i loved everything about this exchange

Why is SKAM so popular,

you may ask.

If you’re new or feel the same, read this:

1. This show is super clever. You have to pay attention to every little detail, cause everything is for a reason.

2. It is from Norway. You haven’t heard much about what Norway is like, have you? 

Neither have I. But now I think I’m falling in love with it when I start knowing more and more about this beautiful country.

3. It is happening live. YES, by LIVE I mean you get messages characters exchange and little parts of the episode which airs on fridays. You get these clues live like it was happening right now. And through the whole week almost everyday you get new clues.

4. Beautiful styling. Norwegian teenagers dress like they are taught that in school but you’ll never see expensive clothing or a new dress every freaking scene. They wear the same clothes combining them and looking incredible.

5. This TV show is KIND. Although characters make mistakes as if they were REAL people, they learn, grow and change. Real bad shit happens to them but they find their way out. They TEACH US.

6. The last but not least: ACTING SKILLS. These little young people act like they have been actors for a century. I’m honestly amazed by each one of them. They act 100 times better than hollywood stars of their age. 

And I hope that after this show’s success they get discovered.

That is why it cannot and must not be copied in ANY remakes.

Thank you.

Target: Molly Hooper

(in which Sherlock treats courting Molly Hooper with all the enthusiasm of a case)

Delicious plot bunnies:

-Sherlock reading five thousand books on love and relationships to sort out what his feelings for Molly are

-Sherlock asking John five thousand questions about love

-Sherlock asking Greg for help

-Sherlock overthinking everything until John goes bonkers

-Sherlock having the following exchange with John:

“So you want to date Molly?”

“No, I want to marry her, but we’ll start with dating.”

Cue John losing his mind

-Sherlock realizing he’s not good enough for Molly and John being like so you become the person she knows you can be

-Sherlock having multiple conversations with mind palace Molly to the extent that he can’t remember which Molly he’s told what

-Sherlock trying to ask Molly out for coffee and failing miserably

-Sherlock taking Molly on a crime solving date and they finally have chips

-Sherlock taking Molly to Angelos

-Sherlock testing out theories about Molly’s likes and dislikes

-Sherlock keeping a log of every single moment

-Molly giving Sherlock a dog

-Molly going with Sherlock to see Eurus

-Sherlock and Molly dancing

-Sherlock and Molly playing music together

-Sherlock and Molly baby-sitting Rosie together

-Sherlock writing a song for Molly

-Mycroft meeting with Molly and telling her to be careful because his brother’s heart is easily broken

-Sherlock and Molly having a fight and Sherlock is so miserable he can barely get out of bed. Or he solves crimes until he is dead on his feet.

-Sherlock and Molly visiting her father’s grave

-Sherlock and Molly meeting his parents

-Sherlock and Molly performing experiments together

The adorable possibilities are endless!

ok but one thing i really appreciated about vex and percy’s first night together is that it brought back the fun and flirty side of their relationship that’s unfortunately had to take a lil bit of a back seat since percy’s death

(although i totally 100% understand why the more Serious Romantic side of their relationship has had the spotlight recently and i LOVE that side of their relationship like i love everything about them. i mean, we got a little bit of it in the fire plane when vex slapped his ass in the jewelry shop and joked about how percy was drooling over the workshop but even then it was only a brief 20 second exchange, if that)

like it reminded me of a lot of classic perc’ahlia moments from before the confirmation?? with vex teasing percy and percy being a little bit flabbergasted but also amused and flattered and into it.

like idk you guys i love their serious side so much but the fact that they basically said “this could be our last night alive and we want to spend it with the person we’re in love with so let’s leave all of our problems outside of this room and forget about the dragons and just have some fun together” is wonderful to me?


request: Omg a cute one about their wedding where he surprises her with a song he wrote (I JUST SAW THAT VIDEO AND I AM WRITING THIS FROM MY GRAVE)

a/n: i’m basing this off of my cousin’s wedding so fyi. also i said shawn covered a song because i literally choked when i gasped because of the best idea i’ve had

The ceremony had gone flawlessly, with you only shedding a few tears when you turned and saw Shawn standing next to the officiator. You exchanged vows, kissed, and hugged your bridesmaids for the first time as Mrs. Mendes.

