i loved hiccup too

I reiterate what I always say when I watch Race to the Edge:

Ruff and Tuff are the best part, hands down.

And I could be enough
And we could be enough
That would be enough 

wow i am so feely lately? it’s been a rough few weeks

i finished painting this- they really relax me and it helps

gon be using this baby for a while <3 again done while listening to hamilton, please watch that musical

also guys, i’m from Spain, but i can see it’s a very hard time you’re going through right now

so to any followers or anyone who needs it, hang in there yea? not telling you not to worry, but you can’t just throw everything away

it’s cheesy but it’ll all get better for y’all, just you wait



coughingupglitter  asked:

One thing that I love about Hiccup is how levelheaded he is generally, to the point it's one of his key personality traits, but when he gets mad or frustrated..WHOO BOY

I know right?! I love that too! When Hiccup get’s mad… y’all better watch out. ;) 

You know that scene in HTTYD2 where they have Stoick’s funeral? Gobber is saying the rites and Hiccup loose’s the first arrow? 

I love that scene. It hits me viscerally how much Hiccup has grown. He stands tall and confident even while he cries. His hands are steady when he loose’s the first arrow, and his aim is either coincidentally nice or fucking spectacular. 

Ugh idk I just love that whole scene okay, I love Gobber, I love Valka, I love Hiccup, and I love Stoick. 

send help I’m falling too deep into this fandom asdfghjlkl

Jack comes back to their apartment after a long/bad(?) day and finds Hiccup making dinner. He sits himself at the table face-down.

A few minutes pass by with the sounds of Hiccup moving around the kitchen in the background. Then Jack hears something sliding towards him and feels Hiccup’s hand ruffling his hair and a kiss against his cheek before Hiccup goes back to cooking.

Jack looks up and sees a large, elaborate sundae overflowing with ice cream, covered in sliced strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce, sprinkles and with two chocolate pirouette cookies sticking out of it.

And Jack considers himself very lucky to have Hiccup in his life.

I’M BACK WITH ART??? -cries-

I have a pile of Hijack WIPs asdfghjkl, and this one also, supposed to have a second part, but I decided to upload this one first ahahHAHA. I just really wanna do something for HijackJanuary uvu because I am very comfortable with the prompt <3

Happy late New Year 2k16 guys xD