i loved her and her ponytails

“Babe?” I call out, stepping into my girlfriend’s silent apartment. No response. It’s only as I walk towards her closed bedroom door that I hear her frantically ripping through her closet, footsteps echoed by a faint oh shit she’s going to kill me. “You realize we’re going to be late right? Are you almost-” I don’t even have the chance to finish my sentence before the door swings open abruptly. “Fuck sorry baby, I just have to do my hair. I’ll be quick I promise!” she blurts out in a panic bolting towards the vanity, taking her ponytail down in the process. I can’t help but grin at her worried tone. I love seeing her like this; all frazzled, and stressed, and downright cute as hell. Unfortunately, my amused expression falters as I sit down on the edge of the bed, eyeing her outfit of choice. “Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” I ask, trying not to sound too criticizing. Her head whips around, worried eyes meeting mine. “I was planning on it. Why should I change? Is it too much? I can definitely go for something more casu-” “no don’t worry!” I interject quickly trying to calm her down, “it’s just the shirt that I’m not sure about … actually, maybe it’s the pants”. My eyes trail down her body as she walks to the foot of the bed, standing in front of me. “Honestly baby, I’m sorry but I think it might be both” I say as I begin to draw her face down to my level. “I think your outfit would look a lot better if you” I interrupt my sentence with a kiss, “took”, kiss, “it”, kiss, “off”, I giggle as I plant one last lingering kiss on her now smiling lips. She looks up at me questioningly through thick eyelashes, “there’s nothing wrong with my outfit, is there?” she teases with a devilish grin. “Absolutely not” I reply before bounding off the bed, lightly slapping her butt, “you look beautiful, now come on or we’re going to be late”. I stop in the doorway, turning around just in time to see her smirk and pull off her shirt. Yup, we’re definitely going to be late.

genderbent marichat for @lochnessie

late Gift for @x-i-l-verify ! I hope I got everyone more or less looking like you imagined? ;7; I’m not very experienced with drawing cats buuut I tried! 

If you’ve not read Xi’s adorable fic, Paved With Pawprints, you’re missing out! I enjoy watching Aizawa gradually build up a collection of cats, especially when those cats are some of Class 1A students :’D (Tsuyu is in her rightful place on Aizawa’s shoulder, Kirishima’s giving Bakugou a much needed bath (:P), Momo watches in mild irritation, Aizawa’s holding Todoroki, annnd Kaminari is that Bobtail yowling for attention over there X’D)

I hope you like it!

So I remember your mom’s love for the singer Prince, her crying the day he died, how your heart broke too.

I have your sister’s birthday memorized. I still remember that picture you sent me from when she made your hair look ridiculous, with the tiniest ponytails. And I’m sorry I can’t forget the night when you texted me at 1 am, and how by some magical love connection, I woke up too. I remember you telling me you were only up so late, because you were helping your sister with a project. I really wanted to know everything about her; I loved the way she had your entire heart.

And I’m sorry that I know all of your favorite songs like the back of my hand. But thank god for that because like you said, I have terrible taste in music. But you don’t. And I’m sorry but I had the tune from the very first song you made me listen to stuck in my head for 9 months straight.

“Never Not Looking” by Boy/Friend.

And I don’t think I ever told you, but I wanted to meet your grandfather, ever since July when you told me he believed you were in love with me.

I’m remembering everything tonight, all the promises and plans we made. Did you forget all the ways you let me into your world? I can’t I’m sorry

— I saw my whole future with you




See Steven what you need to do here is gather 4kids, a shitty dubbing team, all the Chaos Emeralds and….

Wait, wrong show.

That’s smart! Obscuring Steven’s vision with her speed is a very good use of her powers.



This reminds me of the Uvo vs Kurapika fight where he traps him with his chains without his knowledge.




When Seiya told Mamo to protect Usagi….

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Mamo’s look

“ Bitch I have taken hits, got stabbed, got kidnapped, and got killed too many damn times trying to protect Usagi so I know what the fuck to do. Shit I even broke up with and told her I didn’t love her so I can protect her from dreams that was sent by my future self.My fucking name literally means “protector”. I have done this for almost two damn lifetimes so take your wannabe ponytail ass somewhere. I got this.” 