Now, the reception. You and Shawn were sitting in the back of the country car you two had decided on renting. “Shawn, what if the DJ isn’t there, or if-”

“Love, calm down, everything will be fine.” Shawn smiled, rubbing his thumb across your hand. “Aaliyah’s been texting me, said the DJ was already getting set up. Nothing ot worry about.” He smiled, opening the door when the car pulled up next to the curb.

You nodded and followed your husband. “I’m really happy we got married.”

“Yeah?” Shawn asked, taking your hand.

“Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

“One of the best? What are some others?” Shawn asked, looking at his watch.

You hugged him. “Saying yes when you asked me out on that date in freshman year.” You giggled, kissing him. “Get ready for lots of kissing tonight.” You joked, taking a deep breath as Shawn opened the door to the recepion hall for you.

There was an immediate applause and cheer as you two walked into the recpetion, and you smiled, waving at your best friends and family. “Congrats!” The DJ yelled into the microphone, turning down the music. “I do believe it’s time for the first dance!”

You and Shawn took the dance floor, and you two smiled at each other as Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me began playing from the speakers. You and your husband danced, eyes locked with each other’s. You glanced over at your mother, and saw her in tears, holding your father’s hand tightly. You sent her a smile as Shawn softly sang the chorus of the song in your ear.

At the end of the song, you two blushed as the crowd cheered, filling up the dance floor. You two had your rounds to all of the guests still at the tables, thanking them. You ran over to your friends, all of them gushing about how cute you two were. “Aw! I’m totally sending you all of the photos and videos I take to you!” Your maid of honor told you, taking a sip of the cocktail she got earlier.

“Yes!” You nodded, laughing when you saw Shawn talking to some of his friends, shaking his head when they said something particularly embarrassing.

You continued onto the table with both your and Shawn’s parents and sister, hugging your mother. “Oh, I’m so proud of you! My baby girl is married! Oh! Soon you’re gonna be making babies of your own!” Your mother dabbed her eyes with a tissue, for the sake of not ruining her makeup.

Blushing, you snorted, rolling your eyes. “Mom!”

“What’re we walking about?” Shawn asked, wrapping his hands around you.

“Nothing! Nothing!” You stopped the conversation, and looked at Aaliyah, who was looking out the window. “What’re you looking at, Liyah?”

She shrugged. “Was looking at my reflection. I really like this dress.” She smiled, smoothing the material of the bridesmaid dress she had on. “Thanks for picking me to be a bridesmaid, it was really fun!”

“Aw, you’re welcome!” You smiled, hugging her quickly as Shawn pulled you towards the table set up front and center in front of the dance floor.

You two sat down as Brian, who Shawn picked as his best man, took the mic from the DJ. “Hey.” He nodded, waving to he two of you. “So you guys are married, and not gonna lie, I honestly have no idea what to say. I forgot he speech at my house.” You laughed, tilting your head when Shawn excused himself. “But I mean, think Shawn’s got a little somthin’ up his sleeve for the bride.”

He smiled, handing the mic to Shawn, who nodded. “Yeah.” He grabbed the acoustic guitar from Brain, and looked at you. “Hi, darling.” He adjusted the guitar on his lap. “So, I- I love you a lot.” He began strumming the guitar, and you almost immediately recognized the song as Photograph, one of your favorites.

A small slideshow began playing behind Shawn, showcasing photos throughout your and Shawn’s relationship. You felt your eyes water, and your hands flew to your mouth as Shawn began singing. You didn’t notice Aaliyah and your maid of honor filming, as well as Andrew taking some photos from the table he was sitting at.

By the time the song ended, you were properly crying. Shawn set the guitar on the ground, and you met him halfway, giving him a bone-crushing hug. “I love you so much, Shawn.”

“I love you, too.” He kissed you once more, spinning you around.

a/n: :D are you guys excited for the domestic series because i am 

What I love about Yuri on Ice is that there’s little cultural exchanges between the characters. Learning words of each other’s languages, the food hybrid of ep 9, etc. It’s just so…. endearing? Without being in your face about it??



Its just so refreshing and pure like, yes, this is how our world should be.

(Also shout out to them for making Canada a real boss. I’m totally okay with the Canada King tbh)

Kind of a dumb last message, but it captures his dorky nature and it's something I love about him. This was almost a month ago, we haven’t exchanged a single word since. I miss him most days, but even when I don’t miss him I still remember everything. I have this habit of playing out our story in my head from beginning to end. Ironically, the beginning stings more than the end. I think it’s usually that way, we remember the way it started, how we still had time and adventures ahead, how it was so much more young and fun. The last moment we shared was a quick hug, but unlike when we first met, it was filled with comfort and familiarity and a certain love we never spoke to each other about. We didn’t lose passion the more we kissed, it never got boring, but as time passed the feeling of each kiss became so much more familiar, butterflies turned into comfort. I started loving the guy.

