i loved her hair in 2010

for over 2 and a half hours, every song was a hit. every song had a place in my heart, in the fabric of my childhood and my family life. i held my parents’ hands and screamed the words. the band were completely musically tight - in particular stevie’s voice was sharp and clear and full. STEVIE. how purely magical it was to see her in front of me, my crescent moon mother, in the flesh, all in black, her hair playing tricks with the light. there was so much love coming from the band directed at us but mainly at each other - I can’t even tell you how special it was to see lindsey kiss stevie’s hand, and speak softly in her ear. it made me believe what lindsey said about the making of ‘rumours’, and where they are now - that it was destiny.
—  Lorde (On With The Show, Nov. 21, 2015)

When I was 10, I went to SeaWorld. I loved everything about it. So beautiful and magical. And the animals were phenomenal. But one animal in particular caught my attention .. Tilikum. The giant who splashed everyone. I loved him. And a certain trainer who asked me if I had any questions but I was too shy to respond. She was so nice and considerate. She said her name was Dawn and she’d hope to see me there again soon. They both held a very special place in my heart after I returned home.

A mere two months after the trip, I heard on the TV that there was a accident in the SeaWorld I visited. And when I heard the names “Tilikum” and “Dawn” .. I was heartbroken. February 24th, 2010. Tilikum pulled Dawn down by the hair or the leg, depending on which story you believe, down to the bottom of the tank and drowned her. My role model was killed by the very animal I wanted to work with when I grew up. I was distraught.

6 years later, I’m a 17 year old animal rights activist. Who openly detests captivity and fights for all animals freedom. But I admit, I hold one animal at a higher regard than the others .. Tilikum. The 32 year old giant still lives in SawWorld. After killing 3 people in his lifetime. They haven’t once considered the possibility that he’s too mentally unstable to work with anymore and refuse to put him in a seaside rehabilitation center because he is the best breeder and the most successful Orca in captivity. Everyone wants to see the poor murderer. My goal in life is to contribute my heart and soul into the release of Tilikum from his concrete prison. And to keep Dawn Bradcheau’s name alive.

The reason I posted this is to spread awareness. Dawn’s death didn’t deserve to be lied about by the very company who was supposed to protect her and keep her alive in the first place. And Tilikum wasn’t supposed to be captured at the age of 2, watch his mother die, and be shipped from cage to cage to preform for scraps. All of it is sick and twisted. Agree with me or not. It’s sick.

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You said you loved Stevie's current hair. Have you noticed her bangs being cut differently. I find it interesting. Like 98-00 they were kind of short and straight then they were kind of curved again like they used to be like 25 years before. In 05 she had some shorter layers on the side and now they're all gone. Do you have a fave of those?

I love her shorter bangs in 98 and 99! Love them! I can’t say I cared much for the shorter layers on the side in early 2005 and I think she looked better in the middle of 2005. Now, when Stevie made her first big public appearance after the end of “On With The Show”, I was instantly in love with her new haircut, I mean, look…


These are the custom King Agdar & Queen Idun 11″ Disney Store dolls my sister made for me for my birthday!! She made their outfits, styled Iduns’ hair, sculpted Agdar’s hair, and customized the box (back side is full of Agdar/Idun/family photos!), while I painted their faces, made Agdar’s moustache and painted his hair. It was a total surprise and the really came out so lovely! She is so good to me! Anyway, the photos don’t do them justice (my camera really needs upgrading—it’ from 2010, and they look so much better in person) but I wanted to share them with you! Idun is from an Elsa base doll, while Agdar is a Flynn Rider 2015 doll. Aren’t they gorgeous?! My sister did such an excellent job! I’m so grateful to her!

PS I forgot to take photos of Agdar with his crown, except for when I put them back in the box. :) Ah well! I guess, he hardly ever wore it anyway, right?! :laughs:

Joe Jonas surprised Demi Lovato on tour to sing the iconic Disney channel bop that is “This Is Me”. Demi added extensions in her hair to flash it back to 2010 when she was dating Joe. Both of them are currently single and have said many times how much they love each other to the ends of the earth…..if you don’t think jemi is gonna rise from the ashes and give us life while thus taking it from our hands….then I don’t know you and I don’t wanna be associated with your kind of negativity.


Ever since I saw the leaked presentation that previewed the 2015 Fashionstas I was genuinely excited to see that the upcoming line actually looked like it had effort put into it and the line was becoming diverse like the Fashion Fever era was. One doll in particular was this girl, with shaved hair and candy coloured sections and a nice outfit devoid of pink. I also loved her closed mouth sculpt and brown eyes and I knew she had to be mine.

I’m kinda sad her pleather skirt is only half pleather and half cheap material but it’s not as blatantly bad as other Fashionista pieces in the past, and of course I’m sad she lost the long sleeves and blue hair section but overall she’s still an incredibly unique doll.

Only part of her hair is flocked like Venus McFly and not like EAH’s Hunter lol.

My only other issue is that since she uses the 2010 Skipper sculpt her head sits a bit high on the Barbie body but I’m hoping that means she’ll swap well to a Liv body and I don’t need to track down yet another pale Barbie body lol.