When Misty comes for a surprise visit, Ash wants nothing more than to prove to her that bug Pokemon aren’t as scary as she thinks.

Fast forward three seconds -

I’ve fallen in love with the new art style and wanted to try it myself and incorporate Misty!  I love imagining her in Alola with Ash, can you imagine her freaking out over a bug Pokemon and Lillie being like “same, girl”

(Credits to @hollylu-ships-it for Misty’s ponytail design!)

Flattery Gets You Nowhere (General Hux x Fem!Reader)

Anonymous: Can you write a General Hux x Fem!Reader? General Hux tried to flirt with reader like smile at her, impress her with gifts. Reader hated him at first because she thought he had cold-heart but became in love with him because his kindness.

A/N: Thank you for the request, Anon! Very sorry it has taken so long to get to it! I wasn’t really a fan of Hux in The Force Awakens but I hope I do him justice in this! Enjoy! xx

Warnings: none

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Your ponytail bounced against your neck as you quickly made your way to the council room. An emergency meeting had been called due to complications with the people of a nearby planet. Apparently, the First Order setting up a base on religious territory was a violation of a peace treaty. 

Your freshly polished boots clicked against the hard floor as you quickened your pace down the hall. Having an office on the other side of the ship made emergency meetings a workout to get to. You stopped in front of the large metal doors in order to gain your composure before entering the meeting. Just as your were prepared to swipe your officer card to allow you entry, someone stalked up behind you. 

“Looking as lovely as ever, if also out of breath,” a familiar, and unwanted, voice resounded behind you. 

“Leave me be, Hux. Not all of us have the privilege of a nearby office,” you retorted. 

“I could pull a few strings and change that,” Hux whispered as the metal doors slid open with a hiss.

“The farther I can be from you, the better so I kindly decline, General,” you spat back before heading off to take a seat next to Phasma. You could hardly pay attention the entire meeting. Being one of the many officers, your opinion didn’t matter much anyway. You couldn’t stop thinking about Hux. He was arrogant, slimy, throwing his position as General in your face every chance he got. A half-hearted compliment followed by some offer that he could fulfill due to his General status was his signature. Some of the female officers had expressed their jealousy of you that the General was flirting with you. If his attempts at flattery was their idea of flirting, they clearly had low expectations. Couldn’t he understand that flattery would get him nowhere? Of course Hux was easy on the eyes and his voice reminded you of the silky smoothness of dark chocolate, but he was cold. His arrogant attitude blocked any sort of kind feeling you could have towards the General. 

“If they refuse to cooperate, let’s show them the power of the First Order,” General Hux intervened. His comment snapped you out of your thoughts and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Like you had thought, cold. 

“The First Order shouldn’t have to make an example of everyone that defies it,” you dared to comment back. 

“I don’t believe anyone asked your opinion, Officer (Y/L/N),” Kylo Ren retorted angrily. You swallowed hard and shrank back into your chair. You could feel all eyes on you, especially Hux’s. 

“Don’t talk to her like that, Ren. (Y/N) is one of the most intelligent Officers that the First Order has at its disposal,” Hux spat at Kylo. You couldn’t help but look up at Hux. A genuine compliment. He thought you were intelligent. “Plus she’s the prettiest Officer the First Order has,” he added smugly. There it was. You rolled your eyes and cursed yourself for thinking he could actually be kind. 

“Intelligent or not, the First Order has no time for diplomacy,” Kylo said, continuing with the meeting. 

As soon as the meeting ended, you slipped out quickly and quietly hoping to avoid Hux. You noticed a male officer whom you knew fancied you so you made a beeline for him. You entangled yourself in a boring conversation with him, hoping Hux would notice and leave you be. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Hux striding towards you, a smirk on his face. You grabbed the officer by the arm and laughed at whatever he had just said. You gently hit his chest and continued to laugh. The young officer blushed and you noticed the smirk on Hux’s face quickly disappeared, he squared his shoulders and stalked away. 

