i loved everything about this movie would not change one thing

X-Men Apocalypse spoilers ahead!

For me, Eriks metal X was one of the best things in the whole film. I mean, as the fight started it soon became pretty clear that at some point Erik would switch sides again (as if it wasn’t already clear at the beginning of the movie ;)). And it was clear that it would be through memories of the people he cares about, Charles, the Xmen, everything that had happened so far (because that’s just how Erik is, these are the things he cares about underneath all this rage, right? That’s the REASON for all his rages - that he cares so much about the people he loves).
But with Quicksilver on board I also imagined that the final thing that would lead to Erik changing his mind would be Peter revealing that he’s Eriks son and he therefor still has family. But to my surprise that didn’t happen. Instead they used only Erik’s memories and flashbacks of Charles show why he changed his mind. And if that wasn’t telling enough, Erik used his powers to protect Charles WITH A GIANT METAL X! I was absolutely stunned by that. The meaning behind this. The X standing for Charles, the X-Men, Charles’ dream and ideas, his view of the world that Erik finds so hard to accept and Erik used that symbol as a protection and a warning against Apocalypse and on the other hand letting Charles know that he still cares for him.
Long story short, I absolutely loved this scene!

I have almost forgotten all of your favorite things.
I no longer flinch at your favorite movie
because I don’t remember which one it is.
I never change radio stations
when your song comes on.
Everything’s slowly becoming

But I still think of you at symphony halls.
It doesn’t really make sense
since our time there wasn’t my first,
and I don’t think of you passing
that run down downtown penny theatre
or with the scent of roses -
but something about the swell of music
reminds me of your face,
and every accent mark’s a reminder
or our last painful embrace
where you stood stock still
and I still had no idea what was going on.

I have resolved to not think of you at symphonies
because I’m tired of curbing my appetite,
schooling my expression,
and sitting too far back into my seat,
focused solely on the empty spaces
between my fingertips
where yours would fit
and twitch in response to the music.

I have resolved to not think of you at symphonies
and maybe this will be just as hard
as learning to smile again
after I saw you playing ping pong with her
the way we played hockey,
and maybe this will hurt as much
as deleting both of your numbers from my phone,
and maybe this will be as bittersweet
as drawing elephants on the chalkboards
and watching your jaw clench
with the Herculean effort of not looking at me.

But I will invite lovers to the symphonies
and I will catalogue the way
the music breaks across their face.
I will transpose the matching rhythms of our heartbeats.
I will kiss them beneath crescendoes like shattered sunbeams.
I will drown your memory beneath Carmen’s and operettas.

One day, I will see you in some concert hall,
slicked back and spit-shined,
all golden glory,
your favorite things written like dynamic markings in your smile -

and you will be
just a face in the crowd.

—  Getting over you one ticket stub at a time
Borderlands Movie??


I’m screaming. I’m really worried but really excited. Totally normal but unsure which I’m feeling more.

PLEASE get awesome scriptwriters and directors who know the game well enough to stay true to its origins! That’s really, really, REALLY important and I cannot stress that enough. The story and lore and characters have to stay true.

NO replacing characters or changing an aspect of them. I don’t want to see Handsome Jack portrayed as totally sympathetic and ‘actually a nice guy’. PLEASE NO. We love him for the jackass he is. It’s just one of the many examples I can find but seriously, I’ve seen it all too many times and it’s painful to see awesome characters (though bad people) altered just to give a little more ‘appeal’ to the audience.

Yes everyone has their own thoughts on how they would’ve liked things to gone. Sometimes I wish certain things weren’t canon as well. But ultimately it all falls back to the fact that none of these thoughts would’ve surfaced without the existence of the actual story.

Keep and love your own headcanons, no problem. But love the canon story for what it is.

So please. For all who love Borderlands for how it is. Please. Stay true. Thank you.

I loved how tonight’s episode took the “Character sees ominous vision of the future” episode concept and did everything completely “wrong”:

–Daisy immediately told everyone about it, and in great detail

–She even told her boyfriend that he was going to get blood all over his face and told SHIELD-dad that he was going to shoot her (and told Fitzsimmons that they would be mushy)

–Not one of her scientist friends said “we don’t believe you” or “maybe it was just a dream” or “we need more facts”, but instead just went “Nope, we’re screwed, this is what’s going to happen, because science says, let me explain to you why science says”

–No one tried to reassure her that things could be changed, but darn it, they all tried

–They tried so hard with dress rehearsals for the future


–Everything still played out and it was kind of grim because it had a big “future refused to change” vibe but still

–They referenced movies and stories properly and cited their sources

It was all done so wonderfully, what a good episode.