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1/2 No, ok, but LISTEN. In the EW promo pics Jon is definitely wearing DOUBLE Direwolves across his chest and no matter HOW much the other nobles proclaims him KitN, he's never going to assume Stark insignia on his own volition (that was Stannis' mistake in offering to legitimize him; Jon wants THE STARKS' approval, not the name in itself). Arya is not home yet and who knows where Bran is, so the ONLY option is that Sansa designed and ordered that armor FOR Jon and I'm screamign (unless it's a

family heirloom, which Jon is going to claim by himself even LESS, so Sansa would probably have to strap it on him her-damned-self and I honestly cannot pick which one I want the most) -H.

So the two direwolves are him and Sansa? I’M HERE FOR THIS, let’s go

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