The next few days, you didn’t see or hear anything from Hux. No flowers showed up on Wednesday like they normally did, no comments about your looks floated your way. You almost… missed it. You weren’t thinking straight. One nice comment defending you doesn’t make him a good person. 

It was the 16th day of your ship’s trek back to the Star Killer Base and you had nothing for the evening. No meetings were scheduled and you were free to do as you pleased. That evening, you made your way to the observatory deck in your pajamas and a robe. Your slippered feet made no noise on the steel floor. The sight from the observatory deck always took your breath away. You stood in front of the large window in peaceful silence. 

“The view is almost as beautiful as you are,” someone whispered from behind you.

You sucked your teeth and shook your head, “You were doing so well, Hux.” 

He walked up to stand beside you without saying anything. You stole a glance at him and noticed a look of genuine frustration on his face. “This is so difficult,” he mumbled.

“Well, I’m not just some dim-witted girl you can woo with some gifts and a smirk.”

“I know that. I never realized how terrible it was to act like that until I failed to get you.”

You scoffed before saying, “Well, at least you’re realizing that now, General. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should be getting to bed.” You turned and began to walk towards the exit. 

“(Y/N) wait, please,” Hux said with a hint of… was it fear? You stopped and turned to face Hux. His tall frame was silhouetted against the star-stained landscape of space. “I know I have been rude to you. I know my attempts to impress you have been lousy and frankly, unimpressive. I just don’t know how to get the proper attention of someone like you. You are the first person I have met who is so genuinely intelligent and… and beautiful and kind.” He spoke as though he had never had the chance to admit feelings like this before. 

You walked towards Hux until there was only mere inches between you. What were you feeling? Did you have feelings for Hux? Were they always there, just waiting for him to validate that his feelings were true? “Love can make a person do silly things, like leaving ‘anonymous’ flowers every week,” you whispered, looking up into his green eyes. 

For the first time since you had known Hux, he smiled. It wasn’t a smirk, but an actual smile. It was contagious and you smiled right back at him. He quickly closed the gap between you two and pressed his lips against your’s. They were soft and tasted of chocolate. A general with a sweet tooth, you thought. The kiss sent a fire through your nerves. You draped your arms over his shoulders and pressed your lips harder against his. His strong hands gripped your waist tightly. 

Once you were both begging for air, you pulled away. Hux was still smiling as he pressed his forehead against your’s, never letting go of your waist. “Am I forgiven?” he whispered.

“Keep talking about how intelligent I am and kissing me like that, then maybe,” you remarked, it now being your turn to smirk at him. He let out a soft chuckle and kissed you again, the stars as witness to the bond you had just created. 

A/N: I had a lot of fun with this! I really never thought I would write about Hux but I loved every second of it! I hope you enjoyed it! xx 

honestly though, let’s talk about bella/edythe:

  • a century old vampire finally having her “oh my god, i’m a lesbian?” moment in denali
  • tanya rejoices, until she is rejected again
  • bella having her “well, it kind of fucking figures that I, of all people, would fall for the gorgeous sparkling killer aphrodite vampire” moment
  • “and i mean yeah she’s a girl too, but vampire”
  • edythe running bella around mountains and forests on her back like a sack of potatoes
  • bella closes her eyes because it makes her dizzy and because edythe’s hair fucking hurts whipping around like that
  • (edythe gets ponytail holders and bobby pins for christmas)
  • bella braids edythe’s hair in the meadow and edythe never lets anyone else ever touch her hair ever again
  • charlie and bella have a classic awkward conversation about it
  • “so uh dad i’m dating edythe cullen now…”
  • “huh. okay. alright. cool, cool….”
  • “dr. cullen’s daughter?”
  • “let me tell you about how good and precious and lovely and wonderful that man is i swear the world turned upside down when he came into this town, but uh….. yeah, right. edythe. right.”
  • esme reacts to edythe finally finding love: “she’s a girl? okay, but when can i meet her?”
  • edythe: “but my sin… her soul……. i am thrice damned……”
  • esme: “bring her over for dinner, bring her over forever :)”