I think in a way he’s forgetting me now, I’ve cried enough to finally accept it. When I opened our chat to get this screenshot, it said he was active a minute ago. Of course my mind went on to imagine that he’s laughing and having a great conversation with a new girl, thinking about how fresh and exciting it feels, about how he’ll have the chance to explore a whole new body, wondering how it would feel with this girl compared to how it felt with me. Of course, I have a wild imagination.

I can’t stop imagining hands that aren’t mine all over him. I can’t stop hoping he compares the girls he meets to me the same way I still search for him in the eyes of other guys. 

- Letting him go

Remember what was going on on Tumblr right after TST finished?

My whole dashbord was full of What the fuck did I just watch? or This is the worst episode ever or Mofftiss what have you done?! or 90 minutes of pure shit and so on.

Maybe you were one of them. I was. I was disappointed, confused.. It was not what I expected.

But the important thing is how our view on the episode changed after talking with others about it, reading metas, analysing stuff.. Tumblr allows us to exchange, communicate and extend our view on things. I love that. This is what I’m here for.

We know now that this episode was fake or whatever you wanna call it. It was like a case Mofftiss gave to us. By tiny details they showed us that it’s not real. It can’t be. It’s so off. So out of character. So cheesy..

But I needed you guys to believe in this fake episode instead of just thinking it’s a huge fail by Mofftiss so thank you.

Reylo Exchange Fics I’ve Loved (So Far!)

I know it’s a little daunting looking at 56 (!) new fics. Again, I’m strongly encouraging everyone to go through them all, if you can — think of it like a buffet! Pace yourself and try a little of everything. There’s every type of fic, every type of rating, all chockful of Reylo goodness. 

Although I love every single fic I’ve read thus far — I’ve gotten through about 30% of the collection — here are some of the pieces (one-shots, very easily digested) I’ve really liked that are presently underrated (<30 kudos): 

This Darkness Which You Know You Cannot Fight” — Rey grapples with the Dark Side. Not full-on Dark!Rey, but a whole lotta Rey struggling with that inner darkness we all know she has.

One Thousand and One Nights” — Beautiful take on Rey and Kylo slowly growing close as he tries to heal after coming back home. This one will break you apart and put you back together again by the end of it.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit” — Senator Ben and his secret lover/bodyguard/Jedi Rey. One of my favorite AU dynamics with this ship, and one we don’t see enough of. 

Shadowed” — Long after Kylo makes it back to the Light and builds a life with Rey, he still has to face down his demons when she mentions the possibility of children. A poignant look at an often-glossed over challenge with some great Bloodline references.

Home Is…” — Delightful domestic fluff while still staying true to character and realistic. Rey and Kylo start to build a life together: little and broken, but theirs.

These are just for starters. Again, every piece in this collection is excellent and worthy of your attention. As I make my way through the rest of the contributions, expect more recs, more squeeing, and more badgering all of you to read, like, and comment. :) ♥

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College MatsuDai. It turns out they’re both wanted to study mechanical engineering and they kind of sit together on the orientation day bc hey a familiar face. They talk about classes, exchange notes, do projects together and with time it goes from ‘we’re professional bc we don’t know each other’ to ‘wow I never expected you to be so fun to be around’. Daichi kind of falls in love with Mattsun’s wittiness and one time, against his better judgment, hauls him down for a kiss [part 1]

[part 2] then Daichi freaks out bc he probably destroyed everything until Mattsun goes ‘is this sampling bc I’d like to get the whole package’. Boom make out sessions, holding hands under desk and sleeping in each other rooms while doing the assignments, slow sexy times and Mattsun putting cold hands under Daichi’s shirt *cries lone tears of MatsuDai shipper* - vodkanon            

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please exchange student au were tom introduce marco to his ex star

Sure! This was a lot of fun to write btw! o cute! And because it’s an au, I made it so Tom and Star stayed friends after they broke up. For two reasons, I thought it would be cute, and I LOVE jealous Marco! I hope you enjoy! I love you!


