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Very well done, detailed, and articulate comparison.



Can we take 5 minutes to read it? I Love how Greg support LGBTQ people and how he don’t care about Twitter Hate. Ok dearies, all of us know about Marie Logan aka Garfield Logan’s Mother (Beast Boy). But what do you think about it? who can be the others LGBTQ CHARACTERS!?!? I hope Bluepulse! Obviously because is my favorite ship, as a Bisexual Mexican Boy, I Love Jaime Reyes and his relationship with Bart Allen, even if only are Best Friends. We saw Poison Ivy on Season One and she’s officially Bisexual, hope se more about her and Harley on Season 3. In the animated movies we have 2 LGBTQ CHARACTERS and I need them on Young Justice, John Constantine (Bi) and Batwoman (Lesby). And also Aqualad and Jericho are Bisexuals on the comics. In my opinion, Kaldur don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend, he need time to forget Tula. Hope see Jericho and Slade on S3, even if he’s not Bi, love him since Teen Titans. Love you all!

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All the twilight talk is reminding me of that one story Robert had about a stalker of his - she was outside his hotels day after day for weeks on end, and finally he agreed to go on a date with her, but then on the date he made himself as boring as possible and complained about his work until she had her imaginary version of him completely shattered, like what an #icon



I’ve been watching TV series and movies my whole life , literally; never have I been able to see myself in any of the female protagonists; it was always the short , petite , cute girl , vulnerable , broken as she was , with the perfect make up , the perfect hair , the perfect smile , the perfect outfit , that got to experience love and acceptance ; And just as I’m about to give up on the idea of actually witnessing a character breaking down and destroying that stereotype , Gwendoline comes with her immense talent to bring to life Brienne; finally , a tall , strong , independent woman , with broad shoulders and the bone structure that could tear dragons to pieces, shows up; a female protagonist who doesn’t cry just to attract male attention , a character that does not expect to be saved , a character that literally kicks ass and stays true to her values even though everyone around her does the opposite; a tall girl who actually steals the guy’s heart ( THEY’RE GETTING TOGETHER WITH JAIME , SO STFU). As a tall girl , that fits no criteria , I salute and thank you;

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Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is the fusion of Topaz and Amethyst. Spirit has a joyful character and an adventuristic scence! Spirit likes to go for food and relax, same as Topaz and Amethyst! She knows her components well, so she does the things that both of the gems Love!

curious fact: Spirit is voiced by Ashley Tisdale, a famous actress who is known by making a lot of Disney Channel movies and most of all, the voice of ‘’Candace’’ from ‘’Phineas &Ferb’’!

Also I’m going on a Hiatus of an undetermined time, for all the artposted and to take a little rest! See ya’ guys!

Topaz Loves You!

Beauty and the Beast Broadway OST - 13 - If I Can't Love Her
Beauty and the Beast Broadway OST - 13 - If I Can't Love Her

Look, I know we are all about “Evermore” from the new movie (not me, can’t stand it, pitchy as all get out), but this was the song that existed prior. It’s mad popular so the only reason I could think that it would be taken out is that Stevens couldn’t sing it because it’s not an easy song. This recording is Terrence Mann who is mad famous as Javert and for this role.  I think it’s got lots of Reylo feels, esp if you’re like me and I think canonically it’ll be one sided. 

Okay i just love Connie so fucking much, i’m so happy we’re finally getting an episode about her.

I feel like Connie and Pearl can be very good friends honestly.

They are both huge fucking nerds, they are both very smart, they both always follow the rules, they’re both friends with Steven, they’d get along pretty well.

That reminds me, i’m very glad Pearl’s wearing her new outfit, that means it’s a permanent outfit and it wasn’t just for last episode like how some cartoons do.

“Shit, Garnet, they’re going at the theatre, what are we gonna do? We don’t have any tickets! It’s not right to go into the cinema without having tickets, Garnet!”

“We’re gonna kill someone and get their tickets.”

