’t even know why people doesn’t like William?? He wasn’t the best person in the universe but I don’t think he is THAT much hateable?? He was/is in love with Noora for real. )

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10- Isak and Even, cafe and elevator scene ♥

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as everyone knows this is my favorite evak kiss.. 

9- Literally every scene where Sana talks

like this

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or this

8- Eva talking with Jonas about “who she is” 

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7- Even entering the schoolyard (like how the fuck this shit still hit me like a truck every freaking time???)

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6- Noora dragging William’s ignorant ass (and I can add other scenes like where she dragged Vilde who called Eva slut.Or that time when she dragged NICO, THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN THE WORLD .  GO GIRL!!) 

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5- Eskild dragging Isak’s ignorant ass ( This was a really great speech. ICONIC)

4- Isak coming out to Jonas (after that long ass hiatus and that painful clips this moment was like breathing again..so..number 4)

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3- Isak coming out to his mom and his mom’s respond ♥ (it was so beautiful and heart warming. I literally cried with him.)

2- Du er ikke alene ( Of course this iconic scene. “o helga natt” was a masterpiece and I still can’t watch it without crying. M A S T E R P I E C E)

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1- E-bOX GIVE ME THE BEAT (I’m not even sorry. I know there has been lots of other beautiful, instructive things but I can’t help but love this scene with my whole heart. It was just so pure. They were like exactly they were. No games. No actings. Two strangers open up to other one in a so fucking pure way… How can I resist this?? I can’t.. I couldn’t..)

and bonus: ISAK I’M SO DORK VALTERSEN COULDN’T CLIMB A fucking WINDOW.. (my favest fave♥)


day 3/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

“Tom’s fingers curl into the neatly pressed shirt Harry is wearing.  Swallowing thickly, Harry watches fascination bloom over Tom’s face. — ‘Because you have a power I know not of,’ Tom breathes, canting his head forward, and Harry jerks back.”

u can tell im slowly getting lazier and lazier with these with each chapter and i apologize for that ;;

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I keep thinking about the snow scene, specifically Wolfgang’s face right after Kala says he does want to change. I could write essays about that face, and Max plays it so perfectly. It’s almost this haunted look, mixed with so much love for this woman in front him. My shitty screencap won’t do it justice but here

He’s staring straight at his soulmate here and god does he does want to change, he’s never wanted it more. He wants to change the violence that surrounds him, he wants to be free from the burdens of his criminal family and his past. And ofc, he wants to be with Kala more than anything (it’s CANON!!). 

That face also shows that he still thinks he’s a monster. He thinks he needs to change himself, but Kala knows he’s a good person. It’s more about making changes in his life and changing the way he sees himself. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the face that he made there for a split second made me emotional.