“Star! It’s so good to see you again.” Tom smiled and he mewni girl gave the demon a fast hug. She then began talking a mile a minute about everything that was going on in her kingdom and how her spells have been going. Tom smiled and waved over to Marco. “Star, this is Marco Diaz.” Tom introduced. Star smiled and jumped, hugging the human.

“Oh my gosh! I was so excited when Tom told me about you, I’ve always wanted to meet a human.” Star explained. Marco smiled and waved a little awkwardly. Star looked at Tom and raised an eyebrow, she then whispered something in his ear and he laughed, punching her playfully in the arm.

“You’re crazy!” He giggled, eyeing Marco. Marco blushed. They were talking about him? He then stewed when Star gave Tom another hug.

“I missed you a bunch. I’m so happy you invited me over.” She smiled and played with her hair. Marco felt himself fume. Was she trying to flirt with him? Was Star trying to flirt with HIS Tom? Marco mumbled to himself and tromped off into the kitchen. The two outworlders kept chatting and laughing as Marco simmered.

“Remember when we tried to go on that date on earth? But your mom caught us trying to sneak out and grounded you and threw me out of the castle?” Tom asked laughed. Star did as well.

“She’s laughed at herself about that before.” She assured. Marc gasped. Those two dated!? Were they still dating? Was it a long distance thing? Marco had enough of this, he got up and pushed himself between the two

“Star! It’s so nice to meet you, I just wanted to let you know being roommates with Tom has been great! We spend a lot of time with each other and I would hate for ANYTHING to ruin that.” Marco grinned. Star smiled cheerfully, nt the reaction he was hoping for.

“Aw you two are so cute!” She gushed. Tom laughed lightly and took Marco’s hand.

“Excuse us a second.” He smiled and led Marco into the kitchen. “What the hell was that?” Tom asked, crossing his arms.’

“I just don’t like how close you two are is all.” Marco pouted. Tom smirked.

“So you’re jealous?” He asked. Marco blushed deeply and gave Tom a shove.

“Of her!? No way!” Marco exclaimed. “I just… don’t like how you two laugh together and how nice she is to you and how much you seem to like her.” Marco explained. Tom rolled his eyes and shoved Marco back.

“That’s jealousy. You’re totally jealous of her.” Tom teased. “Why? Do you have a crush on me or something?” Tom asked. Marco fumed.

“No way!” He hissed. Tom laughed a little and broke away.

“Good, because I was thinking about getting back together with Star anyway.” Tom lied. Marco jumped up defensively.

“You were, w-why?” He asked with an urgent tone. Tom giggled.

“I knew you were jealous!” Tom laughed. He nudged the human and kept teasing him, laughing about how he had a crush on him. Marco blushed. Even though he knew Tom was only teasing him, the fact that he actually did have a crush on Tom made him flustered and nervous. Even if Tom really was oblivious. Tom smirked and danced out of the room, he continued talking to Star and Marco sighed, slumping down.

Finally he decided to join the two and try to settle this, make sure Tom didn’t still have feelings for the mewni princess. He sat down next to them and watched them talk with each other and excitedly tell each other about what had happened in the time they had not seen each other. Despite being initially jealous, Marco couldn’t help but like the girl. She was funny and sweet. And she always had a joke on hand.

Marco finally caved and talked happily with Star, despite the rocky start, they became fast friends. He actually hoped he could see her again. Maybe if she backed off Tom they could all go to the movies or something together Maybe they could bring Janna along too, Star would get along well with her.

“It was nice talking to you again Tom, but I have to go. My mom will kill me if I’m late again.” Star said, upset. Tom nodded and the two hugged again. Sta used a pair of scissors to slice through the air and jump away. Before she left Marco stopped her.

“Hey Star, maybe sometime we can all go to the movies and hang out. I know somebody you’d get along great with.” He suggested.

“Sounds great! I’d love to meet another human! Let’s make it a friendship thursday!” She exclaimed, and ducked out. Marco waved goodbye to her, but then blushed when he felt an arm wrap around him. He looked over at Tom who smiled.

“Thanks for getting along with Star.” Tom beamed. “She’s nice, huh?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool.” He admitted. “Sorry I was acting so crazy.”