“Okay! Good idea!”

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I am still so upset about how Jyn is treated like... I adore her and Felicity did so well and Jyn is just... so real.

same!!! like i def don’t want to give off the impression that u absolutely have to love her or anything but

she’s a very underrated character (and a female one at that) in my opinion. like i looove characters that have an ugly sort of grief to them. it’s so realistic. at first all she wants to do is run and have nothing to do with the greater good bc after all what has any of that done to her other than bring her trauma? like holy shit that’s the kinda writing u only see with dudes (who are, universally loved usually, for that matter)

then she ends up dYING FOR tHE caUSE with all these other equally amazing, sometimes contrasting counterparts like

like that kind of arc and development in a single, standalone movie ESPECIALLY for a female is awesome tO ME AT LEAST and it’s so odd i see so much hate

i think rogue one did an excellent job of showing the different kinds (yeT EQUALLY AMAZING) of characters that can come from war, grief, etc. from both sides it’s strange to me to single her out and hate her bUT WHATEVS


Show You- Newt Scamander X Reader

Request: Hi I was wondering if your taking requests if you could do a newt X fem disabled reader the reader is insecure and doesn’t think anyone will love her because of her disability so newt showso her he loves her also please make it fluffy

A/N: There was no specified disability, so I tried to make it neutral and applicable to multiple disabilities. Also, I would also like to say that if you have a disability, whether mental or physical, you are incredible and anyone who tries to say that you aren’t, is wrong. Having a disability does not make you “less normal” or weird or strange, it makes you a unique and strong human being, and you deserve all of the love, respect and friendship in the world.

Warnings: mentions of disabilities, slight angst in the beginning, insecurity, massive amounts of fluff towards the end


The creatures were unusually active today, as they appeared sparked with more energy than normal. The numerous roars and howls had filled the walls of the case like a symphony, each beast’s voice proudly boasting its sound. The shed was still and calm as opposed to the rest of the case, as you were the only one present. You brought out your wand to change the ladder of the case, allowing it to become less steep and more accessible for you to get down before heading off to start preparing some poultices and potions as a way to distract yourself from your recent predicament at the market. Your hands plucked leaves and mashed them together in the ceramic bowl as you tried to choke back tears at the memory from earlier.

Newt had been hard at work in the case, especially since he had to build two more habitats for the recently rescued occamy eggs and the graphorns, as their new babies had resulted in a dire need for an extension of space. You noticed Newt’s constant state of fatigue and stress, so, being the loyal and kind friend that you were, you had decided to head down to the market to simply pick up a few items that you could use to prepare lunch that could help Newt gain his energy back. You told him that you would be heading out and would return soon, to which he replied with a sweet smile and sparkling eyes before going back to weaving a new nest.

However while at the market, a few bystanders had decided to whisper behind your back, hoping you wouldn’t hear their prude remarks that they targeted at you.

“Poor dear. I’d be ashamed for being that way, just look at her,” whispered a rather old woman whose purple hat tipped forward as she inched closer to her friend’s ear.

“I know. Probably has no one to go home to. It must be rather lonely to live with a disability like that,” responded the male friend, much more audibly than the woman next to him.

You tried to turn your focus away, but you struggled to do so. All your life you had been teased and treated differently for your disability, and comments like these speared your heart, stabbing it with holes far too painful to endure. You held back a few stinging tears as you heard to faint clicks of their heels exiting the aisle, leaving you alone with your frantic thoughts. Your previous idea of shopping was discarded as you maneuvered your way back to the gleaming glass door of the market shop front. You kept your head down, afraid of the thought that people were staring, looking at you like some sort of wounded animal, looking at you the same way as many students did during your years at Hogwarts. With a small push to the door, you left, the anxiety filled insecurities flooding your head and following you back to the case.

