i loved her the most lbr she's an angel

lbr tho james sirius potter is probably such a little shit

he knows how much mcgonagall is dreading him coming to hogwarts

he knows

so he acts angelic for the first couple of months, and everyone is so confused and mcgonagall is tearing her hair out (in the most dignified way ofc) 

and she’s writing letters to harry and ginny like why HASNT YOUR SON ATTEMPTED TO BURN DOWN THE CASTLE YET

((and ginny is horrified when she reads these letters bc shes honestly v disappointed she had expected so much more from her child like what))

but then mcgonagall gives herself a good talking to and calms herself down like goddamn minerva you are a teacher you fought in the war you aint afraid of no freakin 11 year old

and she spends the rest of the week v satisfied with herself and is beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe he’s not that much of a troublemaker

until one day she runs into him in a hallway

and he winks at her 

and then STRUTS away

and that was the day minerva mcgonagall turned in her resignation