“It’s okay.” Tom assured. He then smiled teasingly. “You were just jealous. And if I saw you getting that cozy with somebody else I’d freak out too.” Tom admitted. Marco blushed deeply and looked away. Tom smirked and leaned over, giving him a fast kiss on the head. Marco blushed even deeper and looked away. “I like you Marco, I like you a lot.” Tom said. His vice sounded like he was cool and collected. Being smooth about the whole thing. But on the inside he was flipping out. And he was lucky Marco was looking away because Tom’s own face was getting red too, fire was even swirling by his feet.

“I-I like you too.” Marco muttered. The two giggled for a little bit and kept exchanging looks. Finally Tom cleared his throat and tried to regain his cool-kid exterior. He smiled cooly at Marco and darted off, hiding his blushing face in his hands.

The Little Wandering Fox: A Spell for Prosperity and to Attract Money

It has been agreed upon in the magical community for a long time that to demand anything from the universe and the people around us in a magical way can be a risky business! Love spells, for example, are avoided because they demand that free will be taken from another person in order for that person to give “love” to the caster or the client.

In some ways, I feel the same way about money spells. There is, unfortunately, a finite amount of money in the world and I don’t want to take for myself where another will lose. The idea of “equivalent exchange” is one with which some of you are familiar through exposure to the popular anime/manga “Full Metal Alchemist”, and it basically expresses the idea that for everything we ask, we must give proper payment in one form or another (those themes pop up in XXXHolic, as well as in other places! It’s a very interesting thing to think about).

Without balance, without payment, things are out of balance, and I have found that it is very unwise to be in such a state.  Therefore, you will find that any spell or rite that I compose and cast is very carefully done with this in mind.

The “payment” in energy, herbs, oil, and candle, is hardly sufficient to cover the “cost” of the thing for which we ask, here. In this case I have found a way to make my mind easy over it by promising that I will “pay it forward”, and, when I then find myself in a prosperous place, I will give freely of my wealth where it is needed, as was done for me.

If you want to work this spell simply to get gain and benefit none but yourself, I do not think you will like the results.

-Green candle (I prefer a bright green candle for this–dark green, olive, and sage all have different intents for me)
-1 part Cedar wood
-1 part Benzoin
-1 part Elder (berries, flowers or leaves. Burning the wood is considered by some to be extremely unlucky.)
-Jasmine oil
-1 charcoal

1) Dress your candle with the oil. Place a small amount in your palm and rub it into the candle, starting from the base and working up.  Set it in a candle holder on your altar. I usually put it directly behind my clay incense bowl.

2) Set your charcoal to smoulder.

3) Grind the cedar, benzoin and elder into your preferred texture of incense. It is optional to do so, but I usually then transfer my incense to my maple-leaf bowl, which I keep on my altar.

4) Light the candle and speak:

To feed and clothe and comfort make
Let fortune in my household wake
Let money and prosperity
Find my door and come to me

Leave not another soul bereft
I do not ask for fortune’s theft
and when I am again secure
Other’s poorness may I cure

5) Sprinkle the incense over your smouldering charcoal, and focus intently upon your desire for increase in wealth.  Burn all of the incense–don’t make a double batch and hang on to it.. This spell can, of course, be done as often as you feel the need.

Merry met, friends, and may we meet again soon!



Murderous Elf Prince sure is adorable, but I don’t get how ALIE was going to get his mother to take the chip if he slit his own throat while standing ten feet away from her.

And to quote @ponyregrets: oh good, more throat slitting.

BRAVENLARKE.  I wanted more bellarke this episode but I am okay with the amount we got because in exchange we got BRAVENLARKE ARGUING ABOUT LEADING and it was everything to me.

Also everything to me: Monty’s smile.

Awww, kabby sex and ring discourse.  I’m super happy for the kabby fandom.  Congrats, guys.

ROAN AND ECHO SPARRING THIS IS MY SEXUALITY RIGHT HERE.  Also I love that Tasya is the same height as Bob and Zach it makes for a really great aesthetic I love it and I love Roan despite his terrible crown and Echo is very pretty and that’s my thoughts on that.

Actually no one more: is Roan going to send Echo to Arkadia as a spy?  Seeing as NO ONE TRUSTS HER THERE that would be a terrible plan?  idk we’ll see.

Okay last one: ECHO IS SO PRETTY.

Also hot: Assassin!Octavia.  Idk where she got a fucking Elf Cape, but I’m into it.

WHITE BELLAMY PUT YOUR SHIRT ON.  Why are you having this conversation shirtless like seriously PUT YOUR SHIRT ON.