The shattering of glass broke you out of your reminiscence and thoughts, as your hand lost hold of the pottery bowl, bumping into and sending a small vial prepared with blue liquid slipping down to the floor of the shed. The world around you shrunk smaller and smaller, like it was crushing you. Perhaps the older pair at the market was right, perhaps you would never have anyone to come home to in the future. Was your disability truly that bad to extend its grasp not only on your physical being, but on your love life and search for companionship as well?

What if you were destined to be alone, to never come home to loving arms, to never curl up to someone at night, to never experience what your heart truly desired.

You stared at the seeping blue liquid as it ran like a river and bled through the cracks. The vile could easily be mistaken for your heart, broken, shattered, and obliterated. Quietly you set the tool and bowl that you were using to mash the ingredients away, and you quickly moved your arms to cover your eyes as more tears rolled over your cheeks like waves in the middle of the darkest sea. You didn’t ’ant to be this way, you wanted to be loved.

Between your sniffles, you heard slow footsteps thump against the floor boards. Wiping a few stray tears from your eyes, you peered up to see Newt walking towards you with a bucket swinging loosely in his hands, and as he approached you, a small smile was present on his face.

“Y/n? I didn’t think you’d be back yet. Merlin I thought the Niffler had broken into my,” he started with a tone laced with joy, but that soon drifted off as his smile morphed into a frown at the sight of your saddened state, “Y/n what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

He moved towards you, worry underlining his features, but he stopped when his boot scraped against a shard of glass. His eyes trailed down to the blue splatters and you feared the worst. Even after knowing Newt for years, you had only seen his angry side on a few small occasions. However, instead of anger, Newt stooped down to clean up some of the larger pieces.

“I’m not mad, if that’s what you’re thinking. Accidents happen, I should know, I’m rather clumsy myself,” he spoke with a slight chuckle, trying to earn a smile from you. This was not the case though, as you still appeared with a sorrowful expression across your lips. Sighing, Newt stood back up, setting the shards on the table and placing a rag over the wet puddle, and then pulling up a stool next to where you were resting.

He looked into your eyes before placing his hands on his knees, tilting his head slightly towards the side, kind of like a puppy who was trying to brighten their owner’s day. His lips curled and his hair shone in the lamp light of the shed, and he sighed before speaking.

“There’s something else bothering you isn’t there? You weren’t just crying because of the spill.”

He knew you too well. He could read you like a book, scanning you as your emotions as he knew on the outside you may be fine, but on the inside, it was the polar opposite. You refused to make eye contact with him.

“I’m fine,” you mumbled with your lips quivering, tears threatening to fall.

“Y/n. Please. I want you to tell me what’s wrong,” he spoke in a hushed voice as his cheeks burned pink. You could have sworn that a tear was starting to form in his own eyes.

Breathing in rigidly, you spoke, “I just…these people, down at the market…they, they said these comments and I know you told me to ignore them…but I couldn’t help it, Newt. They were talking about m-my, my disability and I couldn’t help but think about what they were saying because they were right.”

“Right about what?” he questioned, leaning in more while wondering why anyone would ever dare to pick on you for something you didn’t have a choice in.

“About me not being normal, about me not finding anyone to love…”

Newt’s face dropped as his heartbeat quickened. He was angry, not at you of course, but at the people who even considered speaking that way about you. He was upset, because he knew how strong you tried to be, but even the strongest people get hurt sometimes, one way or another. He felt the need to engulf you in his arms right then and there, as you needed to know how much you mattered, how much he had cared about you. A protective surge raced through his veins, and he restrained himself from yelling as he did not want to frighten you more in your emotional state.

“I’m sorry for being stupid and insecure newt, I know this isn’t what you want to deal with right now. I know my disability is a prob-“

“Don’t even think about finishing that sentence Y/n, not even for a minute.”

You were cut off by his abrupt interruption, and you watched as his stern exterior melted into one of compassion, one you knew even at the start of your friendship.

“Now Y/n, I need you to listen to what I’m saying, okay? And I mean every word,” he paused, reaching over to grasp your hand, “Yes, you have a disability, but Y/n, this disability does not define who you are. Sure it is a part of you, but you are so much more of a person. You’re beautiful, Merlin are you beautiful, and you’re smart, sweet, kind hearted, and most of all, you’re strong. I have never met a woman as defiant and strong as you are, for every day you show the world that it can’t tear you down. Those people at the market were out of their minds and had no reason to judge you, and please remember this, you are loved and you will find the love that you desire. You’re special, unique, and different, and I think that that makes you one of the most remarkable people in the world. You are so much more than what anyone tells you, and I don’t want you to listen to anyone who says otherwise. You are incredible, and you deserve love in every possible way.”

A tear trickled down his own face, like the start of an April shower. You didn’t know how to respond, as your heart swelled with comfort, but still remained plagued with insecurity.

“B-But Newt, no one wants to love me. I didn’t really pay attention to it, but my disability makes people look away. I want love, but I don’t deserve it. I want to know what it feels like to experience love, but my disability makes it hard and seem otherwise…” you trailed off, falling back into the shadow of your doubt of finding a healthy relationship.

Newt moved closer to you, as his crystal yes were now inches away from you (eye color) ones, “Then let me be the one to show you what love is.”

Before you could respond back, Newt slowly began leaning closer to you, and you didn’t move away. When his lips finally pressed against yours, it was as if everything became so much clearer. You hadn’t noticed how the Magizoologist felt towards you, and now you were reassessing as to how you missed it. Newt’s lips moved with yours, being fueled by nothing but love and passion. His hands curved against your body, trailing over the seams of your dress and resting at your hips. You deepened the kiss, melting into the bliss of it all as you allowed your hands to weave their way into his cinnamon and honey locks. You felt his tongue softly touch against your bottom lip, begging for entrance past your lips, to which you allowed without a second thought. His hands still slipped and moved slightly, soaking in the beauty that you were, and you breathed in his scent of fresh turned soil and rainfall, further entangling your fingers in his hair once more. Deciding that you needed air, you broke the kiss, evoking a groan of disappointment from newt, as he didn’t want the kiss to end.

Your breathing was speeding up to match Newt’s own accelerating beat, as he stared back at you on awe at your being.

“Y-Y/n I, well I, I’m rather infatuated with you, and if you’ll let me, I want to be the one you hug and kiss, the one you lean into when you’re upset, the one you snuggle into at night to stay warm, and I promise you, that I will protect you and care for you in every possible way. I want you to have the love you deserve, and I want to show you how much I care about you.”

You had more tears in your eyes, but instead of being soaked with sorrow, they were hinted with happiness. You had everything you longed for right in front of you in the form of a dorky man with more freckles than you could count. His eyes searched your features, hoping you would say yes, especially considering the magnitude of passion that rose from the kiss.

“Of course Newt, but my disability…”

“Your disability only makes you more special darling. With or without it, I would still see you as the most stunning and amazing person in the world.”

You smiled, and you leaned in to capture Newt’s lips once more, bringing your hand to caress his cheek. You felt him smile into the kiss, expressing bliss and affection because to him, you were the most important thing in his life, and you deserved to feel special in every way. He scooped you into his arms bridal style before twirling you around the shed. Breaking the kiss you laughed as he spun you around like a giddy child, smiles evident on both of your lips.

“Come on darling, I’m going to take you out, as it seems neither of us had lunch yet.”