Man I really wanted a bellarke hug goodbye and I get why they didn’t have one (I suspect they are saving Bellarke Physical Contact for a more momentous occasion) but we also got Inept Bellamy Flirtation so I’m okay.

I am also glad that Bellamy and Clarke had that conversation that laid our their moral dilemmas for the episode right before parting.  Very helpful, much exposition, etc.

Jaha: Continues to be a Disappointment on Many Fronts, but I like his sweater.  Looks cozy.

I am here for Princess Mechanic arguing and I am HERE for Raven not taking any of Jaha’s crap.  She is my queen forever and always.  I am also HERE for Clarke believing in Raven so fiercely it makes Raven a little speechless, because Clarke’s love is A LOT TO DEAL WITH ALL AT ONCE.  It’s not just “I love you and believe in you” it’s “YOU ARE THE SUN AND MOON AND STARS AND YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS WITH YOUR BRAIN AND THE WORLD SHALL REMEMBER YOUR NAME FOREVER.”

Clarke being VERY UPSET that people are HAVING FUN was so reminiscent of my precious season one Clarke that I clapped with delight.  OUR SHOW IS BACK Y’ALL.

Things I am unclear on: did Octavia just murder that dude for funsies, or did Echo and/or Roan send her to do that?  Obviously Kane had no fucking idea, but I wasn’t sure if Echo and Roan knew about it or just figured it out.  

And why were the Ice Nation people all “RAWR ROAN IS NOT OUR KING but okay here’s the thingy you need”?  That was weird.

Okay, so now to the moral dilemmas of this episode: I think this episode did a good job of returning to actual grey morality– neither Bellamy nor Clarke faced something that had an easy, clear cut answer.  The stakes are high and the outcome is uncertain, and that’s what I adore about this show so, you know, YAY.  Clarke being a combination of ruthless and hopeful was really excellent, and her “I’m gonna tell them the truth BUT ALSO LIE” was both in character and hard to watch, so again, YAY.

BUT.  I also think this episode was intended to be the “we get that we fucked up with the massacre and Bellamy’s character so here have an episode of him being a Good Guy” episode, and I think that mostly worked, but not entirely.  The problem, of course, is that his being a Good Guy also required him to be incredibly shortsighted, but for now I’m going to withhold judgment because in a post-ep interview, Bob said that Bellamy secretly doubts that they can survive the apocalypse at all.   I really, really hope that gets brought up in the context of his decision in Farm Station in the future, as it makes perfect in-character sense for Bellamy to be like “fuck it we’re all gonna die water generator or no so let’s get these people home to their families while we can.”  It makes him significantly less shortsighted and also significantly more compassionate, and I want that highlighted by the narrative. I also really liked that while Riley was one catalyst for their decision, it was also mini!Octavia (and Harper’s Mount Weather callback) who pushed him into action– and that mini!Octavia is (presumably) a grounder.  I really hope that in the next few episodes we get some sort of confirmation that at least a few grounders are grateful to Bellamy for his decision, because I think that will go a long way towards fully redeeming him in the eyes of a skeptical audience, which is what I think this episode was intended to do.  (Those of us who love him no matter what didn’t need it, but a lot of casual fans did, I think.)  So basically, this episode was a good start at Officially Rehabbing The Damage Done By 3A and while I wish that wasn’t necessary I’m glad the writers are recognizing they fucked up.

I also really really want Bellamy to keep at least ONE child that he adopted on this trip.  Preferably mini!Octavia, and I’m staring the prayer circle now that we get a brief clip of him giving her a piggy back ride next ep because Bellamy Blake has a weakness and that weakness is tiny children of all ages.  (Headcanon: Miller drove the rover and Bellamy let mini!Octavia sit on his lap the whole way back so she wouldn’t be scared.)

YES FIGHT BRYAN AND MILLER FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT (sorry I am #minty4eva). But also yay for natural conflict in a relationship!  It’s actually very well done.

Lastly: we end with a bravenlarke argument and <insert fire elmo gif here>.  I loved that Raven had a valid point, and I love that it’s becoming a triumvirate of power.  I love that they all trust each other (Bellamy believing that Raven can do anything was maybe my favorite tiny moment– Monty says “it’s impossible!” and Bellamy is like “yeah but have you considered: Raven Reyes” and I died a thousand deaths) but that they are all willing to call each other out when necessary.  And because I am hashtag-trash for bellarke, I really like that this episode put Bellamy and Clarke on the same side emotionally.  Because you saw Clarke’s disappointment in Bellamy’s decision, and you saw that he registered it too.  He was ready to be defensive, but Clarke let it go because she gets it.  He didn’t have any good options, so he went with the one he thought was best and of all of them, she knows what that feels like so she’s not going to make him feel worse about it.  It highlights how deeply Clarke and Bellamy understand each other, and reminds us of all the times Clarke has had to make those same sorts of calls.  

Next up: grounders vomit up black blood!  This should be fun.

Football Jersey

a/n: i really needed a dom!luke smut but without daddy kink so i hope you enjoy!

Much Love!


My pen dragged along the last set of words before the clock strikes 3:00. The annoying sound of the announcers came on, making everyone sigh in relief and drop everything they’re doing. “Good afternoon students, tonight we have our rival game tonight, make sure if you want a jersey to go to the auction after school.” Mr. Arthur spoke.

I laughed lightly seeing all the girls whisper about which jersey they would spent an enormous amount of money on. I swung my backpack around my shoulders and walked to my locker. I exchanged my binders to the ones that I needed, when someone tapped my shoulder. “Hi baby girl, how was your day?” I turn and see Luke smiling flashing his pearly whites.

“It was alright, I think I failed our chemistry quiz.” I sighed. Luke grabbed my hand, “I’m sure you aced it.” I smiled, closing my locker and intertwined our fingers. “You ready for the game tonight baby?” I asked, sliding into the passenger seat of his black Mercedes. “Is that even a question? You know I’ve been looking forward to this.” Luke chuckles.


Luke’s jersey swallowed my figure as I walked to the student section, trying to find someone I knew. I found Luna and Ashton which made me sigh in relief that I actually knew someone. “Hey you finally made it!” Luna said giving my a quick hug. “Yeah, I went home with Luke today so I kinda had a lot to do.” I laughed. “Oh god, Y/N why do you always say that when we both know that you guys fuck every Friday after school.” Ashton teased. “Shut up Ashton, you do two do it too.” I crossed me arms.

The game started out with Luke scoring the first goal, then second, and on and on. It was finally half time and Luke always had me calm him down even if he was okay. He just liked my support which I understand. I walked down onto the field, and I herd whistles and I knew all too well who it was. “Damn Y/N, did you get hotter over the summer?” Michael chuckled. “Who knows. I could of or you just haven’t seen you in a while. Now, I have somewhere be.” I scoffed.  

“More like someone to please.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and when I walked away I could feel his eyes on me. My eyes met with Luke’s dark blue ones. “I don’t fucking like you talking to that Clifford guy.” Luke huffs pulling my hips toward him. “I know, I don’t do it on purpose he just you know how he is.” I sighed. “You’re in my football jersey, nobody else. You’re fucking mine and I’ll show you that.” He growls.

I smile rolling my eyes, “Hey I’m suppose to be giving you advice! That’s why I came down here. Now go kick ass, and then show me how much I’m yours.” I giggled. Luke winks at me before quickly pressing a kiss to my neck. “Go on back now baby girl, go on go.” He pats my bum towards the crowd. I smiled and returned to my spot.


The game got more physical than I thought. It started out with Michael shoving Luke, then Luke shoving Michael and punching him so they both got ejected from the game. I could see Michael smirking at me on the side lines and Luke giving him a dark look like he was going to kill him. After they were done with their little chit chats, I saw Luke’s face burn with rage.

“Hey, don’t get-” I was cut off my Luke’s lip roughly attached to mine. “You have no idea how much I wanna fuck you right now.” Luke growled biting down on my lip. I whined pulling back, “Luke we’re in the middle of the field.” He grabbed my hips and roughly picked me up carrying to the storage shed. “I don’t have time to wait, you’re little interaction with Michael set me off. I don’t like seeing my girl wearing my jersey and talk to someone on that goddamn team.” Luke said, biting down on my neck.

A whine came out of my throat as Luke’s hand tampered with my jeans. “Luke please,” I begged. His finger was positioned at my entrance before he pushed the finger in, his eyes trained on my face as he held it still, forcing a whimper from me. “Who’s the only person who can make you feel so good?” He asked, pulling his finger out slightly and then stilling once again.