You blushed, feeling a bit guilty since you didn’t bring home anything to prepare the intended lunch, but the feeling was erased as Newt simply placed another heated kiss upon your cheek. You never thought you would experience such a feeling of passionate euphoria, but little did you know that was your heart sought was closer than you thought, and he didn’t care how different you were, as that only made you more special in his heart.


tonystarkier replied to your post “thewintersdoll replied to your post “I think most of the Tony bashing…”

Haha I’m really curious about that. I’m sorry if you answered this already but how did you see stony there? Tony was only mentioned once I think and his location shown at the near end, which I both fangirl at no matter how small his part was haha

Basically, I loved the movie so much that I started looking online to see if I could find any videos of it and this somehow, though an algorithm known only to youtube (bless them), got me to the fan videos by @stark-spangled-lovers, most specifically Say When, and as soon as I watched it, I was like, “DAMN!  That is what I’m talking about!”  So then I devoured all of her other videos and then said, “Hmmm…I wonder if there is any fic for this pairing.”  Sidenote, there was. I think I read just about everything on the Ao3 tag that summer, and one thing that kept recurring in fics was the idea that Tony would jerk off to a poster of Steve, but I couldn’t find an actual fic of THAT, and I wanted THAT.  So, I ended up writing that.   A single, one shot, I said, as I had never written fiction before, certainly nothing of this type, ever, in my life, but for some reason, I decided to try.  I said, if I get 50 hits, I’m going to be so proud of myself, I will reward myself with Thai food, and I did.  Several nice readers asked if I’d expand the fic, and the rest, as they say, is history.  

TL;DR, it is all @stark-spangled-lovers fault.

I really love that Disney gave us a disabled princess. the glitching didn’t go away when her code was restored to normal. Which means that when she told Taffeta she had Pixlexia, she was right. Pixlexia must be a real medical condition in her game’s world. The in-movie game designers gave her that disability on purpose, and so did Disney. King Candy came to Sugar Rush, saw that the princess had a disability, and ostracized her for it, and made the rest of the citizens do the same. He broke her down so he could take over. So when the racers’ and the citizens’ memory was restored, of course they immediately welcomed her back. Before King Candy, they all probably loved and accepted her, Pixlexia and all. Disney gave us a princess woth a disability, who is accepted by her peers and friends, who was abused for it, but was not expected to be cured or ‘fixed’. Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite movies of all time.

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Eliza my guy. I feel super shitty because I've been looking for a job for 10 months. I need to maybe not feel like a massive failure with no direction. Got any disgustingly gay GAF au stuff you can tell me?

me n jude are talking abt aden atm hes like 23 or smth when clarke & lexa get married he like slams this book of wedding shit on the table hes like I HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR YEARS he is tall lexa is small the perfect height for forehead kisses it makes her go (ง •̀_•́)ง

they tease each other a lot aden Loves lexa basically nothing he ever tells her fazes her??? they’re both millionaires but will fight over cents like Aden You DID Not Pay Me Back For That Movie & hes like parkour bYe

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Full Name: Natila
Gender and Sexuality: Female and Straight
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Twi’lek
Birthplace and Birthdate: Twi’lek Village on Tython
Guilty Pleasures: Hanging out in cantinas, sassing an enemy so much that they get scared, stalking Jonas Balkar on the HoloNet
Phobias: Losing her friends
What They Would Be Famous For: Being a major flirt and also for being the one of the sassiest people alive
What They Would Get Arrested For: Same as the above 
OC You Ship Them With: I ship her with Jonas Balkar
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Anyone really, anyone.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Adventure and Drama
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Rom-coms
Talents and/or Powers: She is Force-sensitive and was actually apart of the Jedi Order before she got kicked out. Now, she just uses her powers to mind trick people. 
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s fun to be around, and she is very loyal
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Sass is second nature to her and sometimes she isn’t the nicest person
How They Change: She doesn’t change that much actually
Why You Love Them: She’s my real Smuggler-type character, plus I’m really proud of how pretty I made her :)

Thanks for the ask!

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I am a huge DC fangirl, proudly so. I think that the Justice League trailer, felt like it was Wonder Woman and her sidekicks, but that is just my personal opinion. I am super excited and wish it was November already. What are your thoughts on the new JL

I have to say, I have had a completely different reaction to the trailer. It looked amazing to me, there were so many powerful good shots (the quick Batman sequence after Barry says “You’re the Batman?”, I passed out; and Aquaman on the Batmobile, with Cyborg flying beside) and I loved the humor in it. The action was great, they didn’t give away much of the plot. The only part were I supposed you can see the villain is a very small frame, but if you pause it and it’s even possible that it might not be him.

My only complaint about it is indeed Wonder Woman. We’ve seen the trailers for her movie (in my personal opinion, one of the best sets of trailers for any movie ever) and we’ve seen how many good shots she is that will be down as iconic. Now, while I understand they had to introduce the new characters, it feels like they heavily downplayed Diana in this trailer. Her shots are much weaker than the others, some we had already seen to and in one of those she has to be rescued.

I did not get any sidekick vibes from anyone in the trailer, to be honest! 

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I DO TOO!!! Our class just watched the book thief movie today…not gonna lie, it was nothing compared to the book but rUDY (SPOILERS PLEASE STAY AWAY IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS) DYING IN THE MIDDLE OF HIM TRYING TO SAY THAT HE LOVES HER GOD I HATE MY LIFE

So I beat Andromeda last night, here’s my LIST


  • Combo primer (Either Overload or Incinerate in my case, depending on whether it was armor or shields)+Biotic Charge+666 dmg Krogan Hammer=ANNIHILATION. I had an awesome gun and I rarely had to use it
  • Liam’s loyalty mission and the Movie Night mission were both heckin COMEDY GOLD. I died laughing at both of them. Drack’s loyalty mission was also pretty funny, Vorn is an adorable little baby Krogan who should be protected
  • SUVI………. MY HEART IS SO FULL OF LOVE FOR SUVI AND I’M SURE I’LL TALK ABOUT HER A LOT MORE IN THE FUTURE BUT HECKIN!!!!! I didn’t even romance her but I’m gonna in the future because like??? A person of faith who is a SCIENTIST AND LGBTQA???? Everyone always assumes all those things are mutually exclusive but WE GET ALL THREE IN SUVI and my heart heckin SOARED at her inclusion in the game. I want to legitimately give a bear hug to whoever wrote her character, I love her so much. I never romance non-squadmates in bioware games but she might be the first because… UGH she was such a good character
  • Jaal is my precious boy. My precious cinnamon roll cupcake boy. I LOVE HIM AND HIS WEIRD ALIEN BODY, AND HIS FAMILY AND HIS MOM who wants to bake my Ryder pie.
  • There’s a lot of weird animation in the game, but the heckin… endgame Archon facial animations were absolutely gorgeous :0 It’s a gigantic shame the whole game isn’t like that, that’d push the whole experience into overdrive because those were some A++ animations in that ten or so minute span
  • The lore as a whole I really liked. It totally felt like a Mass Effect story, and I just really appreciated how they approached the subject of a created life/intelligent design and evolution/idea of God or a higher power/etc. It never felt like they were reducing it down to just two sides or pushing one idea or the other - it was all very open and maturely handled imo; I just really liked how they handled the larger story and ideas
  • THERE’S TEENY TINY ROOMBAS IN THE HYPERION please look next time you’re there. Just watch the itty bitty roombas go in their little squares, it’s the best

I was actually going to do a cons list too but this has gotten pretty long lol… I’ll super condense the list:


  • The eyes are janked, they really need to fix the shifty, unfocused eyes.
  • Big worlds but not much in them
  • The absolutely MADDENING flight animations every time you go to another planet that take like 18979823492834 hours, just
  • Relatedly, so many quests that send you all over the heckin CLUSTER just to complete them (See: that one infected lady you have to find). It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to sit through those awful animations every time you wanted to go anywhere
  • No quarians (YET???)

I mean… the game has flaws which shouldn’t be overlooked, but it was sooo much fun. I enjoyed it immensely; it gave me everything I wanted from a Mass Effect game, even if the package was a little bit weird. I really hope it does well bc I think if there’s a sequel it will only get better.