“Luke, you… Please.” I hardly managed to mumble, but these almost inaudible words seemed to be enough to satisfy Luke – maybe because he himself was starting to become tired of the teasing – and he pushed his finger fully into me, curling it and finding my g-spot as he relentlessly pumped it in and out of me.

“Fucking hell, Luke.” I moaned, which urged him to add another finger. “Are you gonna come for me?” He mumbled, the vibrations and warm breath against my core resulting in my toes curling and white dots clouding the corners of my vision. I started to come down from the intense state of pleasure that he had caused me he brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking on them lightly before licking his lips.

He cheekily smiled at me as I eyed the prominent bulge that made his shorts look increasingly. “Are you ready, baby?” The tip of his dick moved quickly against my folds before he began to push into me. “Holy fuck.” His hands situated themselves on my hips as he started to thrust in and out of me, his pace quickening almost immediately.

“Y/N, you feel so fucking good.” He breathily mumbled. He relentlessly pounded into me releasing his anger yet proving to me how much he treasured me and wanted you to remain his – and only his. “I can’t last much longer. Shit, I want to watch you when I make you come again.” He pulled out of me, my body trembling with the loss of contact and pleading for his touch again.

“I fucking love you.” His lips crashed onto mine in a frenzy of passion and lust – although only momentarily. He hastily lined himself up at my entrance once more, quickly thrusting into me, stretching me by the most pleasurable amount as he sloppily attempted to find some kind of rhythm. His deep thrusts persistently hit my g-spot as his hand moved to messily rubbing figure eights on my clit as I reached my final high of the night.

“Luke I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. “Go on, I want everyone to know who you belong to.” He moaned. “Fuck, you Luke.” I whimpered my chest moved quickly as I came. “That’s my girl.” Luke moaned, coming close to his high. He soon released his high, kissing me lightly. “God I love you, I’m so glad you’re mine.” He whispered. “Thats why I wear your jersey.” I mumbled against his neck.

anonymous asked:

Hello. Just wanted to say that I too always felt safe talking to you here. I never really could find my place in this fandom, between the ragey activists and those who still had faith and hope. So level-headedness was the way to go for me. Well, that and a lot of good fanfiction, so I kind of wish you had a sideblog (or something) that would talk about that, recommendations, conversations, etc. A literary club of sorts? But I know, I know. I am VERY thankful for everything nonetheless! :)

You know, you can always message us off anon and we can exchange fic recs, and have those convos? Like a… private kind of a literary club, if you will? Because, while we don’t talk about fics here (so it wouldn’t seem like we’re promoting our friends’ works, or our own?) we LOVE to lead/point people towards less popular/hyped and yet very deserving works of art, of some astoundingly talented people who know and write and feel these characters better than their creators. I mean ghadknows I’m always greedy for more high-quality (which, rare–if you’ve read a lot already? :) stuff, so recs are always welcome. And of course, we’ll ALWAYS encourage people to encourage those authors, so you know–we’d all get more of their work?

As for anything else… we appreciate your appreciation. And we’re glad you feel that way in the space we created for that purpose. So…

…friend. :)

@clockworkspider has a very cool and interesting fanfic about Kikyo being Varias new cloud after Byakuran is defeated.  i really enjoyed reading it and also drawing his hair because  i loveee drawing long hair ♥ 

its just something messy & quick but then again is almost everything i draw haha 

The Beautiful Letdown

So, I thought this was a beautiful moment…

That was perfectly ruined by the next frame when Aang shows up, ha! I won’t offer any further spoilers for the new comic, but I absolutely loved the father-daughter exchange on pages 24-27. Page 28 made me want to gag, though.

I also enjoyed the Toph-Sokka interactions in North and South Part 2. Makes me wonder if they’re hinting at Tokka. I guess that would wrap everything up all nice and neat since Zuki was implied in Smoke and Shadow.

Wasn’t it me who said I didn’t care that much about shipping? Heh.

ID #97489

Name: Jayla
Age: 20
Country: USA

I am 20 and a junior in college. Just looking for a pen pal to connect with new people. I’m kinda of shy so I think this will be a good way. From a small town and want to broaden my horizons. I am an Education major and want to teach high school history. I love anything that has to do with history and literature. Books are my life lol. I also really enjoy music and going to concerts. Pretty much love talking to people about anything and everything. It would be cool to exchange stories and learn a lot about a person.

Preferences: 18 and over please and people who are cool with any race, religion or orientation.